How Companies Market Online

Marketing can be important for a new business as the best product in the world might not be used as many might not know about it. A new business with a good product and a great marketing team can be extremely profitable early in the business’ life. Online marketing is the best way to get the name of a company out there as the phonebook and other print materials have become obsolete to the search engine. The following are some ways that companies can market online and gain some attention.


Having a blog on the website where people can interact is an important part in marketing a company as well as building a brand voice. Using the blog as a place to announce company happenings as well as publish content that is interesting to customers and informative at the same time can make a company a thought leader in an industry. Make sure not to make the blog purely advertorial as many people avoid sections of sites that seem to be selling something as people do not like knowing they are being sold.

Coupons are a great way to get people to visit your site. Even huge companies like Groupon have coupons for stores like Macy’s and stores that sell a myriad of things. Not only do people visit your site but it can also build brand loyalty as people think positively of brands who help them save money. Offering coupons on your site for other stores or businesses can help build business to business relations as well.

Writing articles for other sites in the industry can help highlight the skills or expertise of the staff of a company. The tradeoff might be that a person from the site you wrote for might want to write an article for your site to get their name out there. Building business relationships by marketing can be leveraged much later and can even lead to sales.

Marketing for a new business will never be easy as building a brand can take years. Producing a great product is the first order of business but enlisting some great marketers can be the difference between being the next big thing versus being a minor success.