3 Practical Steps to Create Your own Trading Strategy

Several traders start trading by designing their own trading strategies. This is good to design a system of your own because it will help you understand the intricacies of trading. On the other hand, designing trading strategy is comparatively easier than designing a profitable trading strategy. Beginners are supposed to start with the practical approach, wave analysis and right expectations. As I have mentioned above that forming a trading strategy is comparatively easier because after learning the tools of trading and indicators, you can design your own neowave strategy.

However, this is not a practical approach if you think that your first trading strategy will bring millions if not billions. One of my colleague asked me that why to design your strategy when you already have strategies of other traders. Why we cannot use profit-making strategy of other traders? Remember that every trade and approach is different. A strategy may be benefiting a trader, but it may not be fit for your business environment or circumstances you are using it. On the other hand, you will always benefit from a unique strategy, which has a personal touch.

Your understanding of trade

It is imperative to understand the trading market completely before you design a foolproof strategy. You can do it by going through the reading material. Fundamental and technical analysis of the system will help you understand it better. Do not try to become rich at once.

This is your first the strategy so it is advised to keep it as simple as possible. A complex strategy may confuse you from the beginning. Moreover, it will be difficult for you to manage it and improve it because of its complexities.

Choose a market

You need to decide whether you are going to invest in equities, or in forex? Understand the models of forex brokers and find out how they calculate the margin.

While investing in trade equities, you need to understand what a share means. Detailed information about blue chip and penny stock will definitely give you an upper hand.

The purpose of going through the intrinsic details is to have a complete idea of the functioning of trade market. Moreover, you will not have in-depth and practical knowledge unless you choose your trading market and start trading.

Improving your trading strategy

Thisis going to be your first strategy and it is obvious that it may not bring desired results. Do not get disheartened, it is okay. This is not static as you have gained experience and now you can do required changes in it. Your experience and knowledge is growing at every stage of trading, which you can use for the betterment of your trading strategy. You cannot leave this to chance because it may bring results or it may not. You have to learn how to take the glenn neely feedback and use it in the improvement of your strategy.

You can test your trading strategy and make notes of everything you observe in the market. Maintain chart images in a proper order for understanding.

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Know More About Suzuki Coin

Lots of people are looking for the financial companies where they can invest their money, now a days, people are investing in Bitcoin, share market and so on, in all these trading options they have to put their focus because every day there are changes in rates. Hence, people look for an easy option where they can invest without putting much effort. Investors always look for the options through which they will get a good pay return. Thus, if you are also looking for the same kind of option, then you must have to the check the Suzuki Coin reviews, these reviews are by genuine investors who are earning profit from the Suzuki Coin. What is Suzuki coin? Thus, it is a financial company founded by Mr. Satoro Suzuki, who is specialized in financial trading i.e. Forex, Digital coin trading, financial and economic.

The company invests the entire fund daily which was invested by the investors in Suzuki coins in other trading options, so whatever the income company will receive from trading will get distributed in the investors. Thus, this is the concept which is followed to manage the company and due to this, they are able to provide 2% to 3% pay returns on a daily basis and forever. One can choose any plan out of three Suzuki Coin investment plans. For more details one can visit the website of the company or a person can directly contact the specialized support team members of the company through the WhatsApp or email, they provide assistance 24 hours and all 7 days. People can also contact over the phone call, they will assist the people in all ways. If you know about the investment plan or trading, then you can check on your own, you just have to visit the official website of the company and know more about it. There are many more features and services that the company offers, so to avail all the benefits you must have to understand the functions of the company. You can also calculate the profit by entering the details like which plan you want to take, how much amount you want to invest and more on the calculator option. All these details, people can able to find on the website of Suzuki Coin Net Ltd, the company was founded in London, UK, but now it has offices in other locations too. The company will assure you for the secured investments.

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Five Important Factors to Consider when Choosing a Forex Broker

As with other forms of trading, forex trading requires to do extra work to get the most gains. To increase your success in the game, you need to work with the right forex broker. But, you can only find a reputable one if you set strict rules.

Choosing a forex broker should be done objectively so you don’t get swayed by promises that brokers make. Just like you would want to use a strategy when trading with forex, you would want a strategy when choosing a broker. When choosing between brokers, consider the following:

Trading Costs

These costs may vary by brokers. The majority of brokers use the bid-ask spread when charging service fees.  The bid-ask spread is the difference between the amounts at which a certain currency can be purchased and sold. You will want to choose a broker with average or narrow spreads to lower your cumulative trading costs. Keep in mind also that some brokers may charge trading commissions. This commission can be fixed or calculated based on the volume traded.   Please click to know more.

Trading Platform

Depending on your hardware and software characteristics, you might choose either a web-based or desktop application. Understanding the kind of platform fits you is important when trading foreign exchange.

Also, you want to make sure the trading platform doesn’t experience any failures or troubles, especially during those times when you have to check global events and news. The platform’s overall navigation must be user-friendly, particularly when you have to access to tools and charts. Also, you may want to consider one-click trading and stop-loss management and other benefits.

 Trading Features and Specifications

Consider the type of spreads a broker offers and the pairs they support. You want to ensure they have the trading features that your chosen platform includes. Look out for simple deposits, technical charts, stop losses, forex news, withdrawal process, and take profits. Choose a broker which uses updated technology.

Customer Support

Good customer support ensures you will have a good forex trading experience. You want to ensure the broker offers an immediate communication channel which you will access in case of technical issues. You can check how the brokers value their customers by spending time chatting with a representative. Ensure the broker has a phone number and observe how long they respond to your call, chat or email.

User Reviews

Although brokers can have both positive and negative reviews from their past users, you want to choose one whose positive reviews outweigh heir negatives. Make sure you hear what other people say by reading online reviews.

Forex Bonuses and Promotions

Forex brokers will try to get your business through their no deposit promo, free bonus offers, and trading freebies. Choosing from a long list of brokers can be difficult and when things get hard to make a decision, use their perks as a decision maker. Thus, narrow down your choices by choosing brokers based on the most desirable and realistic promotions and bonuses they offer. Read more here.

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4 Key Methods of Forex Trading

Foreign Exchange Market trading or Forex trading can be performed by following certain methods. Some of these methods may seem to be more suitable to you, while the others may not. Although some methods are more popular than the others, all are into leveraging the utility of borrowed capital for generating income. Acquiring more of money in this way has some major benefits and disadvantages.

While on one hand, you could gather much wealth by investing just a small portion of your own capital, you may even lose out every bit of it in real quick time. All Forex trading strategies yield certain advantages but even have some pitfalls attached.

The Day Trading Method

Day trading is an effective trading method for the short-term. A handful of technical indicators and outcomes caused by sudden news often determine the success of day trading. You’ll possess certain skill sets for participating in this form of trading. You’re bound to gain more of such skills with time.

For those of you that are into Forex trading for the first time, it’s advisable that you show more prudence by opening a demo trading account initially. You may go through your trading outcomes and check out your own performance after knowing this trading method for a while. You may wish to create a real trading account if you’re earning uniformly over a span of time. You may choose to remain conservative and put a small amount of money at stake even after knowing the platform and the associated risks for some time.

Trading with the Big Picture

Big picture Trading is a method that keeps the trader involved for longer time-frames. In this type of trading, you may be considering currency pairs for trading worth multiple weeks. You’ll actually be playing on the smaller market movements rather than the trends. This is a generalized approach that incorporates several unique methods.


Scalping can engage you in large trades and promise smaller but more certain gains. It’s indeed one good way of Day-trading. It can provide you with a bigger picture of Forex trading by keeping you engaged in trading for a longer period of time. Scalping involves certain mathematical components that can be tracked well by the PC as against a single-trader scenario. For this reason, much of the Scalping is now performed with a type of automation.

Automated Forex Trading

Automated Forex Trading can be accomplished in various ways. This type of Forex Trading is performed with the help of expert advisor software or even with the assistance of a trading signal provider. The expert advisor software commits trading by following the trading recommendations and alerts that it acquires from records.

These programs are recommended by a few of the more experienced Forex traders, although many traders are of a different opinion. Those that believe in the manual procedures believe it’s quite possible for them to read through the actual conditions and respond accordingly. By following other methods of Forex Trading, you may create a trading account for practicing automated trading and utilize the outcomes for taking relevant actions.

Few Practical Tips

Whenever you meet with any trading challenges, you’ll need to be honest, steer clear of risks, and control your emotions regardless of your initial plans. You may choose to catch up with some of the latest trends and trading information by getting in touch with a financial expert. This article is intended to touch upon certain trading facts and shouldn’t be presumed as a professional advice.

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What Influences the Value of the Euro?

When you invest in the Forex market, it’s important to be aware of the key factors influencing the value of a currency, so that you can better anticipate price movements. Top Forex brokers offer many currency pairs that you can trade online, from the majors like EUR/USD and USD/JPY to minors such as GBP/CAD and exotics, including USD/SEK. The currency trading platform provides advanced trading tools, enabling traders to make smarter, more informed decisions.

Among the most traded currencies are the US Dollar (USD), Japanese Yen (JPY), and the Euro (EUR), which is currently used by 19 of the 28 members of the EU. The authority in charge of the monetary policy of the Eurozone is the European Central Bank, or ECB. The ECB’s primary goal is to maintain price stability within the countries comprising the EU’s monetary union, achieving a Consumer Price Index (CPI) of about 2%.

What are the most influential factors affecting the value of the Euro?

#1 European Central Bank

As the ECB effectively manages the Euro, its decisions are among the most important factors in terms of triggering volatility on currency pairs containing the EUR. The ECB determines the level of key interest rates, the implementation of quantitative easing programmes, and common financial rules, among other issues. The ECB is therefore responsible for the availability and the cost of the EUR in the global economy, which influences the value of the European currency.

#2 Inflation Rate

As the ECB’s goal is to maintain inflation of approximately 2%, it’s important to monitor all economic statistics related to prices, since they enable you to understand how close the ECB is to fulfilling its core objective and to anticipate its future actions. The CPI is the most important figure, but other reports such as the Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) also offer clues about future changes to the rate of inflation.

#3 Growth Figures

The overall economic output of Eurozone countries is a vital criterion for Forex traders, as they tend to invest in strong currencies linked to strong economies with stable political environments and large growth potential. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is the most common measure of the net total of goods and services produced by a country or a group of countries.

Always remember to follow an economic calendar, so you’ll know when ECB members are due to speak, or when important statistics are about to be released. These releases can trigger higher volatility, influencing trading conditions such as spreads and margins.

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A brief overview of the scalping system in Forex

There are a lot of people in Forex who are making a very good money. Some of them are professional and others are part time traders. As this market is very risky, it is better for traders if they trade the market for a part time. This article is going to tell you about Forex scalping, a type of strategy which can give you a large amount of money in a very short time that you cannot imagine. There are numerous strategies in Forex and traders are following many of it. Sometimes they use more than one strategy and trade the market for making more profit. Sometimes they use longer time frame strategy to trade the market and keep safe on the long run in the market. Scalping is a strategy which is used by traders and it is short time strategy. We are going to tell you in details about scalping.

What is Scalping?

Scalping is a name of a strategy in Forex. It is a very short time frame strategy and before the market has another movement, you can make your money and exit your trades. Today many people in Singapore are entering the Forex market and they are looking for a short time frame strategy. Scalping is perfect for them as it allows the traders to make money in a very short time. But everything has its two sides and we are also going to tell you if you should really start scalping in Forex.

Scalpers take the largest risks

Traders who scalp the market are called scalpers and they take the largest risks in Forex. You should know that you cannot scalp the market if you have only 10 dollars in your account. Scalping is not for everybody. If you want to make money from scalping, you need to have a very large account where your profit in pips will be large and most importantly you need to trade with a reputed broker like Saxo. This is why when they lose some pips in Forex, their loss is also very large. Not all traders scalp in Forex. Only the professional and experienced trader’s in exchange traded funds community scalps the market. Day traders also take risks like scalpers, but it is nothing to their risks when scalpers trade in Forex. They have to place their trade on market with a large lot size. If their trade is lost, they do not lose only some dollars, they can also lose their account also. This is why scalping is very risky and you should think twice before scalping.

Scalping is only for the experienced professional

Currency pair can be traded in a number of different ways but this doesn’t mean that you will be able to trade with all system. In fact, most of the new traders are losing money due to lower time frame trading. When you do the technical analysis in the lower time frame you are actually participating in high-risk trading. Most of the time the lower time frame generates false trading signals and it’s not possible for the new traders to filter this signals. However, over the period of time, you will gain experience which will help you to master the art of lower time frame trading.

How to become scalper

The first that you need to do is learn a lot about this market. The professional scalpers are the most experienced and knowledgeable person. They easily make a huge amount of money by trading the high impact news releases. Instead of using the indicator based trading system they use the market support and resistance level to trade the price action confirmation signal. But it’s not like that they will always have winning trades. Since losing is part and parcel of the trader’s life, the expert always uses the advance money management technique to save their investment.

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Online Forex Trading with TraderVC

Online forex trading has become very popular among traders all across the world. One of the reasons for its popularity is the convenience that it provides for users. Now anyone can sit in the comfort of their homes and conduct forex trading transactions with the click of a few buttons on their PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone or other mobile device. There is no need for any commuting as everything from the actual investment to the receipt and distribution of profits is all done digitally. If you are looking for a forex trading opportunity, TraderVC reviews show that the platform is the one to choose.

As a trader, you can choose from a variety of popular currency pairs and gain access to the world’s leading forex markets. You are able to see, in live time, how each currency is changing and are able to process transactions in real time. With forex trading, timing is key, and the Trader VC platform allows you to capitalize on that. If you are new to forex trading, the Trader VC platform offers a wealth of trading tools and a trading academy that will help you to get started on the right path.

Conducting online forex trading is a simple 4-step process on the Trader VC platform. To begin, simply choose your trading instrument, then choose your trading asset. Step 3 is to make your prediction and in the final step you simply enter the amount that you wish to invest in that trade and click on the invest button. That’s it! The site offers several ways that you can deposit your investment funds including through credit card, Paypal, money transfer, Skrill and many more. When you are ready to withdraw and profits gained through your forex trading, simply make the request and relax. The process is quick and seamless.

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Iforex Mobile Trading Platform

Whether you are a part time or full time trader, you will likely find yourself in a situation where you are on the go, but still need to be in touch with the markets.  Having a reputable broker that can provide you with a mobile friend application, will help avoid any interruptions to your routine.  Whether you are executing trades, catching up on the latest news, or analyzing charts, having a mobile app will help you feel at ease.

Iforex, provides its clients with state of the art trading platforms including a robust mobile platform geared to smart devices.  An Iforex review reveals a company that is known for its ability to provide tight trading markets along with a platform which is constantly updating financial news and has 24-hour support. Clients of iforex are therefore able to trade whenever they choose, using the system they prefer while receiving information about changes in the market place and professional support when needed.

Using the Mobile Platform

The best part of the mobile platform is its ease of use.  There are several sections including trading, positions and wallet. When you open the trading portion of the application you have a view of currencies pairs, with a sell button and a buy button and the exchange rate where you can transact.  A simple touch of either sell or buy generates a trade.  If you desire to see additional detail on the currency pair you are thinking of trading just touch it and a new view will appear. If you want to scroll up or down, you just need a simple swipe gesture which will allow you to scroll through all the potential trading instruments.

The positions tab has three sub tabs, which include your open positions, your limits as well as your closed positions.  In your open positions tab, you can view the currency pairs where you currently have outstanding risk, and the unrealized gains or losses associated with those positions. If you want to close an open trade, all you need to do is swipe it and a close bottom will appear.  If you want to edit your trade and only close a part of your position all you have to do it click on the trade and a screen will appear that allows you to edit the detail of the trade. There is also an up and down arrow that allow you to toggle through the different open trades that are currently on your books.

The close position tab will show you the transactions that are settled along with the realized profit and loss associated with those transactions.

The wallet tab allows you to immediately add funds to your account, and see your account equity along with your balance, your net exposure and unrealized profit and loss. There is a line item that shows you your trading bonus, your available margin, as well as the margin you are currently employing.

There are additional screens that allow you to customize the trading instruments you want to see, as well as iForex’s contact details to receive profession assistance via, email, phone or fax.

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Forex Market Analysis Best Practices

Forex is a lucrative market that can generate good profit if you have the best market analysis practices. There are several simple to complex market analysis practices that can help both amateur and professional traders make significant profits from trading.

Despite its numbers, ratios, and charts, Forex is more of an art than science. Trading involves some form of talent but the talent can only take you so far. Successful Forex traders hone their skills through practice, discipline, and by continuously learning to analyze the market.

Here are some of the best Forex market analysis practices that you can adopt to become a successful trader:

Find A Compatible Trading Style

When you set out on your trading journey, it is important to know where you are going and how you expect to get there. Define your goals and make sure that the trading style or method you choose is capable of helping you achieve these goals. There are different styles of trading, each with its unique approach, risk profile, and market analysis processes. Find a style that is compatible with your goals and aspirations.

A Broker With The Most Appropriate Platform

Choose a broker who provides a trading platform that allows you to do the right market analysis. It is important to work with a reputable broker so invest some time in research and try to learn the differences between brokers and what each one of them provides. Find out about the broker’s policies and how each one makes a market. For instance, some brokers trade in spot markets or over-the-counter markets while others trade in exchange-driven markets. If you prefer Fibonacci numbers then ensure your chosen broker’s platform draws Fibonacci lines. A broker using a low-quality platform or an inexperienced broker with a high-quality platform will eventually be more of a problem than a solution.

Technical Analysis

In Forex trading, the most effective long-term practices involve Technical Analysis as well as Fundamental Analysis. If you are a small or medium investor, you can achieve a lot by investing in technical analysis. This type of market analysis assumes that all the important details about the market as well as future currency fluctuations are available in the price chain. In technical analysis you go back and analyze past events in a given market assuming that the past trends will continue to be manifested in the present and future. It is a reliably good strategy as we all know history has a way of repeating itself.

It is also a safer strategy than marginal trading because it involves less guesswork. The trader assumes that history will persist on and invests in a strong currency that shows signs of continuing its positive trend. However, it is imperative to master technical analysis strategies including the Elliot wave, the Fibonacci strategy, and even Bollinger bonds to have a more accurate market analysis.


Adopting the best market analysis practices in Forex trading will help you become a skilled and refined trader in the long run. Remember, as previously stated, trading is an art and the best way to become proficient in Forex is through disciplined practice and consistency. Like someone said, practice makes perfect.

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Three Great Uses for Your Free Time If You’re Making Money as an at Home FX Trader


Trading, if you are doing well at it, can be a great way to make money from home, and because you trade in sessions, aside from keeping up to date on the news affecting your currency pairs, you get quite a lot of free time to use as you please. Whether you choose to spend that time doing other money making activities or bettering yourself in other ways, it is a good idea to find something productive to do so that you maximize on the benefits of being an FX trader.

Here are three ways you could use your free time to improve your life:

Get Your Masters Degree

A lot of people would love to have the time to do a postgrad degree like a master of arts in liberal studies or an MBA, and as an FX trader, you actually do have this opportunity. Thanks to online universities, you can get the masters you want from the comfort of your own home, and still be where you need to be when it’s time to log on and trade. Look for degree courses like an online masters in philosophy, and you can soon be on your way to a higher qualification that can open new doors for you in the future, as well as giving you something interesting to study when you aren’t busy with currency markets.

Start an Ecommerce Business

forex-traderIf you want to earn more money to use in your trading, then a good idea can be to start your own ecommerce business. It can be fairly easy to set up your own site using a third party ecommerce platform that allows you to manage your product catalog and take payments, and so all you need is something to sell. If you have a hobby that involves making things or producing digital products like eBooks or software, you can sell your own stuff, or you can become a retailer for other people’s products. If you don’t like the idea of running your own site but have things to sell, sites like eBay and Etsy can also be a good way to make some money you can later use as capital for trading.

Learn a Language

FX is very much an international thing, and if you deal in currency pairs other than the US, Australian and Canadian dollars or the British pound, you’ll be working with currencies that exist in countries that don’t speak English. While this has no bearing on your ability to trade, being able to follow news from other countries in its original language may be useful, or at least interesting. Try using apps or online courses to teach yourself a new language relevant to your trading in your spare time!

These are just three ways to make good, productive use of the time you have free between your trading sessions. Why not try starting one of them today!

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