Cannabis cryptocurrencies to invest

Strict regulations have pushed the legal market of cannabis to embrace cryptocurrency. For Cannabis, the incredible healing benefits that have helped many people suffering from chronic pain, insomnia, and other serious problems like PTSD led to increasing calls for its widespread availability and use.

The biggest challenge of the cannabis industry is the cash problem and restrictions imposed by the federal government. Banks are unlikely to offer their services to any vendor dealing with cannabis as long as the plant is Federally considered a drug. For the most part, the cannabis market is one of the biggest and fastest-growing markets in the US but still the market stays in a grey area.

That is the reason there are several altcoins related to Cannabis industry that try to offer solutions to the industry.

Here’s the most important ones.


First in the list is CannabisCoin. This cryptocurrency was created in 2014 and its purpose is to simplify payment transfer between business and consumers. In other words, CannabisCoin aims to make transactions smoother and easier for medical cannabis dispensaries. This coin looks to provide a straightforward exchange ratio from cryptocurrency to actual cannabis medicines. For example, one can easily exchange Cann at a rate of 1 coin to 1 gram. CannabisCoin is benefiting from California’s marijuana legalization and as at the beginning of the year, its market cap was $22.8 million. And interestingly, one CannabisCoin was worth $0.296.


Established in 2014, PotCoin is a Canadian coin used to pay for goods and services. It is the first cryptocurrency designed to facilitate the underserved legal marijuana industry with a decentralized banking infrastructure and payment solution. PotCoin is a banking solution for the $100 billion global legal marijuana industry. PotCoins allows cannabis enthusiasts to interact, transact, communicate, and grow. According to their: “Using PotCoins, industry members will realize significant cost savings, scalability, and unparalleled enterprise security”.

HempCoin (THC)

THC is a cryptocurrency that runs on a blockchain, similar to Bitcoin. THC was created in 2014 to serve as a payment solution for businesses in the agriculture, hemp, legal cannabis, and tobacco industries. This Crypto currency had a 170-million-dollar market cap in January 2018, THC traded over 20 Million dollars per day, and it reached the top 100 on CoinMarketCap. THC is fully vetted by Bittrex for the SEC as a non premined fair coin, was among the first 30 coins ever created in 2014, is a vetted fair community coin. HempCoin is currently traded on one of the largest digital currency exchanges in the world, Bittrex.a decentralized way for consumers, businesses, & growers to transact.


DopeCoin is a cryptocurrency that’s aimed at helping cannabis merchants and consumers enjoy easier transactions.DopeCoin wants to increase security and transparency for store owners. Yes, as a dispensary owner, chances are you’re dealing with hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash every month. And of course, with today’s federal laws and regulations, you might find it hard to simply transfer the entire lot to the bank. Of course, after splitting the cash, buying supplies and paying employees; you’ll need to figure out how to take the leftover money to the bank. The good news is, it’ll be way easier to transfer cash straight to your bank. And perhaps the best thing about DopeCoin is that users will be able to perform fast and secure transactions at no cost.

It seems that the future is bright for the legal cannabis market. There are already many dispensaries and it is very easy for us to shop many related products by visiting an online headshop but there’s a lot of growth expected. Based on the market valuation of public marijuana companies, investors seem to think the market size is going to be $20 billion. We would expect marijuana stocks to go up soon.

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Top investment options in India for NRIs

Indians who live abroad often transfer money to India to meet family obligations. The money they remit may cover the daily expenses of their loved ones, as well as rent, tuition fees, medical costs, and so on. But when it comes to international money transfer for the purpose of investments, many non-resident Indians (NRIs) remain clueless.

To carry out investments in India, you will first need an NRI bank account. You could opt for a non-resident external account (NRE) account which permits you to hold your overseas earnings in Indian rupees. Alternatively, if you earn an income in India, you could get a non-resident ordinary (NRO) account to hold your earnings back home. You could also look into digital remittance solutions like Axis RemitMoney, which promise a quick, easy, and affordable international money transfer to India experience.

Once your remittance modes are in place, you are ready to start investing. Here are five investment options that NRIs could explore.

  • Fixed deposit

This is a popular investment tool among resident Indians as well as NRIs. One key advantage is that fixed deposits offer a fixed interest rate throughout the term of the deposit. That makes it a good proposition for investors with a low risk tolerance. The interest rates vary according to the term selected. In general, you can expect to earn interest of around 6% to 7%. Senior citizens enjoy a slightly higher rate.

You can invest in a fixed deposit through your NRE or NRO account. Just keep in mind the tax implications. Interest earned on NRE fixed deposits are tax-free. But any interest earnings from NRO fixed deposits are subject to tax deducted at source (TDS).

  • Equity and convertible debentures

Stock market investments offer relatively higher returns but they come with risks too. As an NRI, you cannot buy shares directly from a company. But you can invest in equities and convertible debentures through portfolio investment schemes of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). To start investing, you will need an NRE or NRO account, a trading account, and a demat account.

Here are a few things to remember before you start:

  • As an NRI, you cannot engage in intraday trading and short selling.
  • The profit made from holding shares for over a year falls under long-term capital gains and is tax-free. If you sell the shares before one year is up, a short-term capital gains tax of 15% will apply.
  • Mutual fund

Are you investing for the long haul or the short term? Whatever your time horizon might be, there is sure to be a mutual fund to help you reach your goals. Choose from a wide range of schemes based on your risk appetite. Investing in mutual funds is easy when you have an NRE or an NRO account. However, NRIs based in the United States (US) and in Canada could face some restrictions. Owing to strict Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) rules, not all asset management companies permit NRI investment in mutual funds.

  • National Pension Scheme (NPS)

NPS is an excellent investment tool that allows you to save for long-term goals like retirement. This tax-efficient scheme brings you market-linked returns. The portfolio is diversified across a range of financial securities, such as corporate bonds, government securities, and equity-related investments. The scheme allows investors to create a corpus for retirement as well as a regular source of income. Any Indian citizen aged between 18 and 60 is free to invest in NPS.

  • Real estate

A large number of NRIs who live abroad hope to invest in property in their native land. Indian real estate is also a profitable investment option. NRIs can freely invest in residential and commercial properties and use them however they wish. But the purchase of agricultural and plantation land is not permitted in the case of NRIs.

Wrapping up

No matter how big or small your investment is, make sure to carry out end-to-end research before making any investment decision. Consider all options available to you based on your financial goals, risk appetite, and returns. By doing your homework, you can make wise decisions about how to invest your hard-earned money.

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KaratGold Coin (KBC): Real Digital Gold in the Cryptocurrency Space

Bitcoin has many nicknames, but fewer have entered the public consciousness quite like “Digital Gold”. We’ve heard this moniker so many times, we don’t even think about it anymore. But is it possible that this title has been misapplied?

Like gold, Bitcoin exists in limited supplies. Like gold, Bitcoin is mined (sort of). Beyond these two points, though, there really isn’t much that BTC has in common with gold (Au). Gold is a physical asset. It’s removed from the ground for its use in industry and as an asset of exchange. Bitcoin is contained in software. And even though it is o used in the financial world, it never takes a physical form, nor is it applied to many of the same use cases as gold.

However, this is not to say that another cryptocurrency can’t function this way. We’re pleased to introduce KaratGold Coin (KBC), the first cryptocurrency that may actually fulfill all of the qualifications necessary for something to truly be called “digital gold”. Here’s how it works.

KaratGold Coin – Exchangeable for Real Gold

KaratGold Coin (or KBC) is a cryptocurrency offered by Karatbars International. Karatbars is a gold company that has been in operation since 2011. In their near decade of business, Karatbars has fulfilled the mission of Dr. Harald Seiz – to make gold useful as a currency again.

Almost all nations have abandoned the gold standard at this point in history. There are many reasons for this, but in most cases, gold is simply to value to function as cash anymore. Even small coins have values in the hundreds of dollars, so it’s hardly a practical way to buy a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

Dr. Seiz saw an alternative to the degilding of the world’s financial systems. With CashGold, Karatbars introduced physical currency notes with tiny gold bars inset. CashGold can be stored in a wallet or accessed through an ATM.

In February 2018, Karatbars introduced KaratGold Coin in a $100 million ICO. Starting July 4, 2019, the coin will be exchangeable for CashGold notes, through participating ATMs. With this system integration, gold becomes fully digitized. Those who wish to buy gold virtually can do so through KBC. If they ever want to trade their KBC for the real thing, they can do so.

KBC has other utilities. The coin will also be the native currency on the IMpulse K1 smartphone. The Impulse K1 is the first smartphone with a blockchain powered operating system. KBC will pay for call time and all other functions, making it the first choice for any gold investor who also loves blockchain. When using the phone calls and text messages are not transmitted through conventional ways, but instead, they are encrypted and broadcasted by a newly created Voice Over Blockchain Protocol (VOBP). It uses peer-to-peer encryption that cannot be hacked or manipulated. Data stored on the device, such as images or documents, are saved and enciphered through the IFPS platform, which is a decentralized storage medium based on blockchain technology.

Karatbars International has created a truly unique, unified digital gold ecosystem. Through the K-Merchant application, KBC can also be spent online through thousands of retailers. This completes the circle, digitizing gold and making it spendable online.

Through the efforts of Karatbars, gold is no longer an antiquated asset. People can buy gold with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and fiat currencies, anywhere in the world, then spend it online through KBC or increase their stacks of CashGold notes through exchange of the crypto asset. It’s an incredible system and we are conviced that it will have a bright future.

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The Basics of Investment Planning


Taking control of your financial future is one of the most important things that you will ever do for yourself and your family. Most Americans are living paycheck to paycheck and recent studies have shown that most people are only three paychecks away from financial ruin. This is a scary fact to read and take in but it’s the reality that most of us are facing. You may be sitting there thinking that money is so tight right now that there is no way you can afford to save right now but the truth is you can’t afford to. You don’t have to be a millionaire or have a lot of money to start your financial planning and you can do things now to start out small and as time goes on you can grow into the bigger investments.

Save Money Every Week

Saving just twenty-five dollars a week is a good way to start. You can have this amount automatically taken out of your paycheck every week and deposited into a savings account that way you won’t have it in your checking account to spend. If you are still saying that you can’t afford twenty-five dollars a week then make a budget and see exactly what you are spending your money every month and find different ways to cut back or find things that you are paying for that you don’t absolutely need and get rid of them.


What is a 401k? A 401k is an employer-sponsored retirement savings plan that is typically apart of your benefits package through your job. You can go to your human resources department and enroll and you can have the money taken out of your check and deposited into your 401k account. Once again you don’t have to start out big and you can put it as little or as much as you want.

Stock Market

When you get your finances in control and you have been saving money with the above mentions methods you can graduate into some of the more advanced investments such as the stock market. It will take you a little time and research to understand how the stock market works but once you get the hang of it you can potentially make a lot of money but be cautious when playing with the stock market and don’t put all your money into it because the stock market does go down at times.


Real estate is a great way to invest your money. You can purchase homes and use them as rental properties or you can flip them. Flipping houses is where you buy the home at a cheap price due to the distress of some form and you make necessary repairs and then sell it for a large profit. Make sure you do your research on the home before you purchase and find out how much the repairs are going to cost you before you buy it.

All of these things can be a part of your investment planning and if you do your due diligence with each of them they will pay off in the long run. Saving money is not a race and you don’t have to be super aggressive with it in order to get results. Easy does it and just make sure that you are steady with it and over the course of twenty years, you will see significant results. Taking the steps to secure your financial future will give you peace of mind.

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Cryptocurrencies Trading Strategies You Need to Recognize

Electronic money or currencies are always associated with internet that uses cryptography. Cryptography is usually a process of converting legible information into a nearly unbreakable or encrypted program code of information, to monitor transaction processing. The method was created during the 2nd World War for conducting protected communication. Later, it provides been evolved within the specialized era with an element of mathematical theory and computer technology to invent a method to protect the online transaction of the currencies.


The following are a few sets associated with cryptocurrency trading strategies which usually one may use for investment:


Day traders are recognized to retain it simple and play it safe. They utilize short-term market variances and trade their currencies depending on the worth of the share upon a day to time basis, thus usually getting done by the finish of the day plus most likely earning the profit of a simple 1 to 3 % of their initial expense.


Trend trading constitutes of starting a posture in line along with the trend- as plus when it is about into the particular market. This position will be open as long since there is a decent price movement in the market and believe in quick openings and closings of the availability associated with their shares. This strategy could be beneficial within the long run because trends can produce at their own pace, over any time period.


Swing trading exclusively focuses on the fluctuations and oscillations of the particular prices in each tendency, making apt use to this arbitrary nature associated with the market by investing in both directions-high plus low. This trading technique requires an investor in order to have a thorough knowledge of the technical signals which henceforth move the marketplace.

Best one which provides to your needs and performs not be afraid in order to get up on the field and start playing the overall game!


There is no harm in attempting to play it secure and start with the smaller initial investment. In fact, most investors would certainly call this the best move to get a beginner. Remember, Rome was not built in a day!


A great man once said, “do not maintain all your eggs in one basket”, thus stressing on the importance of maintaining a diverse and vast means of income. Develop your crypto trading profile, just like a record, in order to maintain track of all your own investments and also to understand what your next step should be.

Always Work Smart:

In order to “work smart”, it is required to spend time associated with efforts in scanning the particular market and analyzing the particular highs and the levels within. Failure might end up being confronted, but learn in order to take it in your own stride and never do it again the same mistake again. Do not ignore the particular warning flags in the marketplace values.

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Finding the Right Cryptocurrency Coins for Investing

Investing in cryptocurrency is exciting but you need to make sure that you choose the right virtual coins for your needs. Before you invest any of your hard-earned money, you will want to consider the following factors. 

Image Source: Pexels

If you are ready to invest in cryptocurrency coins and need to know how to assess the risk of your future investments, then there are a few things that you need to consider. Many people make the mistake of investing in cryptocurrency coins without doing their research and this can result in them investing in coins that aren’t the best fit for their needs. While it’s easy to only look at the price of your future investment, there are a few other things to consider.

  1. Consider the Future

Before you buy Bitcoin, you need to make sure to pay attention to the liquidity of your purchase. This is generally very easy to find out but will involve you doing a little more research than simply comparing prices. When you look to the future of a particular cryptocurrency coin, you will be able to tell if there are major updates coming, if there is an expected limit, or if there is a lack of planning for development.

Image Source: Pexels

  1. Look at the Developer

It is also very important to consider the actions of the developer of a particular cryptocurrency coin. It’s easy for mostly anyone to create these coins but this doesn’t mean that they are a good or a smart investment. By researching the history of a developer and making sure that you are only working with ones who have a good reputation and a good background, then you can easily reduce your risk.

  1. Consider the Community

In addition to looking at the developer as a source of stability or problem, you also need to pay attention to the community and the followers of a particular cryptocurrency coin. Not only will these communities be able to provide you with assistance during the purchase process, but they can often answer any questions that you may have about the foundations of the coin, the team, the strengths of the coin, and any problems that they foresee.

It’s important that you do your due diligence before investing in any cryptocurrency coins so that you can protect yourself and your investments. Failing to think through your investment can result in you being frustrated with the experience and possibly even losing money, which is why working with a professional when you need help is such a good idea.

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Realize Where to Invest and How to Invest Money

You can realize where to invest and how to invest your money and begin investing money effectively as an apprentice in 2011, 2012 with only a little direction. Here we keep it as straightforward as it gets, to get you fully operational the correct way. With only a little exertion in advance you ought to be prepared to begin investing in half a month.

The way to fruitful investing and monitoring hazard is expansion. That is rule #1 for investing novices. You’ll need to invest money in the money showcase so as to have a protected investment that pays premium. Securities are the investment of decision to win higher enthusiasm with moderate hazard, while stocks are the place to invest for more significant yields with more hazard. Set up an investment portfolio with each of the three spoke to and you have a portfolio that is both expanded and adjusted. This is the means by which effective investors keep hazard at satisfactory levels while gaining more significant yields over the long haul.

The uplifting news in investing for tenderfoots is that in 2011, 2012 and past you won’t have to pick your own stocks, securities or money showcase protections. The absolute greatest and best shared store organizations will do the entirety of the administration for you at a complete expense of about 1% per year for the board and different costs, without any business charges. They offer adjusted assets called TARGET reserves and these come in a few adaptations from generally safe to high. At the point when you invest money in an objective reserve your money is spread over the entirety of the regions referenced previously.

The response to where to invest: open a shared store account with a significant no-heap (no business charges) subsidize family like Vanguard, Fidelity or T Rowe Price. You can discover them on the web. Step by step instructions to invest your money requires a two section answer. To start with, work legitimately with the store organization to maintain a strategic distance from additional charges, charges and costs. Second, invest some energy in their sites getting acquainted with their BALANCED or target reserves. Presently, how about we talk about how to recognize these assets and how to figure out which is directly for you.

From most secure to least secure, you ought to have the option to discover a rundown of target subsidizes that looks something like this: retirement salary support, target 2000, 2010, 2015, 2020 and up to 2040 or possibly 2050. These numbers allude to the year you resigned, or the rough year you focus as your future retirement date. For instance, in the event that you invest money in the most secure reserve (retirement salary) the greater part of your money will be invested in more secure investments like money market and security reserves. The explanation behind this is the point at which you are resigned, or are near it, relative wellbeing turns out to be progressively significant.

On the off chance that you are more youthful and are happy to acknowledge significant hazard for higher benefit potential, investing money in a 2040 objective store (or higher) could be suitable. Here the a lot of your money will be invested in stock assets. At the point when you are choosing which target reserve to choose, consider your hazard resistance just as your age and retirement date. On the off chance that you need a decent harmony among stocks and securities with normal hazard go with a 2020 reserve. Or then again, you should invest money in both a 2010 and a 2030 objective store. At that point, focus on how each performs after some time, and how agreeable you feel with each. In the event that you are not happy with a store, move your money to one that better suits your solace level for hazard.

At the point when you invest money in an objective store the reserve organization consequently changes chance descending after some time to represent the way that you are getting more seasoned, and likely need less hazard when resigned. For instance, a 2020 store will in the end look like a retirement pay finance in 10 to 20 years. You just pick your fund(s), invest money, and watch your quarterly articulations. The store organization consequently deducts your expense of investing from the reserve to take care of the board expenses and costs. Investing money in target finances makes investing for apprentices as basic as feasible for 2011, 2012 and past.

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Why everyone should invest in the stock market once in their life?

Investing in the stock market has always been on the priority list of so many people out there. But not everyone has the courage to invest money in the stock market. Many people also don’t know as to how to invest in the stock market. Due to the lack of knowledge people are always afraid to invest in the stock market.

But, there is a point that everyone should invest in the stock market at least once in his or her lifetime. Most of the people in this world have built their wealth by investing their money in the stock market. But, before that, one must learn to invest in the stock market. People are usually worried while investing in the stock market. So, here are the reasons why one should invest in the stock market once in their life.

Stock market investment is not that risky

People who have not yet invested in the stock market think that it is risky. But, the real thing is that stock market investment is perfect for those who have surplus funds. The only thing which one should consider is to learn to invest in the stock market. If one is losing money in the stock market, then there will be not many regrets.

Expect high returns

People who always think twice before investing in the stock market should realize this fact that high returns are always here. The stock market is undeniably a little risky. But, trends have shown that long-term investment in the stock market has higher returns. Studies have also shown that the amount of return in the stock market is highest in comparison to any other source of investment.

Cash in Cash out

The stock market is one of the most liquid markets in the entire era of investment. One can easily withdraw their investment and liquefy it. Every day there are hundreds of investors and buyers who sell or purchase the securities or shares. So, basically, this takes us to the conclusion that shares are a liquid investment. it can be easily converted into cash anytime.

A second source of earning

Earning from regular business is not enough for some people. So, investment in the stock market is like a second source of earning. One can learn to invest in the stock market and then make money easily. Buy shares or securities when they are priced low and immediately sell them when the prices hike. This will result in good earnings, and it ultimately becomes the second source of earning.

Strict security and framework

Investment in stock market is secured with the Regulatory Framework. The stock market works under the strict control of SEBI (Securities Exchange Board of India). The SEBI takes care of all the investors and safeguards them. There is no issue while investing in the stock market because SEBI takes care of any fraudulent activities. No fraud can ever take place if SEBI controls all the activities. Investors are always secure about their investment and nothing can ever happen to it.

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Know More About Suzuki Coin

Lots of people are looking for the financial companies where they can invest their money, now a days, people are investing in Bitcoin, share market and so on, in all these trading options they have to put their focus because every day there are changes in rates. Hence, people look for an easy option where they can invest without putting much effort. Investors always look for the options through which they will get a good pay return. Thus, if you are also looking for the same kind of option, then you must have to the check the Suzuki Coin reviews, these reviews are by genuine investors who are earning profit from the Suzuki Coin. What is Suzuki coin? Thus, it is a financial company founded by Mr. Satoro Suzuki, who is specialized in financial trading i.e. Forex, Digital coin trading, financial and economic.

The company invests the entire fund daily which was invested by the investors in Suzuki coins in other trading options, so whatever the income company will receive from trading will get distributed in the investors. Thus, this is the concept which is followed to manage the company and due to this, they are able to provide 2% to 3% pay returns on a daily basis and forever. One can choose any plan out of three Suzuki Coin investment plans. For more details one can visit the website of the company or a person can directly contact the specialized support team members of the company through the WhatsApp or email, they provide assistance 24 hours and all 7 days. People can also contact over the phone call, they will assist the people in all ways. If you know about the investment plan or trading, then you can check on your own, you just have to visit the official website of the company and know more about it. There are many more features and services that the company offers, so to avail all the benefits you must have to understand the functions of the company. You can also calculate the profit by entering the details like which plan you want to take, how much amount you want to invest and more on the calculator option. All these details, people can able to find on the website of Suzuki Coin Net Ltd, the company was founded in London, UK, but now it has offices in other locations too. The company will assure you for the secured investments.

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Reasons to invest your money in Reliance mutual fund

Do you want to make a profit on your investments in mutual fund schemes? Are you looking to take the right decision to go with the top mutual fund houses available in the country? Today, Reliance Mutual Fund is one of the fastest growing and trusted mutual fund houses providing the services all over the country. If you want information about the schemes provided by Reliance Mutual Fund house, you can visit the website link for it.

Reliance Mutual Fund is a part of Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani group and it is one of the top mutual fund houses offering a complete range of schemes for the investors in the country. Millions of investors best service quality and products of Reliance Mutual Fund. If you are also looking to take the smart decision to go with Reliance Mutual Fund house, here are the top reasons to choose the schemes of Reliance Mutual Fund for investments:

Robust distribution network:

At the present time, Reliance Mutual Fund house is available with a wide distribution network with more than 160 branches in all over the country. They also have a presence in other countries including UK, Singapore and Mauritius. Because of the wide distribution network in the country, they are able to offer better quality services to the investors who want to take the decision to go with the schemes of Reliance Mutual Fund.

Higher return value:

If you choose the schemes of Reliance Mutual Funds to invest your money, you will find higher return value of 21.28% with this mutual fund house. If you are looking for the planet having a minimum risk factor and higher return value in the mutual fund schemes, you can always trust Reliance Mutual Fund house as a good option like millions of other investors in the country.

Lots of mutual fund schemes for the clients:

At Reliance Mutual Fund house, the investors will find lots of different mutual fund schemes according to different categories and benefits. Like any other customer care, you may have different needs and requirements according to your current financial situation and future requirements for the Investments. They are able to offer lots of schemes of different time horizon and category for the investors.

Trustable service quality:

Reliance Mutual Fund houses considered as one of the trusted service providers in the country. They have risk management team with top professionals who are able to serve the investors in the best way with their experience and expertise. For a long time, Reliance Mutual Fund has created a trusted value among the clients and investors in the country. It is a big reason to go with Reliance Mutual Fund to make the investments as a beginner investor.

Choice of people in the country:

At Reliance Mutual Fund house, you will find lots of products and services in different categories including retail investments, banks, financial institutes, government entities, corporates and trusts in the country. Because of so many products and services in different industries, they are trusted by a large number of consumers all over the country. They have experience of 19 years to serve the clients with the excellent quality of services.

These are some of the top reasons to choose Reliance Mutual Fund house for the investments of your money. They are known to provide excellent customer support services to all the investors who are looking to invest in the schemes of a mutual fund with them. Whenever you have any kind of concern or query regarding the schemes of a mutual fund, you can contact them and can get instant help regarding it.

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