Trading Review: A Comprehensive Assessment of The Famous Trading Platform

If you’ve been following the evolution of the cryptocurrency world, you would agree with me that cryptocurrencies are not going anywhere. This is because of the concept that they epitomize and that is technology so advanced; we haven’t fully comprehended the depth. Many people believe that cryptocurrency is the future of finance.

Banks and both big scale and small scale businesses are beginning to adopt the use of cryptocurrencies in transactions made. The reason why the cryptocurrency blew through the roof when the first crypto was introduced is because of the concept of decentralization. People love the idea of being completely in charge of their funds without having to pay additional interest to the financial institution.

However, this digital currency is highly unpredictable and can reduce in value as well as get incredibly high. It all depends on the market trend at that period and the economic status at that time. Once people decide to finally get into the financial industry and start trading; they realize the need for a brokerage that would present them with a convenient platform to perform trades.

Every trader in the crypto market is on a search for the perfect online broker that would make trading a smooth-sailing experience. People are also searching for platforms that do not engage in illegal activities and is transparent in all their dealings. Above it all, the online broker must be dependable and able to provide valuable services when it comes to cryptocurrency trading.

A trader in the cryptocurrency market is looking for a real and dependable online broker that can offer ample security to traders on its platform. It might sound easy but the abundance of brokerage firms in the industry has made it hard to pinpoint which is genuine and which is dishonest in their dealing. Most people just pick randomly thinking that they’re all the same and no harm is done.

Many traders in the cryptocurrency market end up committing to a scamming broker through these actions and lose all their money. Randomly picking an online broker is dicey because more deceitful organizations are emerging every day and the need to be extra careful cannot be overemphasized. A cautious attitude will stop you from becoming a victim of these seemingly genuine brokerages.

Before picking an online broker, it is advised that a trader carries out a thorough investigation into every facet of the firm to confirm it is as genuine as it claims. This can be quite stressful and laborious for a trader; especially newbies who don’t know what to look for. You must pick a platform that you can access easily with as few clicks as possible instead of complicated and confusing platforms.

A platform that also offers many instruments to advance your trading is also important. The chance to diversify your assets is an important consideration also for traders looking to widen their portfolio. Wouldn’t you find it awesome to get a broker that offers all these features and delivers on promises? I assure you it is entirely possible.

We know how hard it is to check out several platforms and still remember to check out every feature that is important when picking a broker. This is why we have gone through the trouble of examining a brokerage firm that is fast becoming the first choice for traders in the financial industry – FinexArena. This is a platform that promises impeccable services to prospective clients and we’ll be checking out the platform to confirm how real these claims are.

A Quick Overview of the Crypto Trading Platform: FinexArena is a foremost platform that places its focus on crypto trading and also Forex. It is one of the major brokers in the industry that offers a wide array of investment instruments as well as tools for trading. It is innovative in its approach and offers entry into retail trading for traders who might be interested. Its terms and conditions provide access to investors and traders worldwide.

It is one of the uncommon trading firms that can be found in the financial industry that applies just and impartial terms to the various assets it allows traders to trade with. This platform first started as a funds manager in 2009 during the Fintech revolution worldwide. It later opened up to the world in 2012 as an online broker. The features and profits a trader gets to enjoy on this platform cannot be overemphasized; these benefits include easy entry into various markets globally.

It widened its services to be an exchange platform in 2018 when the demand for an exchange market that offered fair leverages grew. Thus, FinexArena can be considered an all-round efficient platform that caters to your trading needs. If you’re worried about the regulation of this efficient firm, then you can be at ease as this platform is very much regulated.

This brokerage firm was formed by a team of professionals belonging to different areas. They chose to come together to combine their various specialty to achieve the goal of forming a brokerage that was the first choice of traders. From the very beginning to this day, this online broker has not relinquished its position on the list of top brokers. Their vast resources and capabilities play an important part in making this online broker the best it is today.

FinexArena stays fully in line with all the rules and conditions of the financial industry; this is achieved by a firm authority on the platform. It aims to solve common issues that erupt between investors, traders and the broker that represents them. This company is completely transparent in all its dealings and is frequently audited by its regulator. It is very careful not to breach any financial ethics and doesn’t subvert any regulations of the financial industry.

The platform is fully legal and complies with various policies that ensure that launderers do not gain access to the platform. It also uses innovative technology to prevent entry by hackers and cyber-attacks. To protect clients of this platform, every prospective client must provide a valid ID while registering on the platform. The vast instruments that this platform presents traders with to trade with is also a reason to consider committing to this company.

There are several other features offered by this platform that would be considered in full, read on and you’ll understand how this platform delivers smooth transactions to its clients.

Noteworthy Qualities of FinexArena

Putting aside the detail that Cryptocurrency and Forex are the booming markets today due to its evolution over the years. It is a blooming trading asset that a person can confidently rely on as a source of income. Apart from these assets, numerous others have high profits tendency in the global market.

It is important to remember that everyone has a reason for entering the monetary market and people are looking for a platform that caters to these needs. FinexArena has provided a platform with extensive qualities to help you meet your specific goals.

Sterling Security

This company realizes the important part security plays in a smooth trading experience. They understand that investors and traders alike are all looking for a platform where they can relax while performing trades. Traders want to be assured of the safety of their data and funds and this is what FinexArena has to offer its various clients.

This efficient platform makes use of advanced levels of encryption to ensure that every account opened on the platform is secured. Clients’ funds and data is also kept protected on the platform from cyber-attacks and hackers looking to steal customers’ funds. The platform does this by using advanced algorithms to validate every client on the platform.

This brokerage network also makes use of the advanced hosting services of VPS to protect the trading schemes and reduces the risk of losing deposits to thieves.

Amazing Customer Support Team

FinexArena company does not hold back when it comes to the comfort of its clients. This is made apparent in their support team. FinexArena has put together a team of well-trained people who remain friendly while efficiently responding to queries and problems posed by clients. They understand that trading is not a smooth ride and problems might arise. When this happens, there is a team of professionals at your disposal.

The service of this company’s customer service is top-notch. Their expert team is available to attend to every query or problem traders might have. This service is available at all hours of every day and their support team can be contacted via a live chat. There is also the option of calling them on the phone numbers made available on the platform to speak directly to an agent.

You can also send this firm a message on their various social media account or send them an email which they always endeavor to respond to promptly. The service is first-rate as they always endeavor to give precise answers to every query or issue of traders.

Seamless Depositing and Withdrawal Process

When it comes to processing deposits on the platform, FinexArena is at the top of their game. They offer clients extraordinary and outstanding experience with the unlimited access they provide to various trade deals. The various payment methods made available by this company was set up for the convenience of traders on the platform.

There is also an online cashier available in the exchange department to make transaction well-organized and devoid of fraudulent activities. Traders can make deposits and also carry out withdrawals with this online broker with the use of credit cards and several e-wallets. Deposits take less than an hour to process on the platform.

Withdrawing from the platform is also just as easy as withdrawals are processed with 48 hours of making a request. If it takes any longer, then it depends on the bank system. However, bank transfer might take close to 14 business days to process.

Well-organized Platform for Trading

The best way to confirm just how much a platform was designed with the best interest of the clients in mind is by checking out the efficiency of their trading platform. Their platforms are designed well-designed to provide first-rate services. This company makes uses of the popular Meta Trader 4 platform that many traders in the industry have come of love. This is because of the many tools and qualities that accompany the platform.

The platform is compatible with various browsers on smartphones and computers. Traders can also download the platform’s app from any app store to be able to keep track of trades from anywhere. There is also the option of a unique Android Trading platform which is also packed full with various trading tools and several charts.

iPhone users are not abandoned in these unique platforms as there is a special platform that iPhone users can download for their trading activities. There are also numerous instruments integrated into the platform. All the platforms are multilingual in their settings, so traders from different backgrounds can easily access the platform.

Excellent Trading Instrument

This company has its platform packed full of highly efficient instruments set to boost trading experiences of clients. One of the remarkable instruments made available on the platform is the currency converter that allows the trader to calculate the value of one currency in another currency rate. This is important when trading with currency pairs in the market.

Traders can also calculate the expected profits on a trade on the platform with the profit calculator instruments. It helps you to be aware of your chances to make wise decisions in trading. Clients can use this calculator to estimate trading volumes and also get live updates from the market.

Traders are also privy to the trade margin on this firm’s platform. This margin condition comprises the sum that a trader has to pay to unlock security or an asset class. The requirements are different from other platforms’ as they are coordinated with that of Dukascopy Bank. These terms are made to lessen risks in investments and this instrument gives traders the chance to gauge the smallest equity that is required to get an obtainable trading spot.

Several Account Types

Because every trader in the global market enters with unique needs and goals, FinexArena has provided several account types that traders can choose from depending on their goal. These accounts are all different and special with various integrated instruments and qualities that are best for trading on each account.

The Silver Account

The silver account is perfectly suited to new traders in the market that are still learning the ropes. With this account, traders can start small and then build up when they feel ready to advance from the stage. This account can be unlocked with a deposit of $250 except of course you’re looking to invest which requires at least $50,000. The account is tied with a 20% bonus for two years and this account is entitled to an interest of 1.5% each month.

The interest however can only be withdrawn by investors and just once a year. The features unlocked by this account type are few compared to the features embodied by other accounts. The available tools, however, can boost your potentials in investment made. The holders of this account are entitled to an account manager and expert.

The Gold Account

This account is more advanced than the silver account and is best suited for traders with a level of experience in trading and making investments. This account is tied to a 50% bonus and can be unlocked with a deposit of $10,000. Traders on the silver account can choose to upgrade to this account type when they feel ready.

Investors on this account type are required to pay $100,000 and are entitled to an interest of 2.5%. Holders of this account type also get a senior account manager and a market expert who will help traders on this account evaluate the market and discover the right strategies to employ in trading.

The Platinum Account

The platinum account was created for traders and investors who have gained a higher level of expertise in the market and are ready to take high risks in trades. This account is unlocked with $50,000 for traders and $250,000 for investors. This account is entitled to an interest rate of 3.75% and holders of Gold and Silver accounts can upgrade to this account when they have garnered enough experience.

Holders of this account also get senior account managers and can have as many personalized sessions with the manager as they want. They also get an expert that helps them make the right investment and trading decisions. The trading signals on this account are complete and so, there is a profound chance of success in trades. Attached to these many features is a bonus of 100% on deposits made.

The Diamond Account

If you’re not an expert trader with high and vast knowledge about the financial industry, then this account is not for you. Investors and Traders who have garnered enough experience in trading. There are unlimited tools available on this account for boosting trades in the market. These account holders are entitled to a bonus of 125% on the deposit made.

The account is unlocked with $250,000 for traders and $1,000,000 for investors and is entitled to an interest of 3.75% which can be withdrawn every month. The trading signals available on these account types are endless and they also get VIP account manager and expert.

Final Verdict

The numerous assets and instruments made available on this platform for traders and investors alike is an important reason to consider committing to this company to carry out trades. There are also many remarkable qualities that this platform offers clients that guarantee outstanding experiences when carrying out trades.

Always remember to be careful when carrying out trades and gather enough information about whatever market you choose to trade or invest in. This will ensure you always make the right decisions when making decisions about trading.