Iforex Mobile Trading Platform

Whether you are a part time or full time trader, you will likely find yourself in a situation where you are on the go, but still need to be in touch with the markets.  Having a reputable broker that can provide you with a mobile friend application, will help avoid any interruptions to your routine.  Whether you are executing trades, catching up on the latest news, or analyzing charts, having a mobile app will help you feel at ease.

Iforex, provides its clients with state of the art trading platforms including a robust mobile platform geared to smart devices.  An Iforex review reveals a company that is known for its ability to provide tight trading markets along with a platform which is constantly updating financial news and has 24-hour support. Clients of iforex are therefore able to trade whenever they choose, using the system they prefer while receiving information about changes in the market place and professional support when needed.

Using the Mobile Platform

The best part of the mobile platform is its ease of use.  There are several sections including trading, positions and wallet. When you open the trading portion of the application you have a view of currencies pairs, with a sell button and a buy button and the exchange rate where you can transact.  A simple touch of either sell or buy generates a trade.  If you desire to see additional detail on the currency pair you are thinking of trading just touch it and a new view will appear. If you want to scroll up or down, you just need a simple swipe gesture which will allow you to scroll through all the potential trading instruments.

The positions tab has three sub tabs, which include your open positions, your limits as well as your closed positions.  In your open positions tab, you can view the currency pairs where you currently have outstanding risk, and the unrealized gains or losses associated with those positions. If you want to close an open trade, all you need to do is swipe it and a close bottom will appear.  If you want to edit your trade and only close a part of your position all you have to do it click on the trade and a screen will appear that allows you to edit the detail of the trade. There is also an up and down arrow that allow you to toggle through the different open trades that are currently on your books.

The close position tab will show you the transactions that are settled along with the realized profit and loss associated with those transactions.

The wallet tab allows you to immediately add funds to your account, and see your account equity along with your balance, your net exposure and unrealized profit and loss. There is a line item that shows you your trading bonus, your available margin, as well as the margin you are currently employing.

There are additional screens that allow you to customize the trading instruments you want to see, as well as iForex’s contact details to receive profession assistance via, email, phone or fax.

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Knowing MIB700’s Meta Trader 5 Trading Platform Better!

If you are new to Forex trading, you probably have a lot to consider. Apart from taking necessary financial decisions regarding investments, one must choose the right trading platform to get started. The Forex market is known to be volatile, where a trader can make or lose millions in a matter of minutes. Trading platforms ease the process of initiating and completing orders and offer advanced features, which help in quick decisions and further strategic planning.  One of the best-known platforms today is MIB 700, which uses Meta Trader 5 – the most advanced trading technology available today.

Getting started

Meta Trader already had a robust platform in the previous version, but with MT5, they have taken the expertise and features to the next level. For the contemporary dealing, this works like a unique platform for futures contract forex, CFDs and stocks. Traders have three different formats of the MIB700’s Meta Trader 5 trading platform to choose from. There is a unique Meta Trader Mobile App, which is ideal for dealers working on iOS and Android devices, while there is a second version for desktop users, as well. The third format is known as Meta Trader 5 Web Terminal.

Why Meta Trader 5?

If you check online, you will find numerous positive reviews of Meta Trader 5. It is among the few platforms that work for expert and new traders alike. As a Forex dealer, you are expected to make quick decisions. Even a gap of few minutes may mean massive losses. No wonder, the swiftness and flexibility of the platform are important. Meta Trader 5 is designed to be simple, efficient and quick. One can have direct and speedy access to real-time data and charts, which simplifies decision making in a big way.

Other benefits

MT5 enables traders to work with foreign currency transactions in different markets, including the stock market. It offers support for four various types of operation execution, namely Instant, Market, Request and Exchange. Exchange is the new one on the list and is meant to practice trade operations using stock tools. Meta Trader 5 enables six pending orders, along with two stop and current orders each, which is the maximum you can get with any trading platform.

Numerous analytical tools

MIB 700 offers all the 30 feature-oriented analytical tools of Meta Trader 5, which are crucial for successful dealing. Traders can have access to various charts and historical data and can predict the market trends better, so as to plan their future strategies. The technical analysis tools include 21 time-frames, 39 graphical objects and 38 technical indicators among other things. If you are unsure of how to place your order and use the different tools, you will get complete support from the platform on all concerns.

With so much on offer, it isn’t hard to understand why expert traders choose Meta Trader 5 over other platforms. To know more, check a few reviews on the web, and if required, talk to fellow traders to know their inputs.

Author Bio:

Michael Green is a blogger and author, with years of investment experience in Forex and stock trading. Apart from working directly in stocks, he is often invited to write on market fluctuations and trends.


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Stock prices change on a daily basis. In fact, they change every minute. If you are familiar with the stock market or you regularly follow stock market news, you have an idea about this. This is one of the reasons why investing in stocks is considered risky. The value of your shares can reduce or increase within minutes. with some stocks such as bnhlf registering high volatility. It is very easy to make losses with stocks, at the same time; you can easily make profits out of your investments. Most wealthy people around the world can confirm that the riskier the investment, the higher the returns.

Electric Stock Market

What is responsible for the constant change in prices of stocks?

The main reason for frequent fluctuations in stock prices is the market forces; demand and supply. Demand of stock is when there are many willing buyers compared to sellers. Supply on the other hand is when there are many shareholders willing to sell their shares compared to buyers. Demand and supply is influenced by the preference of the public. This is because more people will be willing to buy shares if they prefer a certain company and at the same time, more people will be willing to sell when the prices increase.

Stock prices are also affected by the general state of the economy. However, there are other factors that affect the prices. They are discussed below

  1. Company news

This includes release of earnings and the expected earnings in the future. Announcements of dividends also fall in this category. These announcements have an influence on the demand of the company’s stocks. A company with high profits and well paying dividends tends to attract more potential investors.  This is because people get into stock market with the intention of making profit and therefore go where the money is.

  1. Industry performance

Some industries perform better than others. Companies within the same industry will have the prices of their stock move in the same way. The industry will generally have an increase in their stock price at the same time and vice versa is also true. However, a company may benefit from the failure or set back of one of their competitors within the industry. These setbacks are inclusive of scandals and bad news regarding the competitor.

There are other factors known as economic factors that affect the stock prices. These are

  • Inflation – Inflation causes high prices of consumer goods, as a result, the sales reduce leading to a reduction in profits. In order to deduce inflation, bank rates are increased and as a result, stock prices reduce.
  • Stability- This is in terms of political stability, which can cause shocks in the economy and therefore affect economic growth. The prices of stocks will reduce in places where there is fear of terror attacks.

Understanding the stock market comprehensively requires much time and effort. Thanks to the internet though, you can access stock market blogs that will provide you with the necessary information you may need. You can get information on some of the hot stocks to buy on these stock market blogs, which can be a good start when looking to invest in stock market. Knowing these hot stocks to buy will go a long way in helping you get profit from your investment.

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Post-election volatile currency pairs

With President Trump’s feet getting firmer under the White House table, it’s hard to believe it’s less than two weeks since the US presidential election. During voting and immediately after, there were some currency pairs exhibiting more volatile than usual behaviour, and following the UK’s Brexit decision, the commercial sphere has been something of an unstable place in 2016.


Pairs saw huge swings and the entire market was considered an unstable place during the few days either side of the presidential election. We spoke with Hantec Markets Ltd To see what fallout the US election caused on some of the more volatile currency pairs at stake.

Safe haven

In fear of the results of the election affecting the economy, many investors backed ‘safe haven’ assets, which include the Japanese Yen (JPY) and Swiss Franc (CHF). This meant that during voting and immediately as the result of Trump’s victory was broken, both sets of currency against the US dollar formed a volatile pair. Indeed, as election results came in the USD/JPY and USD/CHF both rallied with Clinton and plummeted with Trump.

Oh, Canada

USD/JPY and USD/CHF were not the only volatile pairs, however, and with the impending prospect of Trump’s election, the Canadian Dollar (CAD) plummeted against the US Dollar (USD) as the prospect of weakened relations with its northern neighbour became a closer prospect.

Euro fluctuations

The EUR/USD went above its standard line of resistance. Hardly considered to be a “classic” safe haven pair, the Euro/Dollar surged to its highest at 1.1616. As election night progressed the pair EUR/USD slid back down towards 1.12 and fell further once Trump was confirmed president. This volatility reflected that of the instability produced following the Brexit vote.


President Trump has created a sensitivity with the Mexican Peso, with his talks of building a wall and creating a rift with the Central American country. As such, the Mexican peso USDMXN, fell to a record -0.1024%   low, as Trump’s lead became firmer and his eventual win was confirmed.

Russian spike

Notoriously in allegiance with Vladimir Putin, Trump’s imminent election had a positive impact on the Russian ruble USDRUB, which spiked during voting.

Ultimately economic complexities currencies against the valuation of the dollar will drive a trend as time goes on. Equities often stagnate shortly after the election and the future of the dollar and any of its volatile pairs remain in flux.

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Three Great Uses for Your Free Time If You’re Making Money as an at Home FX Trader


Trading, if you are doing well at it, can be a great way to make money from home, and because you trade in sessions, aside from keeping up to date on the news affecting your currency pairs, you get quite a lot of free time to use as you please. Whether you choose to spend that time doing other money making activities or bettering yourself in other ways, it is a good idea to find something productive to do so that you maximize on the benefits of being an FX trader.

Here are three ways you could use your free time to improve your life:

Get Your Masters Degree

A lot of people would love to have the time to do a postgrad degree like a master of arts in liberal studies or an MBA, and as an FX trader, you actually do have this opportunity. Thanks to online universities, you can get the masters you want from the comfort of your own home, and still be where you need to be when it’s time to log on and trade. Look for degree courses like an online masters in philosophy, and you can soon be on your way to a higher qualification that can open new doors for you in the future, as well as giving you something interesting to study when you aren’t busy with currency markets.

Start an Ecommerce Business

forex-traderIf you want to earn more money to use in your trading, then a good idea can be to start your own ecommerce business. It can be fairly easy to set up your own site using a third party ecommerce platform that allows you to manage your product catalog and take payments, and so all you need is something to sell. If you have a hobby that involves making things or producing digital products like eBooks or software, you can sell your own stuff, or you can become a retailer for other people’s products. If you don’t like the idea of running your own site but have things to sell, sites like eBay and Etsy can also be a good way to make some money you can later use as capital for trading.

Learn a Language

FX is very much an international thing, and if you deal in currency pairs other than the US, Australian and Canadian dollars or the British pound, you’ll be working with currencies that exist in countries that don’t speak English. While this has no bearing on your ability to trade, being able to follow news from other countries in its original language may be useful, or at least interesting. Try using apps or online courses to teach yourself a new language relevant to your trading in your spare time!

These are just three ways to make good, productive use of the time you have free between your trading sessions. Why not try starting one of them today!

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Important Tips about Iron Condor That Can Help You Make Huge Money


Trading is one of those very few activities that can help you make quick money in a very short duration using legitimate methods. There are different strategies used by traders to maximize their returns from time to time – Iron Condor is one of them. If you’ve been exploring this field for some time, then you must already know what iron condor is all about, but if you’re not aware of this term, then this guide is all you need right now.

What Is Iron Condor

It’s a popular options strategy that’s used by many professional money managers and individual traders all around the globe. There are four different types of contracts involved in Iron Condor. Here are a few important features of this strategy-

  • It’s often constructed by selling one put and call spread on the same underlying asset.
  • Though it’s not a strict requirement, all the four options are out-of-the-money.
  • The put and call spread are of equal width.
  • In Iron Condor, most underlying assets are broad-based market indexes like NDX, SPX, RUT, etc., but still, many traders hold Iron Condor position on smaller indexes or individual stocks.
  • Iron Condor is often a ‘market neutral’ trade, which means that there is no bearish and bullish bias.


How To Make Money With Iron Condor

Unlike other strategies, when you decide to execute Iron Condor, your complete focus is on a narrow trading range. Right from the moment you open your position until it expires, you hope that the underlying asset doesn’t go out of that narrow trading range. At the time of expiration, if all the options that you have are out-of-the-money, then they expire worthless, enabling you to keep all the money that you collected while purchasing Iron Condor. The way trading takes place in the market, you may not see this happening every day, but whenever it will take place, you’ll reap a significant profit.

Since there are many experts exploring the market along with you, the obvious strategies may not work at the time; hence, you need to be innovative every time. Sacrificing last few dimes of the potential profit and closing the position before the expiring date isn’t a bad idea. It will not only shock your competitors but also help you avoid any last moment turnaround.

If these are your early days in the industry, then you need to focus on earning profits without risking much, and the above-mentioned strategy will help you do exactly that.


So, don’t worry about what others are doing and how are they executing the Iron Condor. Focus on your strong points and proceed accordingly. The tips shared in this post will definitely help you achieve great results with the iron condor in the coming days.

Author: Kim Klaiman is an expert trader and loves trying different option strategies on regular basis. He keeps sharing his experience and knowledge with his readers from time to time.

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EZ Trader’s Binary Options Trading Platform

Binary Trading Options are a way of investing money into fast and lucrative stock and share trades. They involve predicting the market and trading against a plus-minus outcome for a, generally, fixed pay off. They can be a risky investment but they can also yield the highest rewards on the market. It’s important to know what you’re doing and also to choose the right platform to trade on but, so long as you do the research and invest in the right places, binary options trading can get you big money.


Doing the Research
Due to the risk involved in binary options trading, it’s important that you know you’re investment is going to come off as often as possible. This means sitting down and doing the hard graft, reading the blogs, checking the FT and keeping on top of trends. A great place to start is The EZTrader Blog. EZ Trader has a huge amount of experience in binary trading and their blog is kept up to date with the minute by minute shifts in the market. Checking out their summaries of the trends and expectations from the market place is an excellent first step into the world of binary options trading. If you go in gung ho and start dropping money without checking your options, your liable to miss out big time.


Getting a Good Broker
Trading is stressful and takes up a lot of head space. A good way of mitigating some of the potential dizziness is to get yourself in with a good broker. A broker will help you invest your money where it’s most likely to get you a decent pay check. Generally brokers will charge a percentage of the trade or profits and some will charge and upfront trading fee but any decent broker will have the knowledge to make that payout worthwhile. Whether you are new to trading or you have some experience, getting a helping hand from someone who does it day in, day out could be the difference between winning big and dropping your hard earned cash on duds. EZTraderFC is an online broker that lets you trade at a Championship League level. They’ve got the knowledge and experience to make sure your money is going where it should and when it should to make sure that you have the best chance of getting that return.

The Platform
A trading platform is the tool used to instigate trades. With the growth of online trading there are a wealth of trading platforms out there to use but it’s important to make sure that whichever one you go with, it will be able to keep up with your demands. The EZ Trader Binary Options Trading Platform is one of the fastest, most responsive trading platforms available and is instantly updated with any shifts in the markets. If you want second by second responsiveness then EZTrader should be your first and only stop.

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Pros and Cons Associated with Investing in Walmart Stocks

In case, you have been thinking of investing in Walmart Stocks, you should be aware of the pros and cons associated with investing in the company. Let us look at Walmart stock in order to start thinking about pros and cons of investing in one renowned company.

Investing in Walmart Stocks

The Pros

Walmart has constantly enhanced its dividends for more than 40 years. They have even doubled in some periods. Although the growth might not always live up to the expectations, but the constant pattern would indicate stability.

The payout ratios of Walmart have followed a consistent pattern. Moreover, they have been still on the rise. Actually, they have been following a similar pattern as their dividends. When looking back at Walmart’s stock, you could see that payouts seem to go up, even if it goes up slightly. You could also see that they have constantly paid out for several years. Walmart would serve 250 million customers weekly in approximately 27 countries. It has experienced around 30% growth in its earnings per share from financial year 2010 through financial year 2014.

The Cons

During some years, Walmart lost ground in its payout ratio. However, recently Walmart has been challenged for maintaining its profit margins. Moreover, its record of strong growth has slipped.

Whether you select Walmart or any other brand name stock for the purpose of investment, you should remember that when buying a stock, you would be buying business. You need to examine that business similar to purchasing the entire thing. You need to consider whether they have been innovative and developing or producing new products that would be in demand in future. You should be prepared to pay more for business that aims to meet a higher standard of performance as compared to others. However, you should know that you might be reaping a greater dividend or payout.

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XFR Financial Ltd Explains The Technical Side Of Forex

Many people wish to start trading Forex without realizing this practice is more than studying the evolution of various currency pairs and knowing the right moment when to buy or sell. There are traders that make a fortune, but for each of them, there are thousands of people who go out of business, as they get ruined by their own transactions.

Everybody knows trading foreign currencies is a high risk activity. Nonetheless, very few understand the technical side of Forex. This is the main reason why most beginners at XFR Financial Ltd never make it to the next level. They spend as much money as they can afford, and then quit trading, as they realize they are in danger of going bankrupt.

XFR Financial

Learn To Trade By Getting An XFR Financial Ltd Account

Learning how to trade is vital for becoming successful at XFR Financial Ltd. Being able to detect possible shifts and the evolution of the market from the early signs is also a must. Nonetheless, the best traders are the ones who understand that the choice of a reliable trading platform is one of the ingredients that can lead to success. They know they have to use their trading platform to the full and make use of all its automation functions and possibilities. By simply setting the limits below which you aren’t willing to go can save you a fortune. As soon as the market reaches your preset values, your trading software places the pre-programmed order, thus allowing you to limit the loss. You are still going to lose money, should a major event trouble the exchange rates. However, you are going to avoid losing everything, thus being able to recover in the future.

Dealing With Trading Platforms

Forex trading platforms are quite complex. They need many hours of study and practice, if you want to reach the level of understanding that would enable you to trade like a pro. This is why it is important to treat the technical side of Forex with great attention, if you want to earn a living out of this hobby. Take your time, start with the beginning and don’t quit until you master your software. Speed of reaction is very important when trading currencies. You have to be able to take decisions in a split second. This means you can’t afford to start looking for various options in your dashboard, as a few seconds lost can cost you a fortune. You need to be so accustomed with your menus and options, that you should be able to tell anyone where each of the buttons is, even with your eyes closed. You need to become a skilled professional in handling your tools. Trading is a profession, but it is also an art. If you don’t master your XFR Financial Ltd tools, you are never going to be able to become one of the best in your area of expertise.

Don’t be afraid if you aren’t a technical person. Everybody can learn how to use a software, provided he spends enough time and puts enough energy towards understanding and memorizing all commands and features. It’s not easy, but such performance can be achieved by almost anyone.

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Tips For Successful Penny Stock Trading

If you can get success in penny stock trading you can actually stop worrying about your expenses and future. However, the road to achieve the success is not that easy and you really need to put in hard effort to ensure that you are able to book profit in the market. Here are some tips for successful penny stock trading,

  • Do your research first: This is the most important thing to get success in this line. You need to be completely aware about the company on which you are going to put your money. You also need to be aware about the “pump and dump” stocks to ensure that you do not fall a prey to them.

Penny Stock Trading

  • Opt for related education: Nothing can beat knowledge and hence if you have the right education and knowledge on the stock market, it can work as your biggest treasure to gain success. Do not hold back from spending in education in the line that can improve your knowledge and understanding of the market.
  • Be serious: If you think that trading penny stocks is an easy way to earn money, be aware. This is one of the primary reasons that cause loss to many new traders in the market. For trading penny stocks successfully you actually need to be serious about it and give it adequate time and effort, not less than a regular job.
  • Get current information: Keeping an eye on the current market situation is very important to get success in the penny stocks. For this you can either depend on online resources, the OTC board or you can subscribe to a regular penny stock newsletter to not to miss on any current information related to the penny stock market.
  • Monitor your stocks closely: Penny stock trading is different from trading of normal stocks in the market. Penny stocks are not reliable and they should never be a long term investment option. So, monitor your stocks closely, every moment, so that you can grab the best opportunity to sell and buy them.
  • Minimize risk: Even in penny stock trading you need to minimize the risk by employing certain strategies. Buying stocks from different industries, not spending your whole capital on a single stock, are some of the trading strategies that can actually help to attain success.
  • Sell your stocks even for small profits: Penny stock market is about buying and selling stocks continuously. Selling your penny stocks even for a small margin can be highly profitable as it is multiplied by the number of stocks you hold. Small margin selling can significantly reduce the risk and ensure success in the long run.

Keep the above tips in mind for achieving success in the penny stock market.

About the author: The author of this blog is a penny stock specialist attached with a trading firm that also releases penny stock newsletter. The author enjoys writing and sharing his knowledge with beginners of the line.

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