ETFinance Broker Review – Trade Forex With a Regulated Broker

Are you interested in trading in Forex or stocks or commodities? To begin with the process of trading, what you need is a reliable broker who can provide you with a proper trading platform. The platform should honestly guide you at every single step and provide you with the upgraded technology so that the investor can do the trading with ease. The platform should also guide the investor to multiply his wealth in the long run so that he does not face any loss. ETFinance is one such trading platform which is based in Cyprus, but due to technological up gradation and expertise, helps their investors to trade sitting in any part of the globe. What the investor needs is a Smartphone or a computer with an Internet connection. Through their trading platform, the investor can trade quite efficiently sitting in his home or office.

Before you choose your trading platform or broker, you must look into certain things like their regulatory status, efficient trading platform, friendly customer support, smooth banking and much more. The above things are very much necessary for the smooth functioning of a proper trading platform. Surprisingly, ETFinance broker platform satisfies each of these categories with excellence and hence they are preferred by many good investors in different countries of the world. As per as regulatory status is concerned, this firm is regulated by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. This means it is highly regulated by a strict regulatory authority. Hence each customer is protected to some extent by the trading platform by the Investor Compensation Fund.

The basic advantage of trading with ETFinance is that one can trade on different types of products which include stocks, shares and commodities and Forex also. To add another feather to the cap, they have recently added trading in crypto currency as well. The trading platform at ETFinance is suitable for all types of brokers, whether you are experienced or a newbie.

In the commodities market, an investor can trade in agricultural assets, oil and costly metals. In the currency segment they help the investors to trade in pairs. One can trade in minor or major currencies or in exotic pairs. This helps an investor a wide choice to invest and hence the probability of winning increases by many times. The same is the area of opportunity when somebody is interested in investing in stocks. They can invest in the CFD’s of some well-known indices like DOW 30, S&P 500 and FTSE 100. The broker platform also gives you access to different markets all 24 hours of the day. You can open any one of the two types of accounts – professional or retail with them as per your need and convenience. The leverage varies according to the type of account and the products which have been traded. In case of retail accounts, when you are trading in stocks and commodities, the leverage is 1:10 for accounts which are real and it is 1:50 for accounts which are professional. For shares and stocks, the leverage varies from 1:5 to 1:10. When you are trading in currencies, the leverage is 1:200 and in case of crypto currencies, it stands at 1:1.

Operating through ETFinance trading platform can give you a lot of advantages. In forex trading, the firm does not charge any commission. The management of the firm knows the value for money and hence do not want to put pressure on the clients. Commission is charged very low on commodities and in trading of currency profit is made by spreads, which are never highly charged.

They have different types of accounts and services vary according to the types of accounts. For traders who are beginners, there is the Silver account. Here the investment amount is limited, spread is a bit high and here the customers get solid customer support. The next step is the Gold account which is mainly for traders who are experienced. In this account, spreads get reduced further and with the increase in leverage, there is the provision of an account manager dedicated to the investor. The third and final level is the Platinum account, which is only for highly experienced traders who get a discount of 50% SWAP, a free VPS and a very high level of leverage. They will also get access to news alerts and free webinars and videos. There is also an option of opening an Islamic account for all the above three types, which is very easy to use for the Muslims who are interested in trading.

Another wonderful thing is that they have got the option of demo account. This is mainly for the new beginners because they need a lot of practice at the early stage. Once they gain experience by operating through the demo account, they can shift to the higher platforms. Sometimes, the experienced traders also go for this demo account just to get accustomed with the trading platform and the benefits which the broker offers. Virtual currencies are used for trading in the demo account, which is used for training and polishing the strategies. This demo account is a very important tool as it helps in practicing trading before jumping into the final trade.

On the technical front, the company has progressed a lot as they offer three types of platforms for trading. To begin with, there is the WebTrader platform which can be accessed only with a browser. It is an excellent trading platform which offers the investors an easy to use platform. In addition to this ETFinance has also offering for mobile version and the desktop. The investors can choose which particular platform they want to trade on and the number of flexible options has really made it a wonderful and convenient trading platform.

The platform has got many integrated tools, technical indicators and options for auto trading. The combination of all these has made it one of the best trading platforms. They also understand the value of customer support and their strong and friendly customer support helps the investors to reap in profits quite easily.