How to stay safe during online payments

Undoubtedly, technology has done us plenty of good by making our lives effortless and convenient and fulfilling all our wants just at a click. We no longer have to resort to conventional methods of functioning, which were irksome and tedious.

However, technology might be too good to be true. Although it has made our lives easier in many ways, it has also introduced new problems and challenges. It’s our duty as vigilant citizens to try our best to be safe while engaging in online transactions.

Some of the ways you can do the same are mentioned here:

  1. Always read the policies of the platform you are using for online transactions

Online platforms such as Paytm, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, etc. are often used for various day-to-day purposes such as payment of bills or online recharges. It is fundamental for every user to thoroughly go through the terms and conditions that are available on such platforms for their knowledge so that they know beforehand the extent of the damages the platform is ready to incur in case of a mishap.

  1. Be mindful while making payments

Everyone is expected to be vigilant and mindful of who he/she is paying and how. The same is the case with airtel online bill payment or other bill payments as well. Remember to always have the necessary information about the one you are entering a transaction with. Sometimes, these people can turn out to be hackers as well who can track your account details and maybe even steal money from you.

  1. Keep changing your account passwords

If a hacker is able to hack into one of the many accounts you have, he can always use that information on other platforms, and someday, he will find a way into another account. So, it is very important to keep changing your passwords significantly, not just a letter here and there. Always remember to keep separate passwords for every account so that even if one is hacked, you can save the others.

  1. Enable the two-factor verification in your accounts

As the name suggests, two-factor verification means that there are two stages to log into your account. When this feature is enabled, you would need to provide two steps of verification in order to advance a payment instead of directly continuing with it. The second step of verification provides extra safety for you and a challenge for the hacker.

  1. Beware of Phishing

Phishing is a trick that allows hackers to divert you to a fake website to make payments instead of the authentic website. It is extremely difficult to determine whether a site is fake or real, but you can save yourself from phishing by installing a good anti-virus, being aware of suspicious websites, never uploading your account details on any unknown website, and enabling two-factor verification.

Increased crime has led to increased security, as well. There are numerous laws that penalize cybercriminals, which can destroy their future forever. If we keep the above points in mind, we can ensure our security and engage in seamless transactions!