June 2021


Everything You Should Know About No Claim Bonus in Car Insurance

You might notice that car insurance premiums increase with each passing year. This is due to the increase in third-party premiums for each passing year by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI). IRDAI essentially reviews the third-party claims made at the end of each period and the premiums are revised accordingly.

Although these third-party premiums keep on increasing, your effective premium can be kept in check, and in fact be reduced. Thanks to the No-Claim Bonus (NCB) facility. No-claim bonus is the facility where insurance companies offer a benefit for not making claims during a policy tenure. This benefit is passed on the policyholder, i.e. you by way of concession in car insurance renewal. The no-claim benefits range between 20% to 50% and are go on increasing with each consecutive claim-free policy years. Here are some handy tips about NCB that you should know. Let’s have a look –

NCB benefits belong to the policyholder and not the vehicle

NCB benefits are associated to the policyholder and not the vehicle. With this feature, it allows you to carry forward the NCB benefits irrespective to the car you use. Say, for instance, you buy a car insurance cover and do not make any claims for five consecutive years. At the fifth policy renewal you replace this car of yours with a new car. These NCB benefits can be transferred to your new car with 50% concession in own damage premium. However, the only limitation for transfer of NCB is among different policyholders except in the case of legal heirs where the original policyholder dies.

NCB benefits are limited to own-damage plans only

You must make a note that the no-claim benefits are applicable only to own-damage premiums i.e. no third-party plans can take advantage of NCB benefits. So, in order to have NCB concessions, you must have a comprehensive plan or an own-damage cover alongside third-party policy. So anytime you compute your no-claim benefits using a car insurance calculator, keep in mind that the percentage of no-claim bonus is based on the own-damage premium.

Raising claims for smaller amounts will in-turn lead to bigger losses

Making a claim is tempting even when your car suffers minor damages. But in fact, small claims need to be even more carefully analysed. At every claim, you need to mandatorily pay for the compulsory deductible in your policy. Over and above that, any voluntary deductible that you might have opted also forms part of out-of-pocket expenses. Other than that, you also will be required to pay a higher premium in the future in case you raise a claim. So, considering these factors, make a cost-benefit analysis before you make a claim.

Transfer of NCB

Transferring your NCB benefits is a fairly simple process. It required you to submit Form 29 and 30 along with the sale agreement to the current insurance company. On submission of these documents, the insurer issues a NCB certificate wherein the accumulated NCB benefits are mentioned. With this certificate, the same benefits shall become applicable with the new insurance company. For online process, you generally do not require this certificate, and is based on the declaration at the time of purchase.

These are some lesser-known things about NCB that make you a smart buyer. With these tips available to you, make the right choice of skipping a claim for minor expenses as well as take the most advantage when transferring your policy too. Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms and conditions, please read sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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Why Is Economic News Important and What Is Economic Calendar?

Currencies do not change their exchange rates on their own – they are stimulated by economic news. This data can be used for evaluating possible scenarios in financial markets. See below a general guide on the use of the Economic calendar to reach better results in your Forex trading.

Before you start trading, take a look at the Economic calendar to check important events of the week. The calendar can help you detect the key events in the currency market and make money without fearing for it in aggressive currency movements.

What is the Economic calendar?

The Economic calendar is also known as the Forex calendar. It contains a list of news published by governments and agencies, sorted by date. Here are some examples of such agencies:

* US Bureau of Labor Statistics (publishes economic data from the USA)

* Eurostat (published economic data from the EU)

* Office for National Statistics ( published economic data from Great Britain)

* IHS Markit (published the PMI of most countries).

How to read economic news right?

Economic calendars contain the dates of the most important national and international events that can influence the movements of some assets and markets. The date and characteristic of every event on the calendar can be used as a forex calendar indicator for making better trading forecasts.

All events on the Economic calendar forex have different significance and market influence. There are the following levels of significance:

Weak influence

The news or statistics from this category have almost no noticeable influence on the market. However, If there is no more important news on the horizon, certain price fluctuations might happen.

Moderate influence

In certain circumstances, such events can influence currency rates. However, the market might not react at all, if something more important happens at the same time. Still, several publications of moderate significance can give the market certain dynamics.

Strong influence

Such events influence currency rates significantly, especially if they are published one by one. A combination of such events can change the trend in an instrument. This category includes such events as reports of Central banks and their interest rate decisions, speeches of the heads of national Banks, the GDP statistics of major economies, the Non-Farm Payrolls, etc.

The most important news of Forex economic calendar

The Non-Farm Payrolls (NFP)

This indicator tracks the employment of the biggest part of the US solvent population. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics publishes reports on the first Friday of every month. The reports show the number of new workplaces created the month before, the general unemployment rate over the country, and the level of economic activity. Moreover, it shows the number of Americans that search for a job efficiently or have made a profit on it. Each of these three values indicates the general economic situation in the country. These statistics influence both market sentiment and the attitude towards the USD.

Central banks’ decisions on the interest rate

In the USA, the function of a Central bank is carried out by the Federal Reserve system (known as the Fed). Apart from the Fed, there are 7 more influential banks in the world: the Banks of Australia, England, Canada, Japan, the European Central bank, the Reserve bank of New Zealand, and the Swiss National bank. Their decisions on the interest rate most noticeably influence risk evaluation and potential results of Forex traders. Speeches of monetary politicians in the reports of such banks have special influence on Forex and in most cases, increases the volatility of its assets.

Closing thoughts

The Economic calendar is crucial for Forex traders because with it, they can plan their trading in advance. Many economic news can provoke unexpected reactions when the market moves by thousands points in a split second, so try to stick to your money management rules to avoid such shocks.

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Make the Most of These Advantages Offered by Extended Warranty Insurance

Any product bought in today’s day and age is backed with a warranty, especially when consumer durable products. Say, your new air conditions or refrigerator, or even mobile for that matter, all have manufacturer’s warranty. It can range between three months to five years based on the product and the manufacturer. But what about the expenses once this period ends? Any repair costs after this period of warranty needs to be borne by you.

Wouldn’t it be handy if coverage for these additional expenses was available? Extended warranty insurance is the product you need!

Using extended warranty insurance, any costs of repairs required after the initial purchase are covered by the insurance company. At times, replacement required due to manufacturing defects is also included in its coverage. Below mentioned are some of the advantages of extended warranty insurance –

Affordable premiums: Repairs to your home appliances are not simple. They require trained professional and specialised tools for its repairs. These costs of repairs can at times burn a hole in your pocket. With an extended warranty general insurance cover, you no longer need to worry about these expensive repair costs. Moreover, genuine spares are used in its repair at authorised service centres only.

All-round coverage: Extended warranty benefits include all-round coverage for your devices and appliances. Any costs required in the replacement or repairs including labour charges are covered by this insurance cover.

Coverage amounts up to invoice value: With extended warranty cover, the coverage is offered right up to the invoice value of the product. With such enhanced coverage, it ensures you get the most benefits of your home appliances simplifying your life. The only caveat for this insurance coverage is the appliances need to be used as per the its intended use as specified in the usage manual.

Flexible tenure: Based on the usability of the products and terms of insurance contract, you can opt for varying tenures for such insurance coverage. Based on your intended use, you can accordingly purchase an extended warranty insurance for it.

Repairs for any number of times: There are cases where one issue is resolved, a new one crops in. With an extended warranty cover, you need not worry about these repeated repair costs. Generally, this policy covers the cost of repairs for any number of occurrences within the policy tenure. No longer you need to worry about repeated breakdowns causing financial inconvenience.

Nationwide network and doorstep service: Leading insurance companies that offer extended warranty insurance have a nationwide network along with doorstep service. Even if you relocate cities, you need not worry about the coverage no longer being valid. All you need to do is inform your insurer and update your communication details. Also, for large home appliances like refrigerators and air conditioners, it isn’t possible to carry it over to the service centres. The doorstep repair facility comes handy at such times.

So, the next time you purchase a home appliance, make sure to buy an extended warranty insurance plan for it. Not only it makes repairs a breeze, but also relives you of other financial stress when it comes to expensive repair costs.  Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms and conditions, please read sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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5 Things You Should Know Before You Send Money to Bank Account Same Day to India

If you’re currently living and working in Europe, then the same-day remittance service will enable you to quickly and easily transfer funds to your family and friends in India. But there are a few things that you should know before using such services. Check out this post to learn more.

Thanks to digital technologies, the world has now turned into a global village. From remotely working for employer hundreds and thousands of miles away to video calling anyone across the world, technology has significantly impacted almost all walks of our lives. The same is true for the remittance industry as well.

Not too long ago, fund transfers from Europe to India took anywhere between 3-5 working days. But there are now Indian banks in Europe that offer same-day remittance services. While such services make the whole remittance process quick and convenient, there are a few things you should know about before using them. Take a look-

  1. Exchange Rate

If you’ve used remittance services in the past, then you might know that the exchange rates fluctuate 24×7. It is also possible for the exchange rate to change after you’ve initiated a transfer to India and before the service provider or bank processes the transaction. In some cases, this could impact the total amount your beneficiary receives in India.

But this issue can be effectively eliminated by using the same-day remittance services of a bank in Europe that offers guaranteed exchange rates. With this feature, the exchange rate would remain the same from the time you initiate the transfer to when the bank processes the transaction.

  1. Ease of Transfer

You should be able to initiate the transfer online without visiting the bank. Some of the Indian banks in Europe also allow non-customers to use their remittance services. For this, you are generally required to initiate a transfer from their online portal and then transfer funds to a local account of the bank.

Also, the bank should allow you to send money to any bank account in India. In most cases, you can use IMPS-enabled banks and branches in India for same-day transfers. You can confirm the same with your beneficiary in India before making a transfer.

  1. Transfer Speed

While same-day remittance services ensure that funds get deposited into the Indian bank account of your beneficiary on the same working day, there is generally a cut-off time limit. Only transfers processed before this time limit are processed on the same day.

Thus, before using such services, ensure that you check the cut-off limit of the bank. If you are using the services of a bank in which you do not hold an account, then your funds should reach the remitting bank before this time limit.

  1. Transfer Security

One of the most significant reasons to trust a bank for your transfers to India is the level of security they offer. While there is no lack of remittance service providers in Europe, banks are generally safer and more secure. With the rising number of remittance scams, it is wise to trust a reputable Indian bank in Europe for remittance.

You can check out the remittance platform of the bank online to know more about the measures they have taken to keep the accounts, funds, and transfers protected at all times.

  1. Tracking Transfer Status

Even though these services allow you to send money to bank account same day to India, you should still be able to track the status of your transfer. Banks generally provide a transfer tracking number that you can use for monitoring the status of your transfer online.

Prefer a service that offers this transfer tracking facility for complete peace of mind. You can also share the tracking number with your beneficiary so that they, too, are fully aware of when to expect the deposit into their bank account.

Using Same Day Remittance for Europe to India Transfers

Same-day remittance services have revolutionized the international remittance industry. If you are currently in Europe and want to transfer funds to India instantly, then look for a trusted Indian bank that offers this facility.

Keep the points mentioned above in mind when choosing a bank and using their remittance services to avoid discrepancies and ensure that the funds reach your beneficiary in the safest possible manner.

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Algorithmic Trading: How to Choose Technical Solution

Most often, traders on line have trouble finding optimum solutions for algorithmic trading. Before using this method, learn its main principles and decide whether it satisfies you.

What is algorithmic trading?

An algorithm is a certain set of actions built into a computer program for solving certain problems. It is more or like as complicated as a computer game or electronic table but it contains a range of various functions and follows a set of instructions by a built-in strategy.

Algorithmic trading money is a method of work in financial markets that implies special software containing a set of instructions for trading without human participation. Such software enhances traders’ opportunities and the efficacy of their trading. The main advantage of such trading methods is that it can be carried out at a speed and intensity that can never be reached by the human brain. This is the reason why algorithmic trading has become so popular.

How to choose an optimum solution for algorithmic trading?

To become successful, a trader must realize and control all the trading algorithms they use. No matter how weird this sounds, market trading in currency is basically mind games. Algorithmic trading in Forex or stock markets significantly increases the risks of losing the whole of your investments, that is why you need to be so scrupulous about choosing software for algorithmic trading.

#1 Choose software according to your trading psychology

This is the most important part before studying algorithmic software. Like other trading methods, algorithmic trading with money requires discipline, patience, and emotional restraint. Make sure that algorithmic trading does not contradict your normal trading strategy. This becomes especially acute when a trader gets into a deep drawdown. Many strategies with good backtest results can easily ruin your deposit by a couple of failed trades. Hence, before taking up a new strategy, make sure you understand it well.

# 2 Create your own trading strategy

Having got ready to trade curency, find out the type of traders you belong to, as well as how much time you are ready to spend on trading. Finding this out, you will be able to choose a trading strategy and optimum frequency of trades. For example, if you work 8 hours a day, there is no chance you will master intraday strategies. Adjust your trading strategy to the time you are ready to spend on trading. At first, software for algorithmic trading will take a lot of time for setting it up and optimizing it, but this will pay back when the process smooths out and you will not need to constantly control your robot.

#3 Money available for trading

The minimal sum for starting algorithmic trading might vary depending on your trading strategy and software parameters. For “high-frequency” trading strategies, you will need quite a deal of money to support your deposit in drawdowns. If you have decided to start off with a small sum, opt for “low-frequency” strategies. In this case, you will be trading a couple of assets and just several market positions but you will not spend a fortune on paying commission fees.

#4 Use advanced software

To create an indeed efficient algorithmic software, you need to have good programming skills. You might need to know C++, Java, or Python. Your knowledge will let you create high-quality trading algorithms with full control over the technical solutions you use. For those having no knowledge of such languages, there are solutions like Strategy Builder in R Trader. The platform itself is free and has a built-in Algorithmic strategy designer where you can easily add, edit, and backtest any strategy.


If you think that algorithmic trading software is a “money-making machine” you are quite wrong. No algorithmic software will let you make a quick fortune. Success requires substantial effort, iron discipline, and tons of patience because a profitable trading strategy might need months if not years to debug and set up.

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How to Save Premium Cost on Your Life Insurance Plan?

Numerous factors play a role in deciding the premium quote of your life insurance policy. Some of these aspects are in your control and some aren’t. By selecting the right type of policy and understanding your insurance requirements, you can easily get an affordable policy. But today, we’ll share some insider tips on how to save up on the premium cost of your life insurance plan without any hassle.

  • Opt for insurance at a young age

When you are younger, you can avail life insurance plans with a lower premium. This is because with age, the chances of getting ill become higher, increasing the risk for an insurance provider. Many elderly people get diagnosed with diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure, cancer, etc. which can lead to an expensive insurance premium. But as a young individual, you shall be healthy without any medical issues. So, you can get a more affordable premium rate even if you select a high sum assured amount.

  • Compare life insurance plans

To avoid the trouble of going through numerous insurance policies, you may select a suitable one after comparing a couple of plans. However, it might not be the best one! This is why comparing life insurance plans is crucial. With so many insurance companies present in the market, you shall find various policies that offer unique features. With the help of life insurance calculators, it is easier to get all these plans in one place and select a suitable policy. So, make sure to compare insurers and the plans they offer before finalising the one.

  • Avoid adding too many riders

Every rider may seem lucrative as they increase your insurance coverage. However, you need to purchase these riders over and above your insurance premium. Thus, adding too many add-on covers to your plan can easily lead to a hefty premium rate. To make this process easier, it is recommended to understand your insurance requirements and choose the riders accordingly. Therefore, you won’t buy unnecessary riders with your insurance policy and get the most of your purchase.

  • Choose the right policy tenure

The policy tenure of your plan decides the amount of premium you shall pay to the insurer. But the tenure varies from one person to another depending on their lifestyle and needs. Instead of opting for a short or a long tenure, it is advised to understand the purpose of buying the insurance plan. Do you want to secure your family from any debts? Are you creating a financial backup, as your children are still young? Doing this shall help you estimate the right policy term without it being too short or long.

  • Follow a healthy lifestyle

Your lifestyle defines your health, and it plays a crucial role in your life insurance premium. The insurance provider considers your current health conditions and your family medical history before giving you the premium quote. If you smoke or drink alcohol, these lifestyle habits shall also impact the price of purchasing a policy. Therefore, follow a healthier lifestyle and keep away from the habit of smoking or drinking to avoid an expensive premium quote.

Now that you know how you can easily save up on your insurance premium, buy one today! You can purchase all types of life insurance policies from the comforts of your home and get an affordable premium by shopping online. The endless number of benefits of life insurance enable you to make the most of your investment. Lastly, ensure to go through the terms and conditions of the policy beforehand!

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Want to Voluntarily Dismiss Your Divorce Petition? Here’s What You Should Know 

For most couples, divorce is an extreme measure that should only be used when no other solution has worked. The decision to pursue divorce is quite serious and may not be reversible. But, you can still cancel your divorce petition if you have a change of heart. No matter your reason for having second thoughts, you need a charlotte family law attorney to help you stop your divorce from going forward. 

The state of North Carolina is generous enough when it comes to the rights of a plaintiff to voluntarily dismiss a legal action. Also, getting divorced on a whim in the state is hard. Between the six-month state residency requirement and the required one-year separation period, couples have enough time to contemplate the relationship and reconsider their marriage before a spouse files a divorce petition. 

When Can You Voluntarily Dismiss and Stop a Divorce?

You and your spouse can reconcile without any legal requirement during the one-year separation period requirement since no divorce action has been filed. Even if you have lived apart for a year, you can still withdraw your divorce request if you want to married. You can dismiss your case by filing a notice of dismissal at any time before you present your argument and turn over any evidence you may have. 

Things to Keep in Mind on Voluntary Dismissal of a Divorce Case

Remember that just because you dismiss the divorce petition does not mean the proceedings are terminated altogether. Thus, if it’s only you who want to cancel the divorce action and stay married, you can withdraw any claims you have filed but it won’t affect any cross-petitions your souse might have. If you want to entire case to be voluntarily dismissed, you and your spouse should agree and present the motion for voluntary dismissal of all claims together. 

Moreover, even if you file a voluntary dismissal of your case, you can still file for divorce later. But, you need to start from square one, depending on whether the dismissal is granted with or without prejudice. 

How to Voluntarily Dismiss Your Divorce Case

To get started with your request for voluntary dismissal of your case you should file a motion for voluntary dismissal and file this motion with the North Carolina County court where you filed the divorce. You need to pay any court costs and fees incurred for the divorce action up to the date the motion is granted. 

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Claim-Justice: The Ideal Solution for your Scam

People falling victim to online trading fraud has become quite common these days. More and more cybercriminals are exploiting people these days online and stealing their personal details and funds. When you get scammed by an online entity, you are usually desperate for a solution and want to claim your money bac. This is where Claim Justice comes in the picture! Claim Justice is a reliable company that fights for your behalf and does not stop until they get the justice for you. Are you interested in learning more about what Claim Justice has to offer its clients? Keep reading to learn about its standout features:

Experienced Professionals

Something that makes the Claim Justice money recovering company better than its competition is its team of highly skilled professionals. These professionals have a lot of experience I dealing with all kinds of fraud and scam cases and know everything there is to know about online scams. They also have taken on many cases from clients around the world and have successfully recovered their funds as well. Hence, you can rest assured that your case will be in very good hands if you choose to avail the services of Claim Justice.

Once you contact them with your case, their professionals will provide you a clear strategy that they will use to recover your funds from the scammer. This will include all the lawsuits and the letters that have to be delivered as well the plan of action that need to be taken to coerce the scammer to hand back your money. Once they Claim Justice team of professionals agree to take you on as a client, you can just sit back and watch them seek justice for you and get your money back

Scam Tips and Tactics

On the Claim Justice website, under the blog section, you will find a number of tips and tactics that you can go through. These tips pertain to all aspects of online scams such as investment scams, banking scams, trading scams and many more. You can read about all of these scams on the Claim Justice website and how to stay clear of them. If you have unfortunately fallen victim to such a scam, you can read all the tactics that can help you recover your funds. Another thing you should know is that all of this information and these tips and tactics have been compiled by experts who know everything about such scams.

What that means is that any information or guidance available on the Claim Justice website is 100 percent genuine and accurate.

Customer Support

Claim Justice provides amazing customer support from Monday to Friday during standard working hours. If you have been duped by a scammer and are interested in engaging the Claim Justice services, it is natural that you would have some questions first. All you have to do is contact their team via their phone number or the form available on their website.

Once you submit your details along with the particulars of your scam case, one of their support agents will get back to you shortly afterwards. The Claim Justice customer support is very professional and quick and you can rest assured that they will not leave you hanging at any stage. Even after they accept your case, they will keep you updated at each stage as they recover your funds.

Bottom Line

To conclude, there is no doubt that Claim Justice is a very unique and highly effective scam recovery service that any person or business can use to recover their funds in a very smooth manner. You can rest assured their team will do everything possible to win your particular case and get your money back for you. So what are you still waiting for? If you have been scammed, simply go over to their website, and contact them via the online form. After you submit, one of their people will get back to you shortly. It is pretty simple!

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Shay Benhamou Considers Ethereum As Bitcoin’s Eternal Rival

The Ethereum vs. Bitcoin debate has always been an interesting one as both cryptocurrencies are at the top of the ladder. The two cryptocurrencies have many similarities between them but they also have many differences which make them unique. The story of Bitcoin versus Ethereum starts in 2009 when Bitcoin was introduced as the first-ever cryptocurrency. Bitcoin was the face of cryptocurrency was many years till a blockchain platform was launched. That platform for blockchains is now known as Ethereum. The new cryptocurrency became a fast competitor of Bitcoin only five months after its launch.

Shay Benhamou says that this competition between Ethereum and Bitcoin is an eternal battle. Shay Benhamou is an expert in cryptocurrency investments and often shares his thoughts, views, and lessons for cryptocurrency traders. Let’s review some reasons why he considers Ethereum to be an eternal rival of Bitcoin.

Reasons Why Ethereum Is Bitcoin’s Eternal Rival

Similarities Between The Two

Ethereum and Bitcoin are similar in that they have the same foundations. Both assets are cryptocurrencies and are both high in demand. Bitcoin and Ethereum are decentralized cryptocurrencies. This means that no bank or government authorities have control over them. They are stored in blockchain systems. The decentralized form of these cryptocurrencies is what makes them so reliable because the owner of the currency has all control over it.

Ethrereum and Bitcoin both use a proof-of-network consensus which means that they require verification and confirmation before they are issued.  Due to the verification and confirmation processes that are necessary, both assets have slow transaction processes.

What Makes Them Different

Shay Benhamou says that while these two assets have many similarities, they also differ in many technical ways. They use different algorithms where Bitcoin is run on SHA-256 and Ethereum uses ethash. They also have different block times. In this regard, Ethereum is faster than Bitcoin because while Ethereum transactions are completed within seconds, while Bitcoin transactions can take several minutes to complete.

The most prominent difference between the two is in the fact that they have different overall aims. Bitcoin was developed to perform as an alternative to national currencies. It aspires, and has somewhat succeeded, to become the medium of exchange.  On the other hand, Ethereum was created to work as a platform to provide blockchain services with its own currency of Ether. Ethereum does not want to establish as a monetary system unlike Bitcoin.

Driving Force Behind Rivalry

The prices of both assets have always been in close quarters over the years. As soon as Bitcoin makes a move to become prominent in the eyes of the investor, Ethereum comes up with ways to increase the competition and introduces something new. For instance, the new upgrade of Ethereum is said to end Bitcoin’s blockchain dominance. The developers have made significant changes in the Ethereum system which is bound to attract many more investors. However, we cannot be too sure of this as Shay Benhamou says, because Bitcoin may just come up with an upgrade that may put it back to its initial dominant position. The constant challenges and upgrades that these two cryptocurrencies hit each other with is the main reason why Shay Benhamou and many others believe that the rivalry between Bitcoin and Ethereum will last all of eternity.

Concluding Thoughts

Shay Benhamou is a firm believer that the rivalry between Bitcoin and Ethereum is eternal. He has many solid reasons to back this claim and has shared a few with us. Both assets are similar in so many ways but also differ in a lot. This makes them the perfect competitor for each other. Moreover, they both were launched in a close timeline which means that they grew together. The market value of both these assets is always in close numbers. Even if one is affected by something, it soon closes the gap in the values. All these reasons pile up to support Shay Benhamo’s belief that their rivalry is everlasting.

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