November 2021


Which account is better: NRE or NRO?

As allowed by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) under the FEMA (Foreign Exchange Management Act) guidelines, an NRI may open NRE or NRO accounts for their regular banking needs. The decision to choose a specific bank account depends on the specific needs. These accounts carry different features regarding inward remittances/ transfers, flexibility to repatriate the funds abroad, account operations, etc.

While no specific account can be termed as better than the other type of account, here are the significant differences between NRO and NRE accounts which may help an NRI to choose the account best suiting their banking needs:

  1. Inward Remittances into Bank Account – While NRE accounts can only accept credits through foreign currency remittances from abroad, NRO accounts are flexible in receiving the inward remittances into the account in any currency, including the Indian currency. NRE accounts can only be used for receiving foreign income in India, while NRO accounts can be used for both foreign and domestic income. In case an NRI needs to receive domestic income in an Indian bank account, like rental income, dividend income, sale proceeds from an Indian asset in Indian rupees, etc., NRO accounts are best suited for such operations. NRE accounts can also be funded through foreign currency remittances or through transfer from another NRE account.
  2. Repatriation of Account Balance – While NRO accounts are flexible in receiving inward remittances, such accounts restrict the free repatriation of the account balance. An NRI can transfer such balances outside India only subject to specified limits. While the repatriation of the principal amount is subject to specified limits, the interest income earned in such accounts is freely repatriable. In contrast, the funds in NRE accounts can be freely repatriated. As such, NRIs can transfer the funds in NRE accounts outside India without any limits.
  3. Taxation of Interest Income – As per the Income Tax Rules, the interest income from NRE accounts and term deposits is exempt for the account holders. In contrast, the interest income from NRO accounts is taxable in India. However, the benefits of the provisions of Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements (DTAAs) can be availed by the NRI account holders on such interest income. Govt. of India has entered into such agreements with several countries, wherein benefits are provided on a reciprocity basis to avoid hardships to the taxpayers concerning double taxation of similar income in different countries.
  4. Joint Operations – NRO accounts provide more flexibility to the NRI account holders regarding joint operations. One can hold a joint NRO account with either a resident Indian or another Non-Resident Indian. On the other hand, an NRE account can be held jointly with another Non-Resident Indian only. One cannot hold a joint NRE account with a resident Indian. However, one can appoint a resident Indian as a mandate holder for the NRE account for the convenience of the account operations.
  5. Foreign Currency Loan against Account – The balances in NRO accounts cannot be pledged against foreign currency loans taken outside India. This is due to the repatriation restrictions on such balances. In contrast, there are no restrictions on the NRE accounts to be pledged against foreign currency loans taken outside India.

While NRO accounts allow inward rupee transactions and joint operations with resident Indians, NRE accounts provide flexibility in funds repatriation outside India and tax exemption for interest income. One may choose the specific type of bank account as per their specific transaction requirements.

Disclaimer – The information provided in this article is for informational purposes only. You may consider consulting tax professionals for specific guidance for the applicable Income Tax rules, as tax benefits are subject to changes due to change in tax laws.

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Comparing 3 best postpaid plans by Airtel

If you are looking for the best postpaid plans offered by Airtel in India, then this blog is exclusively for you. The telecom operator has recently revamped its postpaid plans and has come up with special plans for its postpaid subscribers. While the entry-level postpaid plan starts at Rs.399, other postpaid plans offer a lot of additional benefits to the users. This blog will be analyzing the top three postpaid Airtel recharge plans that are offered by Airtel.

  1. ₹399 Postpaid Plan: This entry-level postpaid data plan was initially limited to select telecom operators, but now this plan has been activated across India for all telecom operators. Activating this plan allows a subscriber to avail of unlimited voice calls, 40GB of data, and 100 text messages per day. Complementarily, Airtel has also bundled its Airtel Xstream Premium subscription with this postpaid plan, allowing users to avail themselves of memberships of Wynk Music while enjoying Airtel Thanks rewards like free one year access to Shaw Academy, Juggernaut books and more. Besides, users have the leverage to add more family connections to this plan that shall be chargeable at Rs. 299 for regular 30GB data, unlimited calls and a hundred SMS per day.
  1. Rs. 499 postpaid plan: This postpaid plan provides 75GB of data, 100 SMS per day and unlimited local and roaming calls. Besides these, under Airtel Thanks Rewards, users get a one-year free subscription to Amazon Prime, handset protection and access to Disney plus Hotstar Mobile.
  1. Rs. 999 postpaid plan: Airtel postpaid bill payment of Rs. 999 is yet another unique offering by Airtel that is a specially curated for people who live in a family or who have greater requirements from their postpaid plan. With a monthly rental of Rs. 999, users get 150 GB of data with rollover, unlimited local and roaming calls and a hundred SMS per day. Apart from this, they get two free add-on connections, Disney plus Hotstar mobile subscription, a free one-year Amazon Prime Video subscription, handset protection and access to the Airtel Xstream app.

Making faster bill payments

Airtel bill payment Can be made easily through various websites like Paytm, Mobikwik and Airtel Payments Bank. Making postpaid bill payments from these websites is now being preferred over traditional methods because it allows users to save up immensely on their monthly payment plans in the form of discount coupons and cashback offers. Airtel Payments Bank is your go-to destination for making all kinds of bill payments including water bills, electricity bills, broadband bills, Dth pills and even purchasing a FASTag.

Secured OTP-enabled transactions

Paying your postpaid bills via Airtel Payments Bank is not only safe but also quick and hassle-free. If you are in a rush you can simply browse through the website, enter your number and billing details and save up on every transaction. Your recharge shall be done instantly.

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Crypto As a National Currency

On 7 September 2021 NayibBukele, El Salvador’s young president, historicallylaunched Bitcoin as his nation’s second national currencyalongside the US dollar, which has been legal tender in the country since 2001.Bukele argued that adopting the digital currency would save Salvadorans as much as $400 million a year in bank fees normally charged for money transfers from relatives living abroad in the USA. As an incentive, the president offered any citizen $30 in Bitcoinupon downloading the government’s digital wallet calledChivo, which means “cool.” Another factor motivating the bold move to cryptocurrency was Bukele’sconcern about the effect of inflation on the dollarin the wake of President Joe Biden’s economic stimulus packages.

How things have gone since then depends on whom you ask. For one thing, the launch itself did not go exactly as Bukele had hoped, as the price of Bitcoin dropped by 17% the following day, slumping from about $50,000 to less than $43,000. A tweet by economist Peter Schiff, addressed to Salvadorans soon afterwards, read: “Your national “currency” just lost over 15% of its purchasing power in under an hour. Get used to it.” Some analysts believe the sell-off had to do with the fact that the Salvadoran government actually took their Chivo wallet offline for some time while improving their servers. But, according to Bloomberg analyst Michael McGlone, the sudden price movements were not something to be concerned about, and only signified a “wringing out” of speculative investors. Let’s take a look at the effects of this historical launch on the price of Bitcoin and on the Latin American country itself in the following couple of months. A must read if you plan to invest in cryptocurrencies with iFOREX as CFDs.

A Month Later

One of the most obvious differences on the streets of San Salvador, El Salvador’s capital city, at the beginning of October was that supermarkets and restaurant chains like Starbucks were accepting Bitcoin as a payment method. There were also reports of increasing usage of the government mobile app for speculative day-trading in Bitcoin. Not everyone was happy, though, due to the reported fact that the Chivo network was frequently out of order. There were even protests against the cryptocurrency on September 15th and then again on October 12th.

As to the price of Bitcoin, it shot up by 11% on October 1st, though it remained down about 7% since September 6th. October was a strong month for the crypto, due partly to theintroduction of the first ETF fund associated with Bitcoin futures and the publicity surrounding George Soros’ Bitcoin investments.The price of the coin rocketed up by 50% in the month. President Bukele, for his part, displayed unabashed confidence in his decision,tweeting his own purchase of 700 Bitcoins in September, and then of420 coins in late October.

One journalist, John Holman, has an optimistic view: “70% of Salvadorans don’t have bank accounts and this is a way they can save up a bit and (hopefully) watch that pile grow as Bitcoin’s value increases,” he said.Some Reuters analysts have, however, expressed the concern that “Adopting the cryptocurrency could fuel money laundering in a country with serious problems of government corruption and organized crime.” Indeed, other analysts have also pointed out the possibility that money launderers could be drawn to El Salvador’s banks as a result of the move. The overall effect of this bold changein El Salvador has not yet materialized and will only become known in the months ahead.

New Developments

Since then, El Salvador’s leader has been active in his promotion of the crypto, planning to build his own blockchain with the assistance of Algorand and also preparing to host the Latin American Bitcoin and Blockchain Conference in mid-November, which will be an opportunity for Latin Americans to “Engage with Bitcoin specialists, entrepreneurs, as well as local governments about what Bitcoin could mean for the region,” in the words of its founder Rodolpho Andragnes.Bukele even announced he is building 20 new schools from the “surplus” of the nation’s Bitcoin Trust Account.

Those who invest in cryptocurrencies with iFOREX as CFDs know that the volatility of digital currencies presents traders with both opportunities and risks. It’s crucial to set yourself up with a broker platform that is regulated, reliable and experienced before beginning to trade cryptocurrencies as CFDs. iFOREX is an example of a brokerage that is all these things,and which offers empowering educational materials for traders of all levels of experience. iFOREX also offers the benefits of a social broker channel to keep its users in-tune and up to date with all the latest trends and news in the financial world.


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Advantages Of Banking As A Service Which Everyone Should Know

Most experts claim Banking as a Service (BaaS) to be a win-win situation for businesses, banks and customers. This model enables companies to provide a range of financial services and products to their customers without having to pledge or secure their own banking licenses. E-money providers and licensed banks move forward with BaaS to offer digital banking services to non-banking businesses. Click here to know more about the structure of Banking as a Service. First, let us discover all the facts about its advantages to all the associated parties.

Benefits of BaaS Model To Banks

Licensed banks and banking service providers benefit largely from the BaaS model. Depending upon how well they integrate the system with their customers (the businesses they associate with), banks can reap the following benefits.

1.   Increase In Revenue Generating Sources

With BaaS, banks can use APIs to share data securely with reliable third-party financial institutions. Banks enjoy customer trust and funding capabilities at a large scale whereas tech companies take the lead on fast connectivity and innovation. Both these parties can work together with Banking as a Service to generate high revenues.

2.   Acts As An Initiative To Save Costs

BaaS does not require banks to invest in any form of technological development. They can reap benefits from reliable partnerships by accessing the well-developed solutions offered by the tech firms.

3.   Progress In Customer Insights

Every third-party collaboration yields an increase in the number of customers. With this reach, banks get insights into their spending habits and preferences. Banks can utilise this information and come up with personalised offers and gifts.

Benefits of BaaS Model To Fintech Members

Banking as a Service is also beneficial to Fintech members. As long as these third parties have the required resources to utilise this model, they can reap the following benefits.

1.   Access To More Customers

The trust banks enjoy in the market is not easily penetrable by new firms and businesses. With a successful integration with leading banks, firms can leverage this enormous trust to expand their customer base. This simple procedure is way more convenient and cost-effective than one may perceive.

2.   Rise In The Pace of Startup Launch

Acquiring a valid bank license is neither an overnight task nor a cost-saving option. It requires enormous capital requirements which are not possible for all firms to access. Fintech members and businesses can efficiently bypass this licence regulation and utilise banking capabilities using the BaaS model. This way, the rise in startups is quite natural and economical.

Benefits of BaaS Model To The End-Customers

The end-customers, who utilise the products of this collaborative Banking as a Service model, also reap benefits.

1.   Innovative Financial Services & Products

BaaS increases the level of competition in the market which invokes firms to take possible initiatives to improve the quality of their financial products and services. This healthy competition leads to an improvement in the market output available to customers. Therefore, customers reap the passive impact of BaaS integration.

2.   Reap Superior Experience

Leading tech giants have habituated today’s customers with high-quality services and advanced technologies. This rise has led to an increase in customer expectations too. The BaaS model keeps this competition alive and active to allow customers to enjoy the superior experience they expect from the service providers.

Banking as a Service is a developing model with a wide range of features and benefits for all the parties associated with it. Businesses just have to identify the most trustworthy service provider who can help them multiply these advantages and set new standards of financial services. With a progressive model like BaaS, online businesses can reach new heights of success!

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Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin And The Right Time To Buy Them

As a prospective Bitcoin (BTC) investor, you will need several things: a cryptocurrency exchange account, personal identification documents, if you are using a Know Your Customer (KYC) platform, a secure internet connection, and a payment method. It is recommended that you have your wallet outside of the exchange account. Valid payment methods using this path include bank accounts and debit and credit cards. It is also possible to buy BTC at specific ATMs and via P2P (peer-to-peer) exchanges.

For Bitcoin investors, privacy and security are issues of utmost importance. Anyone who gains the private key to a public address on the Bitcoin blockchain can authorise transactions. Private keys need to be a secret as criminals may attempt to steal them if they learn that you have large holdings. The balance of the common address you use can be seen by anyone. The downside to this public information is that an individual may create more than one public address for themselves. Thus they can distribute their shares of Bitcoin over many addresses that are indirectly connected to the ones that are used for transactions.

The history of transactions made on the blockchain can be viewed by anyone, even you. While transactions are recorded publicly on the blockchain, identifying information about users is not. A bitcoin transaction appears on the blockchain only with a public key of the user, so it is not anonymous, but it is confidential. All bitcoin transactions are public and can be traced, unlike private cash transactions. But Bitcoin transactions also have an element of anonymity builts into their design. It is tough to trace both the transacting parties, the sender and the recipient, on the blockchain.

The right time to buy Bitcoin

In theory, it would make sense to buy when prices are low and sell once the price reaches its peak on the crypto charts. Although, it does not work like that. Timing the market is incredibly challenging. And it is even more strenuous with cryptocurrency because these investments are far more unstable than the average stock.

Crypto prices have been on a rollercoaster ride, so trying to find the right time to buy is nearly impossible. If you buy now because it seems like prices have reached their lowest, then there’s a chance they could fall even further, and you’ll have invested too soon. Nonetheless, if you wait too long, prices may skyrocket, and you will have missed the opportunity.

It does not necessarily matter when you buy crypto, as long as you are strategic about it. Investing in successful or promising businesses and holding them over the long term is the key to making money in the stock market. If they are desirable investments, they should grow over time, and their prices should increase along with them.

If you are interested in investing in Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, it should be because you believe in its potential. As well as because you are willing to hold on to your investments for years or even decades.

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Why Do Investing Projects Need Listing?

Investing in your saving is a wise decision to make your funds double. There are various methods of investing worldwide, among which crypto is being followed at a high rate by the investors. This is because of the high possibility of earning more profit and the option available on the investment floor. Compared to all other investment plans, crypto investment demands several experimental analyses and implementation with the fun. You can handle crypto investment better with the best crypto exchanges service that is available online. There your investment process will be carried perfectly. They guide you with the most important process of investment which is listing. Do you know why token listing plays a vital role in almost every investment project? You can find the answer to this question on this page.

Importance Of Project Listing

There are several main reasons behind listing on exchanges. Many investors do not know the benefit of listing and what it will give them during their investment. Generally, these listings are made by the best exchange listing services provider with a high-level experiment that increases the earning possibility with your investment placement. You have to make sure with the quality list from the reputed place of exchange listing service providers online for the list of several benefit components. Your quality listing can result in the following benefits:

Increase Ability To Trade, Buy And Sell A Token

The exchanges token listing will make your preferable token available for sale. That allows people to access your token for buying that increases the chances of more profit. With the listing, you can gain more options for your investment with the other investors. With the more potential option, you can increase the chance to succeed. When you list your exchange, you can attract the attention of various exchange investors and turn them to invest with you.

Expansion Into A New Market 

Each exchange investment has its community with various principles, including the geographical terms. You can make funds from your crypto investment when you enter into new markets. You can widen your community growth in your investment platform with a productive new market when you have a quality exchanges token listing. In the investment areas, several exchanges are operating worldwide with more traders, and entering into such platforms with traders around the world will increase your profit chances. With these benefits, it is suggested that listing on a new exchange is a great opportunity to boost your trade volume and liquidity.

Token Sales And Partnership

With an effective listing of tokens with sufficient liquidity, you can sell and buy tokens as a trader, which will greatly expand and develop your earning. Being a promising trader with is exchange token listing feature is easy when you approach the best place for listing. You can also gain more investment partners with new markets, and this will support you to increase your token value and earn effectively.

Bottom Line

Whenever sped a little amount a listing your token with the involvement of the best exchange service provider, you can bring the best out of your investment project.

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XCGIN Review – Trade With The Asset Of Your Choice

XCGIN Review

XCGIN is the broker you should join because of its trustworthiness and customer support. It has tried so hard to provide you with nothing but the best service for a long time. How could you tell whether or not a broker is a perfect fit for you? The simplest way to do so is to examine their most significant characteristics and determine whether or not they can give you lots of positive trading expertise. If the brokerage falls short in this area, it will impact your investigation and result, which you do not want to occur. Additionally, you will successfully remove a large number of firms from your list that are giving their assistance but are unable to meet your standards. You can read this XCGIN review to learn about its significant characteristics and then make your own decision.

Assets Offerings

The most essential feature of a broker is their asset collection. When you create an account with XCGIN, you have the option of a large number of tools available on the financial marketplaces, and while no brokerage can offer them the whole, XCGIN has added 250 of the most prosperous to their own list. This is enticing because it can assist you in accomplishing your trading objectives.

Account Options

To use brokerages assistance, you must first create an account with them, which keeps records of your individual and financial data and your trading record and transaction data. Firms typically offer a variety of account options, mainly if they accommodate various types of traders. This is what you’ll find at XCGIN, which offers five different account options. This guarantees that you can find an appropriate account regardless of whether you’re a newbie or a professional.

At XCGIN, you can trade currencies in forex trading and cryptocurrencies in the crypto market. They’ve expanded their options to include leading equities, as well as commodities that can help you stabilize your portfolio. You are free to broaden as much as you would like. Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and VIP are the multiple alternatives to you. Each account requires a different minimum balance, which ranges from €10,000 to €500,000. Trading signals, an exceptional service, daily trading evaluations, financial planning plans, leverage, once-a-week controlled discussions, and training sessions have all been incorporated into every account at XCGIN to assist customers.

Safety and Security Protocol

Security practices are amongst the most noticeable aspects of any brokerage, and you should review those to guarantee you are not attempting to put yourself at threat. Security and safety are never a concern at XCGIN because their security protocols cover each factor that needs to be addressed. You undoubtedly don’t want your information to fall through the cracks into the wrong hands, so they secure it with 256-bit encryption and SSL (Secure Socket Layer) new technology.

Your finances are also safe at XCGIN because they are held in separate accounts, implying they can only be used for trading. If the firm declared bankruptcy, your money would be handed back to you. Additionally, the KYC (Know-Your-Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) policies apply to the platform. These necessitate a form of identity and proof of residency, which are used to verify each account. Bank crime, identity fraud, and money laundering can all be reduced by implementing these regulations.


There is much more to add about this brokerage firm as it has a massive list of features. But you will get the idea about this broker from reading the above review, I guess. Signing up with a competent brokerage firm like XCGIN can increase your market worth. They are always ready to help you with all your concerns and problems. For supporting you in your trading journey, they have an essential feature that is called customer support. The competent team members of XCGIN always respond immediately to your issues; they also have an educational and training section where they are always busy educating their clients about the trading strategies, rules, and regulations. In short, it is a complete package in one go.

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DXCBIT Review – Is This Online Trading Platform A Good Choice?


DXCBIT is an online trading platform that has dramatically impacted the way modern trading looks. It may appear like one more addition to the growing list of trading platforms increasing proportionally with the number of traders joining online trading. You may ask why the number of traders is growing drastically? The answer is due to the flexibility and profitability it offers. Online trading has become a new trend, and now, nearly everyone, whether they are investing in trading or not, has some basic information about it. In this era of striking success, there was a heartfelt need for a trading platform that offers variety, fast executions and technology. DXCBIT is one of the trading platforms formed to provide comprehensive solutions for all the trader’s requirements. If you are looking forward to learning more about this platform, this is the right place to consider. In this DXCBIT review, we will discuss some essential aspects of this modernized trading platform.

DXCBIT makes online trading easier

DXCBIT offers great easiness in every aspect of trading. At first, when you want to register at the trading platform, you will remain hassle-free. The joining process is simplified, and it does not take much time. They offer multiple payment gateways, so making a deposit is not an issue. You can choose any method that suits you the best. When you enter the trading accounts, the interface is welcoming and user-friendly. Even new traders can use it easily. Lastly, the withdrawal process is also easy, and you can request withdrawal to any gateway registered at the name of the account holder only.

DXCBIT offers flexibility to trade from anywhere

In this fast-paced world, everyone demands freedom of space and time. Online trading offers them both and trading platforms like DXCBIT ensure to deliver it with quality. DXCBIT offers a web app that you can access through any browser of your choice, and any device as per your feasibility. It also has an easy to download the mobile app that works smoothly on your iOS, Android and, infact, Windows-based smartphones. Traders can pick any trading interface and connect to it using an internet connection. Using the device with an internet connection, traders can connect to any trading market from anywhere in the world.

DXCBIT increases profit index

Traders success is linked to their economic growth, and DXCBIT ensures everyone joining this trading platform receives total exposure to make as much profit as possible by connecting to various financial markets. It has offered a wide range of trading instruments on its trading platform, and traders can pick one or many, as per their choice and affordability. This versatility of trading instruments also helps traders to minimize the risk involved in online trading.

DXCBIT takes care of your assets

DXCBIT is one of the safest trading platforms using technology to create a barrier for protecting traders’ assets and their information. Each of the trading platforms is secured using captcha, passwords and encryption technology. They have employed 2-person verification for traders when they enter their trading account using a new device. All the technologies work simultaneously and assure that the assets are safe and secure in the form of trading instruments or your deposited amount.

DXCBIT provides you relaxed environment

DXCBIT is designed by experts, so they know general requirements that need consideration. They have developed a wholesome trading platform that sets traders stress-free to perform trading activities with complete focus. The trading accounts as easily accessible with a minimum investment range and high leverage options, further enhancing the atmosphere for successful trading.


When I compare DXCBIT with some of the top-notch trading platforms, I am convinced to admit that this relatively new trading platform has a lot more to offer for its traders. All the services it has to offer are remarkable, and the quality of its platform is impressive. I had a pleasant experience with their team and trading platform, on the whole, so anyone searching for a trading platform must add this platform to their list.

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Explained In Detail: Calculation Of LTCG Tax While Selling Shares

The equity market is a focal point where innumerous companies list their shares amongst the bidders and thereby trade in exchange for receivables. The market runs through many transactions between the prospective groups of buyers and sellers. The potent return on investment from equity shares will decide the proportion of gains and losses incurred by you as an investor. These capital gains will interestingly be more than your personal investment and thereby will be subjected to tax on LTCG on shares.

Long-term Capital Gains implies the profit that is earned by the person on selling his investment holdings to purchase assets like:

  • Stocks
  • Goods
  • Real Estate
  • Corporate Bonds

To put it simply, LTCG is a profit incurred on capital investment.

While selling your shares, there are many ways suggested on the internet to calculate the total LTCG tax applied on every sale. This article brings you the easiest ways to calculate the add-on tax on LTCG on shares. Before arriving at the calculation part, you need to first have a clear glimpse of how the exchanges in the equity market work.

Decoding Equity Market Exchanges

If you try to decipher the equity market situation more meticulously then you must first understand how companies bid or list their brands in the market.

  • Firstly, the securities of the companies are listed on the market in order to get tapped by prospective investors. Then through an “Initial Public Offering (IPO)” the bidders bid for the company’s shares. This is further passed on to the residuary to be traded in the secondary equity market.
  • Thereby the trading is initiated on public or private exchanges in which you as an investor bid for the share and acquire it after the issuance conferred by the dealer.

Methods of calculating the tax on LTCG on shares

To calculate the tax on long-term capital gains on shares, you need to consider the following:

  1. The cost price of the asset purchased.
  2. Expenses induced or brokerages on selling the shares.

The formula to calculate tax on LTCG on shares is:

Tax on Long-term capital gains = Sale consideration – Cost of acquisition

To understand the calculation more deeply, it is important to learn about some terms associated with the tax applied on long-term capital gains. The elements involved are:

1.   Sales value

It is the amount received against the sale of an asset. To calculate the capital gains, you need to deduct the Securities Transaction Tax and additional brokerage charges from it.

2.   The price of purchase (acquisition of assets)

As the sub-head suggests, it is the price that you have to pay to purchase an asset. As of 31 March of every month, you need to multiply the total number of shares bought with their comparative higher rates to derive the net cost.

3.   Expenditure incurred on sale

These expenses comprise additional brokerage charges or registry against the sale of assets. In this case, the Securities Transaction Tax is not excluded.

4.   Indexation

Indexation is a method to tailor the income or capital payments as per the fixed price index. This will help you to upkeep a robust purchasing power despite the rising levels of inflation. Through indexation, you can beat the inflation rates on assets in the market and calculate the actual long-term gains on shares, with no add-ons.

5.   Holding Period

Holding period return or yield is the net return that you earn on every investment at the time you hold the asset. A holding period refers to the actual investment time of an investor. Precisely, it is the time gap between the acquisition and sales of an asset.


The tax applied on long-term gains on shares is to make sure that there is less possibility of a shortage in the collection of the goods and service tax. In hindsight, regardless of the profits and losses that you incur in a financial year, the imposition of tax is mandated by the Government of India. Therefore, it is suggested to know the means of calculating the LTCG tax while you exchange your shareholdings. To gain more insight on what is tax on ltcg on shares, give this blog a read.

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Different Types Of Accounting Software For Different Business Needs in UK

Do you think of accounting software and assume it is for big corporations or accounting firms? Well, it is an easy misconception to arrive at, but it’s also like saying that professionalism, increased profitability, and proper financial management are only for big corporations and accounting firms.

Accounting software is highly adaptable and most accounting software has various tiers and types and packages under a single brand umbrella. These options within a brand (or from different brands) are aimed at different target audience businesses and also at businesses of varying scale.

Moreover, you get free accounting software in the UK trial from most brands before you sign up. To differentiate between a free UK accounting software trial and free UK accounting software, however. Free software often has to make up for costs by plaguing users with ads, or by keeping truly useful features behind a paywall.

No matter what your specific business needs are, there is an accounting software option out there for you. Here are some examples of how free UK accounting software can be put to use at several broad categories of UK businesses.

Gig economy aces could use receipt scanning and invoice streamlining

As the gig economy becomes increasingly lucrative and also popular, more and more efficient top performers are deciding to go off on their own. As a freelancer or sole trader, the world is yours. However, it would help if you could claim your tax deductibles with ease and if you could bill people on time, track payments and manage your finances like a pro.

Look for: Accounting software that has

  • Receipt scanning, which lets you snap and upload a receipt while the software literally types up entries for you (yes at only GBP 20 for 300 of those)
  • Invoicing support that lets you automate and templatize your invoices, sends you alerts around due dates and when invoices are overdue, gives you a client dashboard, and notifies you when invoices are paid
  • Automatic and easy preparation of reports for you to understand your financial health

Restaurants and bars could use order tracking and quick invoicing

We covered the importance and usefulness of standardized, automated invoicing above. In addition, restaurants need a quick turnaround of invoices and instant receipts. You can also integrate payroll and order tracking with your free UK accounting software, not to mention inventory and supply chain management.

Thus, even if you are a restaurant with only a few covers, you’ll have a better chance of running a more professional, successful, and profitable setup with accounting software.

Retailers could use data capture in invoicing

Meanwhile, retailers could use not only quick invoicing but also useful details like the date of birth and contact details of their customers begotten as part of the invoicing process, so as to market sales and discounts to customers in the future.

A dashboard that gives managers an idea of accounts payable and receivable, inventory tracking, and cash flow, is absolutely necessary and a given with your free UK accounting software.

Corporations could use easier expense approval and business insights

Accounting software relies on artificial intelligence and is therefore able to analyze all the data flowing through it to offer actionable business insights.  In addition, the receipt scanning features that are useful to freelancers and small businesses, are even more useful to a corporation where employees – especially those who travel to work – often spend a day a month on reimbursements.

Accounting and bookkeeping firms could use more transparent onboarding 

Besides the receipt scanning feature that can shave hours and hours of manual data entry from a bookkeeper’s plate, accounting software also allows for bank account synchronization where data then flows seamlessly from your client’s business bank account to their books. This means that you can take on more clients and therefore bill more in a month.

But there’s more: You will also benefit tremendously from the business health checker feature that lets you know the state of a potential client’s books right at the negotiation table. This lets you offer more fair pricing.

Get your free UK accounting software trial now to judge for yourself, just how accounting software can revolutionize your specific business

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