How to Implement Tech Customer Service for Success

 In today’s hot tech world, giving the best possible customer service you can is what will separate your company for the also rans in the tech world. While the technology may seem similar, and to your customers the big question is what they are getting for their money, service is what keeps the customers happy. But good customer service is what helps them to brag to their friends, and that makes the best customers of all.

One tool to help your customer service department stay on the ball is using the latest Microsoft dynamics ax in the office. Keeping your customer’s information handy and at the fingertips of your service reps can make or break a good customer service department. But beyond the software that you provide, how can your company give better service when it is needed? Here are a few ideas to help you plan for success.

Bring in the Expertise

Every company has one of them. He is that rock star engineer or designer that is the center of your knowledge base. He is the guy that everyone calls when they get stuck on a solution. So why don’t you keep him in the loop by making him the go to guy for your customer service folks as well? No, he doesn’t have to give up on sleep, but he can download his expertise into your service desk.

He can be hot buttoned for the real important problems so that your service desk can pull him in easily. Make use of those tech experts in the house and let your customers know you have them to pull from when things get sticky.

 The Community of Customers

In the world of technology, sometimes the answers come from the most surprising places. Sometimes that includes our own customers. If you are a tech company where many of your clients are also tech folk, chances are they love to show off their expertise.

Forums are a great place to invite them to show what they know about your products and maybe even show off a bit. Hey, no one loves to show off what they know like a tech head, especially when it is unexpected and online. So, invite those customers who love to be in the know to give their opinion on a fix for a problem that shows up on your forum and perhaps learn a new bit of tech yourself.

The End of Gruesome Queues

We all know that everyone hates to be stuck in phone tree hell, and we hate it when our own customers complain about it. If you have a customer service department that is hitting a wall, use your technology to help them out. Call in your techs to discuss the question.

Give them another way to get an answer with an FAQ on the phone or dig a bit deeper into the system to look for solutions. The technology just may surprise you and find the answer you have hit bottom looking for. In customer service, the impossible just takes a bit longer!