CTmatador Review – Does the Broker Has Great Features for You?

Like there are thousands of trading instruments, similarly, there are innumerable categories of brokers who all individually claim themselves to be the best from the rest. However, not all fingers are equal and hence brokers are also different. So the task of choosing as to which broker is a better option for you rests entirely upon your shoulders. But I can help you with this CTmatador Review so that you can evaluate this broker from various angles as I did when I chose it to be better than most.

Account Choices

One of the glaring difference between CTmatador and the rest of the crypto brokerage firms is that my broker offers various accounts for trading. These accounts have been carefully designed so as to be simultaneously suitable for any kind of a trader, whether pro or completely novice. Similarly, all of the accounts are packed with plenty of outstanding features and amongst the best are leverage trading, access to a powerful trading platform, account manager facility etc.

Each account is different and even better than the previous level of account. For instance, one cannot compare the basic account with the VIP account though they share some common features yet there are special features also which make the VIP account entirely superior than the basic. Similarly, there is huge difference in the initial deposit requirement of the basic and VIP account which, in the case of VIP, is designed for appealing pro traders.

Simple Sign-up and Convenient Account Funding

The broker’s platform is quite simple as you can easily see simplicity in several aspects of the platform. The best example of simplicity can be found in the sign-up process of the broker which is super convenient and completely digital. No hardcopy of the document will be asked to be provided and the basic information will need to be deduced digitally on a digital sign-up form.

Similarly, you don’t need to bring cash to the counter and request the broker to fund the account so that trading can be activated. Instead, you can instruct your bank to make a transfer to the trading account directly or alternatively you can fund the account using your debit or credit card. It will hardly take a few minutes when your account will be ready for trading.

Variety of Contracts for a Variety of Instruments

Soon after completing the sign-up process, you can immediately land into the global world of asset classes and execute their trading contacts. Assets from commodities, stocks, indices, shares, forex, bonds, cryptocurrencies etc. will all be available for you to trade. Open contracts of these assets will be shown to you in your desktop while alert signals will be sent off to your registered mobile phone. Tools in the accounts such as risk management tools and market reviews and analysis will help you in arriving at best trading decisions.

With this broker, you will further ensure that your career continues to evolve and grow on regular basis. You can achieve more growth by seriously taking part in education and training sessions or by accessing the online library. Similarly, market feeds supplied by the broker will let you know financial markets’ latest position, particularly with regard to the asset you are interested in.

Policy Concerning Withdrawals

Like in the case of account funding, withdrawal mechanism is also very simple and convenient. For withdrawals, the trader can instruct the broker to deposit the requested amount into their personal account maintained with a bank. Alternatively, the funds can also be retrieved by the trader by selecting the option of electronic payment transfer.

Final Thoughts

In the end, I can tell you that with CTmatador you will have unlimited options and using those options, you can focus more on assetsthat are within your comfort zone. Otherwise, you can trade multiple assets simultaneously in different financial markets of the world. If you are convinced then join the platform and if you require further clarifications then use the broker’s Risk-free Demo account.