Three Great Uses for Your Free Time If You’re Making Money as an at Home FX Trader


Trading, if you are doing well at it, can be a great way to make money from home, and because you trade in sessions, aside from keeping up to date on the news affecting your currency pairs, you get quite a lot of free time to use as you please. Whether you choose to spend that time doing other money making activities or bettering yourself in other ways, it is a good idea to find something productive to do so that you maximize on the benefits of being an FX trader.

Here are three ways you could use your free time to improve your life:

Get Your Masters Degree

A lot of people would love to have the time to do a postgrad degree like a master of arts in liberal studies or an MBA, and as an FX trader, you actually do have this opportunity. Thanks to online universities, you can get the masters you want from the comfort of your own home, and still be where you need to be when it’s time to log on and trade. Look for degree courses like an online masters in philosophy, and you can soon be on your way to a higher qualification that can open new doors for you in the future, as well as giving you something interesting to study when you aren’t busy with currency markets.

Start an Ecommerce Business

forex-traderIf you want to earn more money to use in your trading, then a good idea can be to start your own ecommerce business. It can be fairly easy to set up your own site using a third party ecommerce platform that allows you to manage your product catalog and take payments, and so all you need is something to sell. If you have a hobby that involves making things or producing digital products like eBooks or software, you can sell your own stuff, or you can become a retailer for other people’s products. If you don’t like the idea of running your own site but have things to sell, sites like eBay and Etsy can also be a good way to make some money you can later use as capital for trading.

Learn a Language

FX is very much an international thing, and if you deal in currency pairs other than the US, Australian and Canadian dollars or the British pound, you’ll be working with currencies that exist in countries that don’t speak English. While this has no bearing on your ability to trade, being able to follow news from other countries in its original language may be useful, or at least interesting. Try using apps or online courses to teach yourself a new language relevant to your trading in your spare time!

These are just three ways to make good, productive use of the time you have free between your trading sessions. Why not try starting one of them today!