How To Choose A Financial Planner In Baltimore

Finding the right financial planner in Baltimore today can be a confusing state of affairs. The latter is so because there are so many of them, most of which are quite competitive and therefore quite difficult to choose. However, that doesn’t mean one shouldn’t put effort into ensuring they are getting the very best out of it. Without further ado, below are some of the ways one can use to find the best Baltimore financial planning firm to help them out in whatever capacity they wish:

Experience Is Crucial

As previously mentioned, there are quite several capable financial advisers in Baltimore. Therefore, finding one that works for a client’s needs is vital. With that in mind, the first place that one has to look at is none other than the level of experience. The financial adviser and planner with more experience are better than the one who is starting by a long shot.

Credentials Do Matter

Before contracting any financial planner, it is essential for one to know that they are capable of doing the job they’ve been contracted to do. For that matter, checking their credentials should also be carried out with the same intensity as they did when looking for their experience.

Thankfully, all financial planners are required to file their information with the security and exchange commission. The latter is what makes it easy to do a background check as all of their information is handed over in the form of an investment adviser public disclosure. Doing so makes it easier for one to decide on the financial planner to work with and the ones not to.

Go for The ‘Fee-Only’ Financial Planner

Since the ultimate goal is to make the most, going for the ‘fee-only’ financial planner can be an excellent bet for anyone looking to manage their finances. Why? Because the ‘fee-only’ financial planner is economical. Going for the financial planner who charges commissions only make matters worse as they are expensive in the end.

Thankfully, one can get in touch with ‘fee-only’ financial planner with ease. The latter is made easier through verified portals such as the garret planning network and the national association of personal financial advisers. One can also get their ‘fee-only’ financial advisers by looking for recommendations in and around Baltimore and still receive the very best services when all is said and done.

Fiduciary Standard

Everyone should always be advised to work with financial planners held to a fiduciary standard. A fiduciary standard refers to a financial planner who bases their advice on their client’s best interest. One can achieve the latter can be established through checking their fee as well as their previous working relationships. Once one has established this information, it would become quite easy for them to decide whom they can work with and those they don’t.

As mentioned earlier, it is essential for the client always to invest as much time if they want to find the right financial planner to use whether for the short or the long haul. Thankfully, all this hard work is only to be done once because once they’ve found the right financial planner, they won’t have to look for another.


Having a financial planner has its perks. However, when it comes to getting one, everyone is entitled to get the very best. Thankfully, following all the above procedures can help a great deal when it comes to landing one especially in Baltimore where there always seems to be so many of them. That said, no one should ever be in a hurry to get one and should, therefore, be able to take as much as time as they can find the right person to help them reach their financial goals.