BrightFinance – Enjoy a Great Start to Trading Cryptocurrencies

In this era of internet and technology, you now have the opportunity of trading right from the comforts of your home. The concept of trading started out from the foreign currency and stock market, but has now expanded to include a variety of other financial markets. Today, you can trade hundreds of financial instruments without even stepping out of the house and actually make a substantial sum. Who doesn’t want to do that? Everyone would love to have some side income and trading lets you do that comfortably. But, it should be noted that you need to partner with the right broker to enjoy trading in its truest sense.

A broker that doesn’t offer you the essentials and the extras can be a big problem because they impact your experience. Also, switching brokers over and over again is a hassle everyone wants to avoid. This is something you can do when you opt for BrightFinance. If you want to trade cryptocurrencies, it is one of the most outstanding options you will come across. This is an investment platform that has been designed by keeping crypto traders in mind due to which it is able to cater to your needs in a great way.

Yes, it is true that there are other brokers that are offering crypto trading only, but many don’t offer the flexible trading conditions, the ease of payments and the top notch security that BrightFinance has become recognized for. It knows what matters most for crypto traders and has worked on all those aspects to provide them with a well-rounded experience. You can enjoy a great start to trading cryptocurrencies with the following offerings of BrightFinance:

  • A performance-optimized and innovative trading platform

This is not something you take lightly when you are trading, whether it is cryptocurrency or any other instrument. If a trading platform lags, doesn’t perform well, have security vulnerabilities or is lacking somewhere, you will not be able to trade the way you want and this can set you back. BrightFinance addresses all these concerns with a web-based trading platform. The biggest benefit of this platform is that it is performance-optimized, which means it will not slow down and cost you the opportunity of exploiting trends and price movements.

Moreover, you can enjoy flexibility because it can work on any device that’s connected to the internet and has a browser. It doesn’t depend on the device’s performance and doesn’t require any performance update on your part. Most importantly, it is enriched with a horde of tools that can be immensely effective during crypto trading. It takes only a few clicks to get started and you can navigate the platform easily, even if you are new.

  • The diverse crypto offerings

One of the biggest peeves that traders have is that most brokers claiming to offer cryptocurrencies don’t go beyond one or two options. In fact, most of them only have Bitcoin to offer. While it is undoubtedly the first crypto and the leader of the market, it is also expensive. This means that not every trader can afford to trade Bitcoin right away. In addition, some may want to try out a different option because Bitcoin has already been traded a lot. No matter what your reason, BrightFinance has put in a great deal of effort into ensuring that you can find what you need.

They are not just giving you the option of Bitcoin; the broker has added Ripple, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash and even Bitcoin Cash to their asset index. There are many other smaller options as well that you can trade via BrightFinance and diversify your crypto portfolio to benefit from changing trends. You will find more than 500 options to choose from and this is not something other brokers have been able to offer.

  • The controlled costs of trading

You cannot forget about the cost of trading when you are getting started. Regardless of what you do, there are always costs to think about and crypto trading is no different. However, this doesn’t mean that the costs have to be exorbitant and eat away your profits. If that happens, you may lose your motivation to trade. Therefore, BrightFinance has provided flexible trading conditions to prevent traders from being discouraged. You don’t need to worry about any hidden or transparent costs with this broker because they believe in fair and transparent pricing. No account maintenance or inactivity fee to speak of, which is great.

Deposits are free of cost, withdrawals incur charges, but they are minimal and depend on the chosen method. The broker offers the most competitive spreads, which allows you to cash in most of your profits. There is also leverage of 1:5 available, which is significant because it is for cryptocurrencies, which are already quite volatile.

  • Getting help when you need

For some traders, customer care can make or break a broker and they are not wrong. Seconds matter in the trading world and if you don’t get help at the right time, it can result in missed opportunities or great losses. In order to ensure it doesn’t happen, BrightFinance has opened up multiple channels of communication for supporting their customers. You can reach them via email, give them a call or schedule a callback if you don’t wish to wait or you can also get in touch via live chat. Answers are usually provided instantly or within 24 hours and the round the clock availability is just the cherry on top.

Is it a Good Choice?

If you check out their security policies and measures, the account options that have been incorporated and the detailed trading academy the broker has developed, you will realize why BrightFinance has managed to develop the reputation it holds in the market today. Everything from the platform to the leverages to the customer support and banking have been devised with the needs of traders in mind. The broker caters to traders of all backgrounds and helps them have an enjoyable and positive experience when trading cryptocurrencies.

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7 Mistakes People Make While Consolidating Federal Student Loans

Most Americans are living with financial regret, while paying off student loans for 18.5 years, starting at age 26 and ending at 45. Spending a significant portion of your life repaying on college tuition fees is a reality many Americans.

While struggling with multiple student loans, you can consolidate any federal student loans listed so far into one main pile of money that will count as one account with one monthly payment to the same company every month.

Usually, the newly obtained and fixed interest rate is equal to the average of the interest rates on the loans being consolidated.

Unfortunately, many students who have heard about how to consolidate the federal student loan rush into it without enough thought.

These are some of the more common student loan consolidation mistakes that students from all the United States of America make every year, repeatedly:

  1. Choose to consolidate a student loan because it worked well for a friend or for a colleague

Even if consolidations worked for 90% of your friends, it does not mean you already know how to consolidate federal student loans and this is the best solution for you. You must realize that everyone has their own unique priorities, financial goals, and lifestyle preferences. However, before you decide to follow in their footsteps, give some thought to whether refinancing or consolidating your loans will work for you in the same way.

  1. Not exploring all the available debt management options

Consolidation may be among the more popular solutions for student borrowers looking to manage their debt. However, they certainly aren’t the only solutions out there. There are a few cons to choosing either refinance or consolidation. Perhaps the biggest is losing any federal perks when you refinance or consolidate federal loans. It is important to explore all other available solutions before you can say with certainty that refinance or consolidation is the best one for your situation. Every solution has its own benefits and downsides. You must weigh the pros and cons of each carefully before you deciding on what works best for you.

  1. Signing up with the first available financial institution

After exploring all the available options and decide that consolidation is the best option for you. Your next step now is to look for a lender to work with. One mistake many student borrowers make is signing up with the first lender they talk to. They want to get it over and done with and also the lender’s terms sound really attractive.

  • Not comparing offers from various financial entities

When it comes to student loan consolidation or refinancing, comparison shopping is the key. Every lender may offer completely different deals, from different rates of interest to different payment terms and even different penalties for delayed payments. If you sign up with the first lender you find, you could very well have missed out on a better deal had you only checked around a little more.

You absolutely must check the terms and conditions, as well as the interest rates with different lenders before choosing one that seems right for you. The good news is you can directly compare lenders online, so there is absolutely no excuse for missing out on this step. After you’ve done your online comparison, you can shortlist a few that seem like the best options and visit these personally.

  • How to consolidate all the student loans 

When you consolidate any student loan, the refinanced or consolidated loan is treated as a new loan. This means you lose all the benefits associated with the original loan. This may not be in your best interest, especially if there are any associated benefits that you may want to take in the future.

You must make strategic decisions. Make sure it benefits you both in the short and long term. Go through the terms, conditions, and benefits associated with each loan carefully. Weigh the merits of each loan before deciding which ones to refinance/consolidate and which to leave as is. You may end up deciding to refinance or consolidate all of your loans but when you go through this process, you are less likely to make a wrong decision.

  1. Relinquishing Federal Student Loan Protection Unknowingly

This is one of the more common mistakes many student borrowers make. They do not read the fine print in detail and only realize that they forfeited their federal student loan protection after refinancing or consolidating. By then, it is too late.

You must explore other ways to manage your loans. One such viable alternative is signing up for an Income-Based Repayment plan. With and Income-Based repayment plan your monthly payment is calculated as a percentage of your income.

More importantly, it allows you to maintain all benefits and protections associated with the loan.

  • When Your Federal Student Loans Are in Default

Loan consolidation is another option to get out of default.  You’ll need to make three consecutive monthly payments on your defaulted loan before you can consolidate it.

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