Crypto Conduct Authority Review – Resolving Crypto Payment Disputes Professionally

I can understand most of the problems that are being faced by crypto traders because I myself am a crypto trader. I also know that in the initial phase of crypto trading we make some bad choices, particularly with regard to brokers and exchanges. Resultantly, our funds are stuck which then seem impossible to be retrieved in time. I am however glad to be a crypto trader and am proud that I am part of Crypto Conduct Authority, a special purpose-built authority for addressing grievances of crypto involved people. In this very small piece I will try to cover most of the amazing aspects of this institution in this Crypto Conduct Authority Review.

Complaint Lodging Ease

Payment disputes are usual issues which can be resolved amicably through mediation. In the crypto trading world, the concept of mediation is still quite a fresh concept but the same has been carried forward by Crypto Conduct Authority. The authority has taken the task of settling crypto payment and refund disputes with crypto-related brokers, exchanges, blockchain companies and individuals. The authority offers its mediation services which can be obtained by lodging a complaint simply.

Lodging of complaint with the authority means that the authority is now authorized to take up your case and proceed with the investigation. The process then entails collecting of evidence and on the basis of collected evidence, the authority then contact the party who is reluctant to settle the dispute.

Important thing to note about this authority is that it is a watchdog of crypto activities of whom individuals, brokers, blockchain companies, crypto traders are a part of. Because of this, quick and intelligent solutions to a crypto payment problem are offered to the complainant.

Open Membership to All

Being a watchdog of crypto related business, the authority offers membership to all which includes members such as crypto traders, crypto brokers, blockchain companies etc.

One of the major reasons why crypto brokers are keen in joining this platform is because the authority provides them with Order Execution Certificates. These Order Execution Certificates are like extra-layers of security and transparency provided to the traders by their brokers. Resultantly, the traders are satisfied that they are working with genuine brokers. In case a dispute arises,the traders can take up the matter firstly with the broker and then with the authority. In this manner, a third-party mediation is guaranteed to the trader as well as the broker.

Value Added Services for Brokers

Apart from offering Order Execution Certificates and dispute resolution mechanism, the authority also offers several other value added services to its clients, especially crypto brokers. The authority can help a broker in increasing its recognition organically by hosting their interviews on social media platforms like Tokenhell, Startup Info, Coin Shark etc. For instance, Tokenhell is a worldwide famous social media platform where news pertaining to blockchain and cryptocurrencies are published for information to greater audience. It is quite normal that writing pieces that have been published on Tokenhell also land on mega social media platforms like Yahoo Finance etc.

Customer Care

The authority has also formed a team of highly qualified and expert personnel through whom customer care services have been offered. If you know your query and are expecting an authentic answer or that you want to make an enquiry, you can communicate with the team at your convenience. The most convenient way of contacting is to make a call. The second most convenient way of reaching out to the team is by sending them and email and informing them about your query.

Final Thoughts

People do not realize that even the crypto payment settlements and disputes can be resolved amicably and Crypto Conduct Authority has been offering such solutions. It has been in the field for almost a decade and during this time it has been able to settle unlimited disputes. So get your dispute settled now through Crypto Conduct Authority.