Wize Capital Review – A Full Asset Range For The Interested Trader!

What is Wize Capital and what is the need of it?

Now before reviewing Wize Capital, it is important to understand what it is and what functions it performs. Wize Capital is a cryptocurrency broker. A broker is a sort of middle man, between the buyer and seller of cryptocurrencies, or any other assets or tradeable (such as FX) on an online platform. There are multiple advantages to having a broker, perhaps the most significant of them being that you can trade from your own home, and be matched with a buyer/seller for your transaction without too much effort. While brokerages do charge a small charge or a commission for the work that they perform, often the ease that a broker brings to the trade makes the commission fees well worth their price. Wize Capital is one such broker.

Information about Wize Capital

Wize Capital has been established by Global Solutions limited, which’s the parent company is based in Belgrade. While it is a fairly recent entrant into the market, it has gained significant popularity over recent times for its attractive features and an interesting interface that it offers to the customers.

Review of Wize Capital

This current Wize Capital review will focus on the following parameters that are necessary for any online brokerage.

  • Security
  • Assets Range
  • Customer Protection Policies
  • Customer Support
  • Interface

Let’s begin assessing the features of Wize Capital.


Security is one of the primary motivations that people consider before selecting a brokerage. You certainly do not want to entrust your money with a brokerage that neither can protect it nor takes the requisite steps to ensure that it remains safe. Furthermore, you also do not want to entrust your money with a brokerage that will misappropriate the funds or engage in fraudulent activities. Wize Capital seems to, at a glance, take the security of their customers seriously. Industry-standard 256-bit encryption is used, ensuring an end to end encryption of the data of the customers. They also claim to have data valued, and use 3D secure for all visa transactions. A separate account is maintained for the funds of the traders and the funds of the brokerage, to ensure that the funds do not end up getting combined or mixed. Therefore, overall, the security measures undertaken by WizeCapital seem to meet the industry-standard requirements of online brokerages.

Asset Range

The second aspect that most people consider before investing funds and involving a brokerage is the range of assets that they offer. Some people want to trade in digital currencies while some others want to trade in stocks, bonds, or FX. One of the best things about Wize Capital is that they have a wide range of indices, assets, and commodities that a person can choose from to trade-in. Whether you want to trade in cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies or want to deal in exotic pairings – all of your needs are satisfied under a single platform. Various cryptocurrency options such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum are also provided to the consumer. Furthermore, even those such as Stellar, EOS, and Tether are made available by Wize Capital which, as anyone dealing in cryptocurrencies will know, is pretty rare for a brokerage to offer to its clients. Therefore, if you want a wholesome platform where you can choose between different currency pairings, have access to a variety of assets to trade in, and a wide range of digital currencies, Wize Capital is an ideal choice.

Customer Protection Policies 

It is tremendously important to check whether the brokerage that you are planning to use has adequate customer protection guidelines or not and whether they have implemented the same. Various policies like the Know your Customer (KYC) policies and the Anti-Money Laundering policies have been implemented by Wize Capital ensuring that your funds remain safe. This also prevents fraud, phishing, and other illegitimate activities – which is a huge boon for those just starting with trading. Furthermore, by implementing KYC norms, the brokerage does their bit to ensure that the clients or the traders who are signing up on the platform are verified and legitimate. They also do not permit the use of third-party accounts for transactions. Making deposits and withdrawing funds are also fairly easy, ensuring that your money does not get caught up in any webs.


Two main aspects must be considered while determining the usefulness or the interface ability of any platform, and that is the functionality of the platform and the aesthetics of the platform. Wize Capital has a powerful platform that is fast, glitch-free, and easy to use. Irrespective of whether you are a trading veteran or you are just starting on your trading journey, you will find that the platform boasts of an intuitive interface that is not just easy to trade on, but also extremely fast. Similarly, the aesthetics of the platform are also pretty great, making for pleasant trading experience. On the interface front, you are unlikely to have any complaints about Wize Capital.