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Car insurance payments can be stressing to pay, especially when you are new into driving or have never filed any claim. The feeling of paying the hefty amounts without getting anything in return can be frustrating. Getting car insurance should not feel like a scam. Furthermore, if you feel pressed ...

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Atecs Capital – A Detailed Review

Founded in 2019, Atecs Capital is one of the latest entrants as brokerage firms in the highly competitive cryptocurrency market. There are a number of services that are offered by this broker including CFDs on cryptocurrencies and also are capable of offering a number of other trading assets. Though they have started ...

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XTRgate – A Detailed Review

The world of cryptocurrencies might be new but within a short space of a decade and a half, the growth of cryptocurrencies has been very impressive to say the least. Many players have come with their own cryptocurrencies and there also have been growth of enablers, agents or brokers as ...

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ULIPs: A holistic risk management tool

According to Investopedia, risk management in finance is the “process of identification, analysis and acceptance or mitigation of uncertainty in investment decisions.” The average person usually associates risks with death, disability and critical illness. Though these risks have obvious financial repercussions, we seldom give much thought to the financial risks ...

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How ULIPs help you balance asset allocation

Akansha was nothing short of a culinary legend in her neighbourhood. No matter what the cuisine, she always knew how to mix the ingredients in just the perfect amount to get the right taste. “It’s all about understanding that ingredients are as important as the proportion to get the desired ...

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