Let a Professional Accountant Improve Your Finances and Your Life

Accounting professionals do far more than provide assistance with your yearly income tax filings because they can help both individuals and business owners improve their finances so they are more comfortable from then on. Accountants do everything from helping you plan for retirement to helping you save for your children’s college education and they save you a lot of money during it all. Their services include audit assistance, bookkeeping and payroll for your small business, start-up assistance, and numerous ways to save money both by paying less taxes and by growing your income so that you are more comfortable financially for a very long time. With each client, these accountants will personalise their plan so that you get just what you need every time, ensuring that your financial future is one that you can look forward to.

The Right Accountant Makes a World of Difference

Accounting professionals work with clients of all sizes and types from retail stores to corporate offices, restaurants, schools and hospitals. One of their most significant services includes consulting with businesses of all kinds so whether you are just getting started or you’ve been in business for many years, they can help you with paperwork, deadlines, business plans, and financial statements, to name a few things. Companies such as Watson & Watt provide professional accounting services that you are certain to need at some point. The main advantage of choosing professionals is the number of things they can provide to you, including the ability to maximise your profits, experience extraordinary business growth, and even improve your cash flow situation. In fact, when it comes to your finances, there is little that they cannot do to help you get more money in your bank accounts at the end of each day and the fees you pay them are insignificant compared to the money you’ll save year after year.

Working with an Accountant Helps in More Ways Than One

For both basic and more complex accounting tasks, the right accountant makes a big difference. If you think that you can’t afford a professional accountant, think again. Their services are very reasonably priced and since you’ll save more money than that in the first year alone, it is always worth it to work with them on a regular basis. If you have a business that you’d like to sell, they can help you determine a good selling price for it. And if you can’t afford or don’t need a full-time payroll or bookkeeping person, they can do that for you as well. There is actually no job that they cannot do for you because when you succeed, they succeed, and your individual or business success is always their number-one concern. Furthermore, these professionals usually provide an initial consultation that is free of charge so you can get all of your questions answered quickly in order to help you make the right decision. These accountants work with individuals and businesses regardless of what condition their finances are in and they can improve your finances much more quickly than you might think.

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Cash Value of a Life Insurance Policy: What and Why?

A life settlement is a process of selling an existing life insurance policy to third-party institutions for an amount which is much more than the cash surrender value of the policy. This amount is known as the cash value of a life insurance policy.

This amount is usually less than the death benefit of the policy. Usually, the people who choose life settlements are 65 years or older and own insurance policy with a face value of a minimum of $100,000.

It all began in 1911 when the United States Supreme Court gave a revolutionary decision in the case of Grigsby vs. Russell. The court recognized the right of the policy owner to assign his/her life insurance policy to someone else. The Justice working on this case- Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, announced that a life insurance policy is similar to any other property. Therefore, it can be transferred without any limitation by its owner.

Life settlements became common in the 1980s as the AIDS and Cancer epidemics drove many young, terminally ill policyholders to sell their insurance policies prior to their death. Hence, life settlements started gaining popularity among consumers.

Prior to the existence of this decision, a policy owner who wished to give up his/her life insurance policy had only two options:

  • He/she had to surrender the policy and receive the cash value. Surrendering the policy terminates the policy and all the benefits associated with it.
  • He/she had to allow the insurance policy to lapse. This would forfeit the policy and make it worthless.

There are basically two types of life insurance: Term life and Permanent life.

Term insurance provides coverage for a specific period of time such as 10, 15, or 20 years and can be renewed after the terms lapse. Permanent life insurance provides lifelong financial protection. Usually, term insurance premiums increase with every renewal whereas permanent life premiums remain the same.

The cash surrender value is the amount of money an insurance company pays to a policyholder or an annuity contract owner in the event that his or her policy is voluntarily terminated prior to its maturity or an insured event occurs.

Only permanent life insurance– such as whole life, universal life, and variable life- has a cash value account that grows over time called tax-deferred growth. A term insurance policy can be converted to a permanent policy, but permanent policies cannot be converted. Term life insurance is simple to understand and is less expensive when compared to a permanent life insurance policy. Hence, it’s widely popular among consumers.

The cash value of a life insurance policy is the cash amount offered to the policy owner by the policy provider upon the cancellation of the contract. This cash value can be borrowed as a loan by the policy owner. Universal life insurance, whole life insurance, and variable universal life insurance policies have a cash value, unlike term life insurance. The cash value is what makes an insurance policy a valuable investment. One can save money, receive quality returns and also protect our loved ones.

A policy owner needs to understand the cash value of a policy in order to make an effective decision.

This cash value of a policy can be used in the following ways-

  • Borrowing against cash value: In an emergency, a policyholder may wish to borrow a portion of the policy’s cash value. This loan, taken out of the cash value of the policy, has consequences; interest on the loan and repayment without a stipulated amount of time.
  • Surrendering the policy: The policy owner may choose to surrender his/her policy at will, and he/she has a less expensive alternative or may no longer need the policy. Surrendering the policy removes the death benefit; hence, this step must be chosen with caution.
  • Withdrawing from the policy’s cash value: This is an alternative option for borrowing money from the cash value of the insurance policy. Depending on the policy and its terms and conditions, policy withdrawals may have several effects on it.
  • A life settlement is one of the most widely popular options which involves a third party institution buying the policy for a one-time cash settlement.

Each of these options has its own pros and cons, and a policyholder may choose any one out of these depending on his/her own requirements. I hope that this article gave a better insight into understanding the meaning of the term “cash value of a life insurance policy.” Thank you for reading!

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Risk Management Principles for CFD Trading

Dealing with uncertainty is one of the most important endeavors any trader needs to overcome. Since we are dealing with risk in trading there’s no actual strategy that can guarantee success 100% of the time.

That’s where risk management kicks in and because people think just about the “2% rule” when it comes to managing risk, today we’ll give you two useful principles which over time have the potential to improve your edge.

#1 Look at risk from 3 dimensions

If you already have a CFD trading account, you’ve probably managed to notice that simply risking 2% of your account per trade does not neutralize the risk of you losing a big portion of your account over time.

Dices Over Newspaper, Profit, Loss Risk, Wall Street


Alt text: CFD risk management

The reason why that happens is you are focusing on just how much you risk per trade. An effective risk management system must factor in three different variables, all of them with great importance:

  • Percentage of account at risk per trade;
  • Accuracy over a given period of time;
  • Reward to risk ratio;

#2 Understand the risk of ruin

The second risk management principle is directly linked with the previous one and focuses on the risk of ruin formula. For those of you that don’t know, the risk of ruin is a risk management strategy usually used for gambling. However, by constantly monitoring the three above-mentioned variables, you are able to calculate the probability of you losing your entire account.

Although the risk of ruin formula might seem complex for some of you, there are calculators online which will help you determine the results. The bottom line is that you need to be fully aware of this number. Do you already know that even though you would risk 2% per trade, have a 50% accuracy (which is something usual among traders in their first few years of trading), and a reward to risk of 1:1, the probability of losing your entire account is 100%?

In this situation, you could do two things:

  • Improve your strategy, so your accuracy will increase over time;
  • Or much easier than that, increase your take profits relative to your stop losses, so the risk to reward ratio will increase. A 2:1 reward to risk in the above-mentioned scenario will reduce the probability of you losing your entire account to 0.

Hopefully, you’ve managed to understand the basic concepts and from now on, you will start to constantly monitor your trading performance and adjust your risk management system so the mathematics will be in your favor.

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What is Debt Consolidation Plan

Debt consolidation plans are in favor of the people who want to clear their multiple debts but done have enough money. They go on paying interest for the multiple loans and in this situation debt consolidation plan Singapore helps them to reduce the interest considerably.

It is a plan which enables you to refinance your previous loans of various financial institutions with only one bank or financial institution. The DCP works well with the unsecured position of credit. If you have taken personal loan or you are unable to pay your credit card amount, a debt consolidation plan will go in favor of you. For more information, contact maybank2u.

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Knowing Aflac and the Insurance Plans Covered – Auto, Disability Insurance and Health Care

There is virtually no way to avoid being bombarded by commercials and advertising aimed at selling you the latest and greatest car, truck or SUV. Whether you choose what you drive for “status” or if it is merely a transportation necessity, the automobile is a part of daily life in North America.

And for every automobile ad you see or hear, there is likely to be an auto insurance ad nearby. After all, if you have a car, there is a very good chance that you have car insurance. But do you have enough? And do you have the right insurance? Far too often we discover the deficiencies in our insurance coverage after it is too late.

For a family living on a fixed budget, with little or no savings, a major automobile accident can be a significant setback. Even if your auto insurance covers damages to property and your liabilities, there are often collateral expenses that are not covered and can be a significant financial burden. Fortunately, Aflac, an insurance carrier, has an insurance product which helps policyholders in time of need when their primary auto insurance is not enough. Aflac car insurance, however, is not your typical auto insurance policy, which can create confusion for those trying to understand exactly what insurance options they have with Aflac.

To help you better understand, Aflac is a known as a supplemental insurance company, meaning, Aflac covers what typical insurance coverage exempts. These exemptions might include lost wages. Therefore, the Aflac auto insurance policy supplements disability insurance policies. As such, an Aflac auto policy may only be purchased as an addition to insurance from a typical carrier. Such a safeguard may be a wise investment for those unforeseen extra liabilities that you may encounter after an accident.

Understanding Aflac Car Insurance

Vehicular accidents are unpredictable and sometimes fatal. The bills that come thereafter can be financially crippling, affecting your family’s economic stability. You may require time off work to recover, during which you still need to pay your bills. In the long run, if not well prepared, the stress of juggling between paying hospital bills and meeting your family’s everyday needs can make your present and future financial stability. In extreme circumstances, bankruptcy may be the end result.

To help reduce that stress and burden, Aflac provides a lifeline by providing disability insurance policies, including an auto insurance supplement – that is why there is no Aflac auto insurance, per se. The Aflac car insurance policy is like an insurance for your insurance. It kicks in when the policyholder is incapacitated after an accident and unable to return to work in a timely manner. The Aflac policy provides additional financial resources to keep the bills paid and the bank account balanced when income stops as a result of an accident.

Aflac has become a globally popular supplemental insurance provider and there are several reasons customers are finding Aflac auto insurance worth the investment.

To start with, several Aflac car insurance plans include rider insurance

A rider insurance option comes in handy as it addresses any extra medical costs resulting from the accident and gives the victims a recurring income. The accident victim still receives an income while recuperating. The rider insurance is very expensive not offered by most insurance companies that alone should help you see why Aflac’s plan is so popular.

Since the rider insurance is not affordable to all, Aflac has a supplemental insurance provision which extends to what other auto insurers will not cover. That is, the Aflac car insurance takes care of dental care, daily income expenses, intensive care, short-term lost wages, ambulance services, emergency room costs and extended hospital stays. With all these being included in the insurance plan, why would a policyholder opt out of Aflac?

Aflac Claims – Car Insurance

With a better understanding of the Aflac car insurance policy, one can’t help but wonder how effective Aflac is in terms of paying out a victim’s claim. Some insurance providers manage their policyholder claims through third party companies, which can be a great inconvenience to the policyholder. Aflac does things a little differently. Once an Aflac car insurance claim is made, Aflac makes payment directly to the customer with no third parties involved. This reduces delays in payment and frustration on the part of the insured party. Additionally, Aflac has a great deal of care for its customers, demonstrating this through offering immediate benefits to a victim’s spouse in case of serious bodily harm.

Aflac’s ability to pay claims quickly and efficiently not only saves the victim and family members a great deal financially but also provides them peace of mind while the afflicted receive necessary medical attention.

Disability Insurance

Notwithstanding the unique Aflac car insurance, this insurer differentiates itself from other insurers particularly in its mode of operation. Instead of your typical insurance coverage, Aflac treats companies, non-profit organizations and individual clients to the disability insurance coverage. Their product ensures that the policyholder does not endure financial struggles after being injured while on the job or if they fall ill which leads to an inability to work.

Aflac’s medical and disability plans protect companies as well. Aflac offers plans that can be purchased in terms of group coverage. The group policy covers all employees in circumstances of illness or injury. The coverage comes into effect if they are incapacitated while on the job. All an employer has to do is to file a claim and will be ensured that their employee will be handed a financial lifeline.

The Aflac disability insurance plan is everything you will need, not only for your vehicle. Whether you are an individual or a group, this coverage will be your solution in times of accidents.


One might assume that since Aflac’s services are aimed at helping people meet their medical needs, there must also be an Aflac health insurance plan. Sadly, there is none. Aflac has, however, designed the disability insurance to work together with a policyholder’s health insurance coverage. Thus, there is no Aflac healthcare coverage.

A policyholder may only be eligible for Aflac’s insurance with an existing health insurance plan. In fact, many insurance providers will present their own policyholders with Aflac’s policy option as a way to supplement the purchased health insurance plan. The wide range of medical costs covered by Aflac is definitely worth supplementing the standard health plan.

About Aflac

There is no argument that the Aflac duck is the best corporate mascot ever. But the duck alone is not the star of the show. Founded in 1955, Aflac has gained worldwide popularity as a result of consistently meeting their customer’s needs and keeping their promises. Aflac has millions of satisfied customers with policies that include vision, dental, accident, cancer, life, short-term disability, hospital indemnity and hospital intensive care covers.

Aflac’s claim-handling procedures set them apart from their competitors. Policyholders can file their claims on their website or over the phone. Claims are typically paid within a few days and, in some instances, on the same day, reducing stress and financial burdens for their customers. Aflac’s world-class customer service has made it a trusted name in the insurance industry. This is, after all, what defines a good insurance company and customer relationship. Although Aflac is not the only option for supplemental insurance, it has built itself a name through exemplary service.

Through the decades Aflac has extended its services across the United States, Canada, Japan, and other nations, proving that supplemental insurance can ease people’s financial struggles in times of accidents and illnesses.

Aflac’s excellent customer service and unique delivery of insurance plans makes it a top option for your supplemental insurance needs. Do yourself a favor by insuring yourself against unexpected accidents and financial stress with Aflac automobile insurance or disability insurance.

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Steps to make just a little Fast Cash

Relocate that the budget does not quite stretch so far as previously? Are you currently searching for ways of make or produce a little fast cash for your and yourself family?

The web is where for you personally. You will find huge amounts of web sites on the web today that focus on people like yourself, that need ways of improve their earnings for a number of reasons.

It’s worth trying to find individuals websites which have practical and helpful ideas which are also easy to execute. Some websites suggest spent capital prior to back earnings, however, you will find individuals websites which have content about acquiring just a little fast cash for any little cash lay-out.

Those sites that I am speaking about usually involve you purchasing products from yard sales, or jumble sales, then fixing them up and re-selling them on or perhaps a similar auction website to make just a little fast cash. You need to do your research to locate which products will re-cost even more than you can purchase them for, however there are plenty of products like this available. Examples include brush-cutters, furniture – for local pickup only, and baby products.

It is best to try and purchase products you are able to publish, because this boosts the interest for that item around the auction website, which boosts the final selling cost. Products simple to publish are baby and children’s clothes, especially big brands, along with other small , light products.

So see your local weekend yard sales on the Saturday, list your products for auction within 24 hours and you can make just a little fast cash in five or seven days time.

Than to ask several questions about fast cash to people who have never availed it, you could always go to the portal where you could fill in the simple enquiry form and get all the details about this cash loan that you may want to avail.

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Why Renewal of the Term Insurance Policy is Important?

We all are aware of the fact that life is full of uncertainties, so at a very young age itself, we start planning for different things that keep our family and our loved ones protected. Out of all uch initiatives, one of the most common strategies is investing in a life insurance plan. A life insurance can easily help you a lot in safeguarding the future of the family.  A life insurance plan will provide the needful financial support to the nominee as the death benefit in case of insured’s demise.

While investing in a life insurance plan, it is important for the buyer to be sure that he/she is paying premiums of the same regularly. In case of any failure regarding the premium payment then your policy will lapse and it will be of no use. However, there are many life insurance companies that offer the renewal as a plan’s feature. This should be there in your plan to get the option of renewal which is really beneficial. Investing in a life insurance plan is important but paying premium or renewal of the same is also vital. In this article, you will come to know that Why renewal of term insurance policy is important.

Renew for a Similar Term?

Let us assume that you own a term insurance that comes out with the option of renewal, for a term period of 5 years. When the same tenure comes to an end, then the insured must be having the option of renewal for an additional 5 years.

Why is Renewal of Term Insurance Policy Important?

Well, it is a common question that most of the customers asked, Let’s assume that there is a person who has a term insurance policy but suffer from the heart attack, just prior the policy expires. In such cases, if the policy is not renewed then the insurance company might face many problems to buy a new plan

The renewal feature comes along with the opportunity of extending the coverage. Moreover, you don’t have to go through the medical test for the renewal of the policy.

There are a few cons that a person can face if he/she fails to renew the policy.

  1. It defeats the Purpose of Insurance- The biggest drawbacks in such a situation is that the coverage that the benefits that you are getting will get lapsed. And in case of any eventuality that takes place during this phase then the policy will be liable to offer any benefits to the nominee. Well as discussed above, to secure the future of your loved ones timely renewal of existing term insurance policy is equally important. Just put your best efforts for your family’s future.
  2. It May Cost you more Expensive- When it comes to investing in a life insurance plan, you pay a regular premium to the insurance company. Prior to zeroing in on the premium, there are a few factors to consider is age, medical history, family check, etc. In case, where the policy gets terminated because of non-renewal then the policy will not be liable to pay any benefits to the nominee/beneficiary. If you decided to renew the policy later, then for sure it will cost you more.
  3. No tax Benefit- We all know that investing in an insurance policy is the most efficient ways of safeguarding the future of your family. It also acts as a great tool to achieve different financial goals. It also offers tax benefits while filing income tax return.

So from the above detail information, it is clear that if you don’t renew the life insurance plan on time then it will surely lapse and no benefits will be applicable.

In today’s world, owning a life insurance plan has already become a necessity for every person but don’t forget the importance of renewal. It is true that not all insurance plans come with the option of renewal, you have to check the same at the time of purchase itself. You must check the option at the time of purchase and ask insurer about the same as well. You can take help of an online insurance web aggregator such as PolicyX for your term insurance purchase.

Just choose the best one for yourself today, it is not about you only it is about the future of your family.

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Tips to get a Quick Loan

Most of us have discovered inside us problems that need some form of rapid financial relief. Maybe your car has broken lower and can cost a lot of money having a view to have it fixed. Or even you finish up with no earnings abruptly and can’t repay what you owe around the moment. You check out the back accounts also it just does not appear to become there is a solution. Many reasons exist to find yourself looking for a fast loan. The issue with requiring a fast loan and presumably finding yourself in a determined situation is basically that you abruptly grow to be susceptible to many firms available who prey upon peoples desperate situations.

Same day loan services provided by Complete Loan Solutions are a great solution for those in need of quick finance.

Whereas you will find a lot of corporations either native to your house or on the web, obtaining a fast mortgage should not need you to leap through hoops and sign away the first born child. You have to attempt to reserve your desperation and pay attention to all the elements and positive print which may be concerned to get that interesting fast loan.

If whatsoever attainable, search lower some financial the aid of a family member or perhaps a reliable friend. Make it easy for if this sounds like something that you can to complete, you’re to signal a notarized kind stating when and how fee will be came back towards the individual. And when they request you to invest in signing an application, do not take offense for their request. That’s the method in which it must be done. However, not everyone includes a friend who are able to give a quick loan and counting on the amount that you’re searching for, may possibly not be also something want to perform.

So, that gives you locating a company that’s respected and is not going to benefit from your circumstances. You will find locations that let you borrow towards an approaching paycheck, nonetheless they don’t constantly have among the best of reputations. All of a sudden, you receive your paycheck not much later and would like to show it over, with interest. And not the wisest of decisions that may be made. It is possible to attempt to obtain a small financial loan – residence fairness or perhaps a credit line. In the end, they are not precisely a quick loan fix they often have a couple of days or perhaps days until they are approved. There are several businesses that publicize that you could go out having a loan. A couple of seem to be trustworthy, other medication is extra of the scam. You can always test using the Greater Enterprise Bureau to determine what their status is actually. However, if you do not have time for you to verify any companies out, a minimum of make certain you learn all of the positive print.

Don’t just sit lower and sign particular kinds without studying something and being aware of what the precise phrases are. Understand what the interest rate is going to be. Focus on what time-frame you have to result in the payments. Not knowing the whole information on your fast mortgage might place you again inside a worse financial scenario than you’re to begin with.

The loan is that we cannot live without it. You can have many websites and your email, quick cache ads. What is urgent loan Singapore? The Fast Cash Force system is an instant cash move that helps you achieve financial success by using the internet marketing, sales letter or the squeeze page.

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What is Bitcoin, and why do you need it?

In this modern age, technology is constantly racing ahead, changing everything from the way we shop to the way we communicate. Now, even how we spend and handle money is in the process of changing with the emergence of bitcoin. In this new age of cryptocurrency, as exciting and innovative as it is, it can be difficult to wrap your head around at first. While understanding bitcoin can be initially confusing, it is absolutely worth learning all about, so you can make the most of this amazing new enterprise and place yourself firmly at the forefront of technology. In this short guide, you will learn some of the basics of bitcoin, including what it is, the advantages of it, and how you can use it.

What is Bitcoin?

The first thing to establish is exactly what bitcoin is. Bitcoin is a form of cryptocurrency, which means it is a new type of money that exists entirely online and functions as a decentralized, peer-to-peer system, cutting out banks as the middlemen. It is an exciting alternative to physical money and may very well be the future of all transactions, so it is worth getting clued up early.

All pros, no cons

There are loads of advantages of paying with bitcoin that make this particular cryptocurrency somewhat more appealing than using traditional money or credit. For example, bitcoin cannot be interfered with by governments or banks meaning those who are using bitcoin experience greater financial freedom. Along with this, you have low transaction fees, near complete anonymity, and no sales tax on purchases; the list goes on and on of the benefits you will experience when using bitcoin.

A smart investment

Deciding to invest in bitcoin is a big step, and you don’t want to leap into the unknown in such a venture. However, once you have all your information together, you will be able to make a smart investment in this growing industry. The value of bitcoin is ever increasing as proven by the teenage bitcoin millionaire who used the increased value of bitcoin to build up his wealth and now, before the age of twenty, is a self-made millionaire. Of course, not everyone will have quite this much luck with the system, but with some research and tact, you could be seeing a nice return on your investment very soon.

Having fun

Of course, bitcoin isn’t just about serious financial matters; it has a fun side too. At websites such as, you can use your bitcoin’s to place bets and play fun games like poker. The advantage to playing these games is that bitcoin gambling is much safer than playing with your paper money, with easily accessible information about how, for example, each hand of cards you are given are completely random and, thus, completely fair.

Investing in bitcoin may be one of the best things you ever do as, with the value of the cryptocurrency set to continue rising in the future, you can make some serious money from this brilliant, space-age innovation.

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Is Ubanker legit in Nigeria?

So you have heard of Ubanker already. That is a good start. The questions you and everybody in your position is asking – is Ubanker legit”, “how Ubanker works. This article will answer your questions.

Ubanker is an investment broker that makes online trading accessible to regular people with little experience but big dreams. Ubanker works by allowing you to use a custom-designed trading platform, in addition to providing you with the financial education necessary to navigate the markets, with or without the help of your assigned account manager.

Ubanker is new to Nigeria, but the methodology of understanding the markets is the same one that has brought success to many people worldwide. You will be provided with daily market analyses, professional trading tools, and a step-by-step explanation of all the trading terminologies any trader needs to know.

What do Ubanker reviews say?

Numerous articles are already reviewing Ubanker. Whether it’s the successful South Africans, or any of the French-speaking countries already taking advantage – you can find a mix of reviews online. Some are quick to point to the obvious benefits, others are quite sceptic, there are also some Ubanker complaints. On the Ubanker app for example, there are complaints about issues with the platform, login problems – but rest assured for cases like that customer support is at your side at all times.

Let’s talk about the complaints for Ubanker – yes, there are such. And yes – it the world of money this is quite common. Even the biggest brokers have customers who are not happy – there’s not 100% success recipe. The thing is that the winners go and spend their money and enjoy life, the people who lose – they can just complain and write comments, not trying to recover their losses – something that adds to the great way Ubanker works – they have plan in place in case of loss. It’s how it is – the market is unpredictable and even the best lose sometimes, it’s the final balance that matters.

Ubanker app, platform and deposit options

Ubanker has a trading app for mobile and desktop. Nigerians can now get access to the full range of online trading services and opportunities suitable for every type of trader – from the beginner to the advanced.

Every new trader is guaranteed a personal account manager to guide them on their way to becoming professional investors and help them educate themselves on how to trade online in the global markets. Beginner traders receive a full education package complete with 1-on-1 training sessions, an informative eBook and video tutorials.

For advanced traders Ubanker provides professional trading tools and the use of the state-of-the-art trading platform PROfit, designed with an easy to customize interface for maximum comfort of the user. Traders can enjoy a variety of helpful tools, such as, daily market analysis and news, currency and technical charts, the use of economic calendar and more.

On top of everything else Ubanker’s clients are entitled to receive weekly bonuses to help make their trading experience better and improve their profit potential.

Ubanker’s PROfit trading platform is open to all countries, including Nigeria, that have traders, eager to take advantage and make the most of the opportunities available in the online trading world.

Unlike many Forex trading brokers out there, Ubanker takes great care to educates its traders not only about the positive side of online trading but the downsides as well, because every investment has its risk.

Is it good for Nigerians?

Ubanker Nigeria meets the highest standards in their field and the solutions provided by them abide by the best global financial practices. Their main goal is to help investors – beginner and advanced alike – maximize their profit potential and have a rewarding and enjoyable online trading experience.




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