Iforex Mobile Trading Platform

Whether you are a part time or full time trader, you will likely find yourself in a situation where you are on the go, but still need to be in touch with the markets.  Having a reputable broker that can provide you with a mobile friend application, will help avoid any interruptions to your routine.  Whether you are executing trades, catching up on the latest news, or analyzing charts, having a mobile app will help you feel at ease.

Iforex, provides its clients with state of the art trading platforms including a robust mobile platform geared to smart devices.  An Iforex review reveals a company that is known for its ability to provide tight trading markets along with a platform which is constantly updating financial news and has 24-hour support. Clients of iforex are therefore able to trade whenever they choose, using the system they prefer while receiving information about changes in the market place and professional support when needed.

Using the Mobile Platform

The best part of the mobile platform is its ease of use.  There are several sections including trading, positions and wallet. When you open the trading portion of the application you have a view of currencies pairs, with a sell button and a buy button and the exchange rate where you can transact.  A simple touch of either sell or buy generates a trade.  If you desire to see additional detail on the currency pair you are thinking of trading just touch it and a new view will appear. If you want to scroll up or down, you just need a simple swipe gesture which will allow you to scroll through all the potential trading instruments.

The positions tab has three sub tabs, which include your open positions, your limits as well as your closed positions.  In your open positions tab, you can view the currency pairs where you currently have outstanding risk, and the unrealized gains or losses associated with those positions. If you want to close an open trade, all you need to do is swipe it and a close bottom will appear.  If you want to edit your trade and only close a part of your position all you have to do it click on the trade and a screen will appear that allows you to edit the detail of the trade. There is also an up and down arrow that allow you to toggle through the different open trades that are currently on your books.

The close position tab will show you the transactions that are settled along with the realized profit and loss associated with those transactions.

The wallet tab allows you to immediately add funds to your account, and see your account equity along with your balance, your net exposure and unrealized profit and loss. There is a line item that shows you your trading bonus, your available margin, as well as the margin you are currently employing.

There are additional screens that allow you to customize the trading instruments you want to see, as well as iForex’s contact details to receive profession assistance via, email, phone or fax.