Do You Know What A Currency Crisis Is?


A currency crisis occurs when a country’s currency depreciates rapidly over time. A currency crisis typically does not happen overnight – it builds up over time since it is primarily driven by deteriorating domestic economic conditions or political instability. The culmination of a currency crisis occurs in the forex market, with the domestic currency depreciating against other foreign currencies. Sometimes the problems might spill over to other markets such as USA500.

Due to its nature of a slow build-up, currency crises are sometimes unpredictable. This article will explore the causes of a currency crisis and how it manifests in the forex market.

Note that a currency crisis can result in a rapid appreciation of the currency without any changes in a country’s fundamental economic factors in some rare cases.

Causes of Currency Crisis

A currency crisis is caused by several factors, all of which are traceable back to a country’s economic deterioration and lack of confidence in both financial and political institutions to institute proper reforms.

Keep in mind that demand and supply forces determine a country’s currency’s value in the forex market. Thus, when there is a lack of confidence in a country’s economic, monetary, and political institutions, domestic currency demand will fall. Foreigners holding the domestic currency will dump it, which creates oversupply, thus driving down its value relative to other currencies in the forex market.

Here are the most significant causes of a currency crisis.

Economic Deterioration

Endogenous economic factors play a significant role in determining the value of a country’s currency. When the economy is performing well, there is a rise in domestic expenditure, which leads to higher GDP growth. A flourishing economy tends to have lower unemployment. In this scenario, the domestic currency increases in value.

Now, if over time, a country’s economy deteriorates. The rate of unemployment increases, which in turn reduces the domestic demand in the economy. Consequently, the economy goes into a cyclical risk. That means that unemployment leads to reduced domestic expenditure. The depressed spending forces businesses to cut back on production, which leads to layoffs, hence, a higher unemployment rate. If left unchecked, this cycle continues in perpetuity.

In some cases, economic deterioration can be caused by a systemic financial crisis during the global financial crisis in 2007 – 2008. During such times, currency traders can opt for alternative assets like platinum trading to avoid the extreme volatility in the forex market.

Furthermore, economic deterioration can be a direct result of localized natural disasters. Such disasters might cause irreparable damage to a country’s critical infrastructure that ends up crippling economic activities. This tends to lead to capital flight, especially by foreign investors.

Failure of Monetary and Economic Institutions

Suppose the economy is performing poorly, monetary institutions like the central bank intervene to stimulate growth. Such an intervention involves the implementation of expansionary monetary and fiscal policies. Lowering interest rates and an increase in government expenditure are some of the most common measures.

When not correctly implemented, the expansionary measures result in hyperinflation. Cutting the interest rates at a faster pace floods the market with cheap money. Furthermore, a lower interest rate means that investors will receive lower returns. This results in capital flight, which might cripple the economy, especially if a country is highly dependent on direct foreign investment.

Similarly, expansionary fiscal policies might require that the government employs quantitative easing measures or more debt. When governments take on unsustainable amounts of debt, it may overburden the domestic economy with debt repayment. Consequently, most of the government revenue goes towards debt repayment rather than economic development. The country’s international credit rating may drop, which leads to freezes on further international lending and an increase in the cost of credit.

Deliberate devaluation of a currency

Sometimes, a government might decide to devalue the domestic currency deliberately. Most countries that devalue their currencies often have three goals. Firstly, to boost their earnings from exports by making domestic exports more favorable. Secondly, currency devaluation helps to shrink trade deficits and, thirdly, it lowers the burden of debt repayment. When the domestic currency is weaker, debt repayment becomes less expensive. 

Examples of Currency Crises

Turkey’s Currency Crisis of 2018

From January to December 2018, the Turkish Lira depreciated against the USD by up to 47.8%.

The Turkey currency crisis was a result of a series of economic and political failures in Turkey. Economically, Turkey’s trade deficit reached $51.6 billion in 2018, which made it one of the biggest current account deficits globally. During that period, the Turkish economy contracted by 2.6%. More so, there was unprecedented borrowing by Turkish banks and businesses from the international market. Since most of the debt was in USD, the Turkish economy would be positively impacted by any monetary policies in the US.

The Turkish Lira crisis began when the US Federal Reserve Bank started hiking interest rates. In 2018, the US Fed Funds Rate rose from 1.5% to 2.25%, effectively increasing the debt owed by Turkish banks and businesses.

More so, the Turkish government was growing increasingly authoritarian. Politicians interfered with monetary policy decisions, which are supposed to be independently decided upon by the CBRT. Consequently, foreign investors lost trust in Turkish institutions.

2015 Swiss Franc Case

In some rare cases, a currency crisis can lead to an appreciation of the domestic currency. In such instances, the interest rate fluctuation has nothing to do with a country’s economic fundamentals. An example of this is with the 2015 Swiss Franc crisis.

In January 2015, the Swiss National Bank announced that it would de-peg the CHF from the EUR. That meant removing the fixed lower limit in the EUR/CHF exchange rate of 1.2. Consequently, the CHF appreciated against the EUR up to 30%.

Can you Trade Currency Crises?

Well, yes. However, note that it is almost impossible to predict upcoming currency crises. For most forex traders, currency crises only manifest when it is full-blown. Based on historical trends, it might be risky to jump into trades when a currency crisis begins to manifest. You can never be certain for how long the exchange rate will trend. More so, such periods experience extreme volatility, which might end up wiping your trade account.

If you are interested in trading currency crises, be sure to conduct thorough analyses of economic, monetary, and geopolitical factors that may impact a country’s currency.

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Why should you invest in a Monedero Ledger wallet?

Bitcoin was the first currency to be released as an open-source program and is only accessible in the electronic form to analyze the code to access the Bitcoin network.

Actually, via Bitcoin, you will own your assets. llThe bitcoin is a decentralized network that removes people’s need to have faith and unregulated value transactions.

No bank or individual is entitled to pick what you want to do with your cryptocurrency properties. You can use your money 24 hours a day, and you can do it quickly. No one can tell you what your own money is to do because you can access this alone.

The business, organizations, and even governments gradually support Bitcoin. The technological marvel Bitcoin, from technical giants like Microsoft to tour operators such as Expedia, is embraced by an extensive range of enterprises. And the list is rising fast. According to Coinmap, there are currently almost 20,000 stores accepting Bitcoin as a means of payment.

Two factors matter while acquiring Bitcoin: the protection and ownership of your coins.

  • The key to your Bitcoin – your private key – is significant.
  • The person with access to this key owns and can do anything they want with the relevant Bitcoin.
  • You must be this guy.
  • You don’t own this key – exchange does when you buy Bitcoin online.
  • That means that two people think:
  • You don’t monitor your crypto, so you aren’t the valid owner – it’s an exchange.
  • This helps them to set a minimum or a maximum withdrawal limit for your operation. – You’re vulnerable to hack, depending on security crypto exchange.

Although you can guarantee that your account is safe, for example, by using 2FA, you can’t monitor the security of the platform.

Due to the huge amount of cryptography they can steal and were influential in the past, cryptocurrency exchanges are perfect destinations for hackers.

You have to take over your bitcoin to better secure and manage it: you have total freedom to own your cryptography with your private keys.

Monedero Ledger wallet has established a solution to protect and possess this key. The best way to save your funds is to provide you the ability to handle everything on its own, combined with the hardware wallet and the Aplicación Ledger live.

Your private key remains offline in the hardware wallet, and nobody can access or use it except you. You will need your key to enter Aplicación Ledger live‘s main facilities and access all rooms and amenities, just like how you need a master key in a house.

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A Guide to Trading Cryptocurrencies

Are you a newbie to the world of Cryptocurrencies? Cast an eye over this article to understand the basic concepts for investment in Cryptocurrencies.

What are the different types of Cryptocurrencies available?

Bitcoin is the most instituted cryptocurrency and has a market capitalization of over $278 billion. Apart from Bitcoin, there are few other well-known Cryptocurrencies, too, like Ethereum with a market capitalization of about $74 billion, Ripple with a market capitalization of $28 billion, Litecoin with a market capitalization of $17 billion, and MIOTA having a market capitalization of about $13 billion.

How to Buy Cryptocurrencies?

Since Bitcoin is the first type of cryptocurrency, there is a wide range of options available to trade Bitcoin worldwide. You can deal in any digital currency with the help of a crypto marketplace.

Is Cryptocurrency Safe?

The cryptocurrency transactions are transparent and verified by blockchain technology. Moreover, the transaction cost of Cryptocurrencies is significantly less compared to the other modes of online payments.

How to Store Cryptocurrencies?

There are two standard options available when it comes to the storage of digital currency. 

  • You can store them on the exchange itself from where you buy them. However, it is vital to be careful while selecting the exchange. Since digital currencies have become very popular, many new and unknown exchanges have emerged. Some of them can be scammy, too; hence it is essential to choose the right exchange after proper research.
  • The next option is to store your digital currency in hardware wallets. There are several renowned companies like Ledger that allow you to keep your digital money. All you have to do is تحميل تطبيق محفظة ليدجر, and you can safely store any type of digital currency.

How to Learn More About Cryptocurrencies?

The cryptocurrency market keeps on fluctuating. Hence, it is more suitable for a long-term investment. Besides, you can follow trusted accounts on social media and get your daily updates from there too.

You can access established news sites like Business Insider, Coindesk, or Cryptocoin News to get all the updates and reports on the digital currency.

The Bottom Line

In a nutshell, digital currency is the future, which can be evident in the success of current types of Cryptocurrencies. Hence, make sure to keep learning and understand the basics of cryptocurrency to get on the right track. Moreover, once you start making your digital currency investments, you can تحميل محفظة ليدجر to store your coins safely. Thank you for reading!

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Coronavirus Shows Hard Money Is Not Without Its Risks

No form of lending is without its risks. But when it comes to hard money, risk tends to be an out-of-sight, out-of-mind kind of thing. We do not think a lot about the risk simply because we don’t hear a lot of stories about hard money lenders crashing and burning. However, coronavirus has changed things. A number of recent developments clearly shows that hard money is not without its risks.

According to The Real Deal real estate news website, a number of hard money lenders active in New York’s commercial real estate scene are suddenly facing a day of reckoning. The local real estate market is suffering from a lack of interest in both commercial and residential space. And with the market suffering, developers and property owners are unable to generate sufficient revenue to pay their loans.

What do you do if you are a hard money lender who has invested significant resources in a project that looks like it will not be completed? How do you make good on your own financial obligations when clients are not repaying their loans?

Billions in Potential Losses

One of the projects highlighted by The Real Deal involves a hard money lender that shelled out more than $1 billion to finance a new high-rise in Manhattan. Everything was going along swimmingly until the pandemic hit. Now the project has ground to a standstill. The lender stands to lose it all if they cannot find a new developer to take over the project. Repossessing and selling the property as-is wouldn’t even come close to paying off the loan.

At the root of the problem was the high acquisition cost paid for the land itself. At approximately $1,100 per square foot, it was one of the costliest real estate deals in New York’s history. It is highly unlikely the lender could sell the property for that much now, especially with the city’s real estate market in decline. The only remaining option is to complete the project and get the space rented.

It’s All About Collateral

Salt Lake City’s Actium Partners, a hard money lender with a penchant for real estate deals, says hard money is all about collateral. Lenders look good and hard at whatever collateral borrowers offer. In the case of land development, the future value of the property being acquired often serves as loan security. Unfortunately, this adds an element of risk to the equation.

As the lender on the New York project found out, future value is never guaranteed. They are married to collateral that now has insufficient value to cover the debt. If they cannot find a new developer to take over, it could be lights out.

On the other hand, what if the original developer had offered other properties as collateral? A few other properties already generating revenue would be more realistic targets for seizure and sale in the event of default. The lender’s risk is substantially mitigated under such a scenario.

Assessing Risk Case-By-Case

If nothing else, the pandemic’s effect on hard money lending reinforces the idea that risk must be evaluated case-by-case. It is clear that the lenders cited by The Real Deal are in trouble. But it’s also clear that not all hard money lenders are having a tough time of it. Some are doing very well even in the midst of the ongoing coronavirus issue.

The truth is that hard money is not without its risks. Lenders and borrowers alike assume a certain amount of risk whenever they agree to do business. Risk is a fundamental principle of both traditional and nontraditional lending.

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Is It Necessary to Have Lifelong Car Insurance?

It would be best if you got the right insurance policy for your vehicle before using it. The law in Ontario requires cars to have at least third party insurance cover before driving. Most car insurance providers have different options for car owners, including comprehensive, third party, lifelong, and temporary car insurance Ontario. Each of these insurance options has its benefits and cons that you should consider before making a purchase.

One of the dilemmas that car owners face is whether it is necessary to have lifelong car insurance. Unlike the temporary car insurance, the lifelong cover covers your vehicle over its lifetime from things like accidents and breakdown and may have added benefits like fire and theft cover. Therefore, it means that you will not have to keep renewing your insurance cover after a given period, such as a year, three years, or five years.

Is it Necessary to Have This Cover?

There are many reasons you may take lifelong care insurance cover instead of temporary car insurance in Ontario. First, suppose your car is older (in most cases over four years from the date of manufacture). In that case, the lifelong cover offers some element s of comprehensive insurance cover that most providers do not provide the cover on older vehicles.

You also get the peace of mind from knowing that your car is covered for its lifetime with you. Most insurance providers allow you to pick additional covers for fire and theft with low excess payments for each. Therefore, if looking for a good cover that will take care of most of the risks during the entire period of owning your vehicle, this is the cover to pick.

On the other hand, you may not find the cover very necessary if you are in any of the following situations.

If you intend to change your vehicle in the near future, a lifelong insurance cover may be too expensive for you. This is because it covers a vast number of risks, some of which become more likely as your vehicle ages. Annual insurance policies cover car owners that stay with vehicles for less than three years better than lifelong covers.

For motor vehicle dealers, a temporary car insurance Ontario may cover your vehicle before the process of transferring the same to the new owner. It is cheaper as it covers a short period (most are up to six months) and a few risks. Unfortunately, several insurance providers in Ontario do not offer these covers. However, you may check the best providers for this and other insurance covers for your vehicle online.

If you cannot afford the monthly premiums that come with the lifelong insurance cover, a renewable cover would be a better option. Most insurance providers ask car owners to pay annually, quarterly, or bi-annually for this cover. It may be quite expensive for some owners.

How to Choose the Right Insurance Cover

The lifelong and temporary car insurance Ontario covers differ from one company to the other. You must go through and understand the benefits and the costs of the policy so that you can pick the cover that best serves your interest. You may also want to talk to your broker about choosing the right insurance cover for your vehicle. He or she will analyze some of the most likely risks you may face and recommend the best cover. You may also take a few additional covers on your base car insurance to cover risks that may not be adequately covered. Use My Insurance Broker to compare covers from 15 leading auto insurers in Canada.

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Look for the Best Bankruptcy Lawyer near you 

Bankruptcy could be devastating for a business. If you were having trouble with your finances and looking forward to debt consolidation or bankruptcy, consider hiring a Toledo bankruptcy lawyer. If you were on the verge of a financial rut, you would require additional funds to pay the bankruptcy lawyer. Rest assured that it would be impossible at such a stage. Regardless of your being low on funds, it would be best to consider consulting a bankruptcy lawyer before you initiate the process. A bankruptcy lawyer would be able to handle your specific needs without burning a significant hole in your pocket. 

The main purpose of hiring a bankruptcy lawyer would be to help an individual or business go through the legal process for filing bankruptcy. The lawyer would help you deal with creditors, set up a payment plan, and gather liquid assets. They would also be required to fill the essential paperwork. A bankruptcy lawyer would be a knowledgeable source during a bankruptcy process. In most states, you may not require hiring a bankruptcy lawyer for the legal process. However, it would be in your best interest to look forward to hiring a bankruptcy lawyer for their knowledge in financial law. The lawyer would assist you in handling the legalities of the system. 

From the beginning, a reputed bankruptcy lawyer would help you determine the chapter of bankruptcy to file. They would offer sound reasons to file for bankruptcy under a specific chapter. If you do not know anything about the different chapters, rest assured to consult a lawyer. Most lawyers would offer a free consultation where you could claim the advice and move on to take care of the remainder of the case independently. However, lawyers would charge by activity or by a visit. It would be inclusive of filing paperwork or appearing in the courtroom. 

It would not be wrong to suggest that most bankruptcy lawyers specialize in the same kind of cases. Therefore, it would be imperative to find a lawyer who could assist you with the kind of financial difficulties you face. Most bankruptcy lawyers would work with your businesses, while others would work with individuals. A good and experienced lawyer would provide you the required expertise in the area you need. 

Yet another reason to consider hiring a bankruptcy lawyer would be to have someone with financial knowledge. The lawyer should be able to guide you through the paperwork process. They would take the burden away from you by dealing with paperwork in the middle of a financial and emotionally straining time. 

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Download Ledger Live For Leveraging All Its Benefits In Crypto Transactions

A considerable number of people surely know that it’s easy to send and receive a transactional exchange with the Ledger Live App. It has never been this quick to become a real investor with your cash, pick and get your most loved crypto from Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, or Dash, using your credit card or bank transfer. After you 다운로드 ledger live, you procure your most cherished crypto, and it will ship directly off the welfare of your facilities wallet. You will be promptly liable for your crypto by encryption of your wallet with Ledger appliances.

How Everything Works After Downloading Ledger Live

Your crypto should be handled securely, anywhere you go with ledger machinery wallets. The Ledger Nano X is a Secure Gadget operated by Bluetooth which will hold your Private keys. Associate the gadget into the Ledger Live Mobile device in a rush to start managing your crypto money. In a location where you are using a Ledger S., the wallet of the product of the framework is to connect with an OTG connection, a mobile device to make ensure the funds around and are manageable overall all around the web.

You Need To Download Ledger Live, To Get Started

Try not to be constrained. Ledger Live allows you the opportunity to acquire a wide variety of cash cryptographic processes. They are likely to immediately manage the token conveniently from one specific program, which is the Ledger Live Software. You will certainly work with services from the same or whole program after 다운로드 ledger live, regardless of whether it is a desktop product on a PC or cellular operation.

Acquire crypto prizes by simply labelling Tezos in the Ledger Live App with no intervention of any kind at all. It has markings for all. Marking In reality, just the same as a market at your investment bank, Tezos, Tron, and Kosmos are now at Ledger Live. Ads allow customers to purchase the crypto certificates in 3 common measures.

The Bottom Line 

After 다운로드 ledger live, you will produce multiple packages, one with the inspiration of you, all of the distinct, exactly. Create one wallet, and another for your nutritional material. For your investment funds, or use with your kids at a slapping event, so you let their owner some. This should help you with getting your equipment and services figured out.

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Managing your trades like professional trader

Position trading is the longest time-frame trading strategy. Under such contracts, trades can last for multiple months to even several years. Investors who choose this trading method, ignore any types of short-term movements to fully exploit longer-term trends. It is this kind of trading that is most analogous to investing. Investing in position trade refers to holding positions for a longer-term than that of other strategies.

This type of trading strategy is booked for super patient investors and it requires a profound understanding of the basics. Because this strategy is all about holding positions for a long time and this holding period sometimes becomes extra-long. That’s where different fundamental themes enter the picture and demand traders’ attention.

Fundamentals govern the long-term movements of currency pairs and it is crucial for a trader to understand how different financial data affects different countries and their future perception. For the elongated holding times of the trades, the range of stop losses will be highly large. It means that their losses can highly large. This also means that an investor’s losses can wind up being huge devastation, but it also refers that one’s profit can also be huge.

The investor should make it certain that he is well-capitalized, or he will be more likely to receive margin called.

For a concept of how much cash a trader in the United Kingdom should have in his account, he should check out his money management and risk management strategy and lesson. A trader will also require thick skin as it is nearly guaranteed that his trades will turn against his expectation at a point while he is trading this method.

Types of Positions

While different fundamental analyses play a large role for all the position traders, that doesn’t refer that technical analyses aren’t used.

Position traders are likely to use different fundamental and technical analyses to find out a potentially profitable trend.

Below are some of the effective trading methods which deploy technical analysis that most traders use:

1.     Trading Trend Deploying Moving Average

The 50-day and 200-day moving averages are a great indicator of significant technical markers for traders. If you deal with the commodities, you can even find the long term trend in the market. The reason behind this is because of the fact these moving averages depict significant long-term moves.

Look for the cross in the 50 day and 20 day MA to predict a new move in the market. When both averages intersect with each other, it implies the possibility of a new trend.

When the first one that means the 50-day MA goes below the second one, the 200-day MA, this pattern is called the “Death Cross”.

When the first one intersects above the second one, it will be termed as the “Golden Cross”.

2.     Support-and-Resistance

Support-and-resistance levels can indicate where the price is heading, providing traders wisdom on whether they should open or end a position.

A bolster level is merely a price level that historically does not plummet. These types of historical bolster levels can persist for years.

A defiance level is another price level that historically more likely to be breakable. These types of historical resistance can also persist for several years.

If speculators want a long-term defiance hold, they should end their positions before unrecognized levels start melting away.

This method requires investors to analyse different chart patterns. When inspecting those charts, traders should consider different factors when attempting to recognize bolster and defiance levels.

3.     Breakouts

Breakouts are amazing indicators of a new trend. A breakout is a point where the price of a currency crosses well-defined support-and resistance lines. The concept behind breakout trading is to initiate a long position after the opening of a short one when the price crosses below the bolster line.To trade breakouts successfully, traders need to be confident in noticing periods of bolster and defiance.

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How Much Are Credit Repair Services?

If you’re interested in repairing your credit, it is possible to establish a plan and work at creating a more positive credit score for yourself. Choosing credit repair services will often yield faster results however and a more proven plan for establishing a better credit score. Here are some of the costs which are associated with credit repair.

Taking a DIY Approach

Choosing to repair your credit all on your own is a completely free option but the only downside to choosing this option is that you’ll have to regularly obtain copies of your credit report, you have to call your creditors and regularly report back with the three main agencies at least once every 12 months. Reviewing this information can take extensive research especially if you’re not an expert and the real costs associated with DIY credit repair is your time.

Credit Repair Software

This a variety of software and services online that can help you use a series of menus to establish a plan for your credit. You input your information and then you’ll get access to reports and methods that can be used to repair your credit. The only problem with using software or online tools is that you can put your data at risk and the cost ranges between $50 up to $500 depending on the type of software in use.

Full-service Credit Repair

Full-service credit repair companies are often the most efficient choice for improving your credit. Most of these companies will offer a free consultation and then a monthly fee as long as you’re using the services. It might also be possible that you could work with a company that offers a flat fee service for their assistance. Most flat fee services can cost a maximum of $500 or a minimum of $100. Monthly charges range from $50-$150 but with the full-service approach, you will have access to expert advice, someone that can represent you, and the most efficient way that you can repair your credit.

Keep some of these costs in mind if you are working to improve your credit.

This post was written by Kristian D’An, owner of Lux Credit LLC and CCA board certified credit repair specialist. Lux Credit offers credit repair services for those looking to improve their credit! Click here for more information.

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Futures Traders Mistakes You Should Avoid

Many futures traders start trading by winning some decent profits. However, after some time, they surprise themselves by the string of losses that they encounter.

These losses chip away from their trading capital while they try so hard to find what mistakes they are doing.

If you want to avoid becoming this kind of futures trader, you have to learn about the most common mistakes one commits when trading futures.

Ignoring the System

A successful futures trader always has a system in place to help them select trades and keep losses to the lowest possible level.

On the other hand, many traders often deviate from or abandon the system they are using at a time when the trading strategy is beginning to show promise.

When they let this happen, they also let emotions creep into their trading. And that ultimately leads to losses.

Not Using Protections

Futures trading, or all kinds of trading, for this matter, carries a certain level of risk. This is the reason why it is imperative for you to protect yourself.

There are many ways by which you can protect your trades. You can use or sell stops to limit your losses to a tolerable level. You can also use some hedging strategies such as buying put options.

Obviously, when you take steps to protect yourself, you also help keep losses to the minimum while you try your best to maximize your profit.

Not Concentrating

To successfully trade futures, you need to give it your undivided attention, particularly when you read and analyze the financial markets.

Of course, you can expect to experience difficult distractions. However, you always want to have as few as possible when you’re a futures trader.

Being Closed to New Ideas

Whether you like it or not, the markets always change. Even if you think you’re already a great trader, you can always find something new—a new idea—that can help you improve your results.

More often than not, traders get caught up in thinking that they already know enough. Therefore, they sometimes no longer want to learn anything new.

When market conditions change, this trader gets left behind. Meanwhile, if you are always open to new ideas, you will adapt to the market changes and gain consistent profit.

What Qualities You Should Have

Now, to avoid and fix these mistakes, you must have some qualities that you should always nurture

  • Be an independent thinker – think for yourself instead of following what many others are already thinking.
  • Be a strong analyst – learn the technical and fundamental sides of analysis and use them in your trading to spot trading opportunities.
  • Be an active learner – even when you think you’re already successful, never stop learning and improving your craft. Attend seminars or go to events to expand your knowledge and meet other traders to continue your education.
  • Have all the tools of your trade – make sure that you have the tools you need for when you create your trade or gather information anywhere you are.
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