October 2018


Your trading business is not for looking esthetically pleasing

In this business, there is no chance of showing off your profits. One minute it is here in your account and the next minute it can be gone if you are a scalper. The money is not stable in your account. Well, you can prevent the number of profits you are making by being strategic in money management. That is not what we are talking about. Even if you manage to save some from going away from your account, poor performance will not let your account to stay in this business. If you are not concentrating on the right thing, your trading business can finish up even before starting properly. For that, you have to know that is the main thing in this business. It is the power of trading which we are talking about. To be more specific, you must think about your trading performance. In the following, we are going to justify this statement.

You must not work for money

In this profession, you cannot just aim for the money and reach a great level in trading. Yes, for survival every trader need to make money from trades. But, they must not think about it all the time. Because it makes them vulnerable in life and professions and reduces their trading quality. As a trader who is thinking about money is desperate all the time, his or her brain would not think about anything else. There will be no slot open for thinking about the planning and approaches in trades. Those kinds of traders will try to take shortcuts by placing trades with simple knowledge and lose most of the time.

You must learn to consider this as your business

Many people in Australia have changed their life just by trading the Forex market. They consider Forex trading as their main revenue source. But sadly many new traders don’t really understand why they should consider this as their job. They are biased with placing random orders and eventually loses money. But if they take this profession as their business, they will always have a strategic approach to this market. In fact, they can easily manage their losing trades by trading with high-risk reward ratio. So always take this profession as your business to become a profitable trader.

The goal should be on quality

On the other hand, if a trader thinks about the real thing, he or she would not get distracted from the work. The real thing is your trading quality, as we mentioned earlier. If you are thinking about it, your brain would not get distracted by money thoughts. And you would not try to execute trades just to make money. People with this kind of mentality try to learn everything properly first. And then they focus on how to implement their knowledge efficiently. And while you follow this technique in the trading business, your trades will be making you a lot of profits at a time. Alongside, your trading quality will be improving automatically. There is a lot to experience in this business to be a good trader. For example, you have to analyze many different things before understanding when to place a trade. Price trends, key swings, support in charts etc. are those you have to work on. And to understand properly you need to have experience. So, to get them, you must focus on it rather than aiming at money making.

Staying away is not appropriate

Regular participation is necessary for regular improvement in this business. As you are learning things from the beginning, there should be no interval. And when you do not follow a trading routine there will be absent in your participation even when you are fully dedicated. And that can be a little bit effective in your improvement speed. So, to learn trading fast and improve your career really fast, you must participate regularly. There is no good in separation between you and your trading business.

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MYfintec Review- Enjoy Flexible and Smooth Trading

The cryptocurrency has taken the world by a storm. Since Bitcoin’s peak last year, more and more people have taken an interest in this virtual currency as it represents advancement and innovation. It is regarded as a future of modern banking, but it is also a volatile, unregulated and decentralized currency. Therefore, anyone who wants to trade cryptocurrency is first faced with the challenge of finding a brokerage firm that’s transparent, free of fraudulent schemes and scams and can offer reliable and quality crypto services. Traders will find that there are a ton of brokerage firms operating in the market and choosing one can be difficult. You have to be extra cautious to ensure it is legitimate. This is where MYfintec will be helpful.

You can learn more about Myfintec in the following link: MYfintec – Benefit From Trading Opportunities With

It is recognized as a cryptocurrency and forex broker and is amongst the fastest-growing and largest ones. You can find a range of trading tools and investment options as MYfintec headed the fintech revolution back in 2009 when it was launched as a venture capital funds manager. It was not until 2012 that it opened to the public and since then, it has been offering the best trading services. Kin Ltd. owns and operates MYfintec, which is registered in Marshall Islands, New Guinea. Experts from various fields came together to develop MYfintecand it is now able to offer flexible trading conditions to traders from different backgrounds.

How does it accomplish this? MYfintec starts with the MYfintecTradologic Contract for Difference (CFD), which is a software that’s immensely useful in forex and cryptocurrency trading. Other platforms operate on the Meta Trader 4, but this choice has set MYfintec apart and it enables users to execute and manage their trades smoothly. Another unique feature is that it provides some exotic currency pairs for trading such as Hong Kong Dollars, Turkish Lira, Singapore Dollars, South African Rand as well as CFDs. You can choose to trade precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum. You can also trade stocks and indices and even items like corn, wheat and coffee.

The complexity of their interface is what hampers other brokerages from getting new clients, but MYfintec has ensured that it is not difficult to comprehend or use. They don’t want traders to have to deal with a learning curve when they are ready to trade. It has a simple, established and user-friendly interface that can be navigated easily by both beginners and experienced traders. Everything in this platform is direct and straightforward. Several languages are offered by the platform, other than English, for the convenience and benefit of traders all around the globe.

The registration process is also quite simple and straightforward. When you are signing up, you only have to choose the type of account you wish to operate. There are several account options available and the choice depends on the kind of background, knowledge and experience a trader has. If you are just a beginner, you can start with the Basic account, which allows you to begin with a minimum sum of EUR 500 and 10% leverage. There are trading signals, trading sessions, trading alerts, daily market review and advanced charts on this cryptocurrency broker website for you.

If you have some experience in trading, you can start with the Silver account on MYfintec. With a minimum deposit amount of EUR 2,500 and leverage of 20%, it can offer the same features as that of the basic account, only slightly more advanced. Then comes the Gold account that starts with EUR 10,000 and is effective for seasoned traders and investors. The leverage increases to 30 percent and provides users with access to exclusive updates and webinars as well as comprehensive educational materials. Both senior and junior account managers are available through this account. The Platinum account is a step up with EUR 50,000and boasts a loyalty bonus of 40% as well as leverage and unlimited trading sessions are available.

The last account type is the Diamond account, which has been designed for expert traders. The deposit begins at EUR 250,000 and a 50% leverage and loyalty bonus is offered through this account. It offers all features that can be found on MYfintec, which can be extremely useful for trading. However, the most spectacular aspect of this particular brokerage is its education center. MYfintec is aware that knowledge can make a huge difference in the trading world due to which they have provided people with access to in-depth materials and resources. They help them in learning the ins and outs of various markets and how to use the best trading strategies.

Another element that has helped MYfintec in attracting a large audience is the impeccable and responsive customer service they have to offer. A number of buying and selling decisions taken by traders can depend on the quality of customer support they get and this fact is recognized by MYfintec. Users can get in touch with them anytime for assistance and inquiry and they can be reached through emails, social media platforms, texts and via phone. The answers are detailed and meticulous and wish to resolve problems in the best way.

MYfintec has also prioritized the security of its platform and users. After all, the personal and financial information of traders is very sensitive and the brokerage has come up with security policies to protect it. They implement the highest form of encryption to secure communications and firewalls have been installed to prevent unauthorized and illegal access to the system. As far as funds are concerned, MYfintec keeps them in a separate account to ensure there is no mix up between the platform’s funds and that of the clients’.

There is a wide array of payment methods offered by MYfintec to make deposits and withdrawals easier for traders. The most common methods include credit and debit cards and bank transfers and there are also more than 20 digital methods that can be used. The accounts also come with a deposit option of Bitcoins if you want to go that way. Thus, with MYfintec, trading can be a great experience, for beginners and experts alike.

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Why everyone should invest in the stock market once in their life?

Investing in the stock market has always been on the priority list of so many people out there. But not everyone has the courage to invest money in the stock market. Many people also don’t know as to how to invest in the stock market. Due to the lack of knowledge people are always afraid to invest in the stock market.

But, there is a point that everyone should invest in the stock market at least once in his or her lifetime. Most of the people in this world have built their wealth by investing their money in the stock market. But, before that, one must learn to invest in the stock market. People are usually worried while investing in the stock market. So, here are the reasons why one should invest in the stock market once in their life.

Stock market investment is not that risky

People who have not yet invested in the stock market think that it is risky. But, the real thing is that stock market investment is perfect for those who have surplus funds. The only thing which one should consider is to learn to invest in the stock market. If one is losing money in the stock market, then there will be not many regrets.

Expect high returns

People who always think twice before investing in the stock market should realize this fact that high returns are always here. The stock market is undeniably a little risky. But, trends have shown that long-term investment in the stock market has higher returns. Studies have also shown that the amount of return in the stock market is highest in comparison to any other source of investment.

Cash in Cash out

The stock market is one of the most liquid markets in the entire era of investment. One can easily withdraw their investment and liquefy it. Every day there are hundreds of investors and buyers who sell or purchase the securities or shares. So, basically, this takes us to the conclusion that shares are a liquid investment. it can be easily converted into cash anytime.

A second source of earning

Earning from regular business is not enough for some people. So, investment in the stock market is like a second source of earning. One can learn to invest in the stock market and then make money easily. Buy shares or securities when they are priced low and immediately sell them when the prices hike. This will result in good earnings, and it ultimately becomes the second source of earning.

Strict security and framework

Investment in stock market is secured with the Regulatory Framework. The stock market works under the strict control of SEBI (Securities Exchange Board of India). The SEBI takes care of all the investors and safeguards them. There is no issue while investing in the stock market because SEBI takes care of any fraudulent activities. No fraud can ever take place if SEBI controls all the activities. Investors are always secure about their investment and nothing can ever happen to it.

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