DXCBIT Review – Is This Online Trading Platform A Good Choice?


DXCBIT is an online trading platform that has dramatically impacted the way modern trading looks. It may appear like one more addition to the growing list of trading platforms increasing proportionally with the number of traders joining online trading. You may ask why the number of traders is growing drastically? The answer is due to the flexibility and profitability it offers. Online trading has become a new trend, and now, nearly everyone, whether they are investing in trading or not, has some basic information about it. In this era of striking success, there was a heartfelt need for a trading platform that offers variety, fast executions and technology. DXCBIT is one of the trading platforms formed to provide comprehensive solutions for all the trader’s requirements. If you are looking forward to learning more about this platform, this is the right place to consider. In this DXCBIT review, we will discuss some essential aspects of this modernized trading platform.

DXCBIT makes online trading easier

DXCBIT offers great easiness in every aspect of trading. At first, when you want to register at the trading platform, you will remain hassle-free. The joining process is simplified, and it does not take much time. They offer multiple payment gateways, so making a deposit is not an issue. You can choose any method that suits you the best. When you enter the trading accounts, the interface is welcoming and user-friendly. Even new traders can use it easily. Lastly, the withdrawal process is also easy, and you can request withdrawal to any gateway registered at the name of the account holder only.

DXCBIT offers flexibility to trade from anywhere

In this fast-paced world, everyone demands freedom of space and time. Online trading offers them both and trading platforms like DXCBIT ensure to deliver it with quality. DXCBIT offers a web app that you can access through any browser of your choice, and any device as per your feasibility. It also has an easy to download the mobile app that works smoothly on your iOS, Android and, infact, Windows-based smartphones. Traders can pick any trading interface and connect to it using an internet connection. Using the device with an internet connection, traders can connect to any trading market from anywhere in the world.

DXCBIT increases profit index

Traders success is linked to their economic growth, and DXCBIT ensures everyone joining this trading platform receives total exposure to make as much profit as possible by connecting to various financial markets. It has offered a wide range of trading instruments on its trading platform, and traders can pick one or many, as per their choice and affordability. This versatility of trading instruments also helps traders to minimize the risk involved in online trading.

DXCBIT takes care of your assets

DXCBIT is one of the safest trading platforms using technology to create a barrier for protecting traders’ assets and their information. Each of the trading platforms is secured using captcha, passwords and encryption technology. They have employed 2-person verification for traders when they enter their trading account using a new device. All the technologies work simultaneously and assure that the assets are safe and secure in the form of trading instruments or your deposited amount.

DXCBIT provides you relaxed environment

DXCBIT is designed by experts, so they know general requirements that need consideration. They have developed a wholesome trading platform that sets traders stress-free to perform trading activities with complete focus. The trading accounts as easily accessible with a minimum investment range and high leverage options, further enhancing the atmosphere for successful trading.


When I compare DXCBIT with some of the top-notch trading platforms, I am convinced to admit that this relatively new trading platform has a lot more to offer for its traders. All the services it has to offer are remarkable, and the quality of its platform is impressive. I had a pleasant experience with their team and trading platform, on the whole, so anyone searching for a trading platform must add this platform to their list.

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Different Types Of Accounting Software For Different Business Needs in UK

Do you think of accounting software and assume it is for big corporations or accounting firms? Well, it is an easy misconception to arrive at, but it’s also like saying that professionalism, increased profitability, and proper financial management are only for big corporations and accounting firms.

Accounting software is highly adaptable and most accounting software has various tiers and types and packages under a single brand umbrella. These options within a brand (or from different brands) are aimed at different target audience businesses and also at businesses of varying scale.

Moreover, you get free accounting software in the UK trial from most brands before you sign up. To differentiate between a free UK accounting software trial and free UK accounting software, however. Free software often has to make up for costs by plaguing users with ads, or by keeping truly useful features behind a paywall.

No matter what your specific business needs are, there is an accounting software option out there for you. Here are some examples of how free UK accounting software can be put to use at several broad categories of UK businesses.

Gig economy aces could use receipt scanning and invoice streamlining

As the gig economy becomes increasingly lucrative and also popular, more and more efficient top performers are deciding to go off on their own. As a freelancer or sole trader, the world is yours. However, it would help if you could claim your tax deductibles with ease and if you could bill people on time, track payments and manage your finances like a pro.

Look for: Accounting software that has

  • Receipt scanning, which lets you snap and upload a receipt while the software literally types up entries for you (yes at only GBP 20 for 300 of those)
  • Invoicing support that lets you automate and templatize your invoices, sends you alerts around due dates and when invoices are overdue, gives you a client dashboard, and notifies you when invoices are paid
  • Automatic and easy preparation of reports for you to understand your financial health

Restaurants and bars could use order tracking and quick invoicing

We covered the importance and usefulness of standardized, automated invoicing above. In addition, restaurants need a quick turnaround of invoices and instant receipts. You can also integrate payroll and order tracking with your free UK accounting software, not to mention inventory and supply chain management.

Thus, even if you are a restaurant with only a few covers, you’ll have a better chance of running a more professional, successful, and profitable setup with accounting software.

Retailers could use data capture in invoicing

Meanwhile, retailers could use not only quick invoicing but also useful details like the date of birth and contact details of their customers begotten as part of the invoicing process, so as to market sales and discounts to customers in the future.

A dashboard that gives managers an idea of accounts payable and receivable, inventory tracking, and cash flow, is absolutely necessary and a given with your free UK accounting software.

Corporations could use easier expense approval and business insights

Accounting software relies on artificial intelligence and is therefore able to analyze all the data flowing through it to offer actionable business insights.  In addition, the receipt scanning features that are useful to freelancers and small businesses, are even more useful to a corporation where employees – especially those who travel to work – often spend a day a month on reimbursements.

Accounting and bookkeeping firms could use more transparent onboarding 

Besides the receipt scanning feature that can shave hours and hours of manual data entry from a bookkeeper’s plate, accounting software also allows for bank account synchronization where data then flows seamlessly from your client’s business bank account to their books. This means that you can take on more clients and therefore bill more in a month.

But there’s more: You will also benefit tremendously from the business health checker feature that lets you know the state of a potential client’s books right at the negotiation table. This lets you offer more fair pricing.

Get your free UK accounting software trial now to judge for yourself, just how accounting software can revolutionize your specific business

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The both side of Solana blockchain

Solana is an open source blockchain platform which enables developers all over the world to build decentralised applications. It can also be used in Governance Platform Development. It is capable of 50000 transaction per second. It makes this world’s fastest blockchain. Solana ecosystem has necessary securities, censorship resistance, and cost efficiency. This is the reason why numerous developers are showing interest in it.

This ecosystem refers to suite of technologies which can work with the protocol to boost its speed and scalability. Anyone can start building on the ecosystem. It is open protocol and suite of developer resources. This ecosystem hosts 500 d apps. The network’s growth indicates a steady rise. For the reason of increase in demand of DeFi the ethereum ecosystem suffered congestion. This was the cause developers like Solana.

To achieve its peak scalablity Solana employs eight core innovations. These computational technologies support many node operators, which allows transaction output to proportionally scale with network bandwidth. Solana throughput has seen peaks of 400000 TPS.

The network’s consensus mechanism is unique in comparison with bitcoin’s proof of work. Solana employs both proof of stake and history. This mechanism helps to improve scalability and throughput.

Proof of history works as a clock before consensus. It is a cryptographic clock that enables nodes to agree on the time order of on-chain reactions. Each node has own cryptographic clock. Proof of history stores historical record of transactions. The system can order events and keep track of them faster.

Solana’s PoS consensus model is reinforced by Tower BFT. It enforces a decentralised source of time across the network. It is a permanent reference for each node that supports the network.

Tower BFT leverages proof of hour to reduce the processing power to meet consensus. On traditional PoS networks verifying a time stamp requires great deal of processing power and lots of time. Tower BFT enables network to reach to a consensus having potential attacks from node operators.

Solana known as ethereum killer allows developer to rapidly experiment. This kind of compasiblity is not available in ethereum.

It has many advantages:

Industry leading speed: it is a truly scalable blockchain. It claims to support 50000 TPS which is secured by 200 achieves high trough put on layer 2 scaling. The ethereum network averages about 13 TPS. It works faster than smart contract platform.

Scalability: it is the most scalable blockchain ecosystem for its protocol.

Cost efficiency: it is one of the cheapest ecosystems for developers and DeFi enthusiast. It average cost is about us $ 0.0025 per transaction. Ethereum averages us $ 6.25 per transactions. Due to its low fee structure it would cost us$ 10 for US$ 1 million transaction. And for ethereum the gas fees go higher.

This also has disadvantages: Solana is a young project. Whether it offers complete functionality it is still in beta as its mainnet is beta. It marks that the team is improving network’s features and scalability. Despite that it can be useful for governance platform development.

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Some companies decide to get delisted, and some do not have a choice

There are many reasons why security can be removed from the stock exchange list. Companies can do this voluntarily. The most common causes include halted operations, bankruptcy, failure to meet requirements, etc.

What is delisting?

There are various stock exchanges worldwide, and one of the most popular ones includes the Nasdaq and the New York Stock Exchange. They are both stock exchanges, but they do not have the same set of rules and regulations. Now that we mentioned that one stock exchange might require different listing standards to another. Companies who want to make it on the list must meet these listing standards, also known as specific guidelines. Usually, the standard they would set first is the price.

Involuntary delisting

If a company already on the list might get involuntarily delisted if it does not meet even just the minimum financial standard that the exchange set. For instance, if a company has a share price below $1 for an extended period already, it might also get delisted. But know that this does not happen instantly. There is a process.

When we say financial standards, it talks about maintaining even just the minimum share price, sales level, and financial ratios. A company that cannot comply with the requirements will receive a warning of non-compliance from the listing stock exchange. If the company still could not meet the listing requirements after the notice, then the exchange will delist the company’s stock.

Here is what the company can do to avoid being delisted: reverse split. Some companies reverse splits their stock shares. The process involves combining several shares into a single share then multiply that with the share price. For instance, a 1 for 10 reverse splits can increase the share price from 50 cents to $5 per share. Hence, being delisted would be out of the equation.

What can happen to a company that gets delisted involuntarily?

A company that gets delisted out of its own will is usually because of poor financial health or governance. It might also be a wrong impression to investors aside from the fact that it is more challenging for investors to find, buy or trade a stock share from a company not listed on an exchange. It also means that the company will have a hard time issuing new shares to the market and create new financial initiatives.

Voluntary delisting

There are also times when a company decides to make a voluntary delist request. Some companies do this when they want to become privately traded companies. It happens when a cost-benefit analysis shows that being privately traded would be better than what being publicly traded can offer. Most of the time, private equity companies want to buy these publicly traded companies, so they end up with this decision. Later on, new shareholders will reorganize everything. Another reason why some would want to get delisted is during mergers. What once were two separate and listed companies merge, delist, and become one new entity.

Let’s summarize

In layman’s terms, delisting is when a stock is no longer on the stock exchange list. Some companies voluntarily do it to become privately traded. Some get involuntarily delisted for failing to meet minimum requirements.

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Few Reasons to Take on a cfd

A cfd is a complex financial instrument that allows you to invest in commodities without having any significant knowledge of the markets. There are many benefits to taking on a cfd, including diversification and stability in your portfolio.

In this blog post, we will discuss few reasons why you should take on a cfd today!

-Diversification of your portfolio – by taking on a cfd, you can diversify the risk in your investment portfolio. This is important because it allows you to invest passively and still provide a stable return for reduced volatility.

-Protection from inflation – commodities are used as an input into production all over the world everyday. As supply becomes limited due to higher demand, prices tend to go up which increases purchasing power!

Inflation protection provides extra value without adding additional risk or stress!

-The opportunity cost of not investing – The stock market has been experiencing phenomenal growth lately with both stocks and bonds near their all time highs. If we look at historical returns however, this could be very different going forward…

By taking on a cfd, you can diversify and protect yourself from market volatility.


In conclusion, taking on a cfd can protect you from market volatility, inflation and help diversify your investment portfolio. We hope that this was helpful.

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Should I Apply for A Small Business Loan?

When entering into entrepreneurship, you may need extra funds to start your business. And that’s where small business funding comes in.  Although starting a small business seems to be easy and cheaper, you’ll need an average of $ 1000 to $5000, and that’s not a small amount of money. But the fact that you don’t have all that should not stop you from pursuing your dream of having a small business. Instead, you should consider taking a loan.

Furthermore, entrepreneurs running businesses may need more cash to boost their business or keep the business afloat during hard times. Whatever the case, applying for a small business loan can make all the difference. Although there are risks involved, the benefits outweigh the risk. Below we’ve explained what a small business loan is, its benefits, and what you need to qualify for one, plus additional insightful tips on small business funding.

What are Small Business Loans?

Small business loans refer to funds sourced from lenders, including banks, and need to be paid back with interest. That’s the most popular strategy for funding a start-up.  The good thing about taking a start-up loan is that they do not attract high-interest rates and have friendly payment terms. There are several lenders you can approach or turn to a financial institution such as a national bank.

Reasons to Apply for a Small Business loan

There are various reasons why you should consider applying for a small business loan. These include;

Convenience; you’ll easily find a financial institution in every town that is willing to fund small businesses. So, small business loans are easily accessible, and approaching lenders for this type of loan is easy.

Low-interest rates; if you are a small business owner with an excellent credit score, you can access a loan at a lower interest rate.  Essentially, the interest rate depends on your credit score, borrowed amount, among other factors. However, conventional lenders such as credit unions or banks offer yearly percentage rates (APRs) from 4% to 13%. The online lenders have APRs ranging from 7% up to 100%.

Different loan types for different needs; Start-Ups loans aren’t created equally. There are a variety of these loans to meet different needs. For instance, SBA Express loans and SBA 7 (a) loans serve many purposes, including refinancing and growing capital.  For machinery, entrepreneurs and real estate business owners can access CDC/504 loans. The SBA deals with various non-profits to give microloans for amounts between $1000 -$ 50 00.

They offer large amounts of money; based on your intended purpose for the loan and the small business loan type. Entrepreneurs can apply for a loan worth higher amounts of money.

Easy application process; although some small business loan lenders can make the application process longer than expected, particularly the SBA loans, small businesses’ funding process can be completed in a day. Besides, you’ll get the funds as soon as possible.

Get the chance to grow your business; small business loans are beneficial as they allow you to increase your business. That’s because technology, human resources, and finance are central when it comes to business growth. Lenders will give you the cash to ensure everything works perfectly.

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How is PMMY Benefiting the Small-Scale Businesses in India?

For any business to grow successfully, it requires capital infusion. It may not always be feasible to invest personal funds to finance this capital requirement. This is where availing loans come in handy. One such initiative by the Government of India is the Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana. Micro Units Development and Refinance Agency (MUDRA) loan scheme is the facility available under the PMMY. Here, funding is provided by way of individual loans, MSME and SME loan.

This scheme was introduced in the year 2015 with an objective to make finance available for the small-scale businesses in the country. Shishu, Kishor and Tarun are three schemes available under the PMMY.

Highlights of the PMMY

Some of the highlights for PMMY include no requirement of any collateral and zero processing fees. There is no minimum amount that can be borrowed but the maximum amount available under this scheme is capped at ₹ 10 lakhs. With a flexible repayment tenure of 3 years to 5 years, it is convenient for small enterprises to avail this facility. Further, the SME loan interest rates are affordable making it a go-to finance option for enterprises with small capacity. The SME budget of 2021 further encourages financing the small organisations with the motive to make these units self-sufficient.

What are the benefits of PMMY?

The Mudra loan facility is limited to businesses engaged in the manufacturing, trading and service sector. This encompasses the majority of the small enterprises in India. This lending facility is aimed to make affordable finance available to shopkeepers, traders, vendors and other MSME registered organisations. The PMMY scheme is covered under the Credit Guarantee Scheme offered by the Government. Any finance availed under this scheme can either be used as a term loan or can be overdrawn as need be. Further, all non-farm enterprises can avail this Mudra loan facility. An additional benefit in form of marginalised interest rates is available for the Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe category. Further, the holders of a Mudra loan can also avail this facility. With such a wide SME loan eligibility, it can prove to be a much-needed boost for your business.

What are the documentation requirements of the PMMY?

The requirement of such business loan documents is also fairly simple. A self-written business plan along with the category of the loan application form, i.e. Shishu, Kishor and Tarun are the basic requirements. Next, KYC documentation of the owners as well as the business along with its registration certificate is also required. Lastly, you also need to provide the financial statements of your business for income proof.

With these nominal procedural formalities and wider accessibility to small enterprises, a PMMY can help change the landscape of small businesses in India.

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4 things you must take into account when working with your employees remotely

Undoubtedly, 2020 was the year of mass changes on a universal scale. With quite a bit of that seemingly following us into this year, we are seeing the same situation repeated. For many, the biggest of those changes involves working from home.

Currently, 41.8% of America’s workforce is operating from home. This is great for staying safe during the current pandemic, but maybe not so great for your employees’ mental welfare or their work ethic.

Running a business at the moment can be challenging. You’re working with a completely new structure, a completely new level of interaction with your employees, and a lack of physical presence, so it can be difficult to ensure that your workers are not distracted or overwhelmed by the work.

So, here are four things that you must take into account when working with your employees remotely.

#1 Ensure that everyone is on task

Something every employer must do is make sure that everyone is on task. This can be anything from setting meetings to using task management software to make sure that your employees are working to the best of their ability on the task at hand.

The best way you can do this is by asking them to create a space they only use for working at, whether that be creating the same space everyday or going into a job without any distractions around them. It’s important to know that your employees aren’t slacking off just because they know they aren’t being watched all the time.

#2 Be aware of insider threats

Being aware of the potential harm an insider threat can cause can be very useful. For example, your staff isn’t being visually monitored, so anyone could be selling off your client’s data to third parties, which can be very damaging to your company’s reputation.

The best thing you can do is make sure you know exactly when your employees are accessing areas that may hold critical or sensitive data. Hence, you know what’s happening at all times, and your employees are only accessing the parts that are absolutely necessary.

#3 Understand the risks of Social Engineering

Cybercrime is a massively growing issue in today’s world. These can be anything from emails to insider threats, to APTs (Advanced Persistent Threats), or even Man-in-the-Middle (MitM) attacks. But social engineering can be a serious problem within small businesses.

It is reported that 43% of all cyberattacks in America target small businesses. This is why you need to invest in some IT management services such as HERO Managed Services LLC to help protect against the rising threat of cybercrime.

#4 Understand cloud security

Cloud security is a massive part of working remotely, and you need to make sure the digital database where you hold such information is fully secure against a hacker. Sometimes, cybercriminals won’t target your business so much but target the database directly, which can, in turn, have a lot of problems. Ensuring that this is protected keeps your data and your business safe.

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Things To Avoid When Registering To A Trading Stock Platform

If you are interested about trading, choosing a good 證券行is a must. There are some who are excited about the opportunity of earning in stocks, so what they will do is to immediately register on the first trading stock platform they will see.

There is nothing wrong if you want to get additional income apart from your regular day job but of course, this you cannot achieve by rushing. Because of rushing, there are a lot of instances when people decide wrongfully and let the red signals pass by.

It is understandable why people are excited about trading. The returns trading can offer is massive provided that the trader knows when is the right time to trade and where. But needless to say, even how enticing this can be, you still have to make sure that before you register, you look at the warning signs.

What Are The Things You Must Avoid Before Registering To A Trading Stock Platform 

Here are some of the warning signs that it is best if you step back on a trading stock platform:

  • Asking for too many personal information

It is given that you will be asked for a few personal information but if there are too many questions being asked, you might want to step back a little and reconsider. You would not want to be asked with a lot of information, especially information that gives no bearing on your trading.

If the site is asking for too many information, there is a chance that it may be phishing. Do not be too easy providing your information as if you do so, you might end up with privacy issues you would never like to face.

There are some people who keep on providing their information online when asked, and they end up with a lot of marketing emails the next day or worse, identity theft.

  • Depositing money too fast

Another important thing you have to seriously consider when registering to a trading platform is how much would you deposit and invest. True that you cannot trade unless you do not have the money to do so, but investing should not be done too fast. You have to make sure that the money you will invest will be put to good use and wont just be gone.

  • Not asking questions

There are some people who are hesitant to ask questions as they feel like it is a sign of weakness. The more questions you ask to yourself, people around you and the online trading platform, before you finally decide on registering can help you a lot in saving up your money.

Do not hesitate to ask as many questions as you can, anyway, it is your goal towards success in this kind of investment.

  • Not taking advantage of the free services

Make sure that you take all the privileges and free services the trading platform offers. If the offer free consultation, grab it. Never hold back and make sure you do not dent any of it.

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Got Scammed? No Need To Worry Because Money-Back Is There To Help

Legitimate Business Under Threat

Generally it is said that cryptocurrency and crypto-assets are nothing but fraud. However, this assumption is not just completely wrong but debars many potential investors from becoming a part of one of the most lucrative businesses available in the world. For example if one compares the current price of Bitcoin with that of September, one will notice that in one single month Bitcoin has gone high as US$ 4,000. In September Bitcoin’s price was US$ 10,500 and today its price is US$ 14,000. That is the potential earnings one is able to make by investing in cryptocurrencies.

But there are certain people who are trying to jeopardize this otherwise legitimate and most lucrative business. They are called “scammers”.

Scam – A Global Problem

Presently, they have become a global problem. There hasn’t been a day where no complaint has been registered regarding a scam. These scammers have sharp minds and are complacent with latest technologies. This is why they steal money by fooling the commoners. For instance in July this year, it was reported that twitter accounts, belonging to even high profile persons including Barrack Obama, ex-President of US as well as Bill Gates, were being hacked into by scammers who then used these accounts to extort money out of innocent people.

In addition, many countries also found out that many scammers used the names of the countries’ premiers to launch their Ponzi schemes and thinking that the schemes are legitimate, people invested their monies only to find out that they have been scammed.

Finding Solution to the Problem

Keeping in view the above, it seems to have become a major problem now a days. The answer to the problem is not that simple. Firstly we need to create awareness amongst the masses. People need to be told that they should not pose their confidence in everything but they have to conduct a thorough probe so as to ensure the safety of their funds. But of course this principle applies to post-scam stage. So what is the solution if a person got scammed and lost his money? – The Way Forward

Supposing a person got scammed, firstly he need to register a complaint with local police as well as with the cybercrimes authority. However, the concern is that these scammers are very hard to be tracked down. Normally they do not operate from the country where they have committed fraud. Therefore, registering the complaint with law enforcement agencies becomes relatively meaningless.

But there is one entity which is out there for almost 12 years and has an extensive experience in insights, strategy and media research and is called Money Back. This firm is widely popular online as it was developed on one-point agenda i.e. to eliminate this menace of scam and to bring to justice those individuals and companies whose livelihood is dependent upon others loss and injury. Money Back is known for bringing back the funds which were looted from its owner through an online fraud.

Eliminating the Evil

I was scammed on binary options how do I get my money back is a question that unfortunately many people are asking today, Once a victim engages Money Back then all he or she has to do is wait. Money Back directly establishes contact with the local as well as international law enforcement agencies to apprehend the culprits and bringing back the looted money. With its vast experience in the field, Money Back also conducts investigations, enquiries and research on its own to unearth the illegal beneficiaries of the looted money. With the efforts of Money Back, thousands of people were successful in getting their monies back and subsequently the perpetrators are currently behind bars serving their sentences.

End Thoughts

Most of the people who have been scammed feel shy to share what they had gone through. They need not to worry about and need not to shy away because Money Back is out there to help them in acquiring back what they had lost. It is in fact their money which they have not earned easily. So why letting it go so easily?

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