Converting BAT to Ether – Is It Possible

Cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly popular as the days go by. Gone are the days when people used to look at the stock market changes. Now most of them show more concern about the crypto currency they invest in – and rightfully so. A lot of investors have put in a lot of money and expect to get huge financial turnovers from them. Of course, not all of their aspirations come to fruition, but the important thing is that crypto currencies are gaining steam. Although there are tons of crypto currencies out there, not a lot of them are in a stable condition these days. In fact, it would even be fair to claim that there rates tend to fluctuate every so often which makes them really predictable. That being said, there are two crypto currencies that have gained quite a bit of steam recently, and these digital currencies are ethereum and BAT. XTR gate crypto blog also provides useful info regarding BAT to ether conversion. Let us first discuss a little about Ethereum.


Bitcoin has come a long way since it was initially introduced. Nobody expected that there would be a day where Ethereum would actually be in a pole position to topple Bitcoin. Its potential is on the up and up. And people are falling head over heels in order to make investments in it.

Creating blockchain applications has become quite difficult for some people recently. The reason behind it is that it requires a fair bit of coding, mathematics and a bit of cryptography as well. Some other major resources are required as well. It is a major reason why a lot of people are looking for Bitcoin’s alternatives. Fortunately, Ether presents itself to be perhaps the best Bitcoin alternative out there. It does not require the complex coding that Bitcoin block chains do, which is quite convenient for users.


Just like Ethereum, BAT is also a currency that has taken the crypto currency world by storm. The term BAT is an abbreviation for Basic attention token. Essentially, BAT is a token for digital advertising and it is built on the block chain of Ethereum. The main reason of this token is to make a marketplace that contains ad exchange and allows publishers and advertisers to connect with users with decentralization. BATS purpose is to monetize the attention of the user and eliminate all of the needless expenditure associated with ad networks.

Here are a few things that BAT takes care of:

  • Rewards advertisers, publishers, and users
  • Users receive payments for paying attention to the ads
  • Advertisers receive better return on investments

Is It Possible To Convert BAT to Ether?

Now that we know what Ether and BAT are, you may be wondering whether it is possible to convert BAT to Ether and the simple answer to that is yes. You can most definitely convert BAT to ether with the help of a number of reliable exchanges. Coin Market Cap, Coinbase, and Binance are famous exchanges that let you convert BAT to Ether and the opposite. XTR Gate crypto trading platform full review has a through piece on various exchanges that allow ether to BAT conversion as well.