Essential Benefits of Forex Trading Signals

There are important tools you need as a forex trader to succeed in your trading. Some of these tools include the forex trading signals. The tools are very significant when trading of forex is concerned. Before you choose any system for your trading, you need to carry a wide investigation to understand how reliable it is and why you need to purchase it.

As a trader of forex, you will need to consider various forex tools to support your careers. Today in the marketplace, you will find many forex signals tools. Some of the tools are payable and others free. It is important, therefore, to research extensively to ensure you are working with the best system. The system of forex trading is able to transfer the currencies at an agreed price. You will find such a system used by many people who are traveling abroad due to the exchange of currencies. To support your forex trading, you need the forex trading signals for various benefits.

Improve the trading

When you need to improve the trade consequences in a shorter time, you require to consider the forex trading signals. Such signals are from usual trading bases or any systematic programs that are using the technical indicators. The use of signals to traders will help them to stop the extra trades of making money for the development of the trading account.


Forex signals are established when automatic computer exploration is used in the market. The system is beneficial in many ways. One of the advantages is that it will ensure the reduction of negative effects of human psychology. With negative psychology, you will find having an increase in failures and errors. However, with the best tools, you will avoid such mistakes to happen.

Monitoring of entry

With a purchase of forex trading signals, as a trader, you will get a better chance to monitor all the entries. More to that, you will have the ability to exit the points without spending your energy and time. The other important thing about signals when trading is concerned is the reduction of worry when doing the market analysis. The reason is that you will get the currency exchange pairs in it already. The signals, on the other hand, will support your development of the trading strategy success.

It is important to open an account on the best and reliable service of forex trading. Such an account will help you to contact the signal provider, who will provide you will the crucial details. After the progression is over, you will get an opportunity to deposit your amount for the start of your trading.

With forex trading signals, you will make the right decision about trading. You will get such signals available to help the traders make the best profit and ensure the trading journey is successful and easier. It is therefore important to consider such signals when you need to start forex trading if you don’t want to lose your resources.

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EFT Markets – ECN Broker Review

EFT Markets official logo

EFT Markets Introduction

Fully aware that selecting a good broker is very important for traders, EFT Markets provides an innovative approach to trade, and a solution for worldwide investors which is both simple and unique. Its primary goal is to support customers in achieving their trading goals via proficient features, reliable tools, and trusted information.

As a result of those efforts, EFT Markets has gradually managed to become a world-renowned financial services provider, currently serving customers from all around the world. Most of you probably wonder why you should choose to work with this provider, and the answer is a combination of various factors:

  • A next-generation trading platform
  • Competitive spreads and ultra-fast execution
  • Advanced graphs and analysis tools
  • Secure trading on desktop, laptop, mobile, and tablet

Proprietary Platform for all Customers

Since it aims to optimize your trading experience, EFT Markets relies on a proprietary web-based platform, a solution promising to be both simple enough for beginners, and packed with the tools necessary when dealing with volatile financial markets. Featuring advanced charting, an integrated economic calendar, price alerts, one-click trading, trading signals, and other perks, this is a platform that has already proven to be reliable.

It does not need any installation and thus you can log into your account via from any type of device. On one hand, this ensures enough flexibility, but on the other, some traders might desire a mobile app or a downloadable desktop solution. Either way, EFT Markets is constantly looking for ways to upgrade its trading offer.

FX and CFDs asset coverage

Using only one multifunctional platform, clients can get involved in more than 1,000 tradable instruments.  Forex trading with EFT Markets means the ability to gain exposure to major currency pairs and some less-popular pairs as well, now that activity in the currency market has been energized by both fiscal and monetary interventions.

Depending on the account type chosen, traders can trade FX with leverage ranging between 1:200 and 1:400. Liquidity, tight spreads, and the ability to trade on a demo account are features every trader has access to.

Even though this review is focused in particular on FX trading conditions, you also need to know that the EFT Markets asset coverage does not stop at currencies. Hundreds of popular stocks and indices, actively-traded commodities, and a rich selection of cryptocurrencies all make finding the best-suited assets for you easier.

Trading Conditions

Not all customers benefit from the same trading conditions at EFT Markets, mainly because there are 5 different account types available, each requiring a specific initial deposit. In exchange, the broker opens up access to a mix of features designed to help traders develop technical and fundamental analyses, as well as to provide needed customer support.

The current offer includes the following options:

  • Standard account
  • Silver account
  • Gold account
  • VIP account
  • Pro account

Accounts with an initial investment of $10,000 are in the Standard category and the list of features attributed includes 1:200 leverage, daily news, a trading academy, market reviews provided weekly, an account manager, and a weekly portfolio progress report.

EFT Markets trading conditions

For any account upgrade, EFT Markets provides additional features, such as commission discounts, weekly 1-on-1 sessions with market analysts, a personal portfolio manager, and in-depth research.

Account Funding

To make a deposit to a live account, you can use a credit/debit card. EFT Markets accepts most major issuers, including Visa, Mastercard, and Maestro. The advantage here is that the deposit is immediately credited to your account. A second option is via a bank wire transfer, yet in this case, banking fees might apply and the processing time could take up to several days, depending on the banks involved and your country of residence.

For withdrawals, the same methods can be used. However, customers need to be aware of the ‘anti-money laundering’, ‘counter financing of terrorism’, and ‘knowyourcustomer’ procedures, which all require traders to verify their identity and address before withdrawal.

EFT Markets KYC requirements


  • Competitive trading offer for forex instruments
  • Simple and fast web-trading platform
  • Coverage for most popular payment methods


  • Only Pro accounts can trade with 1:400 leverage
  • Live chat customer support available only in English
  • Not regulated in the EU or the USA

The Bottom Line

The EFT Markets offer is designed for retail traders around the world, wishing to avoid all the limitations made by other brands, and trade a solid package of assets with flexible costs on a reliable trading platform.

They only limitations left to consider are the regulatory ones, since the services provided can’t be obtained everywhere, especially where local regulation does not allow online trading. As a trading brand, EFT Markets constantly works on ensuring optimal trading conditions,in order to increaseits customer base. For more information on what it currently offers, feel free to check

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CFD Trading; How Make Profit With The Rising And Falling Market? 

CFD or contract for differences is a smart way of trading a wide range of financial markets. It is a course of action made in the financial agreement between two parties: the buyer and the seller, where the differences in repayment between the open and closing exchange cost are cash-settled. CFDs allow you to trade on the price movement of any financial market.

Reasons for CFDs trading – 

  • Profitable in both falling and rising market
  • A person’s profit depends upon their anticipation of the market, that is, the fall or rise of a particular underlying asset. By trading on margin, one keeps a safer side to not invest too much at a time (leverage effect).
  • Low transaction cost
  • Fast execution
  • Profitable without even owning the underlying asset.

If one thinks that an asset’s price is going up, they can buy a CFD and gain benefit from that rise without even owning the asset. If one believes that a particular underlying asset’s price will drop, they can sell CFD and do cfd trading and gain money from it accordingly. This is known as the open and closing exchange or going long and going short.

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Best Practices when using a Hardware Wallet

Hardware wallets such as the Ledger钱包下载 generally empower you with a sense of control and ownership to your crypto assets. However, with great power comes a great responsibility. This practically implies that being your own bank is definitely not trivial and it requires you to have discipline.

Using a hardware wallet such as the ledger wallet, does not 100 percent guarantee that you will be invincible against human errors, social engineering or physical threats. It is recommendable that you always use your common sense and apply some basic security principles.

The 24-word recovery phrase

Whenever you are initializing your hardware wallet for you first time, you will most certainly be promoted to note down twenty-four word writing on a certain recovery sheet. These twenty-four words are typically referred to as a recovery phase and are basically a human readable back-up form which all of your private keys are usually derived from.

These twenty-four words writing on the recovery page is used for the purpose of restoring access to your crypto assets on another Ledger钱包下载or any other wallet that is compatible. To put it in a more simple term this ledger recovery sheet that is practically containing the 24-word recovery phase is a unique list of words that is basically generated by the hardware wallet.

General security principles

Basically, there are two major reasons as to why you require access to your recovery phase which you will most certainly be able to see, learn, and comprehend by thoroughly reading this article.

One of the reasons as to why you require to access to your recovery phase is due to the fact that your hardware wallet has the possibility of undergoing a certain loss or destruction. With the recovery phase you are very much capable of entering on a new device so as to recover full access to your crypto assets

The other reasons as to why you require access to your recovery phase that is the issue of cloning to a new device. Therefore, by entering your 25-word on another hardware device, you will most certainly be in possession of two hardware wallets which you are pretty much capable of using them independently. Another reason as to why you should clone a device would be whenever you are upgrading to a newer model.

As you are very much capable of easily deducting from this, anybody who is able to get access to your recovery sheet that has your twenty-words would most certainly obtain instant access to all of your crypto assets.

This, therefore, proves the manner in which it is of the utmost importance that your recovery phase is secured in a correct manner. The reason being is due to the fact that any form of compromise to your recovery phase, at any particular time, would most certainly, have a high probability of leading to cast strophic losses to your crypto assets which is something that you most certainly do not wish to go through.

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Risk Management Strategies for Traders

Risk management is an essential part of trading that can help you protect against losses. That makes a proper risk management strategy a very crucial part of any trading plan. Here are some strategies that you can use to better manage your trades.

Plan of Action

You should never forego the planning stage. As the old cliché goes, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

To do this, you have to make sure that you have the right broker for your trading style. Different brokers have different offerings. And not all of them offer what you need for a successful trade.

The next step is to know the prices at which you are willing to pay and the prices at which you are willing lock in profits.

Many unsuccessful traders trade without any idea when they will enter or exit the trade. As a result, they play things by ear and end up confusing trading with gambling.

The 1% Rule

Many day traders follow the one-percent rule, which suggests that you should never put more than 1% of your capital into a single trade.

This technique is popular among traders that have accounts of less than $100,000. Many traders with higher balances in their account may opt for lower percentages.

Using Stop Loss and Take Profit Orders

The stop loss level is the price at which you are going to sell an asset and take a loss on the trade. Obviously, you need this when the trade doesn’t go as you planned.

The order is created to prevent the attitude where you wait for the trade to turn around and come back. You are effectively limiting your losses before they mount up.

On the flipside, the take profit level is the price at which     you will sell a stock and take profit on the trade. You can use this when the upside potential is limited because of the risks.

Diversification and Hedging

You also have to make sure that you’re not putting all your eggs in one basket. Because if you invest all your money into one stock or instrument, you may expect to lose all your investments at once.

Always diversify your investments across sectors, industries, market caps, and regions. This helps you manage your risks as well as provide you some vision on better and more profitable opportunities.

You also need to learn about hedging your position.  Check the stock position when the results are up. If you think there’s a substantial amount of risk, take the opposite position through the use of options.

This can help you protect your position. When the trading activity slows down, you can then remove the hedge.

Put Options

If you can do options trading, you may also consider downside put options, which is also known as protective put. You can use this technique to minimize the losses whenever the trade turns sour.

A put options offers you the right but not the obligation to sell the underlying asset at a particular price on or before the option’s expiration.

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Enjoy a Long-Term Relationship with Go4Rex for Profitable Trading

Looking for an online broker? Even though some believe that having choices is helpful, there is a downside as well. It can often make it difficult for people to make a decision and this applies to online brokers too. The market is saturated with them and with so many offering similar services, it can be tough to figure out what option seems most reliable. How do you make up your mind? You should understand that no two brokers are the same and not everyone is going to like the same broker. Your needs will vary from other traders and so will your choice.

Keeping this in mind, you should look for brokers that can cater to traders with different trading styles and background. Go4Rex fits the bill perfectly in this regard. The broker was launched by FX Capital Ltd out of Seychelles and has been around the market for a short while. However, their relatively newness doesn’t mean that the broker lacks in any aspect. As a matter of fact, most people who sign up with Go4Rex end up establishing a long-term relationship with the broker. Why is this so? This is mostly due to the comprehensive and appealing features the broker has incorporated in its platform. Let’s check out what makes the broker stand out:

  • The security of trading

Anyone who has done their research into the trading market is aware that it is teeming with scams and there have been numerous hacks as well. This is enough to make people wary of putting their trust into an unknown entity, particularly when they have to share sensitive and confidential information. Understanding this dilemma, Go4Rex has taken appropriate measures to establish a secure environment for its clientele. Their security practices include implementing the highest level of SSL encryption. When you share any data with Go4Rex, they encrypt it right away to ensure no unauthorized individual can access it. Moreover, since the broker is regulated by the International Financial Services Commission (IFSC), they keep funds in segregated accounts so there is very little chance of misappropriation.

  • The affordability of trading

Obviously there is a cost of trading. No broker is going to offer you their services for free and if they are, you need to steer clear of them. However, this doesn’t mean that they have to charge you excessively either. There are reasonable and cost-effective brokers as well and Go4Rex is one of them. Instead of opting for the commission model, which can often infuriate and demotivate traders, the broker has opted to earn via spreads. In addition, it offers some of the tightest spreads in the market and also gives leverage to its clients to make things interesting.

  • The availability of numerous assets for trading

What asset do you wish to trade? Some people want to start with one asset like the foreign currency pairs while others want to invest in several simultaneously. Even if you start with one, there is a good chance you many want to spread out later on. In this situation, you wouldn’t want to switch brokers all over again because this can be a big hassle. Therefore, it is best to start with a broker that can offer you significant variety and this is exactly what Go4Rex does. The broker wants to attract traders from different interests and backgrounds and to do so, they have kept their asset index extensive. You can choose from forex, stocks, commodities, indices, cryptocurrencies and many other instruments. The best thing about the broker is that it offers you the best of every market so you can diversify your portfolio and keep your risks at a minimum.

  • The ease of trading

You don’t want trading to be too difficult, especially when you are just getting started. It is the trading platform that determines how easy or difficult your trading is and so Go4Rex has ensured that it provides its users with an innovative solution. This means that the broker has not made any compromises when it comes to the technical aspects of the platform, but at the same time, they have made it easy to use. The control panel boasts some of the most versatile tools and features you can find on any platform and yet trades are executed in a couple of clicks. You can choose between a desktop trading platform and also a mobile version for both Android and iOS devices.

  • The various accounts for trading

The minimum amount you have to deposit and the tools and features you can use will depend on which account you have chosen with the broker. Go4Rex offers five account options and each comes with its own set of offerings to ensure traders can have a well-rounded and smooth experience while trading the asset of their choice. The account options start with the Basic account that offers $250, $1,000 for the Bronze, $2500 for the Silver, the Gold requires $10,000 and the Platinum account can be opened for $25,000. Each of these accounts offer customer support, loyalty bonus of different percentage, Education center access, Daily Market Review and Pro webinars. There is also a demo or practice account that can be helpful for beginners and those looking to test the broker.

  • The convenience of banking

Go4Rex understands that people don’t like being denied access to funds, whether they are the ones they have deposited or those they have earned. Thus, they have provided some great banking options to their clients. The broker offers debit and credit cards that are quick and effective, bank wire transfer that’s quite secure and online payment methods like Neteller and Skrill are also added for easy fund deposit and withdrawal.

Final Thoughts

Go4Rex has gone to great lengths to provide its traders with a flawless trading experience through the offerings outlined above. The broker has also provided useful training and education, commendable customer support and has made it easy for anyone to use their services for becoming a part of the trading industry.

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Reviewing the Five Global CTB Features That Truly Stand Out

If you are reading this review, I am sure you have either made up your mind about trading or you are in the process of deciding. In both cases, I think you should pay attention to how you should pick a broker if you want things to go smoothly. That’s where I am going to help you. I have collected a lot of details about a broker that I think is performing better than most of its counterparts. Its trading features are modern and trader-friendly. In addition to that, it provides you with not only flexibility but a lot of facilities when you trade with it. I’ll let you decide through this Global CTB trading review if what I am telling you is true.

Top Five Global CTB Reviewed

1.      The Asset Index

The asset index from this broker needs special mention. I have seen many other online brokers and I have reviewed their asset indices. However, I have to tell you that there are not many that can beat the asset index from this broker. It is a huge index with lots of assets from a variety of markets. In fact, you can even trade bonds when you sign up with this broker. Now, when it comes to the asset index, you can be in half a dozen financial markets with this broker, trading hundreds and thousands of different assets. You are not limited to major currency pairs here, as the broker lets you trade the minor and exotic ones as well.

I also have to mention the cryptocurrencies that you can trade with Global CTB. Right now, you will find a long list of cryptocurrencies that you trade with this broker. Many of these currencies are not even available to you when you sign up with other brokers. You can also trade stocks from a variety of companies from around the world. If you are not happy with that, you can trade oil with Global CTB. Last but not least, you also have the most precious gold that you can trade from the trading platform of this broker.

2.      Huge Educational Center

I was instantly impressed when I looked at the educational section of this broker. I have seen many other brokers offering some great training material. However, I have to admit that no other broker comes even close to what this broker has to offer. Global CTB has arranged trading education in a variety of formats. If you just enter the videos section, you have two different pages on the website on which you will only find videos about trading. They discuss everything from the basics of trading to some advanced trading strategies that should keep you afloat even if the market conditions are not the best.

 The same educational center has some great ebooks for you as well. News, charts, signals, reports, and just about anything that you need as a trader is there on the website of the broker. In addition to that, you will also find a very detailed trader glossary on the website that should help you understand the jargon used in this industry on a daily basis.

3.      Flexible Trading Platform

The trading platform is very flexible from this broker. Even though you will not see a lot of talk on the website about the trading platform, it is still one of the best out there. You can use this trading platform from Global CTB on any device that you have ever owned. Whether you are into the old and powerful desktop computer or the portable smartphones, you can use the trading platform on all of those devices without any issues. You will not even run into compatibility issues just because you have some operating system other than Android or Windows on your device.

4.      Great Customer Support

The customer support from this broker is something that must not go unnoticed. You have the broker providing you with help when you sign up with it in many forms. The broker has not limited its knowledge of its traders to the online FAQs section, which is something a lot of online brokers are doing these days. However, I think the approach from Global CTB is one that traders like best. For example, when you sign up with this broker and need help, you have the FAQs section on the website. However, if you don’t need help that way, you can also send an email on one of the three emails on the website.

What surprises me even more about the broker is that it allows you to contact through a variety of phone numbers.  If you don’t know, there are many phone numbers on the website of this broker, so you can use one that will cost you the least when you call this broker from a particular country.

5.      Six Account Types

Don’t you just love an online broker that tries to accommodate you regardless of your budget? There are some online places where you cannot trade just because you don’t have enough money. However, I think this broker is doing a great job of letting everyone into the system so they can make some money. Global CTB has provided you with six different account types. You can always pick the one that you think lands closest to home. There are additional perks in accounts that are expensive. However, I recommend that you start with the bronze account, which is the basic account, by depositing only 500 EUR.

In German: Global CTB Erfahrungsbericht | Erfahrung | The Forex College

If you think for any reason that you have gone beyond the category of a basic trader, you can always go with the silver account that does not require an initial deposit of more than 5000 EUR from you.

Final Thoughts

I think these are the things that make this broker one of the best out there. There are many other brokers that are doing things similarly, but I think that Global CTB has refined its services to make them perfect for traders from any part of the world. You will be trading on a fast trading platform without any security concerns when you sign up with this broker.

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Trading Broker Review – Trade With a Multi-regulated Broker

If you are searching for a broker that offers access to thousands and thousands of instruments, and more diversity than just CFDs, then may be the answer. This company provides access to a range of asset classes through CFDs, IPO investments, asset management services, thematic portfolios, and DMA investments. The variety of instruments and types of trading along with their dedicated support helps set apart as a regulated multi asset brokerage.

Compared to other platforms and brokers, there are some critical features of that you are likely to enjoy:

  • Regulated under various multiple jurisdiction firms including FCA, CySEC and FSCA
  • Choice of user-friendly platforms including WebTrader, DMA platform and MT4
  • Ability to invest in more than 100,000 instruments directly through global exchanges
  • Trade from anywhere using the mobile app
  • Control your trades yourself or opt for asset management services


They are available 24/5 for customer support, giving you the professional assistance you need when you need it, with multiple options, including live chat, email, and WhatsApp. You can also fill out a contact form, and the team will get back to you shortly.  They are efficient and multilingual.

Accounts for all

Opening an account with is a smooth process. Just fill out the registration form, choosing a password, fund your account with your choice of payment method and start trading right away.

Your account choices will depend somewhat on what you plan on trading. If you want to trade CFDs, you can choose from five account types:

  • Micro: Minimum deposit of $100 and EUR/USD from 3 pips
  • Silver: Minimum deposit of $1,000 and EUR/USD from 1.9 pips
  • Gold: Minimum deposit of $10,000 and EUR/USD from 1.5 pips
  • Platinum: Minimum deposit of $50,000 and EUR/USD from 1.2 pips
  • Exclusive: Minimum deposit of $100,000 and EUR/USD from 1 pip

There is also the option of a direct market access account for those who want the tightest spreads possible. Also if you have higher trade volumes, more assets, or experience in the financial sector, you can get tighter spreads as a professional client, but this does waive some of the retail client protections.


Those looking to learn as they trade or who want access to professional-grade resources will appreciate the CFD-related resources from, which include:

  • An economic calendar
  • Access to Trading Central for research and analysis
  • TradingView charts and community
  • Trader insight and trader trend tools

Trade Offerings

In terms of instrument offerings, is easily among the best in the industry, as there is access to more than 100,000 assets. This includes more than 2,100 CFDs for forex, stocks, commodities, ETFs, cryptocurrencies, bonds, and indices. Spread betting is also available in certain jurisdictions.

For access to the full range of more than 100,000 assets across 120 markets, opt for direct market access (DMA). These include stocks, warrants, and ETFs from more than 120 exchanges as well as options and futures and FOPs on 30 markets, including the volatility, metal, and energy index futures. also has the unique offering of thematic profiles, which are hand-picked portfolios of assets within a given category or theme, chosen by their experts. There are currently 10 thematic profiles to choose from, with more coming. Examples include water technology, biopharma, and gold long.

Yet another unique offering from is the ability to invest in IPOs or initial public offerings. These involve limited private allocations to late stage startups, and it is simple to request access to the IPO marketplace on This is a secondary market for IPOs, which allows you to invest in proven IPOs. That, in turn, can allow for less risk when compared with early-stage funding.

For those who want to take the guesswork out of an investment, offers asset management in professionally-managed portfolios that are broadly diversified. You can choose your goals and ideal level of risk, then let the broker’s team take care of the investments for you.

Trading Platforms

Because of its range of trading types, offers multiple platforms, allowing you to trade via your computer, tablet, or smartphone. CFD Webtrader is an in-house platform that works right in your web browser. It features analytical capabilities, advanced risk management tools, and more. CFD trading can also be done on the industry-leading MetaTrader 4, with its customization tools, automated trading support, and embedded tick charts.

IBKR Webtrader is a feature-rich platform, giving you access to DMA trading. It has a convenient modular design and tabbed interface and does not require any downloads. This platform lets you easily add tickers to your streaming market data, view option chains, and utilize interactive charts. TPs Online Platform was specifically designed for investing in the thematic portfolios.

The range of platforms makes accessible all investor profiles and investor types. This is particularly true thanks to the range of investing vehicles as well as the inclusion of MetaTrader 4, which is the most popular CFD platform in the world.

Trust and Regulation

If you want to be able to trust your broker fully, then is a reliable choice, as they come under the umbrella of various regulated companies in multiple jurisdictions under various trade names. In South Africa, the Financial Sector Conduct Authority authorizes Trade Capital markets (TCM) LTD, which is also regulated and authorized in Cyprus via the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. Livemarkets Limited is regulated and authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority in the United Kingdom. The parent company, Trade Capital Markets, has its official address in Cyprus.

Of course, there is always a level of risk when investing, especially if you choose to use leverage to trade CFDs. Even so, the trustworthiness and strong reputation of should provide you with additional peace of mind.

Bottom Line comes under companies regulated in multiple jurisdictions, providing you peace of mind in regards to safety measures such as segregated client funds. You can trade more than 100,000 assets with DMA or more than 2,100 CFDs, as well as the ability to trade IPOs and thematic portfolios or take advantage of asset management services. has highly rated customer support that is available 24/5, and you can contact via various means, such as email, live chat, and WhatsApp. The team is highly professional, and has enough variety to appeal to all types of traders.

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Trading Review: A Comprehensive Assessment of The Famous Trading Platform

If you’ve been following the evolution of the cryptocurrency world, you would agree with me that cryptocurrencies are not going anywhere. This is because of the concept that they epitomize and that is technology so advanced; we haven’t fully comprehended the depth. Many people believe that cryptocurrency is the future of finance.

Banks and both big scale and small scale businesses are beginning to adopt the use of cryptocurrencies in transactions made. The reason why the cryptocurrency blew through the roof when the first crypto was introduced is because of the concept of decentralization. People love the idea of being completely in charge of their funds without having to pay additional interest to the financial institution.

However, this digital currency is highly unpredictable and can reduce in value as well as get incredibly high. It all depends on the market trend at that period and the economic status at that time. Once people decide to finally get into the financial industry and start trading; they realize the need for a brokerage that would present them with a convenient platform to perform trades.

Every trader in the crypto market is on a search for the perfect online broker that would make trading a smooth-sailing experience. People are also searching for platforms that do not engage in illegal activities and is transparent in all their dealings. Above it all, the online broker must be dependable and able to provide valuable services when it comes to cryptocurrency trading.

A trader in the cryptocurrency market is looking for a real and dependable online broker that can offer ample security to traders on its platform. It might sound easy but the abundance of brokerage firms in the industry has made it hard to pinpoint which is genuine and which is dishonest in their dealing. Most people just pick randomly thinking that they’re all the same and no harm is done.

Many traders in the cryptocurrency market end up committing to a scamming broker through these actions and lose all their money. Randomly picking an online broker is dicey because more deceitful organizations are emerging every day and the need to be extra careful cannot be overemphasized. A cautious attitude will stop you from becoming a victim of these seemingly genuine brokerages.

Before picking an online broker, it is advised that a trader carries out a thorough investigation into every facet of the firm to confirm it is as genuine as it claims. This can be quite stressful and laborious for a trader; especially newbies who don’t know what to look for. You must pick a platform that you can access easily with as few clicks as possible instead of complicated and confusing platforms.

A platform that also offers many instruments to advance your trading is also important. The chance to diversify your assets is an important consideration also for traders looking to widen their portfolio. Wouldn’t you find it awesome to get a broker that offers all these features and delivers on promises? I assure you it is entirely possible.

We know how hard it is to check out several platforms and still remember to check out every feature that is important when picking a broker. This is why we have gone through the trouble of examining a brokerage firm that is fast becoming the first choice for traders in the financial industry – FinexArena. This is a platform that promises impeccable services to prospective clients and we’ll be checking out the platform to confirm how real these claims are.

A Quick Overview of the Crypto Trading Platform: FinexArena is a foremost platform that places its focus on crypto trading and also Forex. It is one of the major brokers in the industry that offers a wide array of investment instruments as well as tools for trading. It is innovative in its approach and offers entry into retail trading for traders who might be interested. Its terms and conditions provide access to investors and traders worldwide.

It is one of the uncommon trading firms that can be found in the financial industry that applies just and impartial terms to the various assets it allows traders to trade with. This platform first started as a funds manager in 2009 during the Fintech revolution worldwide. It later opened up to the world in 2012 as an online broker. The features and profits a trader gets to enjoy on this platform cannot be overemphasized; these benefits include easy entry into various markets globally.

It widened its services to be an exchange platform in 2018 when the demand for an exchange market that offered fair leverages grew. Thus, FinexArena can be considered an all-round efficient platform that caters to your trading needs. If you’re worried about the regulation of this efficient firm, then you can be at ease as this platform is very much regulated.

This brokerage firm was formed by a team of professionals belonging to different areas. They chose to come together to combine their various specialty to achieve the goal of forming a brokerage that was the first choice of traders. From the very beginning to this day, this online broker has not relinquished its position on the list of top brokers. Their vast resources and capabilities play an important part in making this online broker the best it is today.

FinexArena stays fully in line with all the rules and conditions of the financial industry; this is achieved by a firm authority on the platform. It aims to solve common issues that erupt between investors, traders and the broker that represents them. This company is completely transparent in all its dealings and is frequently audited by its regulator. It is very careful not to breach any financial ethics and doesn’t subvert any regulations of the financial industry.

The platform is fully legal and complies with various policies that ensure that launderers do not gain access to the platform. It also uses innovative technology to prevent entry by hackers and cyber-attacks. To protect clients of this platform, every prospective client must provide a valid ID while registering on the platform. The vast instruments that this platform presents traders with to trade with is also a reason to consider committing to this company.

There are several other features offered by this platform that would be considered in full, read on and you’ll understand how this platform delivers smooth transactions to its clients.

Noteworthy Qualities of FinexArena

Putting aside the detail that Cryptocurrency and Forex are the booming markets today due to its evolution over the years. It is a blooming trading asset that a person can confidently rely on as a source of income. Apart from these assets, numerous others have high profits tendency in the global market.

It is important to remember that everyone has a reason for entering the monetary market and people are looking for a platform that caters to these needs. FinexArena has provided a platform with extensive qualities to help you meet your specific goals.

Sterling Security

This company realizes the important part security plays in a smooth trading experience. They understand that investors and traders alike are all looking for a platform where they can relax while performing trades. Traders want to be assured of the safety of their data and funds and this is what FinexArena has to offer its various clients.

This efficient platform makes use of advanced levels of encryption to ensure that every account opened on the platform is secured. Clients’ funds and data is also kept protected on the platform from cyber-attacks and hackers looking to steal customers’ funds. The platform does this by using advanced algorithms to validate every client on the platform.

This brokerage network also makes use of the advanced hosting services of VPS to protect the trading schemes and reduces the risk of losing deposits to thieves.

Amazing Customer Support Team

FinexArena company does not hold back when it comes to the comfort of its clients. This is made apparent in their support team. FinexArena has put together a team of well-trained people who remain friendly while efficiently responding to queries and problems posed by clients. They understand that trading is not a smooth ride and problems might arise. When this happens, there is a team of professionals at your disposal.

The service of this company’s customer service is top-notch. Their expert team is available to attend to every query or problem traders might have. This service is available at all hours of every day and their support team can be contacted via a live chat. There is also the option of calling them on the phone numbers made available on the platform to speak directly to an agent.

You can also send this firm a message on their various social media account or send them an email which they always endeavor to respond to promptly. The service is first-rate as they always endeavor to give precise answers to every query or issue of traders.

Seamless Depositing and Withdrawal Process

When it comes to processing deposits on the platform, FinexArena is at the top of their game. They offer clients extraordinary and outstanding experience with the unlimited access they provide to various trade deals. The various payment methods made available by this company was set up for the convenience of traders on the platform.

There is also an online cashier available in the exchange department to make transaction well-organized and devoid of fraudulent activities. Traders can make deposits and also carry out withdrawals with this online broker with the use of credit cards and several e-wallets. Deposits take less than an hour to process on the platform.

Withdrawing from the platform is also just as easy as withdrawals are processed with 48 hours of making a request. If it takes any longer, then it depends on the bank system. However, bank transfer might take close to 14 business days to process.

Well-organized Platform for Trading

The best way to confirm just how much a platform was designed with the best interest of the clients in mind is by checking out the efficiency of their trading platform. Their platforms are designed well-designed to provide first-rate services. This company makes uses of the popular Meta Trader 4 platform that many traders in the industry have come of love. This is because of the many tools and qualities that accompany the platform.

The platform is compatible with various browsers on smartphones and computers. Traders can also download the platform’s app from any app store to be able to keep track of trades from anywhere. There is also the option of a unique Android Trading platform which is also packed full with various trading tools and several charts.

iPhone users are not abandoned in these unique platforms as there is a special platform that iPhone users can download for their trading activities. There are also numerous instruments integrated into the platform. All the platforms are multilingual in their settings, so traders from different backgrounds can easily access the platform.

Excellent Trading Instrument

This company has its platform packed full of highly efficient instruments set to boost trading experiences of clients. One of the remarkable instruments made available on the platform is the currency converter that allows the trader to calculate the value of one currency in another currency rate. This is important when trading with currency pairs in the market.

Traders can also calculate the expected profits on a trade on the platform with the profit calculator instruments. It helps you to be aware of your chances to make wise decisions in trading. Clients can use this calculator to estimate trading volumes and also get live updates from the market.

Traders are also privy to the trade margin on this firm’s platform. This margin condition comprises the sum that a trader has to pay to unlock security or an asset class. The requirements are different from other platforms’ as they are coordinated with that of Dukascopy Bank. These terms are made to lessen risks in investments and this instrument gives traders the chance to gauge the smallest equity that is required to get an obtainable trading spot.

Several Account Types

Because every trader in the global market enters with unique needs and goals, FinexArena has provided several account types that traders can choose from depending on their goal. These accounts are all different and special with various integrated instruments and qualities that are best for trading on each account.

The Silver Account

The silver account is perfectly suited to new traders in the market that are still learning the ropes. With this account, traders can start small and then build up when they feel ready to advance from the stage. This account can be unlocked with a deposit of $250 except of course you’re looking to invest which requires at least $50,000. The account is tied with a 20% bonus for two years and this account is entitled to an interest of 1.5% each month.

The interest however can only be withdrawn by investors and just once a year. The features unlocked by this account type are few compared to the features embodied by other accounts. The available tools, however, can boost your potentials in investment made. The holders of this account are entitled to an account manager and expert.

The Gold Account

This account is more advanced than the silver account and is best suited for traders with a level of experience in trading and making investments. This account is tied to a 50% bonus and can be unlocked with a deposit of $10,000. Traders on the silver account can choose to upgrade to this account type when they feel ready.

Investors on this account type are required to pay $100,000 and are entitled to an interest of 2.5%. Holders of this account type also get a senior account manager and a market expert who will help traders on this account evaluate the market and discover the right strategies to employ in trading.

The Platinum Account

The platinum account was created for traders and investors who have gained a higher level of expertise in the market and are ready to take high risks in trades. This account is unlocked with $50,000 for traders and $250,000 for investors. This account is entitled to an interest rate of 3.75% and holders of Gold and Silver accounts can upgrade to this account when they have garnered enough experience.

Holders of this account also get senior account managers and can have as many personalized sessions with the manager as they want. They also get an expert that helps them make the right investment and trading decisions. The trading signals on this account are complete and so, there is a profound chance of success in trades. Attached to these many features is a bonus of 100% on deposits made.

The Diamond Account

If you’re not an expert trader with high and vast knowledge about the financial industry, then this account is not for you. Investors and Traders who have garnered enough experience in trading. There are unlimited tools available on this account for boosting trades in the market. These account holders are entitled to a bonus of 125% on the deposit made.

The account is unlocked with $250,000 for traders and $1,000,000 for investors and is entitled to an interest of 3.75% which can be withdrawn every month. The trading signals available on these account types are endless and they also get VIP account manager and expert.

Final Verdict

The numerous assets and instruments made available on this platform for traders and investors alike is an important reason to consider committing to this company to carry out trades. There are also many remarkable qualities that this platform offers clients that guarantee outstanding experiences when carrying out trades.

Always remember to be careful when carrying out trades and gather enough information about whatever market you choose to trade or invest in. This will ensure you always make the right decisions when making decisions about trading.

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Bubblext Review – Is There Anything Unique about Trading with Bubblext?

If you are thinking about signing up with an online broker and starting your trading career, you have to pick on that you think is different from the bunch. The broker you sign up with should be dedicated to making things easy for you. Your broker should be providing you with every opportunity to trade successfully and build a career that changes your life. According to the word coming from new traders, Bubblext might be that broker. Is this broker really unique? Can it offer you something that some of the oldest brokers in the online world are not offering? Let’s find those things out in this Bubblext review.

What Makes Bubblext Unique

·  Multiple Instruments and Asset Types

When you sign up with an online broker, you always have to check how much freedom you will have as a trader. It is quite unfortunate that many online brokers will limit you in everything you are trying to do. For example, they will give you a very small asset index, as a result, you will be stuck with a only a handful of assets for trading. On the other hand, Bubblext is going to make things completely different for you. This broker has provided you with not only many different types of assets for trading, but also multiple instrument. You can trade futures and CFDs when you sign up with this broker.

When it comes to asset types, you will enjoy trading many different types of assets in many financial markets. You can trade stocks, forex currency pairs, indices, precious metals, produce, energies, and much more. That’s something you can’t expect from every online broker, but this broker will provide you with something that you can call freedom of trading.

·  Algorithmic Trading

If you are new to trading, you might not have heard about this particular option. You will not see every online broker offering you this particular option even though they should. The world is changing and the technology has changed the online trading world as well. It does not feel right for traders to stick with traditional forms of trading. They should have an experience of what they can call modern trading. That’s exactly what they can do when they sign up with Bubblext. Algo trading is something that is going to give you access to trading bots. Trading bots ensure that you make trades even when you are not there on your device.

How can that happen? Well, you just define your style of trading to the software you are trading on an then put it on autopilot mode. After that, the trading platform will start trading on your behalf, even when you are sleeping, you can define everything according to your trading style so to a third eye, it would seem as though you are trading when it is your algorithmic bot trading on your behalf.

·  Security of Information

The broker has committed to protecting its traders in every way it can. When you sign up with this broker, you will notice that you have to provide a lot of personal information. Well, it might not seem like a great thing to do in the beginning, but when you know why the broker is asking for all this information, you will be more than happy to provide it. So, the broker is following the strict guidelines of the online financial industry by implementing the KYC and AML policy. With these policies, the broker is going to make sure that only genuine people are able to use its trading platform to earn money legally.

·  Six Account Types

Seeing six different accounts types from a broker might not seem like such a big thing to you. And there is nothing wrong about it. If you have been researching online brokers, you must be aware that a lot of them provide you with access to a variety of account types that you can sign up with when you start trading. However, the problem with their account types is that they are not different from each other much. The differences in those accounts are not big enough to make a trader think about signing up with the other account in the tier. With those traders, if you go with the basic account, you don’t feel the need to sign up with an advanced account because they offer you no extra value.

However, when you look at the accounts types from this broker, you realize that they have been designed with different traders and their requirements in mind. The green and silver accounts are meant for new traders. The gold and platinum accounts are meant for advanced traders. However, if you have spent your life trading and are a professional now, you should consider signing up with the black or VIP account.

·  Education and Training

The efforts that the broker has put into creating its training material for the traders are admirable. You have to agree that most other brokers are just putting out their content only to show that they have some training material. However, when you go deep inside that material, you find out that they carry nothing more than some generic information about trading. Their material might explain some basics of trading to you but will never make you a professional trader. On the other hand, Bubblext provides you with access to some great training material.

Did you know that if you sign up with silver, gold, platinum, and the professional accounts, you will have access to in-person training from the broker? That’s the type of training that puts you on the right track to making money as a trader right from the start.

Final Thoughts

There are many others things that make Bubblext different from many others on the internet. You can see from every feature that the broker cares about its traders no matter where they are from and how much money they have at the time of signing up. The broker is ready to help you when you need it. it there to help you 24/5 to provide answers to all your queries and help you with your trading account in any way possible. Now, the decision is for you to make based on your personal research.

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