November 2020


The Advantages of MetaTrader 4 Platform

Many people wanting to get into forex trading for the first time usually find the forex trading market to be quite challenging and overwhelming. Some of the questions that such novice forex traders face includes; the amount of money they should risk, the need for a forex broker, what currency pairs to trade, whether to use a signal provider, and so much more.

Although forex trading involves making tough decisions, no new trader should choose a trading platform without having adequate guidance. This is because; there are various forex trading platforms in the market. The type of trading platform being used should be your leading guide in choosing your forex broker.

Due to its many advantages, the trading forex market has adopted the MetaTrader 4 platform as its trading platform market standard. In this article, we will look at some of the main advantages of MetaTrader 4 platform that has made it to be among the top platforms that are being used by brokers worldwide.


MetaTrader 4 has a wide range of languages available. This makes users worldwide benefit from the platform as they get to access data in their native language.

User Friendly

The MetaTrader 4 platform is very user-friendly. You can download mt4 platform on your phone, home computer, or even tablet, making it easier to access the platform from any place. The MetaTrader 4 also enables novice and skilled traders to trade this compound and unpredictable market with ease and comfort.


Communication in the MT4 platform is simplified. This is because, the platform has merged some advanced tools that brokers can use to post messages and connect with their traders in real-time. As a result, lengthy and complicated email threads are avoided, making the user’s experience more straightforward.


The advanced charting capabilities on MT4 platform allow traders to examine and trade the market’s technical features concurrently. You can even add your personal touch by changing the colors and designs of the charts. The ability to remove non-interesting functions makes the graphs more comfortable to read, enabling you to focus on your particular priorities.


Since forex trading is such a delicate and private form of trading, having a platform that guarantees that you are not in any danger of attacks or hacks on your account is paramount. The MT4 platform is a highly secure platform that uses data encryption between the trader and the server. The 129-bit key encryption method that is used in MT4 medium also ensures that the trader’s IP address is entirely hidden.

Automated Trading

Since the MetaTrader platform’s popularity and achievement are mainly based on its algorithmic trading, having expert advisors has become one of its most common and significant features. This is because, with customized expert advisors, traders can systematize their trades in ways that best suit their preferences.


Since the MT4 platform usually has much information and processes, one may think it would take much space on their device, resulting in it running slowly. However, this is not the case. The MT4 platform is generally very low on resources, which helps lower the disruption levels on your device. One of the MT4 platform’s key benefits is its low dormancy execution, which ensures that all your trades are managed in ultrafast time.

Various Trading Orders

The MT4 platform offers two fundamental trading orders, namely; pending and market orders. Pending orders come in four types; buy and sell limit, and buy and sell stop. However, with market orders, a trader can choose to stop losses and take up profit levels depending on the broker.


With all its advantages, it is clear why MT4 is the market standard for forex trading platforms. Although it is laden with compound and advanced features, the MT4 platform is arguably the most progressive and reliable in forex trading. With all its key features, the MT4 platform allows the trader to precisely monitor the market. This, in turn, enables the trader to come in or leave the market with the correct timing.

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How Can Modification Affect Your Car Insurance Policy in India?

At some point, every car owner wishes to modify his/her car. Having paid full price for one, it is only natural to want to experiment with its looks and make to enhance its aesthetics and performance levels. However, any type of car modification, minor or major can affect your car insurance policy. Car insurance prices depend on a range of factors. Car Modification is one of them. Insurance companies use car modifications to calculate car insurance. Thus, knowing the types of car-modifications that affect your car insurance is crucial. 

What is a car modification?

Before getting into the modifications that affect car insurance prices, it is essential to know what qualifies as a car modification. A car modification is any modification to the interior or exterior of the car that alters its originally manufactured make. Since cars are manufactured after careful planning, designing and testing, car insurance companies factor in the original make of the car when you buy an insurance policy for the car. By modifying the car, you change its internal or external features, which in turn increase its chances of being stolen or decrease its capacity to protect you from accidents. This change increases the liability of the insurance company in the event of a claim, and that is what affects car insurance prices. 

Which modifications affect car insurance prices?

The types of modifications that change the quote for car insurance policies and their premium are:

1. Engine Modification

The original factory-made engine of your car is used to calculate car insurance. Modifying your engine puts a significant increase in car insurance prices. Generally, engines are modified to enhance a car’s performance levels. By replacing or modifying the original engine, you risk increasing its power. Increase in power increases its speed which in turn, can increase the risk of road accidents and mishaps. As a consequence, the liability of the insurance company as they take the probability of accidents and car damage into account. This change leads them to charge a higher premium.

2. Wheel Modification

Wheel modification also leads to a hike in car insurance prices. Car owners might change the wheels of their car to enhance its visual appeal or performance levels. However, going overboard with wheel modifications is illegal. According to section 52 of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, any alteration which deviates from the original design of the manufacturer is not legal. For example, the installation of bigger alloy wheels or wider wheels can tweak performance levels. And in turn, risk road safety and increase the risk of accident and theft. This change increases the premium of insurance policy for the car.

3. Interior System Modification

Any change to the interiors of a car changes the original internal system of the car. Such changes can range from changing the seats and suspension/ brake system of your car to installing new pedals or a sound system. Changes to the car’s interior alter the quality, safety quotient and intended performance of its original features. It also increases the cost of managing their subsequent wear and tear. It is wise to carry out interior changes to your car through a skilled mechanic and after intimating your insurance company. Such changes will alter the car insurance premium and as a result, will affect quote for car insurance. A simple installation of an air conditioning system, or replacement of seats, and any other minor modification that does not affect its safety will not affect car insurance prices. This also depends on the car insurance company.

4. Paint Modification

A simple paint job or retouch will not affect when you buy an insurance policy for the car. But the addition of eye-catching race designs, decorative flashy patterns, dazzling emblems, or stripes and decals – basically any paintwork that puts your car into the spotlight can affect the quote for car insurance. This is because a change in the external appearance of your car can increase its risk of being stolen or getting damaged. This increases the liability of the insurance company and in turn, affects car insurance prices.

Which modifications do not affect car insurance prices?

Modifications that don’t extensively alter the appearance and performance of your car are not used to calculate car insurance. For instance, adding personal items like cushions, car-hangings, or idols will not increase the premium. Applying stickers to your car also does not affect car insurance. Installation of non-risky items like air conditioners, parking sensors, seat covers, etc. do not add to car insurance prices.


Making any modification to your car will most likely affect the quote for car insurance. Thus, it is not only advisable but also mandatory to inform the insurance company if you are planning to make any modifications. Accordingly, the insurance company will assess the risk or impact of such modification and reassess the amount of premium payable. Do not make the modifications and then inform the insurance company as this can count as insurance fraud, make your claim void and invalidate your car insurance policy.

The coverages you need depend on the type of vehicle and the value of your vehicle. Compare rates and get quotes from different companies at to find the best deal for you. So come on in, get your tips on car insurance now! And if that doesn’t solve your problem, we can help you find the best deal on car insurance.

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Earn Money Within A Short Duration

There are a few things to consider if people are going to know how to profit in 48 hours. WordPress is an incredible online open-source website tool to link to the world and explain its unique field of expertise. People use WP to share their hobbies and create easy websites for their newest creations to easily display. After they have learned how to use this awesome tool correctly, they realize how easy it is to generate very lucrative incomes through WordPress as a blog. People need not run a WP website as a missile scientist.

Moving forward, this can be achieved by almost anybody, anywhere in the world. The best part is after the blog is set up and its revenue can be both incoming and passive. When individuals learn the correct strategies and techniques, it is not as difficult to blog for a profit as they might have been led to believe. With WordPress, it is possible to Set up a blogging empire in 48 hours, but it is not fast. When people are just an ordinary person without any extreme talent, blogging is by far the easiest way to make a living online. When it comes to blogging, having no special expertise is not a downside at all, and that’s a wonderful thing for us non-rocket scientists.

They can wonder how to make a blog if they want to promote their business, create a portfolio, or look for a perfect creative outlet. Luckily, it is not so difficult to start a blog.

Let’s understand the useful process in just a few steps, here is how to build a free blog.

For detailed modules visit

  • Choose one topic: It is tempting to deal with a variety of topics simultaneously; however, one area is more likely to be simpler for people to start with. People don’t want to beat themselves right outside the entrance.
  • Account creation: Go to WordPress and click Get Started. Follow the instructions to create a new blog and account.
  • Claim the domain name: Choose a domain that tells readers what their blog is about, based on the subject people select. They can build either a free WordPress domain name or a custom domain, without WordPress mention, can be registered.
  • Customize the layout: Pick a WordPress style that fits their blog’s desired feel. The WordPress customizer allows individuals to select fonts, define a color scheme, create a custom menu, and upload a custom image header. Do not worry if individuals are not immediately settled on the visual aspects and often change them later.
  • Publicize: When people click Publish, make sure they encourage social media blog posts to share their hard work. With WordPress, in just a few hours, individuals can start a blog. If people learn how to build a blog and get into a publishing routine, once they pull in interested readers every day, they will be able to perfect their content.WordPress is called home by thousands of small businesses and online stores.

Above all facts can be very useful for the users to enjoy the earn money within a short duration.

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eXcentral Review – Trade FX CFDs with a Regulated Broker

eXcentral CFD trading


With core values such as transparency, professionalism, and compliance with the latest European CFD trading standards, eXcentral is currently one of the trusted trading brands currently out there, providing access to a broad list of trading offers for retail traders.

Operating for customers based in the EEA and Switzerland, eXcentral is a trading brand owned by Mount Nico Corp Ltd, a Cyprus Investment Firm, authorized and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission.

Traders should not have any worries related to regulation, because eXcentral is also registered with multiple European regulators, such as BaFIN in Germany, AFM in The Netherlands, KNF in Poland, and many others.

eXcentral is compliant with ICF (Investor Compensation Fund) and ESMA (European Securities and Markets Authority), which means its services are in line with all the latest regulatory requirements in Europe.

At eXcentral, traders get to trade a select pack of 160+ CFD instruments based on Forex, shares, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. There are plenty of other trading benefits available, most of them which will be described in the following paragraphs.

Main Features

  • Trading accounts – to ensure diversification for traders with different needs, eXcentral provides access to four different account types: Classic, Silver, Gold, and VIP. Each is available for both Retail and Professional clients, with differences in terms of maximum leverage, and stop out levels. The accounts differ in terms of spreads and some other premium features like Trading Central, VIP webinars, or dedicated senior account manager.
  • Trading software – at eXcentral traders have access to the ever-popular MetaTrader 4, a reputable software that has proven its efficiency during 15 years of existence. On top of that, they can use a proprietary WebTrader that can be accessed via any browser, with no installation required. For mobile trading, MT4 mobile apps for Android and iOS, plus the eXcentral trading app are available.
  • Trading products – there are more than 160 CFD assets based on forex, indices, commodities, shares, and cryptocurrencies. eXcentral is focused on providing access to some of the most traded assets in the world and its clients can take advantage of an optimized trading offer.
  • Customer support – traders can contact support or an account manager via live chat, phone, or email. eXcentral representatives had proven a professional approach currently the service benefits from good ratings.
  • Education – customers get access to plenty of educational resources, including interactive courses, trading eBooks, trading video tutorials, or live webinars. Beginners are the most favored due to the abundance of information available to them.
  • Trading analysis – with eXcentral Forex news, market summaries, daily market analysis, Trading Central, and other resources, traders can get more insights into the market performance and stay updated with the latest market news.

eXcentral market news

Asset Coverage

eXcentral wants to provide a diversified list of trading instruments, but at the same time, keep the coverage optimized so traders will have access to the most popular assets. As a result, there are currently around 160 CFDs available, based on Forex, stocks, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies.

FX trading is one of the main priorities, which is why there are tens of different currency pairs part of the offer. Increased market volatility in 2020 had pushed retail traders back to popular pairs like EURUSD, GBPUSD, or USDJPY. These are the most liquid instruments and with higher volatility persisting, traders have the opportunity to find new trading setups daily.

But FX is not the only active market, so eXcentral clients get to trade popular stocks CFDs from markets like the US or Germany, CFDs on all the popular stock market indices, commodities, as well as CFDs on the top 5 leading cryptocurrencies in the world (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether, Litecoin, XRP).

Trading Platforms

eXcentral continues to rely on MetaTrader 4, a platform that has gained a solid reputation in the online trading arena. With advanced charting, support for EAs, tens of different technical indicators, and other notable functions, trading with MT4 continues to be appropriate in the current market environment.

On top of it, eXcentral wants to provide a unique trading experience and to do that, a proprietary WebTrader was made available. Specially designed to improve the trading experience, this is a platform with a client-centric approach, integrating all the trading tools necessary to deal with the markets in 2020.

eXcentral MT4 mobile

The Bottom Line

Financial markets are still very active this year and in such an environment, CFD traders across Europe need access to an optimized trading ecosystem. eXcentral wants to show it is currently offering such capabilities and at first glance, the trading functionalities available with the brand are what any retail CFD trader needs.

Forex and shares CFDs represent a significant share of the eXcentral asset coverage and on top of that, traders can add indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies CFDs to diversify their exposure at a time when uncertainty and volatility continue to be elevated.

Risk Warning: CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 79.65% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

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Got Scammed? No Need To Worry Because Money-Back Is There To Help

Legitimate Business Under Threat

Generally it is said that cryptocurrency and crypto-assets are nothing but fraud. However, this assumption is not just completely wrong but debars many potential investors from becoming a part of one of the most lucrative businesses available in the world. For example if one compares the current price of Bitcoin with that of September, one will notice that in one single month Bitcoin has gone high as US$ 4,000. In September Bitcoin’s price was US$ 10,500 and today its price is US$ 14,000. That is the potential earnings one is able to make by investing in cryptocurrencies.

But there are certain people who are trying to jeopardize this otherwise legitimate and most lucrative business. They are called “scammers”.

Scam – A Global Problem

Presently, they have become a global problem. There hasn’t been a day where no complaint has been registered regarding a scam. These scammers have sharp minds and are complacent with latest technologies. This is why they steal money by fooling the commoners. For instance in July this year, it was reported that twitter accounts, belonging to even high profile persons including Barrack Obama, ex-President of US as well as Bill Gates, were being hacked into by scammers who then used these accounts to extort money out of innocent people.

In addition, many countries also found out that many scammers used the names of the countries’ premiers to launch their Ponzi schemes and thinking that the schemes are legitimate, people invested their monies only to find out that they have been scammed.

Finding Solution to the Problem

Keeping in view the above, it seems to have become a major problem now a days. The answer to the problem is not that simple. Firstly we need to create awareness amongst the masses. People need to be told that they should not pose their confidence in everything but they have to conduct a thorough probe so as to ensure the safety of their funds. But of course this principle applies to post-scam stage. So what is the solution if a person got scammed and lost his money? – The Way Forward

Supposing a person got scammed, firstly he need to register a complaint with local police as well as with the cybercrimes authority. However, the concern is that these scammers are very hard to be tracked down. Normally they do not operate from the country where they have committed fraud. Therefore, registering the complaint with law enforcement agencies becomes relatively meaningless.

But there is one entity which is out there for almost 12 years and has an extensive experience in insights, strategy and media research and is called Money Back. This firm is widely popular online as it was developed on one-point agenda i.e. to eliminate this menace of scam and to bring to justice those individuals and companies whose livelihood is dependent upon others loss and injury. Money Back is known for bringing back the funds which were looted from its owner through an online fraud.

Eliminating the Evil

I was scammed on binary options how do I get my money back is a question that unfortunately many people are asking today, Once a victim engages Money Back then all he or she has to do is wait. Money Back directly establishes contact with the local as well as international law enforcement agencies to apprehend the culprits and bringing back the looted money. With its vast experience in the field, Money Back also conducts investigations, enquiries and research on its own to unearth the illegal beneficiaries of the looted money. With the efforts of Money Back, thousands of people were successful in getting their monies back and subsequently the perpetrators are currently behind bars serving their sentences.

End Thoughts

Most of the people who have been scammed feel shy to share what they had gone through. They need not to worry about and need not to shy away because Money Back is out there to help them in acquiring back what they had lost. It is in fact their money which they have not earned easily. So why letting it go so easily?

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Enjoy a Long-Term Relationship with Go4Rex for Profitable Trading

Looking for an online broker? Even though some believe that having choices is helpful, there is a downside as well. It can often make it difficult for people to make a decision and this applies to online brokers too. The market is saturated with them and with so many offering similar services, it can be tough to figure out what option seems most reliable. How do you make up your mind? You should understand that no two brokers are the same and not everyone is going to like the same broker. Your needs will vary from other traders and so will your choice.

Keeping this in mind, you should look for brokers that can cater to traders with different trading styles and background. Go4Rex fits the bill perfectly in this regard. The broker was launched by FX Capital Ltd out of Seychelles and has been around the market for a short while. However, their relatively newness doesn’t mean that the broker lacks in any aspect. As a matter of fact, most people who sign up with Go4Rex end up establishing a long-term relationship with the broker. Why is this so? This is mostly due to the comprehensive and appealing features the broker has incorporated in its platform. Let’s check out what makes the broker stand out:

  • The security of trading

Anyone who has done their research into the trading market is aware that it is teeming with scams and there have been numerous hacks as well. This is enough to make people wary of putting their trust into an unknown entity, particularly when they have to share sensitive and confidential information. Understanding this dilemma, Go4Rex has taken appropriate measures to establish a secure environment for its clientele. Their security practices include implementing the highest level of SSL encryption. When you share any data with Go4Rex, they encrypt it right away to ensure no unauthorized individual can access it. Moreover, since the broker is regulated by the International Financial Services Commission (IFSC), they keep funds in segregated accounts so there is very little chance of misappropriation.

  • The affordability of trading

Obviously there is a cost of trading. No broker is going to offer you their services for free and if they are, you need to steer clear of them. However, this doesn’t mean that they have to charge you excessively either. There are reasonable and cost-effective brokers as well and Go4Rex is one of them. Instead of opting for the commission model, which can often infuriate and demotivate traders, the broker has opted to earn via spreads. In addition, it offers some of the tightest spreads in the market and also gives leverage to its clients to make things interesting.

  • The availability of numerous assets for trading

What asset do you wish to trade? Some people want to start with one asset like the foreign currency pairs while others want to invest in several simultaneously. Even if you start with one, there is a good chance you many want to spread out later on. In this situation, you wouldn’t want to switch brokers all over again because this can be a big hassle. Therefore, it is best to start with a broker that can offer you significant variety and this is exactly what Go4Rex does. The broker wants to attract traders from different interests and backgrounds and to do so, they have kept their asset index extensive. You can choose from forex, stocks, commodities, indices, cryptocurrencies and many other instruments. The best thing about the broker is that it offers you the best of every market so you can diversify your portfolio and keep your risks at a minimum.

  • The ease of trading

You don’t want trading to be too difficult, especially when you are just getting started. It is the trading platform that determines how easy or difficult your trading is and so Go4Rex has ensured that it provides its users with an innovative solution. This means that the broker has not made any compromises when it comes to the technical aspects of the platform, but at the same time, they have made it easy to use. The control panel boasts some of the most versatile tools and features you can find on any platform and yet trades are executed in a couple of clicks. You can choose between a desktop trading platform and also a mobile version for both Android and iOS devices.

  • The various accounts for trading

The minimum amount you have to deposit and the tools and features you can use will depend on which account you have chosen with the broker. Go4Rex offers five account options and each comes with its own set of offerings to ensure traders can have a well-rounded and smooth experience while trading the asset of their choice. The account options start with the Basic account that offers $250, $1,000 for the Bronze, $2500 for the Silver, the Gold requires $10,000 and the Platinum account can be opened for $25,000. Each of these accounts offer customer support, loyalty bonus of different percentage, Education center access, Daily Market Review and Pro webinars. There is also a demo or practice account that can be helpful for beginners and those looking to test the broker.

  • The convenience of banking

Go4Rex understands that people don’t like being denied access to funds, whether they are the ones they have deposited or those they have earned. Thus, they have provided some great banking options to their clients. The broker offers debit and credit cards that are quick and effective, bank wire transfer that’s quite secure and online payment methods like Neteller and Skrill are also added for easy fund deposit and withdrawal.

Final Thoughts

Go4Rex has gone to great lengths to provide its traders with a flawless trading experience through the offerings outlined above. The broker has also provided useful training and education, commendable customer support and has made it easy for anyone to use their services for becoming a part of the trading industry.

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3Classic Tips to Develop Trading Skills

Some businessmen think that analyzing the trending market, reading the charts and keeping journals can improve their knowledge and skills in Forex trading. Ultimately, devotion to any work can lead to the success. The trading profession is one of the most popular around. The probable reason is because you can earn money independently.

In most professions you need some basic and formal knowledge to be successful in that particular profession. Forex is not different from that. It is very important to detect the correct way for trading business; otherwise, there is a considerable chance of losing the profit. Investors should learn from the successes and failures of their past performance. This article will give you a proper guideline to improve your trading skills that can help you be successful in the trading business.

Common tips for improving the trading skills

1. Start to maintain the trading journal

The very first step to success in this business is to accept your inability to always predict movements of the market. If Forex traders and investors do not keep a journal and think that they are very skillful and this thought will be harmful to the business as well as the personality. The investors should rely on pertinent information and advice from the experienced and professionals. They often tell to follow and maintain a trade journal instead of their own thinking and idea. Every trading journal consists of two parts. One part of the journal comprises a list of the daily activities and decisions made about trades.

The second part includes a series of the business chart that can determine the trade deals very effectively. The trading journal can help investors to make the right decision to continue the business smoothly. Sometimes the past performance of the company can help the new traders a lot to make the right decision.  It is also helpful to make the trading skills useful for the business.  So, following the trading journal can be an excellent way to make your business profitable.

2. Practice before starting the trade

 If novice traders do not follow trading strategies and practice before a trade, the business field will be complicated for them to continue. There are some records in this trading profession where the professionals are also in some trouble to make a profitable growth. The reason is not practicing the process. They often suggest interacting with veteran Forex traders in the retail market. As they have already learned so much from the business, and it is the duty to give the essential suggestions to newcomers. Starting with a demo account is highly recommended by most of the professionals. It will prevent the loss of money.  Risk and money management is a ubiquitous thing in the trading business for making a good profit. It will not be possible by the final account for the very first time. So, practice with a demo account is needed to control the risks. Visit to learn more about the demo environment. Try to learn things in the premium environment so that you can make the right decision without having any trouble.

3. Creating a standard for business activities

There are a lot of opportunities for trading business all over the world. A different business opportunity can make an additional capacity for a specific business deal. Businessmen should not go for every opportunity. They have to find a suitable one that can be affordable for the businessmen. To learn about the trading market in detail, the legal business studies will give the information you need to improve your trading skills.


Enhancing the new strategies and follow the methods and tactics will be efficient for the investor. When traders are flexible with their profession and willingly follow the rules and methods, it becomes so easy to make your business more profitable. Trading skill is a phenomenon that can have a huge impact on your performance.

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