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Clicktrades Review

If you have done any research into trading, you are probably aware of the fact that a broker is essential to the process. This hasn’t changed, no matter what developments have been made. The only difference is that brokers now operate online and there are many of them offering their services to different traders. Some specialize in only catering to beginners while others prefer to engage only experienced and professional traders. Even if you are starting out, it is best to find a broker that can meet the requirements of all kinds of traders. Switching brokers is not an easy task and you don’t want to deal with it in a few months.

If you are looking for a comprehensive and fully functioning broker, ClickTrades is right up your alley (read any Clicktrades review from the internet and you will see how highly ranked they are!). Some may hesitate in signing up with ClickTrades because it was launched recently in 2018. However, it is also a fact that this brokerage has made quite a name for it itself during this short time. In fact, it should be lauded for everything it has achieved, as opposed to many brokers who have been operating in the market for years and have not even come close.


As mentioned above, ClickTrades was established in 2018 and is owned and operated by a company known as KW Investments Limited. They are regulated and authorized by the Seychelles Financial Services Authority, which is reassuring because you know you are dealing with a regulated entity. Unregulated ones are considered shady because they don’t have a valid license to offer their services. ClickTrades is a legitimate broker as it is fully licensed and supports CFD forex and cryptocurrency trading i.e. Contracts for Difference. This is a popular form of trading because it allows traders to invest in contracts for buying and selling assets instead of physically buying them.


While regulation is certainly an important aspect of a broker, its features are equally important because they determine the kind of experience you will have. ClickTrades is aware of this and so they have made an effort to offer you a solid package that can be immensely valuable during the trading process.

Some of the broker’s features are:

  • The multitude of assets to choose from

Who doesn’t enjoy diversity? In the trading world, diversification is one of the best strategies for managing your risks and earning high returns. ClickTrades has made sure that its customers can use this strategy to their advantage. How? The broker has added a ton of trading assets to their platform, which means you will have a huge asset index to choose from. Starting from the foreign exchange market, you will find major, minor and exotic pairs to choose from. If you find that market too volatile, you can choose commodities, such as coffee, oil, sugar and cocoa that are less risky.

ClickTrades also gives you the option of choosing the traditional i.e. the stock market. The broker gives you access to shares of some of the top companies, such as Google, Netflix, Visa, Apple and Microsoft. Apart from that, you also have ETFs, bonds and indices available, thereby ensuring that there is something available to suit your risk tolerance.

  • An award-winning and intuitive platform

ClickTrades understands the crucial role that a trading platform can play in the experience of a trader. Therefore, they have introduced a user-friendly and highly advanced trading platform called WebTrader for their clients. The beauty of this platform is that it is easy to navigate for experienced and beginner traders alike and they can use it for conducting trading sessions for any asset that they wish to trade. You can find a desktop version of the platform, which can be downloaded easily. It is quite lightweight, which means it doesn’t require a lot of space and delivers great performance.

There is also a mobile version that works for Android and delivers a seamless performance. You can trade more than 2,100 trading instruments and enjoy a smooth experience by taking advantage of the customizable layouts provided. The trading sessions are conducted flawlessly and the platform also comes with negative balance protection, which means you will not lose any sum that’s more than the funds in your account.

  • The account types are enriched with important features

When you decide to use ClickTrades for trading, you will discover a total of three account options offered by the broker. There is also the option of a demo account that can be used for all three account types. This is a great benefit because it gives you the opportunity to try out the account before you choose it in order to determine if it works for you or not. The account options are:

Essential: Designed for newcomers, ClickTrades asks for a deposit of $1,000 for this account, which gives you access to the WebTrader platform, offers customer support, full access to Video Library, daily market reviews along with financial research and daily analyst recommendations.

Original: With a minimum deposit of $5,000, this account is for traders with some experience and it gives you access to special trading conditions, research and a dedicated account representative as well.

Signature: The best account for experts, you only need to deposit $25,000 and access all features that ClickTrades has to offer. Some extras include one-to-one meetings with an account representative, along with Trading Central.

  • A strong privacy policy

ClickTrades has also implemented a strong security and privacy policy for the convenience and safety of its traders. It complies with the KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) policy. This is to ensure that only legitimate people sign up on their platform. Detailed documents have to be submitted, which include proof of ID and proof of address. The AML policy ensures no one can launder their money through the brokerage.

Final Thoughts

With these features and offerings, ClickTrades is quickly making its mark in the trading industry. It completes the package by providing excellent customer support, a trading academy, along with advanced trading tools that can be immensely useful during trading.