Duxa Capital – Transform your Entire Trading Experience

Today’s market is flooded with brokers. You can find a plethora of options when you begin searching and every other broker claims to be different. Some claim to offer you the best assets. Others advertise their innovative trading platform and on it goes. There are also scams that try and lure traders with the temptation of low costs. How do you make up your mind? The key is to look for brokers that are unique in every aspect and can offer you an experience that you wouldn’t forget. If your first trading experience doesn’t go well, it will hang like a black cloud over you every time you trade.

But, if you make the right choice, things can be markedly different. Duxa Capital can help you achieve this feeling and do it quite well. This broker is distinguished from the rest by the fact that it has focused on the needs of its target audience and has customized its services accordingly. This is a hallmark of the best and professional brokers. Every other broker makes claims, but Duxa Capital has actually backed them up. How? Read on to learn more:

  • Duxa Capital helps in portfolio diversification

Even if you are a newbie, you are probably familiar with the concept of diversification. It is essential to understand it because it helps in reducing your risk and increases the possibility of earning huge returns. Duxa Capital allows its traders to practice this by offering them an extensive list of tradeable assets to choose from. When you choose this broker, you can dip your toes into several markets, including forex, stocks, indices and commodities. The most notable thing about Duxa Capital is that it follows market changes and trends due to which it has also added cryptocurrency to its asset index. You can trade more than 1,000 instruments spread across numerous financial markets, thereby enjoying a diversified portfolio.

  • Duxa Capital values your peace of mind

The broker is fully aware how important peace of mind is during trading. If you are stressed or worried, you won’t be able to make the best decisions and this is something you want to avoid at all costs. Therefore, Duxa Capital has taken appropriate measures to ensure you don’t have to put up with any such situation. How do they do that? They have created a safe and securing environment for you to trade. They understand how important it is to keep all personal and financial information under wraps. Consequently, they have used powerful encryption technology for protecting all sensitive data.

They have a strong firewall to keep people out of their system. Duxa Capital also complies with the KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) policy, which means that anyone who signs up with the broker first need to verify their identity. They have to give proof of address and ID as this prevents any shady profiles to be created.

  • Duxa Capital has made trading easy and straightforward

One of the biggest problems traders have to encounter with forex and cryptocurrency brokers and exchanges is the difficulty in trading. The trading platforms that are offered by some brokers are very difficult to navigate and this can make problems during trading. Fully aware of this issue, Duxa Capital has developed an easy-to-use and responsive trading platform for their clients.

They have made it simple enough that even those who are new to trading will have absolutely no issues in mastering it. The best thing about their platform is that even though it is incredibly simple, this doesn’t mean it doesn’t have the necessary tools and features. It boasts the most cutting-edge technology and you can find a web-based version, as well as a mobile version that can be used according to your convenience.

  • Duxa Capital lets you open an account that suits you

When you want to trade with a broker, an account has to be set up where you will enter all your personal information, add funds, make deposits and keep track of your trades. Brokers offer account options to traders, but they are usually not more than three or four and don’t offer a lot of choice. Duxa Captial is different in this regard because they have offered several account options to ensure you have all that you need for conducting trades.

The first account is called the Basic account, which can be opened with a deposit of EUR 250. It boasts simple features for newcomers in the trading market, such as 10% leverage, trading alerts, 24/5 customer support, 30% Welcome Bonus and some educational materials. Other account options include Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. With each of these account types, more features and options are added because they are designed for traders with varying levels of experience.

  • Duxa Capital believes in educating its traders

One of the notable features of the broker that shows how committed it is to tis customers is the education center they have developed. Duxa Capital has provided a variety of videos, e-books, tutorials and webinars for their traders to access, depending on the account they are using. With this extensive and thorough material, beginners can learn the ins and outs of trading whereas experts can develop new strategies and learn how to earn more profits.

  • Duxa Capital emphasizes customer support

Another element where the broker showcases its dedication to traders is through the customer support options it has provided. Duxa Capital has opened various channels that can be used by its clients for communicating with the broker. These include email, live chat and phone. They are quick in responding and resolve problems right away to allow their clients to continue their trades hassle-free.


When you put all these elements together, you will realize that Duxa Capital is second to none in the market. The broker has outdone itself in terms of platform and offerings and has even made banking immensely easy for its customers. It helps amateurs in mastering the art of trading and experienced traders can enjoy a profitable run.