September 2016


Investing in Gold in 2016

Gold has had a very exciting year so far. It was certainly not something that people could have predicted. Of course, this is what individuals have come to expect with this yellow metal. Much like a child running to its mother in the face of danger, investors tend to flock to the precious metal in times of trouble. If you have been keeping abreast of the news, then you know that the economy is in a tentative state at the moment. In this year alone, there have been so many shakeups that individuals have rushed to one of the oldest substances in the world, fearing the worst.

The Economic Events of 2016

One of the more resonating issues that took place this year was the economic slowdown in China. For the longest time, China enjoyed a booming economy – the second largest in the world. There were a great many nations that relied upon China’s success. In fact, the performance of the Chinese economy is quite crucial to the global economy as a whole. This is why world leaders were quite shaken to learn that the economy has slowed down considerably, threatening fiscal shockwaves throughout the world. While the situation still remains hazy at best, this has caused a great deal of alarm.

On its heels was the decision that was termed ‘Brexit’ – The United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union. This, too, caused people to panic, sending the UK economy into somewhat of a tailspin. Investors remain reluctant to finance an economy that they cannot predict, at least in the long run.

If you are wondering what gold has to do with any of this, it is simple. This yellow metal has been, and continues to be, the safe haven that the world economy relies upon. Whether it is combating inflation or economic uncertainty, investors tend to place their bets on the precious metal. This has been a recurring trend for the longest time.

Why You Should Invest in Gold

Of course, the question remains, should you be in investing in gold? To answer this question, let’s take a look at what some of the best-performing funds in the industry have been. Across the board, gold ETFs have been one of the most popular funds. This is evidence that many investors believe that the yellow metal is the way to survive the current and future economic issues facing the world.

This does not mean that you too need to join an ETF. No, there is a much simpler way to get involved in this venture. Instead of gambling with companies and mines, you can purchase the physical commodity. This means buying coins and bars. This way, you will be safeguarding yourself from inflation as well as other fiscal uncertainties.

At the moment, it is quite difficult to discern the direction that the economy in general will take. This is why purchasing this precious metal can actually be quite a wise move. It will help you to prepare for any direction that the market will take. It will also allow you to convert your funds into a means that will not be easily depreciated.


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What You Need to Successfully Market Financial Products and Services

With all the bad press financial products and services seem to get, it is vitally important to be a skilled marketer before tackling this industry. The sad truth is that not all financial products are a scam but those few that are make the news, leaving the majority of financial services in the shadows. If you are going to market in the financial sector, it is imperative that you understand what you need to know to successfully market financial products and services to a weary world.


Before All – Credentials

Many marketers still believe that the best way to become expert is to actually work your way up in a marketing firm. This does have its benefits but is not exactly what your clients will be looking for. Yes, experience is good but credentials are better. Why not work towards an online bachelor of science in marketing while working your way up in that firm? Financial Institutions will respect that degree when you get it because they know the power of knowledge in a world full of uncertainties like the financial markets. They will better trust you to take ethical steps to market their products because you have taken the time to study legal issues that have presented themselves within the marketing industry over the past several decades.

Keep Your Marketing Relevant

Although this may seem a bit obvious, you’d be pretty amazed at just how many marketers choose ad campaigns and web content that is totally irrelevant to the financial products and services they are promoting. Gone are the days of keyword stuffing and unfortunately, so many marketers still advertise that way. If you don’t have relevant content to offer that is informative, it would be better not to post any ads or content at all.

Offer Benefits Above and Beyond the Competition

Let’s face it. When someone invests in the financial market he or she is looking to make a profit. The problem is, there are so many financial products that are quite similar that you would need to offer something the competition doesn’t have. For example, you might want to advertise your client as being environmentally conscientious and someone who donates a certain percentage of their profits to an environmental organization or a reforestation project. Today’s consumer has gone green so this is a benefit many of the competitors in the financial services industry just can’t offer. Give consumers something of benefit and they are likely to choose your client.

Select a Niche and Specialize in It

When studying for your online marketing degree, your bachelors of science will give you a broad overview of marketing principles, a great foundation, but from there you want to find a niche to specialize in. For example, you might want to specialize in commodities or derivatives. Even these may be a bit too broad so you could further whittle your focus down to Forex, for example. The financial markets are highly complex and as a result you can’t be expected to know all you need to know about all products to be equally effective in all. Find one and stick to it. You will find that it is easier to successfully market financial products and services if you understand them.

These are the basics for what you need to successfully market financial products and services, so master these and the rest will follow. Just remember that the more highly specialized you become the more effective you will be – and that’s a fact.

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