LH-Crypto by Larson&Holz broker – how to trade with a broker without making a deposit?

We continue to publish a review of the brokerage company Larson&Holz. Considering this company, it immediately strikes a multilayered service. And this at first glance seems difficult. But having considered each of them separately, we gradually come to the conclusion that there is nothing problematic in this. Just the management of the company Larson&Holz carefully sorted all the information into their places. There is no confusion that is inherent in other brokers. Where there is little that there is no information about the current service, it is also problematic to find it. In comparison with other companies, the broker Larson&Holz offers a variety of services, which simply do not meet with competitors in the shop. Namely, a unique bonus program, which thundered in the network, like a bolt from the blue. Checking this service in work, you can safely confirm that nothing fictional here. Bonuses really work. But from all service, it is possible to allocate really actual at the moment, no deposit trading account.

The uniqueness of this trading account is manifested not even in the fact that there is a bonus, but in its size. To be more precise, its size is $ 100. Just think, Larson&Holz offers every client to trade company money. Naturally, many doubt this, because nothing like other brokerage companies did not offer. And it is unlikely to be offered. But this bonus system is worked out in full. The fact is that by opening a no-deposit trading account, the trader works on the basis of the bonus. But after all, no one gives a bonus just like that. In our case, having received $ 100 from Larson&Holz, a trader can trade without risk. After all, the bonus, in fact, is the capital of the company. You do not need to enter your money. Yes, it is not necessary. At least you can safely use your trading method without fear of loss. Many believe that there is a catch. There is no trick. In three days, the company picks up its money. As for the trader, he has all the profits from the trade. For example, a trader received a bonus of $ 100. Three days later, the balance of the trading account was $ 150. The company Larson&Holz wrote off its $ 100, and ultimately, the net profit of the trading account was $ 50. This amount belongs to the trader, and he has the right to dispose of this money. But the further, the more interesting this service is. After deduction of profit on the personal account, the company Larson&Holz will cancel this trading account. In three days, a trader can reopen a no deposit trading account. The company again gives him $ 100 to trade. The story continues. Three days later, the company picks up its money, leaving a profit to the trader. And again the trader deduces profit on the personal account. And what is most interesting, the company for the third time offers to open a no-deposit trading account. And again the trader works for the company’s money. After three days, the account is closed, and the opening function of the no deposit account is turned off. For this account. But these three times are enough for the trader to collect his initial capital for independent trading. And now we will analyze the advantages of this service. First, the trader does not risk anything, since the money does not belong to him. Secondly, it is a great opportunity to do business without having your own money. Thirdly, a trader can dispose of the profit as you like. And fourth, the trader is given the opportunity to use the bonus three times.

Naturally, such a bonus size pushes some customers to illegal actions. Many believe that if you open a new account, you can open new accounts in order to get bonuses. At first this system operated. But it was not for long, as the company’s finance department introduced filtering of accounts. First, the verification procedure for the client’s personal cabinet was introduced. This somewhat complicated the task for impure customers. After all, the verification procedure requires the provision of scanned documents. Accounts that do not pass the verification procedure are subject to deletion. Employees of the company Larson&Holz speak directly about this. For customers who passed this procedure, the company lifted the restrictions. Well and for granting of individual services, the client should visit the nearest partner center. There is nothing problem here, as there are many of them on the territory of the Russian Federation. The client personally presents the document to the employee of Larson&Holz. In principle, the verification procedure is passed.

Many people say that they lose money in trading. But you should understand that you can lose money from any broker. In trading, the systematic trading approach is important, not the brokerage company. Moreover, no brokerage company guarantees the client profit. On the contrary, managers of Larson&Holz warn the new client about the risks in the financial markets. Then the client himself decides, engage in trading, or leave it as it is. It is important to understand that the trader’s wishes never coincide with the possibility. But if there is a will, there will be an opportunity. In confirmation of these words, Larson&Holz company provides its clients with a training course in trading. On the official website of the company you can find materials on this topic. But interestingly, a trader can take a course in two ways. In the first case, the course of study can be done remotely. That is, not visiting partner centers and offices. In other words, webinars, at which the company’s experts show the practice of trading in real time. In the second case, you can enroll in the course directly at the partner center. The company has launched special classes in which novice traders are trained in trading. Again, they are given an individual specialist. It is worth noting that while studying at the partner center, you will have to pay for tuition. And here opens a new side of the bonus system. The matter is that at the end of the course, Larson&Holz compensates 10% of the cost of the course. That is, if the client spent $ 100 on training, the company will return him $ 10. Money comes to the trading account, which the client opened. So it turns out that the client will go through training, and will return part of the funds spent for training. But the company reimburses part of the losses only after the client has completed the training course. It is necessary to add that the level of education is really high, which is confirmed by the number of clients, and the statistics of deductions. The company LH-Crypto has created the necessary conditions for normal trading.