August 2018


What is Bitcoin, and why do you need it?

In this modern age, technology is constantly racing ahead, changing everything from the way we shop to the way we communicate. Now, even how we spend and handle money is in the process of changing with the emergence of bitcoin. In this new age of cryptocurrency, as exciting and innovative as it is, it can be difficult to wrap your head around at first. While understanding bitcoin can be initially confusing, it is absolutely worth learning all about, so you can make the most of this amazing new enterprise and place yourself firmly at the forefront of technology. In this short guide, you will learn some of the basics of bitcoin, including what it is, the advantages of it, and how you can use it.

What is Bitcoin?

The first thing to establish is exactly what bitcoin is. Bitcoin is a form of cryptocurrency, which means it is a new type of money that exists entirely online and functions as a decentralized, peer-to-peer system, cutting out banks as the middlemen. It is an exciting alternative to physical money and may very well be the future of all transactions, so it is worth getting clued up early.

All pros, no cons

There are loads of advantages of paying with bitcoin that make this particular cryptocurrency somewhat more appealing than using traditional money or credit. For example, bitcoin cannot be interfered with by governments or banks meaning those who are using bitcoin experience greater financial freedom. Along with this, you have low transaction fees, near complete anonymity, and no sales tax on purchases; the list goes on and on of the benefits you will experience when using bitcoin.

A smart investment

Deciding to invest in bitcoin is a big step, and you don’t want to leap into the unknown in such a venture. However, once you have all your information together, you will be able to make a smart investment in this growing industry. The value of bitcoin is ever increasing as proven by the teenage bitcoin millionaire who used the increased value of bitcoin to build up his wealth and now, before the age of twenty, is a self-made millionaire. Of course, not everyone will have quite this much luck with the system, but with some research and tact, you could be seeing a nice return on your investment very soon.

Having fun

Of course, bitcoin isn’t just about serious financial matters; it has a fun side too. At websites such as, you can use your bitcoin’s to place bets and play fun games like poker. The advantage to playing these games is that bitcoin gambling is much safer than playing with your paper money, with easily accessible information about how, for example, each hand of cards you are given are completely random and, thus, completely fair.

Investing in bitcoin may be one of the best things you ever do as, with the value of the cryptocurrency set to continue rising in the future, you can make some serious money from this brilliant, space-age innovation.

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Is Ubanker legit in Nigeria?

So you have heard of Ubanker already. That is a good start. The questions you and everybody in your position is asking – is Ubanker legit”, “how Ubanker works. This article will answer your questions.

Ubanker is an investment broker that makes online trading accessible to regular people with little experience but big dreams. Ubanker works by allowing you to use a custom-designed trading platform, in addition to providing you with the financial education necessary to navigate the markets, with or without the help of your assigned account manager.

Ubanker is new to Nigeria, but the methodology of understanding the markets is the same one that has brought success to many people worldwide. You will be provided with daily market analyses, professional trading tools, and a step-by-step explanation of all the trading terminologies any trader needs to know.

What do Ubanker reviews say?

Numerous articles are already reviewing Ubanker. Whether it’s the successful South Africans, or any of the French-speaking countries already taking advantage – you can find a mix of reviews online. Some are quick to point to the obvious benefits, others are quite sceptic, there are also some Ubanker complaints. On the Ubanker app for example, there are complaints about issues with the platform, login problems – but rest assured for cases like that customer support is at your side at all times.

Let’s talk about the complaints for Ubanker – yes, there are such. And yes – it the world of money this is quite common. Even the biggest brokers have customers who are not happy – there’s not 100% success recipe. The thing is that the winners go and spend their money and enjoy life, the people who lose – they can just complain and write comments, not trying to recover their losses – something that adds to the great way Ubanker works – they have plan in place in case of loss. It’s how it is – the market is unpredictable and even the best lose sometimes, it’s the final balance that matters.

Ubanker app, platform and deposit options

Ubanker has a trading app for mobile and desktop. Nigerians can now get access to the full range of online trading services and opportunities suitable for every type of trader – from the beginner to the advanced.

Every new trader is guaranteed a personal account manager to guide them on their way to becoming professional investors and help them educate themselves on how to trade online in the global markets. Beginner traders receive a full education package complete with 1-on-1 training sessions, an informative eBook and video tutorials.

For advanced traders Ubanker provides professional trading tools and the use of the state-of-the-art trading platform PROfit, designed with an easy to customize interface for maximum comfort of the user. Traders can enjoy a variety of helpful tools, such as, daily market analysis and news, currency and technical charts, the use of economic calendar and more.

On top of everything else Ubanker’s clients are entitled to receive weekly bonuses to help make their trading experience better and improve their profit potential.

Ubanker’s PROfit trading platform is open to all countries, including Nigeria, that have traders, eager to take advantage and make the most of the opportunities available in the online trading world.

Unlike many Forex trading brokers out there, Ubanker takes great care to educates its traders not only about the positive side of online trading but the downsides as well, because every investment has its risk.

Is it good for Nigerians?

Ubanker Nigeria meets the highest standards in their field and the solutions provided by them abide by the best global financial practices. Their main goal is to help investors – beginner and advanced alike – maximize their profit potential and have a rewarding and enjoyable online trading experience.




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5 Reasons Why ICICI Bank May Reject Your Personal Loan Application

There could be a number of reasons as to why personal loan application gets rejected by the ICICI Bank. But, not many understand these reasons. Lending institutions are cautious when evaluating a loan application. In case the applicant does not meet the eligibility criteria, then the loan is usually rejected. As a personal loan is an unsecured loan, where the bank does not demand security or guarantor, the lenders will not risk their money onto an unreliable applicant, whose financial position is not strong.

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So, if the ICICI bank turns down a personal loan application, following are the causes that could have been responsible for the rejection.

  1. Weak Credit Score

By reviewing your repayment history, the financial institution judges your financial behaviour. If you default on payment of EMIs and credit card bills, then it guarantees negative remarks on your credit report. A poor track record of repayments can lower your credit score and dissuade the bank from providing you a loan. Your CIBIL score must be at least 700+ to get a personal loan approved. Thus, you should not miss or delay any credit payments.

  1. Unstable Employment

For salaried individuals, ICICI bank may ask for a minimum 2 years work experience. You should be employed with the current employer for at least a year. If you switch jobs often, like every six months, then the bank cannot rely on your job stability. If you are self-employed, then you will need 2 to 3 years of work experience to get the loan approved.

  1. Too Many Loan Applications/Rejections

Each personal loan application and rejection is recorded in your credit report. When you apply for a loan, the bank approaches the credit bureau for your credit report. The credit bureau considers this as a hard inquiry. Thus, more number of applications means greater number of hard inquiries, which will bring your credit score, down. It may even depict that you are too desperate for funds, and may put a dent on your eligibility profile.

  1. Lower Income Than Required

If you do not meet the monthly income criteria, then you should not apply for the loan. If the income is insufficient to accommodate the EMIs, then chances of getting a personal loan from ICICI are low. Minimum income requirement can differ from a loan scheme to another. Usually for a personal loan, minimum monthly salary that a person must draw is Rs. 25, 000. Check the loan type and income criteria of the same before applying for the funds.

  1. Too Many Ongoing Loans

If you are knee-deep into debt, then it is possible that the bank rejects your loan application. It is because holding several loans will count you as a risky borrower. Your debt to income ratio, if satisfactory may not stop the bank from giving you the loan. In case the debt to income ratio signifies that you are too dependent on loans and the remaining income is not enough to take out a new loan, the application could be rejected.

While the above-mentioned reasons for rejection of a personal loan application by ICICI bank holds true at many levels, it is the best to check with the bank personally and understand all their loan schemes. By doing so, you will know if you are an eligible candidate to take a personal loan from them, or not.

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