Atecs Capital – A Detailed Review

Founded in 2019, Atecs Capital is one of the latest entrants as brokerage firms in the highly competitive cryptocurrency market. There are a number of services that are offered by this broker including CFDs on cryptocurrencies and also are capable of offering a number of other trading assets. Though they have started operations only this year, they have been able to catch the attention of many traders and many of them are experienced traders in cryptocurrencies and other forms of tradable commodities. In this article, we will try and have a closer look at the various services offered by this service provider and get to know whether they are good as far as the traders and customers are concerned. We will at some salient and important points that traders lookout for when it comes to evaluating this cryptocurrency traders so that our readers and other information seekers are able to get some idea about their reputation, track record and the kind of services that they offer.

Are They Legitimate?

This is without any doubt one of the most common questions that any traders ask about an online or physical broker. The company has its registration in the Commonwealth of Dominica. Hence, it is most likely that they will be a registered corporate entity. Further, when one looks at the website, they may have many reasons to believe that they offer policies that are fully customer-oriented. They are seemingly very proactive and organized when it comes to ensuring safety of information as well as funds of the traders or customers. The website comes with a SSL certificate and this is reason enough to believe that they are legitimate and are clean and transparent as far as their dealings are concerned. The company is registered properly as per the Companies Act of the respective country. Ferthermoer they hold various online assets, like a Crunchbase and Twitter Pages.

Services Offered by Them

As mentioned above, Atecs Capital is a broker and as of now they are offering only trade on cryptocurrencies. We are sharing a listing of the main cryptocurrencies that are offering. They include big cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Monero, Ripple, Litecoin, Dash, Tether and many more. Hence it would not be out of place to mention that Atecs Capital offers a number of trading options for their traders. They have reasonably good spread ranging from 1:2, 1:5 and 1:20 and this depends on the trading asset. They have a web-based and customized platform that is known for their ease of use. It also has an intuitive and user friendly software solution and this certainly makes it different from many other brokerage houses in the industry today.

Account Types That They Offer

They offer a wide number of accounts types and this again is something that makes them quite popular and well-known. Traders have the choice of picking up the right trading package taking into account your specific needs and requirements. The minimum deposit is just $500 and they have additional trading accounts keeping in mind the financial strength of the traders and customers.

Deposit, Payment & Withdrawal Methods

Customers and traders who are part of Atecs Capital also offer many different types of payment methods. They offer debit/card payments, multiple eWallets, and bank wire transfer and in fact they have more than 20 other digital payment methods. The minimum deposit account is around $100 or Euro. The brokers are not required to pay any minimum amount as far as withdrawal is concerned. The withdrawal charges are also free, but they do charge for wire transfer and this amount is $30. Processing of withdrawals could take around three to four working days.

Customer Support Services

The broker also offers very good support services and ensures that the traders are able to get the required assistance whenever it is needed. They offer three different options as far as assistance and customer services are concerned. These include email support services, phone based support services and they also have one of the best live chat facilities. Hence, it would not be out of place to mention here that they offer the best possible and widest possible services for their customers. Their turnaround time is also quite good and they believe in being proactive as far as their services are concerned.

The Final Word

When we look at the kind of services that they offer, the feedbacks and reviews from traders and other such things, it is quite obvious that Atecs Capital is a good broker for different types of cryptocurrencies. Within a short period of time, they have been able to make their presence quite strongly in a competitive market. For further information on their services check the full review on their site