Why is Forex Trading so Popular?

First thing’s first, every trader must understand that the industry requires individuals to have a mix of discipline and analysis. With the right set of knowledge, you will have the ability to read charts and financial reports, make correct predictions, and hence – wise trading choices.  But why trade in the first place?

No middlemen menace

Forex markets give us the option to trade directly, without intermediaries. In many cases, brokers have been a thorn in the flesh of traders. After all, there are rotten apples in every market. What makes it even more astonishing is – you often find that these rotten apples manage to lure traders into their traps. Luckily, there are good brokers out there too, and Olympus prides itself on being one of them. Transparent, trustworthy, and exceedingly convenient. Hence, it’s numerous awards from various years: Best Forex Service Provider, Best Broker Asia, Fastest Trading Platform, Best Customer Service, and many more.

No commissions

Commissions have rendered many markets useless. Due to enormous appetites for commission, interests of clients are often disregarded in the brokers’ chase for profits. Forex trading does not rely on exchange fees, cleaning exchanges and brokerage fees. Brokers in this field make a living through the spread amount.

24-hour market

Unlike other markets that have specific trading times, Forex is available to trade at any time of day and night. This appeals to part-time traders, who have limited hours to engage in trading. The market has active members on a 24-hour clock system. All you need is to choose a time most convenient to you.

Low entry barriers

Entry barriers have been a prominent discouraging factor for many businesses. With Forex trading, traders have the option of starting with capital as low as $20. This makes trading available to all, regardless of income bracket, and gives everyone equal opportunities to make money.

Wide open market

The Forex market is booming with active traders, which makes it impossible for a single entity to influence market prices for an extended time period.

Access to free resources

Many brokers offer their traders free resources to help them advance their skills. In the case of Olympus, for instance, this includes demo practice accounts, how-to’s, videos, e-books and even live webinars – all to make sure you make most of your experience.


Forex market’s popularity is nowhere near slowing, and why would it be? Granting traders opportunities to make money at any time and from anywhere around the globe is a unique offering, and the profits speak for themselves.

For more information you can open an account with Olympus Markets now and start your trading journey.