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Choosing your brokerage platform when you want to build and manage your portfolio yourself is a decision not to be taken lightly. You have to be aware of the costs, of course, because they directly affect your performance. But it is not the only criterion of choice.

Anything that can save you time and reduce your risk of execution is also important. This might seems complicated and time-consuming, but it is totally worth the time. In the long run, a hastily made choice of trading platform may not yield the best results. When selecting an online trading platform, there are several things to consider.

Firstly, It is important to ensure that your brokerage platform is well approved by the authorities of the country in which it operates. There are sites to verify that your platform is registered with the authorities. Some brokerage platforms have minimum investment amounts that can range from a few tens to a few thousand dollars. Depending on your investment budget, choose the most suitable platform.

Not all assets are available on all platforms. Depending on the securities you want to buy and their place of listing, some brokers will be more relevant than others. Diversifying your assets is a great way of reducing risk and maximizing profits. Therefore, it is advisable for you to choose a platform that offers a wide range of financial products. In particular the shares, bonds, investment funds, and trackers, or ETFs.

Because you are not always at your computer and you are not constantly monitoring your portfolio, choose a platform that is easily available, and that provides tools to help you manage your investments easily. Mobile application, notification, and alert systems, provision of analysis tools,… according to your needs, test the tools of the platform before making a decision. Often you can open a “test” account before investing for real.

Last but not least, test their customer service. Try to contact them at different times of the day. Especially during periods of intense activity on the stock exchanges that interest you. Choose brokers who are directly accessible by phone or chat, you will be happy about this the day you encounter a problem with one of your orders.

Here is a detailed review of the Blackstone500 brokerage platform to help you make an informed investment decision and determine if this platform can help you attain your investment goals.

A quick overview of Blackstone500 brokerage platform

Broker Blackstone500
Trading platform SIRIX Station, SIRIX Web platform, SIRIX Mobile (Android & IOS)
Account Tiers Beginner Account, Advanced Account, Pro Account, and Expert Account


Assets coverage Forex, Commodities, Stocks, Indices,



Customer support Live chat support, Email, Telephone,

Contact Us form.

Language Options English Language, Spanish Language, and Polish Language


Account Funding and Withdrawal Visa Card, MasterCard, and VLoad


Customer Service Available 24 hours every day of the week
Regulations Markets in Financial Instruments (MiFID II)

Unique Features Of Blackstone500

  • Several Account Options

The Blackstone500 trading platform developed a variety of account options for traders. This innovation is intended to make provisions for all classes of traders hoping to use their platform. All traders do not have the same capacity, both in terms of knowledge and financial buoyancy. Blackstone500 have four trading account options, these accounts have special features that aid traders to perform their trading activities easily and effectively.

The Beginner Account

The Beginner Account option is for traders just starting out in the financial market. These sets of traders need guidance and support from their trading platform. The Blackstone500 platform provides the support that they need. In the financial world of complexity, new traders can easily get confused. This platform provides several features on the beginner account to help this set of traders efficiently.

There are several services available in the beginner account. These benefits include 24/7 live customer support, Online financial course, One on one training, and FJ Majors and Minors.

Further benefits include;



-World Indices

-Trade size: 0.01

-Commodities: $15 per lot

-World Indices: $15 per lot

-Equities US: $15 per lot

-Equities Asia: $15 per lot

The beginner account is a good idea for a starter in the financial market. The features available on this account will support the beginner in asset trading. The account is best for investors with little experience.

The Advanced Account

This account option is particularly for traders who have advanced in the financial market. They have spent some time in trading and have gathered basic experience in the trading asset trading world. There are several services available in the advanced account. These benefits include 24/7 live customer support, Online financial course, One on one training, Ebooks, and FJ Majors and Minors.

Other benefits include;



World Indices


Trade size: 0.1

Commodities: $13 per lot

World indices: $13 per lot

Equities US: $13 per lot

Equities Asia: $13 per lot

The Blackstone500 platform offers diverse assets to the advanced trader. The advanced account option would aid the traders to improve their trading success and advance in the financial market.

The Pro Account

The pro account option is strictly for traders who are professional investors. These traders must have significant trading experience. This is because this account has more advanced features that only professionals can understand perfectly. This account is specifically developed to provide the needs of traders who are looking to make bigger investments.

There are several services available in the advanced account. These benefits include 24/7 live customer support, webinars, Online financial course, One on one training, Ebooks, and FJ Majors and Minors.

Other benefits include;

Analyst manager

FJ majors and minors



World Indices


Trade size: 0.2

Commodities: $11 per lot

World indices: $11 per lot

Equities US: $11 per lot

Equities Asia: $11 per lot

The Expert Account

This account is the final trading account option on Blackstone500. The expert account just like the name suggests is, particularly for experts.

There are several services available in the advanced account. These benefits include 24/7 live customer support, webinars, Free VPS service, Online financial course, One on one training, Ebooks, and FJ Majors and Minors.

Other benefits include;

Analyst manager

FJ majors and minors



World Indices


Trade size: 0.5

Commodities: $9 per lot

World indices: $9 per lot

Equities US: $9 per lot

Equities Asia: $9 per lot

Blackstone500 platform has something for every trader: from the beginner to the expert trader. They have provided efficient structures to facilitate trading activities. With any level of experience and financial capacity, this trading platform is universal in its approach and has something for every investor.

  • Diverse Trading assets Available

The Blackstone500 platform gives investors the opportunity to diversify their investments. With the several trading assets or products available on the Blackstone500 platform, traders can easily their most preferred assets for profitable trades. Let us briefly consider the different asset options available on the Blackstone500 platform.


There are several currencies available on this platform. These currencies include; US dollars (USD), European Union Euro (EU), Japanese Yen (JPY), British Pound (GBP), Canadian Dollar (CAD), Swiss Franc (CHF), Australian Dollar (AUD), New Zealand Dollar (NZD), Chinese Yuan (CNY), Mexican Peso (MXN), South African Rand (ZAR), South Korean Won (KRW), and Brazilian Real (BRL).


Investors are often interested in the stocks of large companies. They always want to invest in stocks of large companies, one reason for this is the fact that the value of their investment would increase in value as the company expands. There are stocks of large companies like Amazon, Aurora, Microsoft, Visa, and PayPal available on the Blackstone500trading platform.


The index trade is another profitable investment. This is one of the types of assets available on Blackstone500. Some of the indices accessible on this platform are NSDQ, SP500, FTSE, DOW, DAX, and NIKKEI.


Surprisingly, commodities like  Aluminum, Crude oil, Silver, Gold, Cotton, and Cocoa are also available on the Blackstone500 platform. Traders get to select any commodity of their choice. Although, some particular commodities are only favorable in certain seasons.


In recent times, cryptocurrencies have gained so much popularity in the financial market. They have become a primary form of investment and most people worldwide have embraced their value. This could account for the massive increase in the value of cryptocurrencies in the financial market. Blackstone500 platform has some popular cryptocurrencies available on its platform.

These cryptocurrencies include Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), and more.

As seen above, the Blackstone500 platform provides limitless opportunities for profitable trades. The average trader can find interest in any of the assets available on this platform. Not to mention the educational resources available and analytical tools available on this platform. Generally, the platform provides an enabling trading platform that is responsive to users’ needs.

  • Top Security

Security is a crucial factor every investor must consider before selecting a broker. Trading with an insecure platform leaves you at the mercy of cyber-criminals, fraudsters, and hackers. Traders must look out of a platform that ensures a risk reversal. At Blackstone500 platform, trading accounts of investors are effectively secured through sophisticated technologies.

One of these advanced technologies includes SSL encryption of all information of clients. Blackstone500 platform also ensures that customers’ funds are secure in a separate account completely different from the normal company account.

They also effectively enforce the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policy and the International Know Your Customers (KYC) security measure. Furthermore, the trading platform procedures are directly regulated by a recognized agency-Markets in Financial Instruments (MiFID II). This agency works with several brokers to make sure that the activities of the brokerage platform are transparent, reliable, and that investments are secure.

  • Reliable Customer Support

Trading is not always blissful, sometimes you can make errors or transact poorly. Navigation through the platform might not be so easy, especially with beginners. Both the expert and beginner would always need to make inquiries and fix certain problems. This is why every trader requires a platform with an effective and responsive customer support system.

The Blackstone500 is a platform with efficient and responsive customer support. They provide round the clock services to all account holders, from beginner account to expert account holders.

Blackstone500’s customer care representatives are always available, to ensure that they respond to all inquiries and guide the traders for smooth trading experience. They are courteous and experienced agents that provide all-round support to investors.

Blackstone500 customer care agents can be easily reached through channels like Email, Telephone, Live chat support on its website or A Contact Us form on its website.

  • Language Options

As mentioned earlier, the Blackstone500 platform works to ensure that they meet the needs of its users. They also create a platform that appeals to every class of traders. To achieve this, the platform has made it possible for clients across the globe to access multiple language options. Particularly, three language options are available on this platform-the the English language, the Spanish language, and the Polish language.

  • Amazing Trading Platforms

Blackstone500 platform provides suitable trading platforms for clients. These trading platforms include are the SIRIX Station, the SIRIX Web platform, and the SIRIX Mobile (Android & IOS).

Their platform is available on a web-based and mobile form as well. Blackstone500 platform can easily be accessed on any internet-enabled web browser. All the features and trading tools are available there as well.

The mobile trading version can also be downloaded on Android and iOS operating systems. The mobile version is compatible with every form of device, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility.

The Blackstone500 platform is an experienced online platform that provides user-friendly, customer-centric trading services to investors. With over nine years of service, they have provided excellent trading services to clients’. They are a reliable broker for asset trading. They have displayed their reliability in several ways. Their outstanding packages are endearing to both the beginner and the expert.

However, we understand that choosing an investment broker is not a decision to make hastily. It requires a series of research in order to prevent regrets. The key points to note in your course of research should be security, customer service, trading platforms, and availability of financial assets. Blackstone500 platform has been proven to deliver these features effectively.