Bit-Finance Review, an Online Trading Platform Offering All within the Industry

With the passage of time, the online trading industry has been growing bigger in terms of products and services. However, not many online trading companies are able to offer the services to their fullest. If you were okay with other online trading platforms, then you would not have been going through my Bit-Finance review. Let me go ahead and discuss important things about the trading platform to show you how it can offer you everything a top of the line online trading platform can. The platform can ease your journey no matter the trading asset (stocks, cryptocurrencies, indices, forex, and commodities) you choose to trade with.

Bit-Finance Offers Easy Deposit Options

Before you can start trading with any online trading platform, the first thing you need to do is open an account and make a deposit. Although it may seem as the easiest part but in reality, it is the most difficult one because it involves you sharing your personal/financial information. Therefore, Bit-Finance offers you the easiest and most convenient financing options. Based on your preference, you can make a deposit using e-payments methods, bank wire, and debit/credit cards. If you have made up your mind about the payment method, then you need to make a minimum deposit of $250.

If it is a withdrawal you are looking forward to, then the minimum withdrawal requirement for bank wire is $250, otherwise, it is $100 for rest of the payment methods. Once you have requested a withdrawal, the wait time is 4 to 7 working days before the withdrawal is processed and funds are released.

Bit-Finance’s Regulatory Adherence

Ever since its launch, Bit-Finance has held its stance as a regulated online trading exchange and has not hindered from it for once. The platform strictly adheres to anti-money laundering and know-your-customer regulations, and shows no flexibility when it comes to adhering to them. This way, Bit-Finance ensures that it is never ends up in the non-regulatory side and continues offering you the securest and risk-free trading environment.

Trading Platform Offered by Bit-Finance

To ensure you have a safe and secure trading experience, Bit-Finance has designed/developed a trading platform exclusive to fulfill your trading needs. Its trading platform is user-friendly and offers you most advanced, and convenient trading environment. Some of the major features of the trading platform include daily market news, market review, market analysis, and trading signals. The platform also offers historical reports access, advanced reporting features, algo-trading, economic calendar, and so many other tools.

Bit-Finance Offers a Detailed and Well Maintained Educational Content

When you join Bit-Finance, you would realize that the platform is all about grooming your trading capabilities and ready you to face the biggest trading challenges. The best way to do it is not directly through trades but to provide you with educational content. Through the educational content, you get to learn about trades, their pros/cons, their advantages/disadvantages, and different strategies/maneuvers. You can learn all of it through Bit-Finance’s educational content that comprises of economic calendar, trading signals, market analysis, trading training, and eBooks.

Customer Support via Bit-Finance

The customer support at Bit-Finance is composed of highly professional and knowledgeable individuals who are always ready to solve your problems with full devotion. They go through your queries and concerns with full attention, providing you with the most effective and well-calculated solution. You can get in touch with Bit-Finance’s customer support via email or phone.

What Bit-Finance Offers You in General?

Though Bit-Finance offers you with number of unique services and benefits depending on your subscription, it also offers you with many general services. These services are available to you no matter the type of trading account you choose. These services include dedicated ARM, trading training, lower spreads, widget alerts, SMS alerts, and trading bonus.

Bit-Finance’s Trading Accounts

Bit-Finance tends to offer you a decent number of trading accounts, where each account represents different trading experience of the markets. This means that you can choose the one you think would be feasible and suitable for you in terms of trades, challenges, services, and benefits, you can go for the particular one. You get to choose among three trading accounts that are basic, silver, and gold.

Then there is the most challenging and lucrative one offered by Bit-Finance, which is the platinum account. This account can only be acquired through recommendation by your account manager at Bit-Finance.

Trade with Caution

Now-a-days, online trading has become one of the top businesses in the entire world. This is the reason why majority of the online trading service providers claim to be providing the most lucrative and profiting services. However, do not let such claims fool you because at the end of the day, it is your effort that counts. You need to be very attentive, vigilant, and responsible when it comes to online trades. You need to put in the effort if you wants profits to come your way.