RoyalCBank – Say Goodbye to Security Concerns and Trade Easily

Cryptocurrencies have gained worldwide recognition so it is not very surprising to see the number of people interested in trading it. In the past few years, cryptocurrencies have helped many traders earn huge fortunes and this has driven a lot of people into this market. Whether you are just starting out in the trading world or have traded other financial instruments before, you should know that it cannot be done without a broker. They provide you with the trading platform, features and services that are essential to trading and you cannot move forward without their help.

The real decision you have to make is to choose a broker. There are many brokers in the market, but not all offer cryptocurrencies for trading. If you are looking for a reliable broker, RoyalCBank is the best option because they specialize in cryptocurrency trading. When you are interested in this market, you would want a broker that focuses solely on this popular financial instrument because they will be able to provide you all features and tools you would need. RoyalCBank does all of this and more. It has been formed by a group of professionals with experience in the industry due to which it is equipped with everything you may possibly require.

What can you get when you choose RoyalCBank? Some of its prominent features are highlighted below:

  • All security concerns have been addressed

Traders these days have a lot of security concerns because there have been numerous incidents of brokers getting hacked. Cryptocurrency exchanges were also compromised. The end result was that traders had their identities and crypto stolen. You obviously don’t want that and the best way to ensure it doesn’t happen is to choose a regulated broker. They have to follow proper security protocols to ensure the safety of their clients. RoyalCBank doesn’t disappoint because the broker is regulated by the Financial Commission.

They have been given membership of the highest category under which the Financial Commission serves as dispute mediator and RoyalCBank is also required to follow their guidelines and rules. Data is fully encrypted through SSL. In addition, funds are also kept in segregated accounts to eliminate any possibility of misappropriation. There is also an insurance policy of $20,000 for every trader who signs up with RoyalCBank, under the rules of the Financial Commission.

  • There are plenty of cryptocurrencies available

The problem with most brokers in the market is that they have only added a handful of cryptocurrencies to their asset index. They heavily advertise the fact that they enable you to trade crypto, but after you sign up, you don’t find more than a few options. This can be frustrating when you want to explore the market. Luckily, RoyalCBank doesn’t disappoint in this regard. The broker has added a wide array of crypto including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and more. RoyalCBank assesses every single coin in order to determine its profitability and then adds it to their index. This means that you will be able to trade some of the most stable crypto in the market when you sign up with this broker.

  • The trading platform doesn’t have a big learning curve

One of the most impressive things about RoyalCBank is the trading software they have developed for their clients. They don’t offer the MetaTrader4 like some other brokers, but this doesn’t mean that they have not provided a more than adequate replacement. The broker has developed a powerful platform that can be used by novices and experts alike. The best thing is that the learning curve is nothing to worry about because the platform is easy to use and responds quickly to every move.

It is powered by cutting edge technology and boasts some of the most advanced tools that are needed for crypto trading. Another benefit is that it is a web-based platform, which means you can use it only device with a web browser and an internet connection. There are no performance issues to worry about and no security updates to install.

  • There is lots of variety in account types

In order to trade through RoyalCBank, you would be required to open an account with them. This is standard for every broker, but the account types do vary. If you have checked the options given by other brokers, you will realize that RoyalCBank offers you a much better variety than others. Why does it matter? It matters because it gives you the freedom to find an account type that’s most suited to you instead of having to settle for the next best option.

There are a total of six account types you will find, which are Basic, Beginner, Medium, Advanced, PRO and VIP. The deposit requirement for the first account starts at $250 and the last account can be opened with $100,000. The requirements for other accounts are between these figures. Some features are consistent in all accounts like customer support, education center access and charts, but some are specific to an account type protected trades, financial plans etc. It is up to you to choose an account type that meets your requirements in the best way.

Bottom Line

RoyalCBank has ensured that when traders opt for their platform, they don’t have to deal with exorbitant costs of trading, can access one of the best education centers for learning everything about the crypto market, enjoy responsive and fast customer support and even benefit from the expertise of analysts.

You can give these people permission to manage your account and they will conduct trades on your behalf to help you earn as much as possible. Banking has also been simplified by RoyalCBank, which has empowered the broker to allow its customers to enjoy a smooth process every time they have to add or withdraw funds. You can trade cryptocurrencies in a secure environment and have fun while doing it.