November 2016


How to Ensure Your Business Succeeds in a Competitive Market


Running a business is not easy. There are a thousand and one things to think about and if you don’t keep your eye on the ball, eventually something will give. In some cases, circumstances out of your control will sink your business, a good example being a tough recession. In other cases, however, business failure is largely down to poor management rather than the wider economic climate or unexpected advances in technology. We can’t prevent your business failing, but if you read the following tips, it might just keep you on the straight and narrow.

Do You Have the Right Experience?

Anyone can start a business but not everyone is made of the right stuff needed to ensure that a business is successful. You don’t necessarily need an MBA in healthcare management, but the more experience you have, the better. It is certainly useful to have taken a business administration course or have a good understanding of accounting, but if not, at least look for a business mentor to hold your hand during the early days.

Run a Tight Ship

Cash flow – or lack thereof – is responsible for more business failures than any other reason. Once cash flow dries up, it is impossible to pay suppliers, service debt or pay your employees. To maintain a steady cash flow through the business, have a good credit control system and don’t waste money on unnecessary expenditure.

Hire the Best Employees

No man is an island and to be a success, you need to have the right team on board. To ensure you attract good people, offer attractive working conditions. As a start-up, you probably won’t be able to pay a high salary, but you can make up for this by providing other perks, such as training opportunities and plenty of study time for employees who want to undertake further education, such as a healthcare management degree online at George Washington University.


Have a Digital Marketing Strategy

You can’t afford to be without a strong digital marketing strategy. Online is where it’s at these days, so businesses without a well-designed website, social media accounts, and a budget for online advertising are going to miss out.

Invest in Research and Development

Unless you invest in research and development, the market will evolve and your business will be left behind. Research and development helps you bring new products to the market, stay ahead of the technology curve, and remain competitive. You might not have much money to spend in this area, but there are often tax breaks available for any money you do spend, so speak to your accountant for advice.

Be a Can-Do Person

Successful entrepreneurs, businessmen and women are all can-do people. They don’t quit when the going gets tough. Instead, they fight against adversity and have courage in their convictions. If you have a great idea, don’t give up at the first hurdle. Follow the tips above and your business has every chance of succeeding!

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Post-election volatile currency pairs

With President Trump’s feet getting firmer under the White House table, it’s hard to believe it’s less than two weeks since the US presidential election. During voting and immediately after, there were some currency pairs exhibiting more volatile than usual behaviour, and following the UK’s Brexit decision, the commercial sphere has been something of an unstable place in 2016.


Pairs saw huge swings and the entire market was considered an unstable place during the few days either side of the presidential election. We spoke with Hantec Markets Ltd To see what fallout the US election caused on some of the more volatile currency pairs at stake.

Safe haven

In fear of the results of the election affecting the economy, many investors backed ‘safe haven’ assets, which include the Japanese Yen (JPY) and Swiss Franc (CHF). This meant that during voting and immediately as the result of Trump’s victory was broken, both sets of currency against the US dollar formed a volatile pair. Indeed, as election results came in the USD/JPY and USD/CHF both rallied with Clinton and plummeted with Trump.

Oh, Canada

USD/JPY and USD/CHF were not the only volatile pairs, however, and with the impending prospect of Trump’s election, the Canadian Dollar (CAD) plummeted against the US Dollar (USD) as the prospect of weakened relations with its northern neighbour became a closer prospect.

Euro fluctuations

The EUR/USD went above its standard line of resistance. Hardly considered to be a “classic” safe haven pair, the Euro/Dollar surged to its highest at 1.1616. As election night progressed the pair EUR/USD slid back down towards 1.12 and fell further once Trump was confirmed president. This volatility reflected that of the instability produced following the Brexit vote.


President Trump has created a sensitivity with the Mexican Peso, with his talks of building a wall and creating a rift with the Central American country. As such, the Mexican peso USDMXN, fell to a record -0.1024%   low, as Trump’s lead became firmer and his eventual win was confirmed.

Russian spike

Notoriously in allegiance with Vladimir Putin, Trump’s imminent election had a positive impact on the Russian ruble USDRUB, which spiked during voting.

Ultimately economic complexities currencies against the valuation of the dollar will drive a trend as time goes on. Equities often stagnate shortly after the election and the future of the dollar and any of its volatile pairs remain in flux.

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Planning to Buy a New Car This Year?

If buying the latest model of this year’s favorite car is on your list then you should plan accordingly to avoid any financial setbacks and other complexities during the purchasing process. After investing in real estates, it is the vehicle on which individuals have to invest so much.

car and calculator. rising costs for buying a car, leasing, workshop, refueling and insurance

If you are prepared to pay the whole payment at a time the things are in your favor. But if you think that you are not willing to spend a huge amount from your savings or right now incapable of paying the whole sum of money at a time because of a bad credit history or no credit situation- opting for a car loan option from a reputed lender like New Car Canada will be viable step that you can take. Besides choosing the financing option, you also need to check on a few things that we have enlisted here in the following—

Decide to choose from a new model, pre-owned or used car

You have a wide array of options in front of you when you are planning to buy a car’s latest model. You can visit the showroom to drive away the new model or you can also choose from the pre-owned, leased or the used cars of the same model. Depending on your preferences you can move to the dealer selling such cars.

Stick to a brand or model

After some research, it is viable to decide a brand or a model of vehicle that you are interested in purchasing. It is essential to narrow your choices for a few cars because it will be time-saving. It will also not let you get confused and test-drive multiple cars before purchasing one. Therefore, plan accordingly and move ahead to buy the new car.


Plan your budget

Budget is one of the most significant things to consider while you are on the verge of purchasing a car. In fact, if you belong from a mediocre financial background, it is viable to budget first and depending on that you can move along with your car selection.

Apply for a car loan

If you are prepared to down payment the whole amount of price during the purchase it is great. But if you are not willing to invest so much of your savings in purchasing the car, applying for an auto loan from a reliable source will be a good step that you can take. If you have a bad credit history and for that, it’s becoming challenging to get a loan approved then you shouldn’t worry. There are many trusted lenders online across Canada that will offer you the auto loan even in your bad credit situation.


They will check your background, job, assets etc along with the reasons behind your bad credit history and the credits that you still have to pay. If they are happy with their research you will have to fill up the form, get it approved and drive away the car without even paying down payments. There are a few financiers that ensure these flexibilities.

Make sure to buy a used car that will satisfy your preferences and budget. Implement some great tips to ensure a successful purchase. For more info, visit

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Tips for Managing Your Finances

The common man faces a lot of problems when it comes to money management. Whether you are running your own business or get paid a fixed salary, learning how to manage your finances is equally important in either scenario. However, most people don’t have any clue on how to manage their finances properly. As soon as they receive their monthly salary, they start paying off bills and buying things that they require. As a result, by the end of the month, you are left with virtually nothing. The whole process starts all over again the very next month.


As you can well imagine, this isn’t a sustainable option. It doesn’t allow you to grow at all, and the worst part is that in case of an emergency, you won’t have any extra money set aside. Many people seek independent financial advice from money managers in the hopes of getting appropriate guidance. Here are some basic tips that can help you manage your finances in a more prudent manner.

Pay Yourself First

One of the main keys to financial success is to learn how to save money. Unless you learn the importance of saving money regularly, you will always have difficulty in terms of overspending. Every time you receive a salary, you should set aside a small amount of money and keep it in a dedicated savings account. Essentially, this represents you paying yourself. It doesn’t matter whether you intend on using that money for a particular item, or if just want to save it in case of an emergency; setting aside a small amount is crucial for financial independence.

Think About Financial Commitments

You should always seek mortgage advice in London before making such a large financial commitment. Taking out a mortgage is a pretty big obligation, and it requires a lot of preparation. You have to consider several factors before you apply for a mortgage loan. It doesn’t matter if you are earning a handsome amount right now: mortgage loans generally need to be repaid in 10-15 years, so you have to plan pretty far ahead.


If you go to a professional for independent mortgage advice in London, they will inform you about the best mortgage loan that you can sign up for. In some cases, taking a mortgage loan might not be the only option available. In fact, you could also talk to a bank to give you a standard, unsecured loan.

Plan Ahead

Living one day at a time is all well and good if you live alone. However, as you grow, you will have to think about starting a family and all of the responsibilities that it entails. Your financial commitments are going to increase with time, so it’s important for you to plan ahead. Make sure that you set daily, monthly, and yearly financial goals that you can actually achieve. Setting SMART goals is actually quite beneficial for people who want to make a bigger purchase down the road, such as a house, a car, or even a small business. If you want financial advice, you can contact us for more information!

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Three Great Uses for Your Free Time If You’re Making Money as an at Home FX Trader


Trading, if you are doing well at it, can be a great way to make money from home, and because you trade in sessions, aside from keeping up to date on the news affecting your currency pairs, you get quite a lot of free time to use as you please. Whether you choose to spend that time doing other money making activities or bettering yourself in other ways, it is a good idea to find something productive to do so that you maximize on the benefits of being an FX trader.

Here are three ways you could use your free time to improve your life:

Get Your Masters Degree

A lot of people would love to have the time to do a postgrad degree like a master of arts in liberal studies or an MBA, and as an FX trader, you actually do have this opportunity. Thanks to online universities, you can get the masters you want from the comfort of your own home, and still be where you need to be when it’s time to log on and trade. Look for degree courses like an online masters in philosophy, and you can soon be on your way to a higher qualification that can open new doors for you in the future, as well as giving you something interesting to study when you aren’t busy with currency markets.

Start an Ecommerce Business

forex-traderIf you want to earn more money to use in your trading, then a good idea can be to start your own ecommerce business. It can be fairly easy to set up your own site using a third party ecommerce platform that allows you to manage your product catalog and take payments, and so all you need is something to sell. If you have a hobby that involves making things or producing digital products like eBooks or software, you can sell your own stuff, or you can become a retailer for other people’s products. If you don’t like the idea of running your own site but have things to sell, sites like eBay and Etsy can also be a good way to make some money you can later use as capital for trading.

Learn a Language

FX is very much an international thing, and if you deal in currency pairs other than the US, Australian and Canadian dollars or the British pound, you’ll be working with currencies that exist in countries that don’t speak English. While this has no bearing on your ability to trade, being able to follow news from other countries in its original language may be useful, or at least interesting. Try using apps or online courses to teach yourself a new language relevant to your trading in your spare time!

These are just three ways to make good, productive use of the time you have free between your trading sessions. Why not try starting one of them today!

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Important Tips about Iron Condor That Can Help You Make Huge Money


Trading is one of those very few activities that can help you make quick money in a very short duration using legitimate methods. There are different strategies used by traders to maximize their returns from time to time – Iron Condor is one of them. If you’ve been exploring this field for some time, then you must already know what iron condor is all about, but if you’re not aware of this term, then this guide is all you need right now.

What Is Iron Condor

It’s a popular options strategy that’s used by many professional money managers and individual traders all around the globe. There are four different types of contracts involved in Iron Condor. Here are a few important features of this strategy-

  • It’s often constructed by selling one put and call spread on the same underlying asset.
  • Though it’s not a strict requirement, all the four options are out-of-the-money.
  • The put and call spread are of equal width.
  • In Iron Condor, most underlying assets are broad-based market indexes like NDX, SPX, RUT, etc., but still, many traders hold Iron Condor position on smaller indexes or individual stocks.
  • Iron Condor is often a ‘market neutral’ trade, which means that there is no bearish and bullish bias.


How To Make Money With Iron Condor

Unlike other strategies, when you decide to execute Iron Condor, your complete focus is on a narrow trading range. Right from the moment you open your position until it expires, you hope that the underlying asset doesn’t go out of that narrow trading range. At the time of expiration, if all the options that you have are out-of-the-money, then they expire worthless, enabling you to keep all the money that you collected while purchasing Iron Condor. The way trading takes place in the market, you may not see this happening every day, but whenever it will take place, you’ll reap a significant profit.

Since there are many experts exploring the market along with you, the obvious strategies may not work at the time; hence, you need to be innovative every time. Sacrificing last few dimes of the potential profit and closing the position before the expiring date isn’t a bad idea. It will not only shock your competitors but also help you avoid any last moment turnaround.

If these are your early days in the industry, then you need to focus on earning profits without risking much, and the above-mentioned strategy will help you do exactly that.


So, don’t worry about what others are doing and how are they executing the Iron Condor. Focus on your strong points and proceed accordingly. The tips shared in this post will definitely help you achieve great results with the iron condor in the coming days.

Author: Kim Klaiman is an expert trader and loves trying different option strategies on regular basis. He keeps sharing his experience and knowledge with his readers from time to time.

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