April 2017


How to Implement Tech Customer Service for Success

 In today’s hot tech world, giving the best possible customer service you can is what will separate your company for the also rans in the tech world. While the technology may seem similar, and to your customers the big question is what they are getting for their money, service is what keeps the customers happy. But good customer service is what helps them to brag to their friends, and that makes the best customers of all.

One tool to help your customer service department stay on the ball is using the latest Microsoft dynamics ax in the office. Keeping your customer’s information handy and at the fingertips of your service reps can make or break a good customer service department. But beyond the software that you provide, how can your company give better service when it is needed? Here are a few ideas to help you plan for success.

Bring in the Expertise

Every company has one of them. He is that rock star engineer or designer that is the center of your knowledge base. He is the guy that everyone calls when they get stuck on a solution. So why don’t you keep him in the loop by making him the go to guy for your customer service folks as well? No, he doesn’t have to give up on sleep, but he can download his expertise into your service desk.

He can be hot buttoned for the real important problems so that your service desk can pull him in easily. Make use of those tech experts in the house and let your customers know you have them to pull from when things get sticky.

 The Community of Customers

In the world of technology, sometimes the answers come from the most surprising places. Sometimes that includes our own customers. If you are a tech company where many of your clients are also tech folk, chances are they love to show off their expertise.

Forums are a great place to invite them to show what they know about your products and maybe even show off a bit. Hey, no one loves to show off what they know like a tech head, especially when it is unexpected and online. So, invite those customers who love to be in the know to give their opinion on a fix for a problem that shows up on your forum and perhaps learn a new bit of tech yourself.

The End of Gruesome Queues

We all know that everyone hates to be stuck in phone tree hell, and we hate it when our own customers complain about it. If you have a customer service department that is hitting a wall, use your technology to help them out. Call in your techs to discuss the question.

Give them another way to get an answer with an FAQ on the phone or dig a bit deeper into the system to look for solutions. The technology just may surprise you and find the answer you have hit bottom looking for. In customer service, the impossible just takes a bit longer!

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Choosing the Best Credit Monitoring Service based on Price

Are you building your credit? Have you taken precautions? You may wonder why. The simple reason is to protect your credit accounts from identity thefts. In case, you wonder what any identity theft is. It is a crime where any person would use your identity or personal information without your permission or knowledge to use for his or her own good. It has been deemed a serious offence, as you would be bearing the expenses because of the other person enjoying your money. What should you do to protect your identity?

Protecting your credit score

You would be give two options. Foremost would be to safeguard your account by keeping a check on your account. Secondly, you could safeguard your account through professional credit monitoring services. However, the latter would be a better option, as the professional services would provide you with best of services in the quickest manner possible. The question to ponder upon would be how to choose the best credit monitoring service suitable to your needs. Amongst the several options available online, you should search for the one that caters to your needs in the best manner possible. With a number of options available, you may think on choosing best credit monitoring service 2015.

What services does the company offer?

Among the several options available in the market, you should look for the one that offers you with the best service. The company would provide you with a number of services suitable to protect your credit account. Choosing the best credit monitoring service could be best done by keeping the following aspects in your mind.


Credit monitoring could vary in price. It would be pertinent to mention here that it would vary in price for no reason whatsoever. You may expect to pay from low to higher amount every month. A number of companies would provide free service. However, you should read the fine print and be careful in your choice of service. They may be the most expensive one. Most of the reputed companies would provide you with a short, but no obligation trial period. It would be usually provided for a week. It would provide you with adequate protection and features you need for the best price.

Yet another aspect would be the features and the data that these companies would provide you with on your credit score. You should go through the data that is presented to you in the best and presentable manner.

Author Bio: Laura is a celebrated writer offering a world of knowledge to her readers through articles and blogs online. Her immense knowledge on finance niche has been shared with her readers through her articles. She has become a renowned personality with her readers for her informative content.


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Things You Didn’t Know About Renters Insurance

With increasing cost of owning homes, more people are settling for rented properties. Rental prices are still affordable, and you can continue to save for your dream home. However, if you live as a tenant, you should consider renters insurance. Here are some of the things you need to know.

Knowing the basic things

Renters insurance is a kind of property insurance meant for the tenant. It covers all the personal belongings and liability claims of the policy holder, as per the terms and conditions, against certain situations.  Let’s say you live in an apartment, where there was an unexpected fire. While the house is protected by the owner’s policy, how will you deal with your losses? Renters insurance is getting increasingly popular, and many homeowners and landlords won’t let out their property, unless you own a policy.

Besides protecting your personal goods, renters insurance also covers for liability claims. For example, if an electrician got injured owing to a small water leak at your home, the insurance will help in covering your liabilities. However, for structural issues and reasons that are related to other factors, the owner’s policy will be considered.

Buying a policy

There are many known companies, including State Farm renters insurance, that are available in the market, but choosing one will take a while. You can check websites, where the options are compared in a comprehensive way, which will help in understanding the inclusions and cover. Before choosing a renters insurance cover, you should make a list of your belongings with expected costs. Also, keep the list of inventory handy and accessible at all times. Most renters and tenants don’t know the things they must do in an emergency. Needless to mention, you should talk to the insurance provider to understand the process of filing a claim.

The costs and premiums are largely dependent on the policy and its inclusions, but you won’t pay a massive price for sure. Also, for certain things, such as jewelry, expensive electronic gadgets and appliances, you might need additional coverage. Check with a few insurance companies to know their policies better, and don’t hesitate to pay for a better cover, because you will have huge in case of losses. Also, you can read the reviews of other customers before choosing a company. Renters insurance might not be compulsory, but it’s something that you should consider for your own benefit. Check for options now!

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Chasing Your Dreams with the Help of Mortgage Financing

There is hardly anyone in this world who doesn’t want to live a lavish lifestyle. Even though many people have this dream, hardly few of them manage to chase them successfully and live a life they desire. In case you are also one such person who has dreamt of becoming financially independent, then make sure you forge ahead in the right manner.

Here is how you can do that-

Assess Your Objectives

Each objective requires a different set of planning. You cannot simply manage to buy a real estate with the same sort of planning which you would otherwise use to buy a four wheeler. So, before even you begin the process, assess your objectives clearly and then take an appropriate step.

Planning Matters A Lot

Once you are clear with your financial goal, then you can start with the planning process and move further. Take the example of real estate purchase. If you wish to buy a land even when you have one already, then you’ll need to make certain arrangements well in advance. Among all the arrangements, the most important is funds arrangement. You can either use your savings or take the personal loan from any financial institute only to pay it back at a huge interest rate or use your existing real estate as collateral and apply for a mortgage loan. The best thing about going with the latter option is that you get flexible payment options and low-interest rates. Moreover, there are many tools available in the market which can help you make the right choice in this direction. In case you feel stuck at any stage, you can simply use mortgage calculator with taxes and insurance and select the best among the many options available in the market.

When you decide to take a step like this, you need help from someone who carries a good experience in this field. That’s where a good loan consultant can come in handy. Make sure you get in touch with a renowned financial planner and take his help to shortlist the best mortgage option. The process may sound lengthy in the beginning, but every moment spent in here will pay off really well in the future. So, don’t dishearten yourself. You have all the rights to chase your dreams and get ample funding support from the available resources for the same purpose. Keep in mind the above-mentioned points and have a great experience while chasing your dreams.

Author Bio – Scott writes about home financing, mortgage and other forms of consumer lending on various platforms.

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Reverse Mortgage proves Good Income Source for Senior Homeowners

Have you been thinking of applying for home loan? Have you gained comprehensive knowledge on various kinds of mortgages? What would be the best option to cater to your needs? It would be pertinent to mention here that you should have the best mortgage to suit your needs in the best manner possible. It would be imperative that you should gain comprehensive understanding on the kinds of mortgages available with the bank before you actually apply for one.

Mortgage for old people

You may have a home in your name. You may be surviving on pension. What is the situation arises where you would need money instantly? What are the various options available in the market that would enable you to acquire loan against property to suit your needs? Among the several options available online, your best bet would be to search for reverse mortgage. Among the several questions that come into your mind when you hear the term reverse mortgage, a specific question would be how does a reverse mortgage work. It would be pertinent to mention here that reverse mortgage would work as the name suggests.


Working of reverse mortgage

For all you senior homeowners, reverse mortgage would be your best bet for transforming your equity in home into cash. Moreover, you would not be required monthly instalments as in the case of home loan. This is how reverse mortgage works. The senior homeowner would be required to own the home and have a clear title. When they apply for reverse mortgage, they would not be able to make another mortgage on the same property. The borrowed money would be paid in three ways, namely, lump sum amount, a cash advance or credit line account for withdrawing money as and when required.

Income for senior homeowners

Reverse mortgage would provide requisite income to senior homeowners. It would be based on the amount of equity they have in their homes. The money could be used for any purpose. It would be a great mode for supplementing retirement income. It could also be used for paying various unusual expenses. However, it would be pertinent to mention here that amount for reverse mortgage does not need to be repaid until the borrower sells, moves out of the home or dies.

Requisite of acquiring reverse mortgage

The foremost requisite would be homeowner having clear title to the home. The homeowner should be 62 years of age or more.

Author Bio – Laura is a renowned name in the online writing arena. She has wide knowledge on real estate and associated mortgages. Her articles and blogs provide necessary information to her readers on the best mortgage suitable to their needs.

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Renewing Bike Insurance Online VS Offline: A Process You Must Understand

Bike insurance for many in India is a one-time phenomenon, but they forget that this insurance policy protects the liability of the rider from any natural disasters, protects from manmade calamities and more. You must renew your bike insurance every year so that you do not bear the cost of repairing the damages, the service cost or any replacement charges caused due to a third party, or as may be the case. In addition, you get to earn your discounts, perks and NCB (No claim bonus) when renewed on time.

Online Vs Offline Insurance Renewal

For many, bike insurance renewal is often a herculean task due to, what most think is a sluggish renewal process. The tiring traditional renewing process is no more mandatory. You do not have to take a day off your work to visit the insurance offering for renewing your bike insurance waiting for hours standing in a queue. You don’t have to entertain pushy agents at your doorstep.

Thanks to the internet, you can now renew your bike insurance online without actually going through the long conventional process of renewal.

Benefits of Online Bike Insurance Renewal

From the Comfort of your Home: Online renewal of two-wheeler can be done at leisure, sitting on a cozy couch, sipping your favorite hot coffee and filing in the forms. This is unlike the offline process, where you take a half day off from office to visit the insurance company (9:00 AM to 6:00 PM mostly are the working hours), wait for the officer to come and call out your name. It often happens when your turn comes, you are short of the required documents for submission and you need to start the process afresh by paying a visit the next day. In many a case though the representative may take the initiative of renewal. Honestly, there are very few executives who actually take the liability of this after sales service as a ritual as their major focus is mainly on sales. You got to move as per their whims and fancies. Thus, for those who have limited time to spare and looking for quick renewals, online mode is the best option. On the click of a mouse, your bike insurance renewal policy is delivered at your home.

Fast, Cheaper and Easy: If you opt for online renewal you should do it 60 days prior to the expiry of the policy. It can be done by anybody. You just have to log onto the official website of the insurance company, log in with your user id and password, click on the renewal button and fill in the details required. Select your choice of combination if any, pay the renewal fees with a debit card or credit card or net banking and you get your receipt and renewal is done. You also have an option of comparing the rates, services and plans.

Final note

Online renewal is the fastest and cheaper mode (as you can compare and select a quote from a range of insurance companies) of renewing your two-wheeler insurance, whereas offline renewal of two-wheeler insurance is time-consuming (owing to the documentation formalities) and you may not always get the best deal.

Unlike offline renewal of bike insurance, in online renewal, it is cost efficient as there is no middleman involved. This saves on the commission to be paid to the agents, besides, since paperless, it reduces the cost further offering you lower premium rates.

Therefore, the primary reasons for renewing your two-wheeler online would be the simplicity, time saver, easy renewal and security. In simple words, with the renewal of your bike insurance online you are independent, vigilant and smart.

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Credit CardsFinance

Improving Your Credit Score Like Never Before

A credit score is one of the most vital aspects that a person has to deal with in his lifetime. The moment you take your first personal loan or make credit card payment, you become eligible to be considered for the credit score. Even after knowing its importance and criticalness for a person’s financial success, many people take wrong steps and as a result harm their credit health. If you or any of your loved one has done the same recently, then make sure you do everything that’s possible to improve your credit score as soon as possible. Here are a few tips that will help you do so-

Take Expert Opinion

If the situation is very critical and you don’t want to delay it any further, then get in touch with an expert firm. For this, you can take the help of relevant people and know what are the best fast credit repair companies in the world that can help you in your pursuit. Doing so will not only save your time but also get you desired results in a hassle-free manner. All the top notch companies use various tools and software to get swift results. When you contact a good credit repair company, you are exposed to these tools and entitled to receive the benefits in return. So, don’t prolong the quest and focus on getting an expert opinion about your credit score as soon as possible.


Stop Delaying Payments

Regardless of the reasons, any delay in the payments like credit card bills, loan EMIs, etc. puts a negative impact on your credit record. In case you have been delaying payments lately, then stop doing it as soon as possible. Make sure all of your payments are made on or before the deadline without any failure. Doing so will improve your repo in front of the financial institutions and at the same time put a positive impact on the credit score. Though this process may seem tough and prolonged, if you keep the basics right and keep making payments on time, then you will soon start noticing positive results.

Many people have benefitted from good credit scores in the past, and now it’s your turn to get some benefit. Follow the steps mentioned here to start improving your credit score like never before, and chase all your dreams in a hassle-free manner.

Author Bio: Laura is an experienced credit advisor and loves to share her knowledge with people from all around the globe.

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The Queries You Need to Ask before Refinancing Your Student Loan

A loan of any kind plays a great hindrance in financial status of any person who has availed for it. Even millions of students to pursue higher studies have opted for students loans offered from varied trusted financial sources.

As there are ample chances of paying back loan amount become a costly affair, best to ask few queries to the loan lender’s officer to clear all the doubts regarding the terms and conditions of payment of debt.

Here are the few queries you need to ask while having the student loan offer:

  • Best to know about loan interest: If you prefer to refinance your loan, then it will be beneficial to opt for lower interest rates. Otherwise paying high interest for gaining few benefits like payment during employment won’t be beneficiary as the final payment will be quite high.

  • Should opt for federal loans or have from private sector: It will be always beneficial to have from federal finance providers as they have formatted multiple schemes to help in repayments to be done easily. If your credit score is highly rated and you are sure of paying without any issues, then you can have loan from private finance lenders where you can avail for lower interest loans. Furthermore while you are facing financial crisis, having the option of non payment will surely help to be relived from loan repayments.

  • Whether you need a co signer: You may a co signer if you have bad credit history or there are lesser chances of you able to pay back the amount.
  • The payment you need to every month and can you afford it: Plan your budget, whether you could save 10% of cash you get for expenditure or can you do part time job to pay the interest every month.
  • Should I opt for loan from the lender whose customer service is poor: You should never have form the lender who aren’t answering to your queries rightly and fail to explain the terms and condition. As you will be staying with them connected for five to ten years maximum, best to rely upon finance providers ready to provide valuable service anytime.

While consulting any reliable loan providers make sure to evaluate what kind of rates to expect when refinancing your student loans. You can compare the rates and benefits provided by each finance provider on links specially formatted for providing student loan.

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Reasons To Opt For Peer To Peer Lending

Peer to peer lending is a next-generation investment option that already became popular across various countries globally. In this unique lending process, you can apply for the loan directly from the lender without the involvement of any bank or any other financial sectors.

Without explaining much, the borrowers have the freedom of lending as much capital they want to invest in their business or for any other investments. Overall, the peer to peer lending process is beneficial for both the lender and the borrower.

 There are many lenders that have already shared various positive reviews on their experience in lending the capitals and definitely about the ROI they have bagged so far. Coming to the borrowers, they are also happy for receiving the capital they are looking for. Usually, people look forward to this type of lending platform when the banks deny offering them the loan they look for. You can search the best peer to peer lending sites to know more on the investments and required information you’re looking for.

Exclusive reasons to opt for the peer to peer lending—

Flexible loan terms

There are a few reputed peer to peer lending companies that offer the facility of flexible loan terms to their consumers. Usually, such platforms ensure the loan repayment terms not more than three years but in some companies, the borrowers have the freedom to choose their own amortization and loan repayment and they can extend it to three to five years. On the contrary, if you’re interested in having a shorter loan and you want it to pay it back quickly without facing any penalty for prepayment or similar hassles, you too have the facility to apply for similar lending options.

Easy steps to follow

One of the biggest advantages of choosing a peer to peer lending is the easiest loan application steps it offers. If you’re planning to start a new business or want to make more money with any new investment and for that, you don’t have to waste your precious time and efforts in visiting banks. You can go online and pick any of your chosen peer to peer sites and apply online for the loan. Read the given terms carefully before applying and if you agree to that, move ahead to submit your application.

There is no such prohibition for utilizing the money that you’ll be given as capital. All you need to do is to payback the lent money on time to avoid any anticipated penalties.

Author Name:  Laura works in a reputed peer to peer lending company. With her year of experience in the finance sector, she finds it her responsibility to share helpful information to individuals looking forward to similar suggestions for borrowing money.

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Credit Cards

Understanding how credit scores work

In today’s society, if you want to buy any big-ticket item, you need good credit. Example of these things are houses, cars and any other item requires payments for over a year. Your credit score lets lenders know how likely you are to pay them back on time. This is not the only use for it, depending on your actual score, will determine the interest on the said purchase. The better your score, the less interest you will pay and vice versa with a poor score. You can even be denied financing if your credit it too low. But, how does credit scores work and how can you achieve a high credit score?

Let’s break down how your credit score is decided. There are four different categories that make up your credit score and some weigh heavier than others. Here is a quick break down of these categories.

  1. Payment History makes up the largest factor out of all the four. Lenders take a hard look at an individual’s payment history, to see if you have a history of paying on time or not. So, if you have never missed a payment, you will get a good boost from this category.
  2. Next is your outstanding debt. If you have a tendency to keep your cards at their limits, you can do serious damage to your credit. This tells lenders ta=hat you are barely holding on financially. Which can make lenders uneasy.
  3. Length of credit, the longer you have had credit, the more information there is on you. Which can paint a better picture of you to a lender.
  4. Types of credit that you have had is the last factor. Having debt to a wide variety of things, like cars or small loans. Can show case the experience you have with dealing with different kind of credit and make you more appealing to new types of credit.

This information is great to help beginners, but what happens if I want to raise my credit? Well that becomes a bit trickier then just keeping good credit. Most of the time, you can fix your credit over time and proper financial habits. But, if you want to repair your credit score fast there are services that you can hire to help raise it. Though keep in mind these services do take some time. Another big issue to worry about are fraudulent services that don’t help you and take your money. The best way to weed these companies out, are to research them and find customer and professional feedback from multiple sources. Companies like these will promise you that they can get things removed from your credit. Which in certain cases that can be true, that is often on some very strict criteria and cannot be just simply removed. Be wary of these kinds of services that promise so much. But, there are services that can help improve your score faster than on your own. Just be mindful when dealing with your credit.

Your credit score is a valuable tool when trying to get a loan. It is important to take care of it and maintain a high score. But, don’t be concern if you have a low score. With proper steps and some professional help, you can restore a credit score to a high value.

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