Are There Any Better Exchanges for Ethereum Besides What The Medium Article Mentions?

Although most crypto currencies are not enjoying the limelight that they once had a few years ago, there is one that is on the rise, and that is Ethereum. People have started to invest in it and often rely on it in favor of other well-known crypto currencies like Bitcoin. One of the biggest reasons why Ethereum’s star is on the rise is that its solidity language offers a lot of ease to users to generate code, something that was very difficult with Bitcoin. In fact, Bitcoins, tough coding language was one of the main reasons behind its downfall. Investors and traders these days are on the lookout for worthy exchanges for Ethereum. Of course, there was an article by medium that offered some insight on that but the exchanges that it mentioned were quite limited. If you are new to the crypto currency world, it is important to remember that there are way more than just three exchanges for Ethereum. Mentioned below are some that might come in handy for you. XTR crypto trading platform full review mentions these exchanges as well.

Change Now

If you are a user who wants to swap their cryptocurrency to Ethereum instead of just buying it, take a look at Change Now. It offers more than 170 coin swaps to users for different kind of Ethereum based tokens with Augur and Binance coin being a couple of them. The interface that they have is quite simple to use and they do not have any kind of limit when it comes to swapping.


There is another well-known exchange that makes the purchase of Ethereum quite simple, and that exchange is known as CEX. One of the best things about CEX is that it is perhaps the simplest to use for beginners. In addition, its trading features are quite advanced as well. As soon as you set up your account, you will find the process to be quite straightforward. Singing up allows you to purchase cryptocurrencies with either your debit card or your credit card. You will also notice strict limits that are applied to the amount of stuff you can buy. That being said, you do get the option to extend those limits if you want to.


This is a famous exchange that is known for its high liquidity. It allows you to trade Ethereum in place of fiat currencies. With its headquarters in San Francisco, Kraken came into being during 2011. Safe to say that it has been in operation for a considerable amount of time. A large number of investors have backed Kraken up some of which are the Digital Currency Group, Blockchain Capital, Hummingbird Ventures, and Money Partners Group.

Suffice to say, that it is a decent exchange that you should keep in consideration, especially because of its extremely high liquidity. Its fee scheduling is also really competitive. The exchange also has robust security procedures in place. The neuer capital blog scam also provides a helpful list of Ethereum exchanges.