Growing Your Forex Account: How to Maximise Speed and Efficiency

Almost every forex trading beginner wants to grow their account, while losing as little money as possible to reach their end goal. However, it’s important to bear in mind that this is not an easy goal to achieve, yet it can be done if you’re willing to be disciplined – as there isn’t one singular method to achieving these results.

That’s why, in this post, the experts at Learn to Trade are offering their practical advice on how to quickly grow your forex trade account. From understanding the risk-to-reward ratio to trading at the best times, we’ll cover it all – so that you’ll stand in good stead for reaching your financial goals in no time.

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Understanding risk-to-reward ratio

The risk-to-reward ratio is an effective tool for helping investors manage their risk of losing money on trades and measures the potential reward for every bit of currency a trader risks – so, for example, if you have a risk-to-reward ratio of 1:2, this means you’ll be risking $1 to make a potential $2. Typically, it’s recommended that the risk-to-reward ratio should be a minimum of 1.5. To be a profitable trader, you’ll need to use at least one as your minimum ratio, which would translate to a 50% win rate. However, with a 1.5 minimum ratio, you’ll need a win rate of over 40% to be profitable. So, the extra 10% gained using this method is detrimental to the money you make on your next trade.

When it comes to chasing losses, using a 1.5 ratio, you’ll only need two win trades for every three losses to cover any financial deficits, therefore, there’s less pressure to win every trade. After all, the more composed you are while making trade decisions, the more likely those decisions are to be successful as they’re not made on an emotional basis but on a strategic one. Protecting your capital will mean that you’ll find your account growing much faster, and you’ll have more patience for calculating your next move.

Build your confidence as a trader

The best way to build confidence is to ignore profits – for now. Instead, place all focus on mastering simple trading strategies such as price action and use forex indicators to ensure your trades are good ones. The more focus you place on your decisions, the more efficiency you’ll build and the quicker you’ll be able to calculate bigger moves in the market.

To do this, create a trading plan that will aid your goal of steady success in long-term markets. A plan will mean that the end goal is always on your mind and you’ll have a guide to follow in regards to day-to-day trading, including a manual for money management and entry and exit strategies.

Track your progress

To monitor your actions further, track your progress in a forex trading journal. Using this means of tracking your trades and actions, you’ll be able to see exactly how you came to your conclusion while ensuring that you stay disciplined and accountable for your decisions. Additionally, by keeping a trading journal, you’re more likely to reach a calculated decision and learn from possible mistakes as, after all, this information will be at your own disposal whenever you need it.

A journal is an effective reference in the event of a success or failure, to determine what you could improve on in your next move. A trading journal is a great motivator to stay disciplined and focused on the end goal – building efficiency and speed in the process. Although these methods may seem long-winded, they are sure to make big returns as you become an experienced forex trader and start trading with larger funds.

Be time frame savvy

Multiple time frame analysis is the process of looking at the same pair at the same price, but on different time frames. It’s essential to remember that the same pair exists on several different time frames, daily and hourly. Consequently, forex traders across the world could have completely different opinions on the market, and both be correct.

By observing multiple time frames, you’ll be able to find more trade setups, which will ultimately lead to better informed trade decisions. If you’re still unsure on time strategy and would prefer to take a look beforehand, use a demo account to experiment with your knowledge.

Using a top-down analysis, it’s easy to improve the odds of a good trade.  It’s essential to identify support and resistance readings as well as strong entry and exit levels to improve the chances of financial gain. While trades aren’t always profitable, this is a great habit to adopt when it comes to growing your forex account.

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We hope that, with our tips, you’ll be on your way to maximising efficiency and speed in your trade decisions and, in turn, grow your forex account. One of the most crucial steps to achieving results is ensuring that you’re observing the market correctly first, so be sure to do your research and try out new strategies until you find one that works for you.

Author Bio: – John James is a content writer for Learn To Trade, the foreign exchange education and learning specialists – offering a range of training courses to help people understand the currency trading market, as well as its opportunities and risks.

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Best forex Simulator Software for 2019

When it comes to managing risk in your forex portfolio, a simulation software can be a great way to test out key trades. There are multiple software packages to try out, with ample ways to filter and set custom conditions. As a forex simulator is only as good as its algorithm, it’s important to find the most sophisticated tool online when trading.

The best forex simulator software will be the right one for your investment practices. It will have the right balance of real time trading scenarios and custom trade options based on insights. The historical data of currencies and trading pairs can also be extracted directly from a top forex simulation software.

Setting good strategies, eliminating weak ones

One of the most important ways through which traders can uncover quality insights is by testing out their trades. This practice can be impactful long-term and helps in setting right investing habits early on. Setting good strategies can aid in alleviating doubt that may emerge about certain forex practices. Weaker strategies can get naturally eliminated as traders start working with forex platforms at scale.

Effective trading software packages can also help you test out new strategies before entering the market. Traders can define conditions around certain criteria and back-test/forward test key strategies. Added to that, there is a balance of risk and reward provided within the software to allow you to project into the future. This helps in forecasting various trends that may provide key investing opportunities.

Key factors determining software effectiveness

There are critical factors that determine the success of any great forex software package. The software must be dynamic in incorporating various elements into the system. Additionally, the simulator must allow for live price feeding and quotes.

By using real market data, key market strategies can be fleshed out even more. Traders can invest in virtual money while mirroring real trades to test hypothetical situations. The best forex simulator software systems can provide traders that flexibility. Mastering the top simulation tools can set the groundwork for mastering the forex market.

The flexibility to test different account types helps immensely as well. Traders can set the right virtual money account to create different scenarios that mimic realistic trades. Traders that want to start small, can set lower budgets as well.

Working with MT4 Strategy Tester

One of the best forex simulators, MT4 strategy tester, allows traders access to a plethora of trading settings and strategies. Traders can select their preferred time frame and gain access to a wide range of data points across the window screen. There are key settings that traders can play around with to get a sense of what tool works best within each time frame.

Expert Advisor is a testable strategy within the software. When traders click on “Symbol,” they can set what currency pair to test out. The option “Model” can help us refine our trading strategy further. “Period” helps us set the right trading time period and gives us key insights about the movements within that window. Traders can run a specific strategy for a period of time and create the appropriate spread across trades.

MT4 is also a viable software package to take you from the virtual world to the real world of trading. It’s designed to mimic real life scenarios effectively, while helping traders to transition. It’s also a popular software solution that has a large community base and extensive documentation. It’s best to learn key strategies to master MT4 through online platforms and educational e-books. While it’s good to learn the tools of the trade, it helps to have a guideline to get you there.

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What is Ethereum? Know the difference between Bitcoins and Ethereum

The world around us is constantly upgrading and changing for the better. The advancement in technology has helped mankind to grow and develop in various sectors. The conventional process of conducting business has also evolved as people now initiate and close transactions by using various digital platforms.

The global financial market also experienced a revolutionary change with the introduction of Bitcoins in 2008. Ethereum, on the other hand, holds a similar concept to Bitcoins but still is different in many ways. It is an entirely different blockchain technology which in fact came into existence from the idea of Bitcoins.

To begin with, Ethereum has its own currency which goes by the name of Ether which is gaining a lot of popularity in the present market. The cryptocurrency is listed as ETH on various crypto exchange platforms. Ethereum is managed by a group of individuals who operate under the creator of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin. Coins are released on Bitcoins through mining. On the other hand, the digital currency of Ethereum works on ICO [Initial Coin Offering] system. Due to the sudden rise in the demand of this cryptocurrency, people are trying to avail free Ethereum so that the benefits of this blockchain can be utilized to the maximum.When it comes to processing transactions, Ethereum is faster and effective than Bitcoins as it can process close to 15 transactions per second, whereas Bitcoins can only manage up to 2-3 transaction within the allotted time. The average time taken to formulate a block in Bitcoins typically takes around 10 minutes. Ethereum takes a much shorter time to create a block within the blockchain as it requires only 10-15 seconds to process it.

Ethereum also has various other applications connected with it, namely Smart Contracts, Smart Property and DAO [Decentralized Automation Organization]. The introduction of these applications has helped to increase the overall popularity of Ethereum. With Smart Contracts, individuals can process all the necessary information on the concerned blockchain which remains completely secure as it cannot be manipulated by a third party. With the incorporation of DAO, the decisions of a concerned firm now could be made on an electronic basis with the help of various computer codes, which are supervised by the members of the concerned firm.

These are some of the features and benefits of using Ethereum which have also contributed significantly to elevating the demand of the concerned blockchain system.

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Almahfaza Review

Pros Cons
Zero commission and fees MT4 is only available for Gold and Platinum accounts
Simple, responsive and intuitive ParagonEx trading interface on web and mobile platforms Few indices available to trade
WisdomHub™ Live Feed The USD is the only available currency for traders’ accounts
Over 300 financial assets available to trade
Islamic trading account
Remote assistance available with TeamViewer QuickSupport

General Information

Progressive Tech Limited (Registration Number 90770) is the legal holder of the trade name, Almahfaza Global and it is incorporated in the Marshall Islands.

Almahfaza is a relatively new online trading broker specialising in CFDs and Forex trading with a leverage of up to 400.

It also offers CFDs on the most popular asset classes such as commodities, stocks, ETFs and indices. In total, traders can invest in over 300 different instruments.

In addition to trading these assets on the popular MetaTrader4 (MT4) platform (developed by MetaQuotes Software Corporation), traders also have access to intuitive, robust and user-friendly web-based and mobile ParagonEx trading platforms, making the investment experience with Almahfaza constantly available.

As Almahfaza is a regulated broker, traders will need to verify their identity to respect KYC (Know Your Customer) and due diligence procedures. Almahfaza also complies with AML laws and regulations to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing.

In our Almahfaza review, we’ll focus on the following points: security of funds, the accounts available, the WisdomHub™ Live Feed and finally, bonuses and promotions.

 Security of funds

When a firm receives money from a client, it has the upmost duty to respect and protect it. In this case, Almahfaza is no exception.

Simply put, Almahfaza does everything it can to protect its clients’ money.

This broker works with top-tier banks, ensuring the safety of client funds at all times. In addition, this firm will always keep its clients’ money in segregated accounts. This way, Almahfaza will not be able to use it for any business expenses. 

Accounts available

Almahfaza offers different trading accounts depending on the traders’ needs, the amount of trading capital they have and their faith.

When it comes to trading, Islamic accounts should always be Sharia compliant. These accounts allow Muslim traders to enhance their capital in respect to their faith. Interest and swaps on overnight positions (riba) must therefore not be charged.

Muslim traders can use the Almahfaza trading platforms in accordance with Sharia Law and the Quran as the broker offers a Swap-Free accounts.

WisdomHubLive Feed

Almahfaza believes that traders shouldn’t “go blindly into the market” – instead they should use “the wisdom of the masses” to make better trading decisions.

Every trader knows that knowledge is power – having the right information at the right time can make all the difference between a loss and a profit.

For this reason, the broker has developed a proprietary technology called the WisdomHub™ live feed. This groundbreaking technology is based on the idea that traders should trade with the trend, rather than against it.

While trading with Almahfaza, traders have access to a live feed anywhere, at any time. This live feed gathers the most important market information and trends to help traders create better trading strategies based on usable real trends directly observed in the market’s activity.

The most significant market activity alerts found in the trading platforms within the WisdomHub™ live feed include:

  • Trending
  • Volume growth
  • Volatility spotted
  • Turnaround
  • Going up
  • Going down
  • Increase in openings
  • Economic events
  • Market news 

Bonuses and Promotions 

When choosing to trade with Almahfaza, traders receive different rewards through bonuses and promotions. 

Phone verification 

This bonus is one of the easiest and fastest to get – traders just need to verify their phone numbers to receive a $50 bonus into their trading accounts.

It’s very simple!

When traders register and log in to Almahfaza, they are asked to enter their mobile phone number, wait for a text message with a 4-digit code and enter this code into the dedicated box in the platform. 


Almahfaza rewards its most active traders with a Cashback system. This program rewards traders with cash bonuses depending on their trading activity.

To participate in the program, they must complete a target during a specific time period. As soon as that target is completed, traders are able to claim their cashback and move on to the next target.

Refer a friend

The Refer-a-Friend program is another way to make money with Almahfaza. If a trader is using Almahfaza and thinks that he/she knows someone who might be interested in its services, he/she can refer it to them.

Every time a trader brings someone new to Almahfaza, he/she therefore receives a cash reward directly in to his/her trading account.

If the initial deposit of the referred friend is between $500 and $1,000, the trader will get $100. If the initial deposit is between $1,000 and $10,000, the trader will get 10% of the amount.


Our Almahfaza review has taught us that this broker focuses on offering the best services, platforms and trading conditions to its traders. What’s more is, it charges no commissions or fees – it only makes money on fixed spreads.

As an STP (Straight-Through-Processing) broker, Almahfaza only passes its clients orders to liquidity providers through ECNs (Electronic Communications Networks). This way, the broker’s interests are aligned with its traders’ as it does not hedge its clients positions (hence no conflict of interest) and is able to provide the best priced execution possible (better and cheaper trading execution for its clients).

Almahfaza, only available in English and Arabic, also makes sure that users from the Arab world can benefit from trading conditions that adhere to the laws of Islam. Moreover, the world’s most popular trading platform, MetaTrader 4 is available to them.

MT4 targets all kinds of traders, including beginners and professionals. It essentially meets the needs of those who want to trade the most popular financial instruments through a robust, world-class and reliable platform.

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Why is Forex Trading so Popular?

First thing’s first, every trader must understand that the industry requires individuals to have a mix of discipline and analysis. With the right set of knowledge, you will have the ability to read charts and financial reports, make correct predictions, and hence – wise trading choices.  But why trade in the first place?

No middlemen menace

Forex markets give us the option to trade directly, without intermediaries. In many cases, brokers have been a thorn in the flesh of traders. After all, there are rotten apples in every market. What makes it even more astonishing is – you often find that these rotten apples manage to lure traders into their traps. Luckily, there are good brokers out there too, and Olympus prides itself on being one of them. Transparent, trustworthy, and exceedingly convenient. Hence, it’s numerous awards from various years: Best Forex Service Provider, Best Broker Asia, Fastest Trading Platform, Best Customer Service, and many more.

No commissions

Commissions have rendered many markets useless. Due to enormous appetites for commission, interests of clients are often disregarded in the brokers’ chase for profits. Forex trading does not rely on exchange fees, cleaning exchanges and brokerage fees. Brokers in this field make a living through the spread amount.

24-hour market

Unlike other markets that have specific trading times, Forex is available to trade at any time of day and night. This appeals to part-time traders, who have limited hours to engage in trading. The market has active members on a 24-hour clock system. All you need is to choose a time most convenient to you.

Low entry barriers

Entry barriers have been a prominent discouraging factor for many businesses. With Forex trading, traders have the option of starting with capital as low as $20. This makes trading available to all, regardless of income bracket, and gives everyone equal opportunities to make money.

Wide open market

The Forex market is booming with active traders, which makes it impossible for a single entity to influence market prices for an extended time period.

Access to free resources

Many brokers offer their traders free resources to help them advance their skills. In the case of Olympus, for instance, this includes demo practice accounts, how-to’s, videos, e-books and even live webinars – all to make sure you make most of your experience.


Forex market’s popularity is nowhere near slowing, and why would it be? Granting traders opportunities to make money at any time and from anywhere around the globe is a unique offering, and the profits speak for themselves.

For more information you can open an account with Olympus Markets now and start your trading journey.

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Who is Eligible to Trade in the Forex Market?

In the forex market, one currency changes hands for another. It is important for new and aspiring forex traders to know s few basics of FX so that they may avoid making some rookie mistakes. The first step is to understand what forex entails.

In addition, there is a need to understand why this market has become so popular. There is no other trading market that attracts the same activity as forex trading. All you need is a forex trading account Singapore and you are set to begin buying and selling currencies.

Understanding Forex

The forex market is driven by the exchange of prices for currencies. While there are many different currencies in the world, most forex payments are made using the U.S dollar, the euro of the Japanese yen.

Other strong currencies include:

  • The British pound
  • The Swiss franc
  • The Swedish krona
  • The Australian dollar

Forex trading is a continuous process throughout the world. Currency is traded via methods such as:

  • Swaps
  • Spot contracts
  • Spot transactions

Forex Traders

Anyone can invest in foreign exchange. Individuals, financial institutions and even companies trade on the foreign exchange market.

 Individual Investors

The trades made by individuals may not be as high as those made by banks and corporates considering the amount of money in question. Nevertheless, with the rapid growth in popularity, many people are jumping on the bandwagon and making a significant amount of money.

Individual investors look at technical factors and fundamentals such as:

  • Price patters
  • Technical indicators
  • Resistance
  • Support
  • Price patters
  • Interest rates
  • Inflation rates
  • Monetary policy expectations

Central banks are mainly the movers of forex markets through monetary policy, exchange regime setting and currency intervention. Forex trading has speculation in common with other forms of trading and every trader hopes to make significant profits.


The interbank market is the greatest trader in this category of investor. Various banks of different sizes trade currency with each other. This is done via electronic networks. Banks also trade on behalf of their clients. They also make speculative trades from their trading desks.  The bigger banks command a larger percentage of currencies traded than their smaller counterparts.

Central Banks

Being the movers of the markets, central banks play a significant role in the forex market. Their open market operations as well as interest rate policies are largely responsible for influencing current rates.

In addition, they are responsible for forex fixing (exchange rate regimes by which currencies trade in the open market) which are divided into three types:

  • Floating
  • Fixed
  • Pegged


Export and import firms use forex exchange transactions for their business transactions. Companies trade in forex to raise capital and make extra money for the company. They also engage in the forex market to hedge the risk that comes with forex trading. Hedging also increases safety for offshore investments.

Portfolio Managers and Hedge Funds

Other key investors in the forex market include hedge funds, pooled funds and portfolio managers. These ones actually come in second to the banks. Investment managers responsible for big accounts such as pension funds and foundations.

They are in charge of trading on behalf of these accounts. if a manager has an international portfolio, then he or she must buy and sell currencies which they then trade on the forex market.

Portfolio managers are also charged with making speculative trades. Speculative trades are a huge part of investment strategies. Many hedge funds also execute them.


The bottom line is the money market is a major investment platform for anyone including private businesses to venture in. The exponential rise in popularity is not for nothing. There is a lot of information on and offline for investment enthusiasts who may be yearning to try their hand in forex trading.

The fact that the money market is the largest investment platform globally says a lot about its credibility. It is open to everyone from individuals to corporate bodies. Financial institutions even form alliances to trade in it.

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Robo Advisors- What They Are and How They Work

A robo-advisor, also known as an online investor or an automated investing software is designed to use computer algorithms to build as well as manage investing portfolios. Robo-advisors offers services that range from tax optimization to automated rebalancing, and they require zero to minimal human supervision. However, most of them do have human financial advisors available anytime the investors have any questions.

How Much Do Robo Advisors Cost?

Compared to human financial advisors, robo advisors cost just a fraction of the charges. Most companies charge a low percent ranging from 0.32% to 0.89%. Of course, this will highly depend on the company. Some robo advisors charge as low as 0.5% or even less.

Are Robo Advisors Good For You?

Anyone can use a robo advisor. However, there are certain aspects you need to consider before you make a decision.

The type of account

Consider what type of account the robo advisor can manage. Most robo advisors manage both taxable and retirement accounts, while others manage trust. You might even find a robo advisor that can manage your 401k.

Minimum requirements

Different robo advisors require as different minimum investing requirement. Some require as much as $10,000 or more. However, most require a minimum of $500 and less.

Portfolio recommendations

During the sign up process with a robo advisor, you will probably have to answer a questionnaire to assess your goals, risk tolerance, and investing preferences. Most robo-advisors offer about 10 portfolio choices that range from aggressive to conservative. The robo advisor recommends a portfolio for you based on the questionnaire answers. Of course, you have the option to choose whatever portfolio you want.

Time to your end-goal

If your goal is to purchase a house in three years, or to retire in 5 years, the advisor will direct you towards the conservative portfolio end, If you intend to retire in the next 30 years though, the robo advisor will direct you to the aggressive portfolio end. It is possible to have multiple accounts with different time goals if you would like that.

Fund selection

Most robo advisors build the portfolios out of index funds and EFTs. What you do is pay the fees charged by the funds, as well as the investor fees.

Benefits of Using Robo Advisors

One of the biggest advantages of using a robo advisor is that you can avoid making huge investment mistakes. Most investors tend to make emotional decisions during market highs and lows, basing those decisions on gut feelings. These feelings tend to make mistakes software do not make.

Reduced stress is the next advantage because as soon as you open your robo advisors account, the software automates the entire process. You won’t have to worry about making portfolio changes, investing more or anything else. The software does everything for you.


Now you know what robo advisors are and you have enough information to decide if using one is a good idea. If you choose to, ensure that you do your research and use the best software, which will result to better outcomes.

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Indicators should never be your key tools

We are not only talking about the indicators of the price charts. This article is going to mention all the unnecessary things traders before placing a trade. This one mainly focuses on the novice traders. As the most number of novice traders happen to get very hyper with their market analysis, position sizing and the money management, we are going to talk about them. The information will be able to know about how to trade very simply and effectively. The traders will also be provided with proper knowledge about overdoing the work before trading. hope all the readers will be able to improve their own trading business right after closing the tab. for motivation just remember to be the most relaxed trader as possible in this profession. Also, try to manage the proper trading approach. Otherwise there will be nothing left for you to call your own trading business.

Spend less effort for the market analysis

For every trades, traders will have to do the market analysis. The price charts will not stand still at any point. Yes, you may see some support levels while using big timeframe for observing them. But the actual price does change all the time. Many traders happen to completely forget about the proper market analysis. Their mind says wrong about the trading process. From their studies about the business, the trading business only means to place without any kind of analogy. Then the money management also gets neglected by traders. For those who are curious about the traders who we are talking about, they are newbies. You will have to know about the trading business properly that it does not respond properly to an uncalculated trading approach. For making the business legit the traders will have to make plans in every place.

Filtering the false trades

New traders in the United Kingdom always trade the Forex market based on indicators reading. Unlike them, the elite class traders at ETX Capital focus simple support and resistance level trading. If you get involved in the binary options trading UK community, you will understand the power of the simple trading system. This doesn’t mean we are asking you to leave the indicators. Use one of two indicators to filter the false trade setups. Make sure you use other variables of the market to find quality trades in favor of the market trend. If necessary, use multiple time frame analysis since it works much better than indicators reading.

Ditch the indicators a for pleasing vision

It is true that the human eyes response to the clean and pleasing vision. If you have any kind of doubts about it, there is a lot of information on the internet. For traders, there will be some good benefits when the charts will be clean. Many traders think about doing the most proper analysis is good for the position sizing. They are actually right but when too many indicators are used for analyzing the markets it is not so good. Traders are often distracted from the busyness from the price charts. This can definitely bring down the quality of traders. So, do not think about it at any moment of your business career.

Do not get confused with the trading

Sometimes other things happen to make the traders work hard. By working hard we are meaning the micromanaging of the trades. When any trader will do this thing, it will miss a lot with the mind of the traders. The trading position sizes will then not be okay to make profits. Some traders even forget about setting up stop-losses for the closing of the trades. So, you can clearly understand the importance of avoiding the micromanaging for this business. If you want to be something in this profession, the working procedures must not be on your head all the time.

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Your trading business is not for looking esthetically pleasing

In this business, there is no chance of showing off your profits. One minute it is here in your account and the next minute it can be gone if you are a scalper. The money is not stable in your account. Well, you can prevent the number of profits you are making by being strategic in money management. That is not what we are talking about. Even if you manage to save some from going away from your account, poor performance will not let your account to stay in this business. If you are not concentrating on the right thing, your trading business can finish up even before starting properly. For that, you have to know that is the main thing in this business. It is the power of trading which we are talking about. To be more specific, you must think about your trading performance. In the following, we are going to justify this statement.

You must not work for money

In this profession, you cannot just aim for the money and reach a great level in trading. Yes, for survival every trader need to make money from trades. But, they must not think about it all the time. Because it makes them vulnerable in life and professions and reduces their trading quality. As a trader who is thinking about money is desperate all the time, his or her brain would not think about anything else. There will be no slot open for thinking about the planning and approaches in trades. Those kinds of traders will try to take shortcuts by placing trades with simple knowledge and lose most of the time.

You must learn to consider this as your business

Many people in Australia have changed their life just by trading the Forex market. They consider Forex trading as their main revenue source. But sadly many new traders don’t really understand why they should consider this as their job. They are biased with placing random orders and eventually loses money. But if they take this profession as their business, they will always have a strategic approach to this market. In fact, they can easily manage their losing trades by trading with high-risk reward ratio. So always take this profession as your business to become a profitable trader.

The goal should be on quality

On the other hand, if a trader thinks about the real thing, he or she would not get distracted from the work. The real thing is your trading quality, as we mentioned earlier. If you are thinking about it, your brain would not get distracted by money thoughts. And you would not try to execute trades just to make money. People with this kind of mentality try to learn everything properly first. And then they focus on how to implement their knowledge efficiently. And while you follow this technique in the trading business, your trades will be making you a lot of profits at a time. Alongside, your trading quality will be improving automatically. There is a lot to experience in this business to be a good trader. For example, you have to analyze many different things before understanding when to place a trade. Price trends, key swings, support in charts etc. are those you have to work on. And to understand properly you need to have experience. So, to get them, you must focus on it rather than aiming at money making.

Staying away is not appropriate

Regular participation is necessary for regular improvement in this business. As you are learning things from the beginning, there should be no interval. And when you do not follow a trading routine there will be absent in your participation even when you are fully dedicated. And that can be a little bit effective in your improvement speed. So, to learn trading fast and improve your career really fast, you must participate regularly. There is no good in separation between you and your trading business.

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Why everyone should invest in the stock market once in their life?

Investing in the stock market has always been on the priority list of so many people out there. But not everyone has the courage to invest money in the stock market. Many people also don’t know as to how to invest in the stock market. Due to the lack of knowledge people are always afraid to invest in the stock market.

But, there is a point that everyone should invest in the stock market at least once in his or her lifetime. Most of the people in this world have built their wealth by investing their money in the stock market. But, before that, one must learn to invest in the stock market. People are usually worried while investing in the stock market. So, here are the reasons why one should invest in the stock market once in their life.

Stock market investment is not that risky

People who have not yet invested in the stock market think that it is risky. But, the real thing is that stock market investment is perfect for those who have surplus funds. The only thing which one should consider is to learn to invest in the stock market. If one is losing money in the stock market, then there will be not many regrets.

Expect high returns

People who always think twice before investing in the stock market should realize this fact that high returns are always here. The stock market is undeniably a little risky. But, trends have shown that long-term investment in the stock market has higher returns. Studies have also shown that the amount of return in the stock market is highest in comparison to any other source of investment.

Cash in Cash out

The stock market is one of the most liquid markets in the entire era of investment. One can easily withdraw their investment and liquefy it. Every day there are hundreds of investors and buyers who sell or purchase the securities or shares. So, basically, this takes us to the conclusion that shares are a liquid investment. it can be easily converted into cash anytime.

A second source of earning

Earning from regular business is not enough for some people. So, investment in the stock market is like a second source of earning. One can learn to invest in the stock market and then make money easily. Buy shares or securities when they are priced low and immediately sell them when the prices hike. This will result in good earnings, and it ultimately becomes the second source of earning.

Strict security and framework

Investment in stock market is secured with the Regulatory Framework. The stock market works under the strict control of SEBI (Securities Exchange Board of India). The SEBI takes care of all the investors and safeguards them. There is no issue while investing in the stock market because SEBI takes care of any fraudulent activities. No fraud can ever take place if SEBI controls all the activities. Investors are always secure about their investment and nothing can ever happen to it.

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