Renewing Bike Insurance Online VS Offline: A Process You Must Understand

Bike insurance for many in India is a one-time phenomenon, but they forget that this insurance policy protects the liability of the rider from any natural disasters, protects from manmade calamities and more. You must renew your bike insurance every year so that you do not bear the cost of repairing the damages, the service cost or any replacement charges caused due to a third party, or as may be the case. In addition, you get to earn your discounts, perks and NCB (No claim bonus) when renewed on time.

Online Vs Offline Insurance Renewal

For many, bike insurance renewal is often a herculean task due to, what most think is a sluggish renewal process. The tiring traditional renewing process is no more mandatory. You do not have to take a day off your work to visit the insurance offering for renewing your bike insurance waiting for hours standing in a queue. You don’t have to entertain pushy agents at your doorstep.

Thanks to the internet, you can now renew your bike insurance online without actually going through the long conventional process of renewal.

Benefits of Online Bike Insurance Renewal

From the Comfort of your Home: Online renewal of two-wheeler can be done at leisure, sitting on a cozy couch, sipping your favorite hot coffee and filing in the forms. This is unlike the offline process, where you take a half day off from office to visit the insurance company (9:00 AM to 6:00 PM mostly are the working hours), wait for the officer to come and call out your name. It often happens when your turn comes, you are short of the required documents for submission and you need to start the process afresh by paying a visit the next day. In many a case though the representative may take the initiative of renewal. Honestly, there are very few executives who actually take the liability of this after sales service as a ritual as their major focus is mainly on sales. You got to move as per their whims and fancies. Thus, for those who have limited time to spare and looking for quick renewals, online mode is the best option. On the click of a mouse, your bike insurance renewal policy is delivered at your home.

Fast, Cheaper and Easy: If you opt for online renewal you should do it 60 days prior to the expiry of the policy. It can be done by anybody. You just have to log onto the official website of the insurance company, log in with your user id and password, click on the renewal button and fill in the details required. Select your choice of combination if any, pay the renewal fees with a debit card or credit card or net banking and you get your receipt and renewal is done. You also have an option of comparing the rates, services and plans.

Final note

Online renewal is the fastest and cheaper mode (as you can compare and select a quote from a range of insurance companies) of renewing your two-wheeler insurance, whereas offline renewal of two-wheeler insurance is time-consuming (owing to the documentation formalities) and you may not always get the best deal.

Unlike offline renewal of bike insurance, in online renewal, it is cost efficient as there is no middleman involved. This saves on the commission to be paid to the agents, besides, since paperless, it reduces the cost further offering you lower premium rates.

Therefore, the primary reasons for renewing your two-wheeler online would be the simplicity, time saver, easy renewal and security. In simple words, with the renewal of your bike insurance online you are independent, vigilant and smart.