Best Financial Resources for Struggling Families

Times are tough for millions of families out there. If this describes your current situation, chances are you’ll take all the dignified help you can receive. The following are some of the best resources for families currently experiencing financial distress:

Minimal-hassle personal loans

Financial stress is frequently felt most in between paychecks. Many families struggle to make ends meet during that period. One solution is to borrow money, but most lenders won’t do business in a pinch. Luckily, a select few will, and better yet they let individuals apply online. Whether it’s personal loans in Edinburg TX or installment loans in Erie PA, the ability to get the money you need to pay the bills and put food on the table is a crucial financial resource during difficult times.

On-and-off side hustles

Thanks to a variety of Silicon Valley’s most successful startups, individuals across the country can pick up part-time work whenever they need the money. Whether it’s delivering food for companies like Grubhub, driving passengers for services like Lyft, or grocery shopping through apps like Instacart, earning a few extra hundred dollars per month has never been easier. The best part is these apps typically make it simple to start and stop as needed. Simply sign-in when you’re ready to work and sign-out when you’re done.

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Most Americans consumers don’t realize – or don’t appreciate – the existence of a government agency designated to look after their interests and help them better understand the basics of personal finance. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is a relatively young agency, one that has already seen a reduction in funding and a deficit in leadership. However, the information available at the CFPB website remains a useful resource when it comes to dissecting the various nuances and potentially fraudulent offerings out there.

Financial calculators

There are over a dozen useful financial calculators available for free online. From auto financing to debt repayment to planning retirement, these calculators can help families map out their financial future at a time when every dollar counts and preparing for the unknown matters more than ever.

Second stimulus?

If Congress ever gets around to passing a second stimulus package, millions of Americans will receive another check in the mail or through direct deposit. That’s thousands of dollars for some families, depending on the number of parents and children in the household. That’d be the best financial resource to get, especially with the holidays approaching. Whether it happens is another question.

Due to massive layoffs, reduced economic activity, and uncertainty about the future, many people across the U.S. and elsewhere are experiencing financial hardship. Useful financial resources matter now more than ever. With any lucky, 2021 will bring about changes that signal the end to the financial challenges of millions of people. Time will tell.