Forex Market Analysis Best Practices

Forex is a lucrative market that can generate good profit if you have the best market analysis practices. There are several simple to complex market analysis practices that can help both amateur and professional traders make significant profits from trading.

Despite its numbers, ratios, and charts, Forex is more of an art than science. Trading involves some form of talent but the talent can only take you so far. Successful Forex traders hone their skills through practice, discipline, and by continuously learning to analyze the market.

Here are some of the best Forex market analysis practices that you can adopt to become a successful trader:

Find A Compatible Trading Style

When you set out on your trading journey, it is important to know where you are going and how you expect to get there. Define your goals and make sure that the trading style or method you choose is capable of helping you achieve these goals. There are different styles of trading, each with its unique approach, risk profile, and market analysis processes. Find a style that is compatible with your goals and aspirations.

A Broker With The Most Appropriate Platform

Choose a broker who provides a trading platform that allows you to do the right market analysis. It is important to work with a reputable broker so invest some time in research and try to learn the differences between brokers and what each one of them provides. Find out about the broker’s policies and how each one makes a market. For instance, some brokers trade in spot markets or over-the-counter markets while others trade in exchange-driven markets. If you prefer Fibonacci numbers then ensure your chosen broker’s platform draws Fibonacci lines. A broker using a low-quality platform or an inexperienced broker with a high-quality platform will eventually be more of a problem than a solution.

Technical Analysis

In Forex trading, the most effective long-term practices involve Technical Analysis as well as Fundamental Analysis. If you are a small or medium investor, you can achieve a lot by investing in technical analysis. This type of market analysis assumes that all the important details about the market as well as future currency fluctuations are available in the price chain. In technical analysis you go back and analyze past events in a given market assuming that the past trends will continue to be manifested in the present and future. It is a reliably good strategy as we all know history has a way of repeating itself.

It is also a safer strategy than marginal trading because it involves less guesswork. The trader assumes that history will persist on and invests in a strong currency that shows signs of continuing its positive trend. However, it is imperative to master technical analysis strategies including the Elliot wave, the Fibonacci strategy, and even Bollinger bonds to have a more accurate market analysis.


Adopting the best market analysis practices in Forex trading will help you become a skilled and refined trader in the long run. Remember, as previously stated, trading is an art and the best way to become proficient in Forex is through disciplined practice and consistency. Like someone said, practice makes perfect.