Online Business

Tools to Succeed in your Online Business

Business in today’s fast-paced economy requires the ability to think fast, act faster and always be poised for the next evolution in business. What worked only a few years ago is now old hat and probably a detriment to your success as a business.

New software such as the popular Provance for IT departments prove that staying on top of current developments can pay off with big rewards. So how does anyone keep up let alone lead in an environment like this? Here are a few tricks of the trade that can help.

Social Media and Your Website

While we have all heard the word on social media and how important it is to a business, it isn’t enough to simply have an account in each of the leading sites. You have to understand how each of them have different audiences, are used in different ways and will give you a leg up as well.

One of the important tools many forget how to monitor work from home employees is that you can link up your site to your social media sites on a regular basis, if you use it right. Have important information on how your product works on your website? Why not post about that on social media, with links to it. The same goes for new products, new distributors and every blog post you add. Connect your site to your social media pages for maximum impact.

The Importance of Blogging

I create blogs for clients and what I always hear from them is that they don’t know what to say on them. They know they are good for SEO but just can’t imagine what they have to say that anyone would like to hear. But once we talk, it becomes obvious what great information they have about their industry that others would love to read about.

Don’t know what to write about? Stuck when you open that blog software to write? Create a schedule that ties into your industry. Are there trade shows that regularly happen you can write about? Do you have seasonal shifts in your buying or selling? When do you develop new products? All of this is great for blogging, along with monthly sales information and seasonal reminders about changes in buying habits of your clients. Think about sales cycles and what you see changing in your industry too.

Update That Website

Have you ever gone on a site and thought it looked outdated? Chances are that this site was state of the art when it was built. But fashions in web design change almost as fast as women’s fashions. What looked good a year or two ago now looks clunky and out of date.

Don’t let this happen to your site or your potential customers will think you are not really a viable business. In addition, if you don’t check on the site on a regular basis you might have code break down or links stop working. That can lose you sales.

Keep that site up to date and refresh it every year, just as you would any marketing campaign. Your website is your introduction to the world, so make sure it truly reflects your business.