ATP Markets Review – Making Online Trading Available for Everyone

In my 10 years of reviewing online trading platforms, I have come across so many companies that claim to be great but are only focused on a particular type of traders. For example, you have companies that have all their features geared towards experienced traders. Also, I have seen companies that are more about beginners than they are about seasoned traders. In this ATP Markets review, I will tell you about this company because I think it has made online trading easy and available for all types of traders.

I am not just saying that. If you look at the features from this company I am sure you will be compelled to say the same. Read this complete ATP Markets review and you will know what I am talking about.

Five Account Types

Why would a company need five types of online trading accounts? Can’t it just let everyone access its trading platform with the same amount of money and using just one account? In fact, it doesn’t need any account type right? It could just define a minimum initial payment and let everyone enjoy trading the way they want. Well, this means either new traders will be happy or experienced traders will find what they need. The meaning of having five accounts is that every trader will find something that has been designed for just them.

You can look at these account types and compare their features to know that they are very different from each other. The standard and silver accounts are meant more for beginners and gold and VIP are for experienced traders. The last one on the list is called the pro account and you can tell from the name who this one is for.

Different Initial Deposit Requirements

Since there are five different types of trading account, it also makes sense for the platform to have different initial requirements associated with each account. You can’t expect a person who is trading for the first time to have just as much money as someone who has been trading for decades. This is why you will notice that each account has a different initial deposit requirement. For those who are trading for the first time, they are recommended to go with the standard account, which requires only $250 to activate.

If you have traded a little before but don’t consider yourself completely on a beginner level, you can go with the silver account by depositing only $10,000 in the account. The amount you deposit will give you access to some great assets and financial markets. Now, if you have been trading for a long time and think you understand the ins and outs of online trading, you should consider one of the gold, VIP, or Pro accounts. The gold account features will be available to you for a deposit of $25,000 whereas VIP features are available for a deposit of $100,000.

Asset Types That Suit All

It’s not just the account types where you get the choice based on your trading experience. When you sign up with this company, you can choose the assets based on your trading preferences. Some people like to trade forex currency pairs because they are easy to understand whereas some go for cryptocurrency trading because they want to invest in the next big thing. It does not matter which market your preference is because you will find them all available to you for trading in one place when you sign up with ATP Markets. As I said, it makes trading available to every type of trader.

Final Thoughts

Once you have found the type of broker that offers you value, it is only dependent on your decision power to go ahead and make the next move. I think I have highlighted all the things that made me believe this trading platform is for all types of traders. You can visit the website to know more.