A Deep Insight on the Pros and Cons of 3 Enterprise Fax Models

Many IT teams have dedicated themselves to the security of every server they have maintained in their control. While security and maintenance of the fax servers also call the need for its care and development, they also need to be prioritized. So, the IT experts, in order to do the same, they operate one of the 3 enterprise models of fax. Here’s everything we know.

The Private Cloud

It the first enterprise fax model where the fax infrastructure of a company is looked after entirely within its firewall. Also whether the company maintains the fax server either in-house or running on a virtual machine, the IT team bears the principal responsibility for maintaining, licensing, troubleshooting and upgrading the fax infrastructure of the company.


  • This model gives a direct and centralized control over the company’s fax infrastructure to the IT team.
  • From a security point of view, IT team feels more comfortable when their faxes are operated through a centralized controlled platform within the network.


  • Compared to others, this model might call for other costs too. The company obviously demands to cut the obvious costs such as — recurring costs like software licensing, analogue fax lines, and electricity costs in order to maintain the server.
  • IT team also bears the primary responsibility to manage long-term volume and capacity needs at the outset and regular tasks such as monitoring the usage trends and having a knowledge when and how to scale up more servers or upgrading the software servers to the latest versions. None of these tasks can be delivered quickly.

The Hybrid Cloud Fax Solution

This model comprises two best abilities: allowing the IT team to exercise control through in-house fax servers, and using a cloud-dedicated ‘backfill’ component. For instance, in case of a failover when your fax infrastructure fails or has peak volume spikes, which results in outages or busy signals.


  • Gives an access to the IT team to manage control and visibility over faxes all over the company with the in-house fax servers. It also has pros like grander redundancy and higher system availability than only the on-premise fax servers can deliver.


  • It might add to the costs of the company. They can simply outsource service instead of double paying for a single solution.
  • If not properly taken care of, the on-premise servers may increase the risks of non-compliance or undermine the business fax’s security.

The Cloud Fax Solution

This is the most advanced model of all. The best part of this model is, it is offsite and you only need an email ID and an Internet connection to send and/or receive faxes. It also provides features as similar to Private and Hybrid models like SAP, additional protection to secure data and what not.


  • It provides cost savings at a greater deal. It frees up a lot of resources to focus on higher-ROI projects. It also enables the company to eliminate traditional fax machine and licensing.
  • As the service is cloud-based, it is easier to increase the fax pretty quickly, at any time at a very low cost.
  • It increases the fax security by using a TLS encryption for sending/receiving faxes, and many more advanced security measures are taken into account. To know more of them, head to


  • Since the operations are managed by a third party, the company should bear the entire responsibility if exposed to a serious risk in the long term.
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5 things to know while choosing your roboadvisor

Roboadvisors are undoubtedly a welcome name in the contemporary investment world. A lot cheaper than traditional portfolio managers, these online tools assure extremely professional and convenient portfolio management. The best part is that roboadvisors dish out a dynamic investing scenario where you can enjoy up till 7 percent average returns- way higher compared to what you get with plain savings account. If you are aspiring to render a new edge to your investment portfolio, it’s better you bank on  modern roboadvisors now.

The post below offers insights on the crucial things to keep in mind while choosing a roboadvisor.

Get a comparative study

Roboadvisors have been in the market for nearly a decade now. Scores and scores of roboadvisors have already surfaced up but then not all would be compatible for you. Experts suggest getting a comparative survey on different roboadvisor companies online before the final sign-up. If you find checking out each website too tedious, take to the roboadvisor guides or directories over the web. These websites host information on multiple roboadvisor firms in one platform to save your time. You will get reviews, ratings and a glimpse of main features of the roboadvisors at a glance.

The one you choose should be a highly reputed name in the market, backed by great ratings and happy investor-users.

Affordable or no management fee

Most of the roboadvisors charge management fees from the users. It’s good if your chosen one is flexible for free management. Some leading roboadvisors do not charge management fees for first $10,000 assets. It’s a great option to try & test the roboadvisor if you want to start with small amount.

Even if your chosen roboadvisor is charging management fee, make sure it’s a reasonable amount. Settle with something between 0.25% a year to 0.30% a year or maximum 0.50%.

Minimum account size

Don’t forget to check the minimum account size asked by your chosen roboadvisor. Different firms ask for different account-minimums. While some demand a minimum balance of $5,000- a handful of others will allow you to invest with as little as $1. Check how much you can afford to save as your account minimum.

However, roboadvisors that demand high account minimums generally assure many additional services which is not always viable with those that are flexible with rock-bottom account minimums.

Automatic rebalancing

Remember your investment portfolio must be rebalanced at regular intervals. This helps to ensure the asset allocation is in terms with your specific investment goals & risk tolerance capacity. Now, not all roboadvisors around will extend automatic rebalancing. This is an extremely important feature and you must make sure your chosen one is flexible for this facility.

Free tax-loss harvesting

Tax-loss harvesting implies offset of taxable gains through sale of securities running on loss. Some leading roboadvisors extend free tax-loss harvesting daily. Check out beforehand whether your chosen one supports such services.

Finally, it’s great if the roboadvisor promises some degree of human advisory. Robotic tools are no doubt great for smart investment management but complex issues do call for human intervention.

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EPF Investments Are Often the Simplest Way to Save Money for Retirement

Banks and credit card companies often join other financial institutions in helping young people save for retirement and they do this through a variety of different methods including newsletters, blogs, and detailed information on their websites. An Employee Provident Fund (EPF) is one of the most popular ways for salaried employees to save money and if you make over a certain amount of money each year, these programs are mandatory. An EPF is easy because the money comes directly out of your check and therefore you barely notice it. Over time, however, the money in your EPF account builds up to a nice sum, enabling you to retire comfortably and enjoy your later years.

The Basics of EPF Investments

There are a few rules that apply to all EPF accounts regardless of where you work. For the most part, this is an account specifically designed for your retirement so if you withdraw money before a certain age, there are certain conditions that usually apply. Having said that, you are usually allowed to withdraw money if you are getting married, to educate your children, or to pay for medical emergencies. Interest is added to the account and the money is usually invested so that it can grow over time. The general rules that apply to the accounts are easy to understand; however, a good financial institution can fill you in on the additional details so that you can more fully comprehend what they are and how they work. If you are curious about any type of EPF investment in Malaysia for young working adults, the best thing to do is contact your bank, credit card company, or financial advisor so that you can learn all about it before signing the paperwork.

Become Worry-Free in Later Years

Everyone wants to be able to retire comfortably one day and an EPF account helps you do just that. While you are saving, you won’t notice the money coming out of your account because it is taken out before you receive your salary. Over time, the money adds up and can equal quite a large sum by the time you retire. You are also allowed to choose where your money is invested, including entities such as Prudential Unit Trusts Berhad and Commerce Trust Berhad. Signing up is also very easy and you can get started with an online application, through a mail-in application, or even by visiting your financial institution in person. Although your involvement in an EPF is mandatory when you are working and receive a certain salary, it is still good to learn all you can about the account so that you can better manage it and therefore better prepare for your eventual retirement.

Investing for the future is a lot easier than you think and an EPF account is one of the easiest ways to save for retirement. They are easy to sign up for, easy to manage, and easy to keep track of and it all starts by contacting a reputable financial institution and letting them know what you need.

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Tax Issues Are Affecting Your Estate and Investments

For many individual investors, issues with tax code aren’t really considered major. These issues usually affect large corporations operating in select industries, right? Well, the reality is far different than you think. Major tax issues are actually affecting individual investors and the majority of tax payers in more ways than anticipated. The tax provisions of 2013 and how Congress is taking so long to renew (or cancel) elements of the regulation are causing a lot of confusion and uncertainty according to studies compiled by Northeastern University. Uncertainty is never good for the financial market, especially the forex market.

Other tax issues affect our lives more directly. The fossil fuel tax, for example, made the price of green energy – and the cost of producing renewable energy – a lot higher than it should have. This means the shift towards green energy is hampered substantially.

Learn more about these tax issues and their impacts from the Six Issues in Taxation infographic by Northeastern University.

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Investing in Gold in 2016

Gold has had a very exciting year so far. It was certainly not something that people could have predicted. Of course, this is what individuals have come to expect with this yellow metal. Much like a child running to its mother in the face of danger, investors tend to flock to the precious metal in times of trouble. If you have been keeping abreast of the news, then you know that the economy is in a tentative state at the moment. In this year alone, there have been so many shakeups that individuals have rushed to one of the oldest substances in the world, fearing the worst.

The Economic Events of 2016

One of the more resonating issues that took place this year was the economic slowdown in China. For the longest time, China enjoyed a booming economy – the second largest in the world. There were a great many nations that relied upon China’s success. In fact, the performance of the Chinese economy is quite crucial to the global economy as a whole. This is why world leaders were quite shaken to learn that the economy has slowed down considerably, threatening fiscal shockwaves throughout the world. While the situation still remains hazy at best, this has caused a great deal of alarm.

On its heels was the decision that was termed ‘Brexit’ – The United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union. This, too, caused people to panic, sending the UK economy into somewhat of a tailspin. Investors remain reluctant to finance an economy that they cannot predict, at least in the long run.

If you are wondering what gold has to do with any of this, it is simple. This yellow metal has been, and continues to be, the safe haven that the world economy relies upon. Whether it is combating inflation or economic uncertainty, investors tend to place their bets on the precious metal. This has been a recurring trend for the longest time.

Why You Should Invest in Gold

Of course, the question remains, should you be in investing in gold? To answer this question, let’s take a look at what some of the best-performing funds in the industry have been. Across the board, gold ETFs have been one of the most popular funds. This is evidence that many investors believe that the yellow metal is the way to survive the current and future economic issues facing the world.

This does not mean that you too need to join an ETF. No, there is a much simpler way to get involved in this venture. Instead of gambling with companies and mines, you can purchase the physical commodity. This means buying coins and bars. This way, you will be safeguarding yourself from inflation as well as other fiscal uncertainties.

At the moment, it is quite difficult to discern the direction that the economy in general will take. This is why purchasing this precious metal can actually be quite a wise move. It will help you to prepare for any direction that the market will take. It will also allow you to convert your funds into a means that will not be easily depreciated.


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UK Investors Bracing for Brexit Pain

British investors are gearing up for even more shockwaves from the Brexit vote. July saw equity holding slashed to the lowest level in five years, while many investors saw the property allocations in their portfolios halved. According to the July 15 – 27 survey Reuters conducted of UK-based funds, there have been distribution shifts since the June 23 referendum that resulted in a win for those in favour of leaving the EU.

Ripples from the vote have already been reverberating through the economy, with significant hits to consumer demand. Furthermore, according to JLL, property prices have been seen nudging the UK into recession.

What’s Been Happening Since the Referendum?

Since the referendum, the UK-focused FTSE 250 index has seen a recovery from its losses over the past month. This is due to expectations of more stimulus from the BoE. However, investors seem to be bracing for pain in the months to come. The financial markets have remained generous to global investors in the past month, despite the economic backdrop and the fallout from the vote being well documents as bad news for the economy globally.

However, along with these uncertainties comes the typical response from leading central banks. They continue to discuss the possibility of further loose monetary policies that could assist the global economy, and the prospects for additional actions, such as helicopter money. The latter is a reference to the central banks delivering money almost directly to consumers.

A Look at Safety

UK asset managers are clearly rattled at the thought of further turmoil ahead, which has led them to ramp up bond allocations, which saw a jump of five percentage points – the highest level in about five years. This increase has come at the expense of equity allocations across global portfolios, which were slashed from 47 percent to 42.6 percent in June. Exposure to property almost halved from 6.5 percent to 3.8 percent.

Property investment has come into sharp focus following the vote, with more than six British property funds suspending withdrawals in an attempt to tackle myriad redemptions by investors who are feeling unnerved by the uncertainty of it all. Reuters polled fund managers to find they are divided over whether global bond yields have sunk. While people have seen the peak in global monetary slowing down, they have also realised that shocks could see delays in the increase of interest rates.


The low rate environment will likely see a persistence in the ‘hunt for yield.’ However, the longer term return prospects for higher quality bonds looks weak. Over $10 trillion in bonds from the developed world are in negative yield territory, which ups the pressure on investors to hunt for returns at a time of incredible risk.

Within investor’s bond portfolios, the exposure to UK government securities tumbled by six percentage points. That may well be a reflection of currency shifts. Across equity portfolios, investors have trimmed exposure to US and UK stocks. How will the Brexit pain continue to play out? Time will tell.

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Investing in Real Estate – What You Need to Know


Investing in real estate is one of the best ways to make money. For centuries, land has been used by astute people to generate profits. In the olden days, people started by growing crops on fertile land and then selling the harvests to make a profit. This led to the concept of farming, and eventually humankind began to realize that the position of the land plays a very important role in determining its value. Today, the property market is worth trillions of dollars. However, ever since the housing market crash of 2008, many people – including some of the major investors – are still wary of making big moves in the market.

ChinaAt present, the housing market is pretty volatile. Even though the rates of property development investment are on the rise, many individuals are still cautious when it comes to putting all of their savings into the market. However, for an astute investor, volatility can be a good thing. Knowing how to get in when the market is at a low is a great way to make some good money, but learning the basics of real estate investment is not as easy as it looks. In fact, in many cases, you will incur some heavy losses before understanding how the market really works. But does that mean that every investor must pay a price in order to learn a lesson? Not at all, and in fact, there are some investors who boast a flawless investment record.

The Power of Information

It has been stated time and again that the key to successful real estate investing lies in information. If you have information about the market and know about upcoming development projects, government deeds, and any other bits of news that might impact land values, you can use it to your advantage. One of the biggest factors that many real estate investors don’t understand is that information is vital to successful investing. If you are looking to buy a piece of land, you should pull up as much information about the place as you can. Find out about the surrounding area, upcoming development projects, and any other news that you can get before making a decision. The power of information – when combined with patience – could help you build a robust portfolio full of high-value properties.



If you want information, you will need contacts in the right places. This is one of the main reasons why realtors often have so many contacts at hand all the time. It takes just minutes for a realtor to find every single bit of information about a particular piece of land. This is simply because they are in touch with different realtors who can guide them at a moment’s notice. If you want to become a shrewd investor, you will need to build a strong network consisting of realtors and other investors. There are numerous magazines that offer investing information as well, so make sure you subscribe to a few in order to know what’s going on in the market!


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How to invest your money

When you begin investing, it can be difficult to know how you should invest your money. You may be familiar with the idea of diversification, but you might not realize how to distribute your money between different assets. What constitutes a well-balanced and diversified portfolio is different for every investor, and is based on a person’s individual investment goals as well as their tolerance for risk.

Striking a balance between your desire for monetary gains and willingness to take on risk may be difficult, but it is the only way to make a portfolio that will bring you financial success.

invest your money

What should determine your asset allocation?

To understand how you should distribute your money between different assets, you’ll need to establish concrete goals for your investing strategy and create a timeframe for when you want to reach those goals. That will determine what types of assets you should invest in and how you should structure your portfolio.

Different asset allocations reflect different investment strategies. You can choose to be aggressive, and pursue rapid growth, or target long-term value with less-risky investments that build your wealth more gradually.

investing strategy

What assets go into each strategy?

The way that you change your portfolio’s diversification will be a reflection of your aggressive or conservative approach. A moderate portfolio will be around 50 percent stocks, and the remainder will be in cash and fixed income investments. The majority of the stocks in this type of portfolio will be from large companies that are generally more consistent than their smaller counterparts.

By contrast, an aggressive portfolio will be heavily tilted toward stocks instead of fixed income investments, and the stock portion of the portfolio will hold a higher percentage of smaller companies’ shares. Altogether, between 80 and 90 percent of this portfolio will be invested in stock markets.

Investment Accounts

The conservative investor stays away from risky stock investments. The vast majority of a conservative investor’s portfolio will be in fixed income and cash and cash investments. Whatever stocks this investor owns are probably from large companies that don’t fluctuate significantly when the market shifts.

How real estate fits in

Real estate is a rare asset, because it can benefit aggressive investors and conservative investors equally. Rental real estate investments provide freedom from the stock market and give investors access to a combination of long-term value growth through home appreciation and consistent cashflow from rental payments. No matter what the rest of your portfolio looks like, real estate investing is an ideal next step that can help you achieve your financial goals and protect you from stock market fluctuations.

Real estate is a rare asset

HomeUnion makes real estate investing simple, and provides investors with access to hundreds of prevetted rental properties in the best parts of the country for strong returns. Investors who use HomeUnion to reach their investment goals benefit from an in-house lender and provided tenant and property management that ensures the investment process will be smooth over the long term.

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How to locate Free Stock Purchasing and selling Tips

For conventional traders, you will find entire cable news systems and newspapers made to make sure that they’re experienced in the stock exchange. These experts identify trends, discuss management techniques, evaluate profit and loss claims, scrutinize debt to resource ratios, and supply site site site site visitors and audiences the most wonderful assist with any particular company. Once the investor is applying a realtor, they access much more personalized information, produced to especially to satisfy their individual needs. For traders searching to trade within the microcap or penny stock investing trading buying and selling purchasing and selling buying and selling market, undertaking research and undertaking impartial research takes a bit more effort and persistence. You will find numerous free stock purchasing and selling sites devoted to helping stock traders. An easy carry out some doing a search online will get a trader began round the right course.

The to begin with stock traders search for information and investigate internet. These web sites are produced to supply penny stock investing trading buying and selling purchasing and selling buying and selling traders with current how to go about a company’s financial health care insurance assets. These free stock purchasing and selling websites provide research and analysis. The web forums and discussion forums give traders utilization of other effective penny stock investing trading buying and selling purchasing and selling buying and selling traders and let you track and chart their success and progress. Make certain the analyst makes their position apparent across the stock. Penny stock investing trading buying and selling purchasing and selling buying and selling traders are available in a bigger risk for fraud triggered by experts strongly marketing an regular, then short selling their position, leading to their value you crumble. A number of these free stock purchasing and selling sites provide daily, weekly, or monthly penny stock investing trading buying and selling purchasing and selling buying and selling tips. In case you pick small cap stocks online, these web sites are the ideal beginning point.

Other financial sites, like Google Finance, Yahoo Finance, CNN Money, or CNBC can also be online assets. These web sites might have develop some analysis relevant for that potential options current earnings, liquidity, capital, and debt and equity ratios.. You will need the chance to get involved with and uncover simple profit and loss claims and balance sheets.

If you are searching within the more compact sized sized, “growth” company, it’s perfectly right for their public information, press officer, or investor relations department to request a couple of pre-determined questions. Once the organization is viable and poised for growth, they ought to be ready to fix equity, debt, liquidity, profits, and clients. Just just just in case your company representative will not possess the energy- or reluctant- to solve these question, most professionals indicate you spread the choices.

Small cap stocks are frequently volatile than traditional stocks. Since traders possess a position over the bigger volume, they must be conscious connected getting a movement, negative or positive, within the stock. Frees stock purchasing and selling sites could keep you up-to-date in the stocks activity.

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Stock Advice – Buying and selling Approaches For Beginners

It’s apparent that lots of newcomers feel rather fearful of the speed and complexity inside the stock market. Aside from the stock market require that people surrender their hard acquired money in exchange for items of paper that may cost something next couple of days, additionally they are stricken having a totally foreign an entire world of terminology, strategy, and analysis. The worst factor that you can do like a beginning investor ought to be to accept without questions all of the stock advice that’s thrown to suit your needs. Simply investigate fundamental concepts that drive industry, then start seeking solutions for your questions given that they arise within your ideas.

When searching around for stock advice when getting started, you have to start with sources that have already proven that they are reliable and reliable. A fly by evening site that claims it’s all regulated controlled the solutions that will assist you an instantaneous uniform isn’t worth your time and energy, however a stock market forum acquiring a substantial industry title put on it, and articles produced by known experts, is probably worth searching at. Wherever opting for your advice, bear in mind that no-one person has all the solutions: you will want a effective hold on your sense and turn into away of situations your location coping with unnecessary risk.

Possibly the most crucial products of stock advice to think about to heart when getting started is cheap stocks don’t always carry together a more compact risk. When you start doing a search online, you will see plenty of discuss small cap stocks, which appear well suited for the newbie- basically anything whatsoever! What they’re not recommending might be the low its valuation inside the stock is, the higher volatile the organization is, meaning you’ll be able to maintain for big gains and big deficits without any moment’s warning.

Decision concerning tip for beginners seeking stock advice is there’s pointless to do-it-yourself. You’ll find all traders available which can make painful mistakes already, and despite the fact that they can’t undo their options, they may share their understanding but another naive investor from making the identical poor options. Make time to register a few online urban centers of stock purchasing and selling experts to pose questions and fitness your analysis inside the safe atmosphere, before putting knowing to task inside the real existence.

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