How to Choose a Financial Planner

In order to make the most out of their money and a person should consult the services of a financial planner. The financial planner can help a person find a way to invest their money or put their money in savings with the largest return. A plano financial planner can help a person make their money work for them. There are some tips on how to choose a good financial planner.

Type of Advisor

There are different types of financial planner based on the needs of the client. There are also different ways that they get paid.

Commission Based

These advisors are often brokers, insurance agents, and another registered representative. They will help a person with mutual funds, annuities, and insurance. They often work for large financial firms. These professionals make money off of the projects that they sell. Keep this in mind when looking at their financial products.


This type of financial planner can help with asset management. They will find products that will fit the needs of each client. They charge an hourly rate or a specific percentage of the total assets they are in charge of. Some of the products that they work with include estate planning, retirement savings, investments, and education and insurance planning.

Determine Needs

There are some people that only have some questions that they want to be answered while others will need complete asset management. This will help a person make the decision based on what type of financial planner to work with.


When looking for a financial advisor there are some licenses and certifications that a person should look for. Some common certifications include CFP, CPA, CFA and the certified financial planner. These are usually the certifications to look out for. In order to get the certification, the advisor has to have years of experience, take continuing education courses, and take an exam. Once they have achieved the certification they must follow all the standards to keep up with it.


The financial advisor needs to follow specific ethical and legal guidelines in order to keep their certification. There are ways to find out if the financial planner has been the subject of criminal investigations or if they are any actions taken against them. A person should ask for their advisor for their ADV or they can search the Investment Adviser Search website.


When looking for a financial planner a person should find one with experience and that has been working in the field for some time. They also need to meet the educational qualifications and experience working with real-life financial situations.

Trusting Relationship

A person needs to find a financial planner that they will be able to trust. They are going to be sharing very intimate details with the planner about their money and estate. A person needs to be able to trust anyone that is dealing with their finances. Most financial planner will offer a free consolation to meet with a potential client. This way a person can get a feel for the planner and see if they feel comfortable around this person. A person can meet with several planners before making their selection on who they are going to trust with their money.

These are some things that a person should look for when they are hiring a financial planner. It is important to find a financial planner that will best fit their needs and has the education and experience to be trusted with money.