RoyalStox: Global Trading Leader with Trained Trading Advisors

RoyalStox is a well recognized online provider of a trading platform offering its investors the ability to trade the underlying assets. It provides terms and conditions and advises its clients to go through it and read it carefully before opening positions on the trading platform of RoyalStox. The digital options quotes which are displayed on the RoyalStox platform are the rates that are offered and prepared by the company. The company is not responsible for any type of delays or communication failures when trading through the internet. RoyalStox is one of the well-trusted Global Trading Leader having trained brokers who have spent their careers and are fully dedicated and devoted to their clients and services. The highly experienced and talented professionals keep an eye on the security of their clients; keep their clients fund well protected by the industry security protocols. They never share their client’s private data without their client’s permission. The selection of the right broker plays a crucial role in trading and growth & success of business regardless of the method chosen for trading.

Review of RoyalStox

RoyalStox is considered as one of the excellent brokers in terms of selection of product and its performance. Investing in RoyalStox is one of the best and wisest decisions and clients will be completely satisfied. It provides financial security together with the bend of storage of wealth opportunities and investing in RoyalStox is a trustworthy option. If you read any RoyalStox review on the internet they mostly say the same. The performance and services of RoyalStox are outstanding. There are various reasons which make RoyalStox trustworthy, highly popular, and demanding as follows:

  • Amazing & Magnificent Trading Platform

RoyalStox is one of the well-known online brokers and talented professionals also provide training together with different training materials and various types of courses. While signing up with them, traders get easy access to all their training materials. Different training materials include videos, e-Books, tutorials that teach and provide guidance on how to trade. The training materials are divided into beginner and professional trader categories by the brokers. Now people are realizing that making money today is not difficult as compared to the past. Before starting trading, it is very important for traders to know the concepts of trading, how to trade, and depending on the market conditions, what strategies must be applied. There are various technologies available that provide various options for the learning of the method of trading. Social trading helps and provides guidance that how the expert traders are doing trade in the market. Learning traders can trust expert traders’ trading strategies and can copy them to make money and earn a profit.

  • Provides Top-Notch Security to their Clients

Clients are highly attracted to RoyalStox due to its top-notch security as these security measures are subjected to strictest inspection as well as your funds are stored in a bank account. It stores the user’s data in protected servers of military-grade by using measures of physical security. There is the highest level of security due to global encryption and the professionals keep their client’s data completely private and without the permission of clients, they never share anything.

  • Excellent Customer Support

A unique feature of RoyalStox is that it offers excellent customer support 24/7. The dedicated and devoted team experts are always there to help their customers anytime and they are reachable via a variety of channels. Clients are completely satisfied as their queries are readily solved and they get complete and perfect solutions. While signing up this well trusted online broker, excellent customer support is provided by them. It provides both phone numbers as well as an e-mail address to their clients and quickly responds to their queries within a few hours by providing them with the best solution. As a result, the clients never feel alone when they sign up with the RoyalStox broker.

  • User Friendly

RoyalStox is highly popular, appreciated, and admired by the customers a lot. It provides a nice balance between ease and functionality including the use of a demo account. This website is user friendly and also makes the information easily accessible for the clients.

  • Computer, Tablet & Mobile Trading Platform

Now various types of trading platforms are available comprising of mobiles, tablets, and computers, smartphones, etc. But still today many brokers are using the traditional trading platform. The modern traders want their trading platforms to be available everywhere they are while in the past the traders had to sit every time on their computers when they wanted to do trade. Because in the past the trading platforms were limited to personal computers only. But now the time has changed and modernized due to the informational and technological revolution.

  • RoyalStox Customer-Centric Model

The RoyalStox customer-centric model offers the best pricing, liquidity, and execution. It offers a wide variety of financial instruments like stocks, forex, clients can trade, spot indices, etc. It provides the best online trading platform. It also offers different account types such as standard, micro, and platinum accounts.

All these qualities and best reviews of RoyalStox make it highly important and demanding in the mind of the clients for best trading performances and excellent experiences. RoyalStox is considered as a highly experienced and well talented emerging broker providing the best trading platform.

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Universal Markets Review – An Ideal Choice For People Who Want To Trade Online

Who is an online broker and what are the advantages of an online broker?

One of the biggest revolutions in the field of finance and technology in the world today is the amalgamation of the two in the form of fintech. No longer do you have to be physically present to make trades and nor is it limited to those who have studied the field – the advancement in technology has made it easy for an individual who wants to invest in and trade in various commodities and assets from the comfort of your own home. There are multiple advantages to choosing an online broker. Here are some of the advantages that you can capitalize on while selecting an online brokerage for your trades.

  • Trade from the comfort of your own home: Like stated above, perhaps one of the biggest advantages of online trading is that you can perform the trades from your own home, at a time you find convenient. This is especially helpful for people who view trading as a secondary source of income and want to leverage the opportunities it provides to make some extra money.
  • You can check out the testimonials/reviews of the brokerage that you plan to select: Before selecting a brokerage, you can always check on the internet as to how it functions, whether it is legitimate, etc, and read a review and decide whether the trading platform will work for you – such as this review.
  • Have a variety of options to choose from: You can choose between a plethora of brokerages, and choose one that you believe will be the best fit for your trading needs.

Now that you have seen what the main advantages are of online brokerages, you will probably realize that the commissions that they charge are negligible compared to the benefits that they provide – but it is extremely important to choose a brokerage that is reliable and safe for your trades. Read on to find out about Universal Markets.

About Universal Markets

Universal Markets is an off-shore brokerage owned and operated by UM Media LLC. You can access the brokerage at

Review of Universal Markets

While reviewing a brokerage, it is important to evaluate the basic and most obvious parameters and features that a brokerage should provide. Here is an attempt to review the main and most relevant features of a brokerage, with regards to Universal Markets.

Whether it provides a decent option of assets? Universal Markets provides an extremely wide range of asset options for the traders to choose from. You can choose between different Forex Pairs, including certain exotic pairings, Indexes, Shares, Commodities, Indices, Digital cryptos, and metals. One of the biggest advantages of Universal Market is the range of FX pairs that it provides, allowing the traders to leverage significant gains in the FX market and make profitable trades. Furthermore, if you are looking for a platform wherein you can ensure that you get access to a wide range of tradeable assets and commodities under a single platform, then perhaps one of the best options that you can choose is Universal Markets.

  • Whether it is safe? 

Now the most important consideration to most people when it comes to selecting a broker is checking whether the said brokerage is safe or not. The universal market appears to use and utilize all the industry level standard norms and requirements to ensure customer safety. Therefore, trading on the platform seems to be overall safe for the traders.

  • How is the interface?

When you are using a brokerage to trade, you expect the online platform to be designed in a manner that is simple, intuitive, as well as functional. You do not want to spend time on a clunky platform that is slow, or glitchy. The interface that Universal Markets provides to its customers and traders is pretty intuitive and great. If you are trading on the platform, you do not have to worry about whether about dealing with an annoying interface because it is designed in a manner to ensure that you can conduct your trades peacefully. The aesthetics of the platform is also designed to ensure that it isn’t jarring for the users, but pleasant and interesting.

  • Whether there is functionality across different platforms?

Universal Markets does offer functionality across different platforms. Whether you want to trade from your phone or your desktop, both these avenues are made available to the trader. You do not have to go hunting for your laptop just to make a trade which you can just as easily make from the easy to use mobile app.

  • Whether there is customer support?

This is one of the first questions asked by traders, especially traders who are just starting. It is tremendously frustrating to trade on a platform where the brokers do not provide an avenue where the traders can interact with the brokerage, and communicate their grievances and concerns. Universal Markets has a robust and a great customer support team that is happy to address all concerns.

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Bitcoin Revolution Review – Ideal For Beginners And Experts Alike

What is the Bitcoin Revolution?

Before starting this Bitcoin Revolution review, it is important to understand what an auto trading crypto bot is. An auto trading bot is a software that allows traders to trade in cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that do not have a central regulating authority (such as a bank or a sovereign state) issuing the currency. Majorly, cryptocurrency exchanges and cryptocurrency brokers are usually used apart from trading bots to conduct trades of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin Revolution is one such crypto software bot that helps in the trade of cryptocurrencies. It claims that it has an award rate of 88%.

What are the features of the Bitcoin Revolution? Should I select it as my preferred option?

Different features are usually analyzed when it comes to judging the utility of a cryptocurrency software bot. Here is an analysis of the most important facets that will help you decide as to whether or not you want to make your trades with the Bitcoin Revolution.

  • How ideal it is for beginners: Truth be told, whoever it is, given the nascent stage of digital currencies itself, everyone is a bit of a beginner when it comes to cryptocurrency trades and mining. One of the most important things when it comes to choosing a cryptocurrency platform or software, especially if you are just starting is checking how beginner-friendly it is. One of the best things about this Bitcoin robot is that it is tremendously beginner-friendly – the testimonials of beginners about the software is a testament to that. Therefore, if you are a beginner to Bitcoins, or if you are a beginner to using a software bot to make your trades, you will find this platform, not just functional, but also tremendously intuitive.
  • How the profits are that you can make with it: Now while this depends on your ability and a variety of other influencing factors and circumstances, Bitcoin Revolution is one of the cryptocurrency trading software’s that claims to provide bigger awards or win rates to its users. This combined with the fact that it is beginner friendly makes it an ideal platform and a platform of choice for many users. While a 88% win-rate may be an exaggeration, there is no doubt that you can make a decent profit off of the software.
  • Whether it is legitimate: Given that you are investing actual money in the trade of cryptocurrencies, it is important to choose a platform that is not just effective in terms of the profits that it provides, but it must also be a legitimate and a safe platform for the user to engage with. While there is plenty of trading software on the internet today for the trade of cryptocurrencies, not all of them are legitimate or safe in any way. Bitcoin Revolution seems to be a legitimate software for the trade of cryptocurrencies. Apart from ensuring that the platform itself is safe, it also makes sure that the private information, including the financial information of its users, also remains confidential and safe.
  • No subscription fees, but charges based on your profit: Now most brokerages and exchanges do not have an incentive to make sure that the traders are turning a profit because they are paid a commission anyway. However, with the Bitcoin Revolution, one of the biggest benefits is that there are no subscription fees, but a nominal 1% charge based on the profits of your trades. Therefore, the software does not making any profits unless you do! – what can be better than this?
  • Easy withdrawals and deposits: There are two things that anyone who performs online transactions wants – one is the ability to make deposits and withdrawals easily, and two, is the ability to use different payment options depending on what is most convenient to them. In both these aspects, the Bitcoin Revolution software has some of the best features. It not only has a wide range of accepted payment options, but it also allows for easy withdrawals and deposits. Therefore, if you are wondering whether you can perform your transactions with ease, there is absolutely no doubt that you can.
  • The interface of the software: The more complicated, glitchy, slow, and poorly designed software is, the harder it is to use it and leverage it for the purpose that it is meant for. The Bitcoin Revolution software is designed in a manner that is not just highly functional, but it is also highly intuitive ensuring that all of the transactions that you want to perform can be done by you without too much effort. The aesthetics of the platform are also designed intuitively ensuring that you will not feel like the software is an eyesore.

For all of these reasons, if you want a software which offers an intuitive, safe, and a highly dependable way to make some money, you can check out Bitcoin Revolution and leverage the benefits that it has to offer!

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Advantages of investing in SIP

“Little drops of water make the mighty ocean”. This concept is followed by a popular mode of investments – Systematic Investment Plan, or commonly known as SIP.SIP is a mere tool to invest in mutual funds. Under SIP investment, an individual invests a fixed amount at periodic intervals in their desired schemes. SIPs help to accumulate wealth by regularly investing money for a long period.

This article will focus on the advantages offered by SIP investments. These are:

  1. Disciplined investing

Since SIP investments are automated in nature, they help to instil a sense of financial discipline among investors. Once you have started an SIP investment, a fixed amount gets automatically transferred into your preferred mutual fund schemes.

  1. No need to time the market

Investors are always in the dilemma if it’s the right time to invest in mutual funds or not. No can accurately predict the volatile market or if it has reached its peak or low point. Investing via SIP resolves this quandary as SIP is a periodic investment that occurs across all market cycles. Hence, one does not need to time the market when investing via SIP mode.

  1. Power of Compounding

When you start to invest early and for the long term, you reap the benefits of power of compounding.An investor avails the benefits of compounding when they earn interest by reinvesting their interest. In short, your money works to generate money on their own for you. It is also referred to as the eighth wonder of the world by some.

  1. Rupee Cost Averaging

Under the SIP scheme, investments are made towards the preferred mutual fundsirrespective of the market condition. This results in purchasing more fund units when the market is low and fewer units when the market is rising. This averages out the average cost of mutual fund units purchased. This principle is known as rupee cost averaging.

  1. Ease of investing

SIP makes it very easy to invest in mutual funds online. With SIPs, you can invest as low as Rs500 per month.Investing in SIP is a hassle-free process as the amount gets automatically deducted at given intervals once your one-time mandate is approved.

  1. Lighter on the pocket

Unlike other modes of investments such as lumpsum mode, you do not have to empty your pockets or go all-in when investing in SIP.SIPs allow you to invest in mutual funds according to your financial condition thus not generating financial stress among investors.

If you want to gauge a fair idea on the future value of your investments, you can use an SIP calculator to help you understand the market value of your mutual fund investments. This will help you to get an estimate on the amount required to invest in SIPs to achieve your goals in a given time frame. Happy investing!

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An Introduction to Electricity Tariffs 101 for the Average Consumer

Electricity is a necessity that we cannot imagine living without. Today, a large part of the world relies on electricity to power their homes, businesses, and industries. As essential as it is to have an electricity connection at your place, it is equally important to have affordable electricity. If you are a large power consumer, you would be able to make the most out of the right tariff. It is important for you to know what electricity tariffs are, and how they are calculated.

What is an electricity tariff?

We get electricity from our power sockets from the electricity provider’s electric supply. At the end of the billing cycle, that typically runs from the first day of the month to the last day of the month, we receive our utility bills. The rate that we are charged for electricity we have used, is known as a tariff.

The price we pay to the electricity provider includes the total cost of production and supply of electricity along with added profit for them usually. There are different types of electricity tariffs depending upon user type and requirements.

If you are a large power consumer, it is important for you to know the right tariff so that you can get the best option. The tariff you choose must be highly affordable so that you are able to save money in the long run. If you are a business owner, when you can save on power costs, you will be able to manufacture your products at a lower cost.

What to look for in an electricity tariff?

Before you select a tariff for your needs, it is important to look out for the following characteristics:

Reasonable Profit:While counter-intuitive, it is important that an electricity provider makes a reasonable profit. Why?

The prime function of an electric supply company is to make profit, through serving the consumers. Hence, it is totally acceptable and normal that they will make a profit out of their service. However, the profit must not be exorbitant but a certain amount that makes it affordable for the consumers. On the other hand, if a provider is not able to make profit, it will simply exit the market. This may be a larger loss to consumers in the larger picture.

Fair Policy: The electricity tariff must have a fair policy for its consumers. There are different kinds of consumers in the power consumption market. Different consumers have different needs, so their usage varies too. The rate for small consumers shall be different than large consumers. That being said, large consumers should pay a lower amount per unit of electricity used than the small ones.

Ease of understanding: The tariff plans should be simple to understand by the layman. If the plans are too complicated, it would be difficult for people to understand them. Therefore, the electric supply company should make tariff plans that are easy to understand so that the consumers can choose the right one for their business.

What are the types of electricity tariffs?

There are several types of tariff plans used by electric supply companies. Some of them have been discussed below:

  1. Simple Tariff – In this tariff plan, a fixed rate is charged for every unit consumed by the consumer irrespective of the number of units consumed. This means that all consumers pay the same rate even if they are large consumers. It is not an ideal plan for large businesses and industries
  2. Flat-rate Tariff – In this type of tariff, consumers are divided into categories based upon their estimated usage. The rate per unit is charged at a flat rate for all consumers.
  3. Block-rate Tariff – In this tariff plan, different blocks are made for the consumers. When the consumer uses their first block of energy, they are charged at a rate. For subsequent blocks, the rate lowers down which turns out to be beneficial for the user. So, if you are the owner of an industry, you can choose this tariff plan. The more energy you use, the lower youpay for subsequent blocks of energy.

There are several types of tariff plans available that electricity providers should provide. If you are looking for the best plan, it is important that you evaluate your needs and find the best tariff for your household or business, if you are a business owner. With the right electricity tariff, you can enjoy using electricity at the most affordable rate.

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Resources To Find The Best Hard Money Loan

If you can afford a big deposit, hard cash is easy to get through, unless you need a mortgage to get moving. As long as you understand the terms of the loan and know what to look for in the small print, hard-money lenders can be the solution for you if you do.

A hard money loan is usually a short-term loan used for investment purposes to purchase or refinance immovable assets. Other borrowers tend to make risky loans for investment assets because of regulatory changes. You may be interested in buying a hard cash prime home, but a hard-to-get home loan is perfect for homebuyers and affluent investors who need investment property financing without the red tape that comes with bank financing.

Pay careful attention to fees, interest rates, and credit terms, as well as the size of the loan, when assessing a hard-money lender.

If you end up paying too much for a hard-money loan or shortening the repayment period, you may be impacted by the long-term viability of your real estate business.

Hard-In fact, borrowers can be innovative when it comes to funding multiple properties if not all requirements are met. A hard money podcast can serve two purposes: to provide them with the funds to purchase, restore or sell a home, or to act as a bridging loan for those who want to tap into their current home’s equity before purchasing a new one. If you don’t have the funds to pay out the entire asking price in the same neighborhood as your current one for a new home or second home, a hard-money loan might be the best choice for you, even though it isn’t the most costly.

A credit officer with an alternative lending experience can be a valuable tool for steering you in the right direction. You can find a national lender offering tough-standard money-terms, but the process is going to be more complicated and maybe somewhat close to a conventional loan, nullifying the reason most lenders are searching for a hard-money credit.

Be mindful that other lenders allow you to pay fees to a trustee or lawyer who works for you. Such loans originate from private investors who lend money primarily based on the properties used as collateral.

Usually, these lenders depend more on the willingness to repay responsibly and pay back the loan than conventional lenders. If a loan has to be made quickly and a conventional lender does not authorize it, then the only alternative is hard money. You can be eligible for loans if you have a strong track record of repaying loans, as determined by your debt-to-income ratio.

Options for business funding do not require collateral for hard cash corporate loans, and the approval process is quick and flexible. Also if you have bad credit, you can help someone with poor credit secure a small business loan.

Start today by applying online and start with a lender you can trust. Now that you’ve compiled a list of some lenders, it’s time to get in contact with them and find the right lender to fund your next offer.

For first this may sound overwhelming, but the additional expense greatly outweighs the advantages of having the loan approved quickly and being able to get funding if the bank says yes. Ideally, this article has given you enough details to consider securing a hard-money loan for one of your potential real estate dealings.

You can fund your fixed-term loan with cash, credit card or credit card combination and you can also fund it directly from your bank.

A self-employed real estate developer, hard money podcast lending scheme in Orlando is. BridgeWell Capital provides Orlando-area real estate investors with a wide range of loans, including mortgages, home loans, credit cards, and credit card loans, as well as a variety of short term loans. Real estate investors in Orlando get their funds funded in return for a percentage of their income with private time, capital, or a combination of both.

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Credit Cards

Renaud Laplanche and Credit Card Headaches

Credit cards have been bad news for so many people all around the United States and globe. Some people believe that credit card use can get them out of significant financial ruts of all sorts. The consequences that are associated with credit card doubt, however, are in many cases substantial, devastating and lasting. Renaud Laplanche is a man who knows this all too well. He believes that the negatives that are linked to this kind of debt are more than abundant. LaPlanche thinks that credit cards can push people into lasting debt dilemmas that are hard to exit. The majority of credit cards that are out there have monthly minimum payment requirements that are pretty insignificant. The aim behind this isn’t to be kind. It’s to encourage people who have credit cards to owe money for extended spans of time. Why is that? It’s because it paves the way for credit card firms getting more interest. High balances and credit card company profits go hand in hand, after all. Businesses that offer credit cards tend to get billions and billions annually on income that’s associated with interest, believe it or not.

Steep rates are never a welcome thing for anyone. If an individual has a strong credit score, she may have a rate for her credit card that’s pretty steep. She may have a rate for a store credit card that’s worse, too. Outstanding credit ratings do not protect individuals from rates that are unpleasant and unreasonable. People who want to steer clear of the stresses of having to manage outrageous card rates often have no option but to nix the world of debt entirely.

Significant fees are par for the course in the universe of credit card debt. Businesses that focus on credit cards tend to burden their customers with all sorts of inexplicable fees. They have yearly fees in place in many situations. They have fees that are connected to getting cash advances. They have fees that involve balance transfers. If a person who has a card makes a payment that’s a little late, there are fees for that, too. The fees can often seem overwhelming. People who don’t want to have to spend an arm and a leg on all kinds of mystery fees often realize that credit card debt just isn’t worth it at all. It can be difficult for people to be able to keep track of fees that are part of penalties, interchange income, interest income and beyond.

Credit card firms sometimes give people messages that aren’t exactly healthy. That’s because they in many circumstances try to push people to use higher amounts of money. They do so by dangling the possibility of “rewards” in front of their eyes. It isn’t atypical for credit card companies to try to get their clients to set aside cash for things that are 100 percent frivolous. This can contribute to a debt rut that can lead to lasting and substantial consequences for many people of all ages.

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How the traders should dominate their trading

It doesn’t matter whether you are a new trader or an experienced one, you should always write down your trading goals and stick to them. You should not make a rush in the trades or jump into new trading methods often. Try to stick to your plans and trading methods to make profit in the Forex market. New traders mainly lose in the trade due to their random movements in the trades. The following article will help you to get some important points which will help you to make profits in the trades.

Focus on one single trading strategy

The traders should not focus on a handful of trading strategies rather they should focus on effective trading strategies. Try to master the trading setup you have chosen in the trades, don’t run after all the trades to make profits. It’s not possible to win in all the trades, you need to remember that you will face some losses in a few trades. Don’t try to change your trading methods or strategies if you face losses. A few losses in the trades is considered normal although, you need to change your trading strategies if you lose continuously in the trades.

Those who are using multiple trading methods might have them thinking that they know a lot about this market. The market is always evolving and it’s not possible for a certain individual to keep pace with the dynamic changes with different kinds of trading methods. You must focus on a single strategy in order to keep pace with the changes.

Pay more attention to your learning system

Learning about the Forex market precisely before you start trading, the new traders mainly start trading without learning about all the factors and aspects of the market and thus they lose their money. You should never place any trade without learning about the market. The more you will learn the better your trading results will be, never stop learning if you want to become a profitable trader. The pro traders never avoid the learning processes and they also maintain the learning process along with a routine.

If you ever visit the website of the Saxo bank group, you will be surprised to see their free resources for the retail traders. In fact, many naïve Singaporean traders have learned a lot from their website. They have created the best educational resources for the retail traders so that they can make the right decision at trading. Choose things very carefully when it comes to educating yourself.

Don’t trade if you lose continuously

Traders often lose in the trades as they don’t stop trading even after losing continuously in the trades. If you face losses continuously in the trades, it’s best to stop trading for a while and find out the mistakes. It’s important for the traders to find out the mistakes and rectify them for the next trades. Losing is a part of the learning process so instead of losing hope, try to learn from your mistakes. You should also use improve trading methods and strategies if you lose continuously in the trades.

Taking short breaks can boost your mental stability. In fact, it keeps you away from the problem of overtrading. Don’t become addicted or biased in favor of the profit potentials of this business.


In the Forex market, you should not also trade with emotions, being emotional in the trades will always increase your percentage of losing. Try to learn with patience as the learning process will act as a turning point for you. Learning alone will not be enough, you should also execute your learning processes so that you can find out which trading methods and strategies will work for you. There are also many other important aspects the traders should know about but the above ones are the most common. Try to pay attention to all the points while trading and don’t ever stop learning about the market.

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My Trading Experience with

Four months ago I’ve opened a trading account with and given that I’ve managed to understand a lot about the company during this time, I think it will be appropriate from my side to talk about my experiences and other details that might be relevant for other people. In this article, I’ll be sharing my opinion about the company, what I like and what I don’t like and hopefully, at the end of it, you will have an image on that the broker can offer.

Briefings about 500investments is a trading name operated by Cabsy Holdings Ltd, currently offering financial services for a wide range of investment products, including FX, stocks, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. The company uses the same level of encryption technology as international banks and major online retailers do in order to protect your security and privacy all the time. I must admit this had been one of the main reasons why I chose to give it a try. Now let’s jump into my trading experience.

My trading experience

In the beginning, I opened a basic account, since I wanted to see the live trading experience and what kind of services is providing. The process took less than a few minutes and in about two days I got all my documents verified. I appreciate that the company offers dedicated account managers even for basic account holders.

During the process, I had someone assisting me each time I had an inquiry. There is also access to a free trading academy and plenty of other educational resources that could be useful for people wanting to learn more about trading. Price alerts and shares trading are also some of the features.

One of the main downsides, though, is that you have to deposit a lot more money in order to get access to all of their features. In order to upgrade to a silver account, I had to deposit $5,000, which is a considerable amount, if we analyze what other brokers are offering. Not to mention that in order to open a diamond account you have to deposit a staggering $100,000. You can trade effectively even with a basic account, so there’s no need to panic.

Their platforms work well, both the web-based and the TraderSoft mobile app. I’ve used them both and so far there is no major inconvenience. Spreads are mostly in line with what other brokers offer, with some subtle differences here and there.

But, with you get to trade tens of different cryptocurrency-related contracts, a feature seen with only a few other brokers. The fact that they have focused on integrating cryptocurrencies is a big advantage.

Educational content

In case you don’t know how to trade, has plenty of educational material available. Webinars, seminars, daily market briefs, video analysis, eBooks, and many others will help you learn the basics of trading. You have to open a real account in order to get access to all of them.


Given that I’ve been trading with for a few months, there’s no reason to believe that the company does not provide what it promises. I’ll keep this article updated and in case anything else will be worth mentioning, I’ll make some adjustments.

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Effective Ways to Upgrade Your Career Goals

Thinking about career goals doesn’t simply always mean staying at your job for decades. It is about visualizing how you see yourself five to ten years from now. Statistics show that almost one-third of a person’s life is all about work. It just makes sense that you carefully plan your career goals so you won’t end up struggling in a job you hate. You must know your short and long term goals. It will be your fuel to keep moving and become more motivated.

Outsmart your problems

Make an honest comparison of what you did for the past years. Apply some innovations to get your work done effectively. If there are methods that need improvements, do not hesitate to implement a new one. A bright idea comes like a eureka. Suggest it to your organization if you think it can help the entire system. Do not be afraid to take bold steps in your career because this might be your stepping stone to something bigger than you think.

Start improving yourself

Having a job usually stops people from learning a new skill. Knowledge becomes stagnant and people become content with what they know. Enroll in a short training course, learn from a mentor, or sign up for a new degree. Educating yourself is the key to widening your perspective and making yourself more marketable. It can also open doors for better career opportunities. Do not make your busy working schedule an excuse to forget about your passion in your old skills. Revive your talents, sharpen yourself, and who knows, it might be your calling to make a difference.

Grab the opportunities

Opportunities don’t come twice, so if it’s in front of you, embrace it and make the most out of it. There are some situations where life holds you back from a particular shot. A high paying job is available for you. However, you live five hours away from the new job site. Find ways to adjust to the opportunity given to you. Consider selling your house, for example, and move to a better place with huge take-home pay. There are real estate services that can help to hasten the selling processes without you stressing out too much.

Declutter your workplace

Organizing has a tremendous impact not just on our health but also on the way people think and see things. Practice the art of minimalism even if you only have tiny space at the office. Remove unnecessary emails. Throw away pieces of paper and make an efficient filing system for your documents. Make sure to dedicate a certain time of the day to run through your things and arrange them. You’ll be amazed at how spacious and pleasant your area can be.

All the possibilities of achieving the best for yourself are within you already. Present yourself professionally, and widen the scope of your knowledge, the next thing you know you will be climbing the ladder of your career. It may sound simple, but everyone starts with a simple, feasible, and sensible goal.


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