July 2016


How to Create an Attractive Video Presentation for a Business Project

Do you need to give a presentation regarding a business project? In that case it is important that you make sure your presentation is able to really capture the audience’s attention so that they stay focused on the information that you’re trying to put across. Considering the audience in this case may consist of potential investors, clients, or maybe even customers – keeping their attention could be crucial to the success of your business project.


The key to capturing the attention of an audience with a business presentation is making sure it looks professional and also has a certain polish and flow to it that keeps them engaged. That can be tricky if you’re not used to creating presentations, which is why using Movavi Slideshow Creator can help tremendously.

Essentially Movavi Slideshow Creator will equip you with numerous features so that you can create impressive video slideshow presentations. More importantly however it is so easy to use that you should be able to apply these features almost immediately and at most it will take you a minute or two to figure them out.

With the help of the features in Movavi Slideshow Creator, you will then be able to:

  • Include background music and voiceovers as part of your presentation and even automatically set the slide transition speed to match the tempo of the background music.
  • Add animated transitions between slides to link them together more seamlessly.
  • Enhance any images or videos that are used as part of the presentation.
  • Place customized text fields directly into the presentation slides to create unique-looking captions, watermarks, titles, and so on.
  • Apply different types of special effects and filters to give your presentation a unique atmosphere and appearance.

As you can see the list of choices that will be at your disposal are really going to give you the means to make sure your presentation stands out. On your part the only thing that you really need to do is experiment with the features in Movavi Slideshow Creator so that you familiarize yourself with them and can apply them to the best effect.

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Prevent Cash Flow Shortfall and Save Your Business

Cash flow is very important for all types of businesses. Whether you are in the field of education, health, beauty, arts or entertainment, proper cash flow is necessary. The first year is always critical for the ones who start up a new business. If a company is able to manage its cash flow in the first year, then it is likely to be able to survive in the second year too. But if a company will try to run and flourish a business without any management in the cash flow process, then, even if the business will succeed, it will not go a long way for sure.

Save Your Business

There are many online barter trading companies or systems which help the companies to exchange their products as well as services with other business companies.Theynot only help you to know how to improve cash flow, but they also help to expand your business and profits. It runs on cashless business networking platform and instead of paying cash, it actually runs on the system of barter trading.

It helps to:

  • Expand the networks of your business
  • Reduce the surplus or additional stock
  • Escalate the chances of buying and selling of business
  • Acquaint to a new and fresh marketplace for business

Following are some of the points which will help you to prevent your business from crashing down due to shortfall in cash flow.

Breakeven Point Determination

You should be well aware of the fact as when your company will earn profits. It will not only affect your cash flow, but at the same time, it will help you to set an aim, a target to project the cash flow in future. The moment you achieve your initial profits, start to put your efforts on the management of cash flow.

Focus Should Be On Cash Flow and Not On Profits

This seems contrary to what is said in the previous point, but it is essential to use the breakeven points as the bench mark. Once you have reached the breakeven point, even if your business is earning profits, you will still have to manage your cash flow.

Maintenance of Cash Reserves

While running a business, you are bound to face cash shortages. And it is during that time the survival of your business will depend on how you will plan through that phase. If you already have ample cash on your bank account, you can manage your cash flow with it and then you need not take stress for the shortfalls.

Using Spreadsheet for Forecasting Cash Flow

It will be really very beneficial for your company if you can set a target in the coming 6 to 12 months for tracking the finances and for avoiding any type of shortfalls. And this will be possible if you can keep a spread sheet for listing down the monthly incomes and costs. Also, note down the seasonal variations in it.

Inspiring Customers for Faster Payments

This is another option to control the cash flow process of your business. Offering early payment discounts to the customers and keeping the requirements of credit strict is a good method. It is also recommended to launch a written standard set, determining clearly the eligibility for credit. And at the same time you should impose those standards strictly.

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Credit Cards

What Benefits do Store Credit Cards offer to the Consumer?

In case, you have been attempting to rebuild your damaged credit, store credit cards might be a good option. Rather than bank credit cards, store credit cards have been relatively easier to be approved. Moreover, in case your credit has been damaged, you might still qualify. It has been deemed highly imperative to use them solely for rebuilding your credit. In case, you overspend or misuse the cards, you might easily wind up with credit difficulties again.

After you applied and sought approval for store credit card, you should make restricted purchases and pay your balance in full every month. These kinds of credit cards usually have a higher interest rate. They would let your balance enhance steadily and could cost you plenty of money in interest charges. Ensure you pay on time and in full every month. In case, you feel as if you have waited too long to mail your payment, you should go to your customer service department in the store and pay your bill in person. You should keep in mind that merely because these kinds of credit cards have been easier to be approved, it would not mean that you should apply for several of them. When lenders would look at your credit report and point out several open credit accounts, they would appear less favourable upon your request for additional credit.

Benefits offered by credit cards

After you have established a payment history with your store credit card, you would have to decide whether it has been in your best interest to keep the card. In case, you have built up your credit adequately, you would be advised to close these accounts. The bank issued credit cards have been known to offer relatively lower interest rate to make the same purchases. A majority of people think of only purchasing gas with a gas station credit card, but the fact has been that the cards could be used for repairs provided your car breaks unexpectedly. You could also use the card for buying meals and snacks while travelling, as a majority of gas stations in remote locations have fast food establishments or restaurants located inside. Gas station credit card might also cater you with rewards such as discounts on hotels, travel, insurance and car rentals.


Benefits offered by store credit cards

Benefit of store credit cards would entail carrying of a wide range of items and products such as tools, appliances, cosmetics, house wares, clothing and jewelry. These have been just a few of the items or products that you could find inside most major department stores. Holiday purchases could also be made with a store credit card along with necessary items for special occasions and gift giving. Always remember to keep your spending manageable along with paying your balance in full every month. Higher interest rates that usually accompany gas station and department store credit cards could add up provided you do not monitor the spending prudently. The point has been to rebuild your credit, not to acquire additional debt that you cannot afford to pay back.

Author Bio Willie DeJarnette has been known for providing great store credit card related articles and blogs. The all-encompassing knowledge of the writer would enable you to lay your hands on the best store credit cards and make the most of the benefits offered.


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How to Buy an Investment Property without Income Check

The common man has always faced problem while trying to mortgage a property due to a lot of paperwork, verification and other clauses. Although it’s fair on the part of the lending company that they do a decent verification of theborrowing party before they release any cash, yet, the long waiting period, the uncertainly till the end of getting the loan, and the high down payment in case of real estate mortgaging had always brought much lag and tension to the common man. However much of the hurdle has been overcome now with the fair and decent verification and lending policies of the newcomer companies in the real estate mortgage segment.

Investment Property

The mortgage hurdle in the past and the favorable present

With tax return papers, valid income pay slips, and all business documents it has always been easy to prove the source and amount of income. Thus people with these documents never have to face the documentation hurdles at the most. The next steps are verification at office, residence, business office etc, and of course of the credit score and other records. Once again the process always got lengthy here. However men with papers alright still got their mortgages done.

But it was always a pain for the self employed or small business owners, who barely have all documents and income tax papers ready. Even if they needed a mortgage instantly, they never had luck enough. However, things have totally come in favor of the self employed and people with no documents of income and tax. Stated income loans program has giving the opportunity to get approve for a mortgage easier than ever even if one has no income history or no tax return filed.

Investment Property 1

The best part of the no income mortgage program

With the no income verification mortgage plans, you do not need to have the following to be approve for a loan:

  • A stable income
  • Proper documents of income
  • Income tax return papers
  • 30% down payment funds compulsorily- it can be arranged with as low as 10 also from your own and 10% more from another helping hand
  • Attend any lengthy or strict verification

This makes the mortgaging under the stated mortgage scheme extremely easy and a great advantage for the common mans who are self employed.

To make the most of the scheme, in case you are planning to invest in some property which will not be used by the owner for staying and rather a rental or business, you should contact trustworthy stated income mortgage lenders like

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Bankruptcy Attorneys In Los Angeles that Eliminate Debts for Consumers

Debt may not lead you to bankruptcy, but bankruptcy can definitely lead you towards a solution and elimination of debt. This is the new age thinking which you see working when you appoint a bankruptcy lawyer to handle your foreclosure case. Medical debt, mortgage dent and credit card debt may often lead you towards a foreclosure notice, if you had failed to pay a few installments of the loan. But you can be saved from the foreclosure and from all collection attempts and calls of your creditors through some smart steps. A bankruptcy attorney can save you from the loss and from the tiring and mentally choking creditor calls, by saving your property, and reorganizing a better solution to the debt by easy bankruptcy declaration.

Bankruptcy Attorneys

What To Do When You Are InA Bad Debt

I would say that the smartest choice for this kind of situation is the Consumer Action Law Group which is a law firm with the most experienced and expert lawyers, who have been giving solution to thousands of customers in bankruptcy and foreclosure cases. Filing a bankruptcy involves much complicated process and if you are already in a lot of debt and trouble, then you must not waste time. You should immediately get in touch with a lawyer from the recommended law firm to declare a chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy Attorneys

If you are not sure how to start with this, simply get an advice from Consumer Action Law Group lawyers as soon as possible to get a direction for your bad debts. Any sort of bad debt from medical bill to credit card debts or mortgage payments can be handled and solved with an assistant from a Los Angeles bankruptcy attorney.

Choosing Chapter 7 Or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

The type of bankruptcy suited for you to declare would be best decided by your bankruptcy attorney Los Angeles. Chapter 7 bankruptcy would help in the liquidation of assets and is mostly chosen for the businesses and individuals who have very low or no income at all. This kind of bankruptcy once informed to the creditors would stop the foreclosure and stop them from other collection attempts and calls until you take a few months in dissolving the loan by liquidating your assets or pay nothing if you have no assets too. A chapter 13 bankruptcy is a little different which helps you reorganize the loan showing your little income and gives you more time to pay the loan amount in small portions partially.

Bankruptcy Attorneys

For free bankruptcy consultation you can call Consumer Action Law Group to get your situation evaluates. On the first call, their bankruptcy attorneys will let you know what they can do for you and what debts can be eliminate.

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EZ Trader’s Binary Options Trading Platform

Binary Trading Options are a way of investing money into fast and lucrative stock and share trades. They involve predicting the market and trading against a plus-minus outcome for a, generally, fixed pay off. They can be a risky investment but they can also yield the highest rewards on the market. It’s important to know what you’re doing and also to choose the right platform to trade on but, so long as you do the research and invest in the right places, binary options trading can get you big money.


Doing the Research
Due to the risk involved in binary options trading, it’s important that you know you’re investment is going to come off as often as possible. This means sitting down and doing the hard graft, reading the blogs, checking the FT and keeping on top of trends. A great place to start is The EZTrader Blog. EZ Trader has a huge amount of experience in binary trading and their blog is kept up to date with the minute by minute shifts in the market. Checking out their summaries of the trends and expectations from the market place is an excellent first step into the world of binary options trading. If you go in gung ho and start dropping money without checking your options, your liable to miss out big time.


Getting a Good Broker
Trading is stressful and takes up a lot of head space. A good way of mitigating some of the potential dizziness is to get yourself in with a good broker. A broker will help you invest your money where it’s most likely to get you a decent pay check. Generally brokers will charge a percentage of the trade or profits and some will charge and upfront trading fee but any decent broker will have the knowledge to make that payout worthwhile. Whether you are new to trading or you have some experience, getting a helping hand from someone who does it day in, day out could be the difference between winning big and dropping your hard earned cash on duds. EZTraderFC is an online broker that lets you trade at a Championship League level. They’ve got the knowledge and experience to make sure your money is going where it should and when it should to make sure that you have the best chance of getting that return.

The Platform
A trading platform is the tool used to instigate trades. With the growth of online trading there are a wealth of trading platforms out there to use but it’s important to make sure that whichever one you go with, it will be able to keep up with your demands. The EZ Trader Binary Options Trading Platform is one of the fastest, most responsive trading platforms available and is instantly updated with any shifts in the markets. If you want second by second responsiveness then EZTrader should be your first and only stop.

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What Can an Accountant Do for Your Business?

Every business must face the facts that they will need an accountant to either clean up their books or set them up. You might not really understand the importance of bringing on an accountant in the first place. Many people have quickly opened a business and trusted a friend to handle their books and now they are a complete mess. Accounting can often be taken for granted and businesses lose that opportunity window to make things right. Here are some things an accountant can do for your business.


We’ve all seen those back offices filled with stacks of paperwork that reaches the ceiling. Invoices scattered everywhere on top of a desk is a bad sign the business is failing at organizing it’s accounting department. Accountants come in and sort out all of that for you so you can get a good picture of your financial status. They are there to take all revenues and track it all the way to payroll. They are the organizers for your money and keep you on track.


If you hire the right person, you can get a good education about accounting all together. Accountants can show you a thing or two about where you are going wrong and what needs to be changed. You can literally watch them take your mess of numbers or system and turn it into something that is functional. They can explain along the way how they did it and what you need to understand to keep the accounting system in line.


When it comes to any outsiders demanding to see your books or question your revenue, the accountant is the one to save the day. They will be representing your business in a professional confident manner that can set anyone at ease. We’ve all known of the business that has hired the numbers person who is unkempt and never leaves their dirty office. Lean on the professionalism that the accountant brings to your establishment to ensure your business appears legit. There are many businesses, such as Watson & Watt Business Accountants.


An accountant can prevent any lawsuits that might come up if you have mistakenly used business funds for something else. They see the numbers every day and will have a good grasp of what you can do to prevent any errors. Most run tax reports or give you detailed budgets. This is good because these reports will give you an eyeful of where your business money is going and list the expenses. You must rely on the accountant’s knowledge and expertise to guide you through some rough spots that you didn’t know existed with your accounting system.

There are many things an accountant can do for your business. They can help you turn a heap of paperwork into a well-organized system. Accountants bring about a certain professionalism to the business showing outsiders you have your stuff together. Finally, they can prevent you from making some big mistakes with your revenue that might land you in court.

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